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"These are from the Rouse History that Mrs Riser and I compiled. She had a lot of the newsclippings cut out of the newspaper. That's why no name of the paper or date on some of these. She is currently in the O'Neill nursing Home." - Doris Counts

Although the obituaries listed here are from Holt County newspapers, the actual deaths and/or burials may have been in other counties or states.

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Obituaries from various sources or dates
(Some are for Boyd County)

Submitted by Doris Counts

Daas, daughter
May 16,1941 Atkinson Graphic

daughter of Joe Daas
died May 1941, infant

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dahlberg, Vernon H
Jan 27, 2005, Holt County Independent

born Sept 12,1929 Dairyland, Wis
son of Elmer Dahlberg and Vendella Johnson
married Mary "Peggy" Barnett of Atlanta, Ga , Nov 27,1952
died Jan 23,2005 Norfolk
children: Dawn Hanzlik, Becky Riha, Mike, Greg, Mark
grandchildren: Gina Hanzlik
brothers: Ramon, Albert
sister: Mary Nelson
U S Army, 1950 to Dec 1953

Submitted by Doris Counts

David, Dolores Welch "Auntie"
Nov 2005, Holt County Independent

born Jan 6,1933 Sumner
daughter of Elmer Welch and Dorothy Senn
married Earl David, May 23,1954, Methodist Church, Chambers
died Nov 13,2005 O'Neill
buried Chambers Cemetery
funeral Nov 17,2005 United Methodist Church, Chambers
sisters: Doris, Donna Snyder
brother: Pastor Dean

Submitted by Doris Counts

David, Virgil E
Oct 2005, Holt County Independent

born Sept 2,1924 Plainview
son of William H David and Edna M Urwin
married Doris Welch, May 23,1954
died Oct 11,2005 at home in Ord
buried Ord City Cemetery, military rites
funeral Oct 15,2005 Ord United Methodist Church
children: Gerald, Gregg, Randall, Stever, Londa Wood
great grandchildren: Josey Shirley
brothers: Lyle, Earl, Roy, Ray, Verle, Arthur
sisters: Donna Rowse, Dorothy Logeman
U S Army, May 20,1946 to Feb 12,1947

Submitted by Doris Counts

Davis, Arlene LaVon Wright
March 2006, Holt County Independent

born Nov 8,1917 Atkinson
daughter of Guy Wright and Laura Tesch
married Wade Davis, March 23,1941
died March 18,2006 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Prospect Cemetery
funeral March 23,2006 United Methodist Church, Chambers
children: Marilyn Palmer, Larry
brother: Leonard

Submitted by Doris Counts

Davis, Etta
Feb 2,1938, Atkinson Graphic


sisters: Mrs George Butler, Mrs Wm Dickerson
brothers: Gilman Davis, G R Davis

Submitted by Doris Counts

Davis, Jake
Dec 30,1909, Stuart Advocate


     Jake Davis, a pool hall proprietor was murdered on the way from his place of business to his home shortly after 11 o'clock last night. The shot was fired from his right side at close range and the ball entered his head, just above the right ear.

     George Wilson, a young fellow who has been around town for some days, claiming to be a detective from NY, is under arrest charged with the murder.

     Davis is known to have had about $400. on his person yesterday. When searched, Wilson was found to have nearly $300 in his pockets.

     After being shot, Davis was dragged into a barn on his own place and four strokes of some sharp instrument inflicted upon his head. His wife heard groans sometime later and going to the barn, found him. He died at 2 o'clcock this morning.

     An inquest will be held this afternoon.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Davis, James Marion
Oct 4,1968, Atkinson Graphic


born Feb 15,1903 on a farm near Atkinson
son of Gilman V Davis and Jennie Weekly
married Gertrude Mejergerd, June 19,1928
died Sept 25, Omaha
buried St Boniface Cemetery, Stuart
funeral Seger Funeral Home, Atkinson, Saturday
children: Jim, Mrs William (Doris) Kohle
brothers: Ferne, Ray
sister: Mrs Art (Winnie) Weber

Submitted by Doris Counts

Davis, Lewis
Nov 1,1946, Atkinson Graphic


son of Minor Davis
married Anna
died Oct 24, at home in Crawford (Dawes Co.)
funeral Saturday, Crawford
children: Thera Waussberger
sisters: Mrs DeWitt Morrison, Mrs Frank Bailey, Mrs Nettie Hovey
brothers: Jess, Charles, Clyde

Submitted by Doris Counts

Davis, Martha Ellen
March 17,2005, Holt County Independent

buried Janesville Cemetery, Berwyn (Custer Co.)
funeral March 18,2005 United Methodist Church, Ansley (Custer Co.)
children: George, Wilna Rowse
brother: Archie Roberts
sister: Beulah Dorman

