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Oxford, Nebraska History
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Oxford, Nebraska


There is much history to add to this page. Do you have an old Oxford Photo you would like to share? If so, please email it to me, Patti Simpson and I will be happy to post it.

I have also acquired a copy of the Oxford history book, "Four Score and Seven Years". Below is the Table of Contents and a simple index I made myself. I will be happy to do look ups in the book. Email me here. When emailing me, be sure to be specific on your request as I do a lot of look ups for different counties.





1967 Oxford, Harlan County, Nebraska History Book

There is no index to the book, but there is a Contents page. It lists the following:

Municipal and Tax Supported Institutions
Histories of our Earliest Families
Early Business Growth From 1880-1967
Oxford Churches
Education and Related Activity
Establishment and Growth of the Railroads
Organizations (Civic and Social)
Smaller Communities in the Oxford area
Pictorial View of Oxford in 1967

I wish there were more family write ups in the book. But below I will list the title names of the people listed in the earliest families section:

Ballard Ranch
William V. Banta
Bishop Family
The Birt Family
Frederick Bendler Family
Jonas M. Clarine Family
Gus Cole
Jacob Cook
Cress Family
Cowan Family
George Cridlebaugh
James Quinn
Daniels Family
P.H. Gupton
Hinze Family
Townsend B. Huff
Leander Huff Family
Cassius A Huff Family
Hellner Family
Fred Hawley
Elsie Hollinger Norman
John Theobald and Magdalena (Huser) Kammerer
John N Kinyon
Frederick F Knuth Sr.
Henry Lueking
Captain Lee
Alex Lewis Family
Benjamin Garret and Thomas Mathews Families
McMurran Family
Jacob H. Nissen
Nielsen Family
Henry Nurdin
Oberquelle Family
Pettygrove Family
A.C. Rankin and Family
Daniel J. Reed Family
Jacob G. Struve
Thomas Sheffrey
Sherwood Family
R.M. Swindell Family
A.E. Solberg Family
Van Osdol Family History
Arthur and August Weast
The Walters Family
Carl Andrew Watson

Then there is a list of dates and names titled - Other Early Families.

It states a large number of these names and dates were copied from a scrap book made many years ago by Grandma Cowan (Mrs. Aden Cowan).

H.H. Adams
Samuel Askey
William Askey
James W Anderson
J C Anderson
Charles Amack
W A Aikens
Mary, Jack and Andrew Beck
James Burns
Ardel T Bellows
Z S Bellows
Sina (Barber) Mastin
Matthias Bleese
Henry Brennin
George Brigner
Chas. G. Bloom
Will Beckwith
Frank Beckwith
(Bohle) August Bailey
William Best
Myron A Bronson
Noah Beam
Joseph Balliet
Frank H. Burton
Frank Blincow
Fred Blincow
Richard Blincow
Dr. E K Baily
Henry Brunz Sr.
Phillips Bauer
Arthur Conser
Manley Cowan
A J Cole
Thomas Cook
William B Cady
G H Christ
Thomas Coffman
William H Cline
Benjamin Collett
Wm. Collett
Perry Coon
C S Cadwallader
George Davis
Isaac Denton
C B Dewey
F H Davis
Walter D Drake
F A Dawley
Narciss A Duval
James A Divan
Oscar Eman
Gustave Englebrecht
Joseph Eckman
A D Eliker
Mrs. Lucy Ford
Roy Fisher
John Friday
Charlie Fuchs
Jack Frost
Peter Fritzer
Henry Gregor
L C Griffith
John O Griggs
Henry Glahn
Isaac Grush
Thomas Gorsuch
George Gennrich
Nick Geiselman
George R Greer
Elmer E Greer
Walter Olin Greer
James Giles
Russell Hunt
William Hamilton
Arthur Haines
John P Hergenrother
Ferd Heller
Otto Heller
John Howell
J N Hensley
Fred Hartman
Hans Hartman
W T Heaton
Noah Huffman
James Haffey
Carl Hinze
Bill Hinze
William Harshman
Roe (Roy) Hensley
E P Hoffman
Shirley Houghtaling
Mattew H Johnson
T J Hennings
Henry Jones
Walter H Hordan
Habba Johnson
Sylvester H Kintsel
Harry C Kiser
W B Kiser
Rev. W C Kellner
Frank Kidder
Lewis Knipschild
L A Kimbell
John H Kahle
E B LarmonGeo W Leray
James Logston
George Lueking
Charles Lueking
Fred Loose
Gus Linstrom
Gus Lonn
Alexander Muirhead
John Maaske
Robert Mastin
William Moser
Remus Murdock
Jacke Moser
Thomas Mann
H C Munson
Ed Maruhn
Samuel McCrea
Noon McMurran
John G Meier
Frank Meyers
Jacob Neuerburg
George W Norman
Milt Osborn
W T Oats
Henry Obering
John T Prime
Cassius Paine
Henry Perry
Charles Pfeiffer
Walter Pleas
Thomas Percival
Tom Quinn
Joe Quinn
Daniel J Reed
Jim Reed
Chas Reed
J H Rowe
Christian REgelin
John B Rhynolds
Charles Rhynolds
William Rhynolds
Peter Rheinheimer
W A Reed
F M Scott
Joseph Sylvester
Joseph Schoonover
Orpheus Schoonover
F H Shields
John H Schepker
Frank A StarkJonathon Sanderson
Franklin Sanderson
Ralph Sanderson
Gustav Schroeder
Carl Schroeder
Albert Schroeder
Otto Schleusener
W G Springer
Steven Schmitz
Fredric Schoen
Carrie Scliable
Arthur Schultz
Oscar Schultz
Christian Wilhelm Schimpf
E E Stafford
S S Therwechter
J W Trammel
E R Thomas
John M TOmlinson
Charles Trunnel
George Ubel
Joseph Vopat
Henry Von Berge
Abraham Watson
Richard Waugh
A F Wanner
Ollie Waters
Elias Whisler
Edward Woolridge
Jacob Wengert
C B Walls
J W E Watson
Earl Watson
John E Yeigh
Charles Ziebell
Wm Zade




Oxford School

Oxford Public School






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