Submitted by Doris Counts

Davlin, Charles P
Oct 2003, Holt County Independent

born Erickson (Wheeler Co.)
son of Charles M Davlin and Mary C Rosschaert
married Claire
died OCt 24,2004
buried Calvary Cemetery
funeral Oct 28,2003 St Pius X Church, Omaha
children: Ann (Daniel) Hartung, Michael, Timothy, David, Christopher
grandchildren: Emma, John, Conor, Patrick and Christopher Davlin, Sam Hartung
brothers: Hugh, Tom
sisters: Mary, Julianna Bodyfield, Jane Weber, Margaret Patrick

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dawson, Alice Mary Angle
Feb 28,1924, Atkinson Graphic reprinted from Ewing Advocate

     Alice Mary Angle was born in Appanoose County, Iowa, and parted this life Feb 13,1924, at Norfolk, aged 62 years, 8 months 7 days. She moved with her parents from Appanoose to Dexter, Iowa, living there until her marriage to W N Dawson, on April 7,1880. They moved to Nebraska, 1887.

     To this union were born 5 children; Nina Sanberg of Kennick, Wash; Lucretia Hicks, deceased; Alma Hall of Bartley, Nebr; Hattie Cole of Brunswick, Hazel.

     She joined the M E Church while young and remained active in church work until her health failed her. For a number of years while a resident of this community, Mrs Dawson was an outstanding member of the local church. She was ever ready to do her part, and did it well, whether her part was in church or community welfare work. It must be said of her "She hath done what she could."

     Though the Dawson's have been gone from here for a number of years, they have a host of friends here, and all extend sympathy to the bereaved.

     Funeral services were held Friday in the local church. Rev W L Philley, pastor, officiating. Burial was made in the Ewing Cemetery.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dawson, Evelyn
July 1,1927, Atkinson Graphic


     Evelyn Dawson, 13 year old daughter of James Dawson of Wagoner, SD, contractor on work on the Niobrara Dam, was drowned Sunday forenoon. She and other children: of the construction camp were wading above the dam.

     These children: had been in the habit of wading in the shallow water along the river bank. Saturday the work of putting in the flood gate at the dam was begun and Sunday morning there was 11 feet of water where the shallows had been and where the children: had been accustomed to playing.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Day, Henry Arthur
July 14,2005, Holt County Independent

born April 27,1920 on a ranch west of Petersburg
son of William W Day and Nellie Bergman
married March 1,1962, Valentine, Hester Ann Martin of O'Neill
died July 11,2005, at home, Elgin (Antelope Co.)
buried West Cedar Valley Cemetery, Elgin
funeral July 14,2005 Elgin United Methodist Church
children: William, Joseph, Dell Behnk
sisters: Gladys Bauer, Irene Havel
brothers: Royvan, Louis, Clarence, Earl, Lester

Submitted by Doris Counts

Day, Richard
Aug 25,2005, Holt County Independent

born Dec 27,1932 near Ewing, Wheeler County
son of Royvan Day and Grace Thoendel
married Madonna Ernesti, Marine Corps Chapel, El Toro, Cal, Dec 5,1953
died Aug 20,2005 Neligh
buried Scottville Cemetery, near Lynch
funeral Aug 24,2005 Beyer Funeal Home, Neligh
children: Debra Finley, Joan Ahrenholtz, Steve, John, Michael
brothers: Jerald, Donald "Bud", William
sisters: Donna Moore, Mrs Lynn (Pat) Wilkinson
Marine Corps, Jan 6,1953 to Jan 5,1955

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeBacker, Daniel A
Sept 2005, Holt County Independent

born April 26,1930 Scotland, SD
son of Gustave and Dorothy Crennan DeBacker
married Donan Davis, Jan 3,1953, St Patrick's Catholic Church, O'Neill
died Sept 13,2005 Norfolk (Madison Co.)
buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, military rites
funeral Sept 16,2005 St Mary's Catholic Church, Norfolk
children: Michael, Mary Carlson, Beth Geilenkirchen, Thomas, Bernadette Buchholtz
sister: Diane Hendrix
brothers: - 2
U S Navy Jan 14,1951 to May 3,1955

Submitted by Doris Counts

Deermer, Sister Mary
Dec 7,2000, Atkinson Graphic

born July 9,1919 Stuart
daughter of Aloys Deermer and Theresa
died Nov 15,2000 St Joseph Convent, Campbellsport, Wisconsin
buried Sister's Cemetery
funeral Nov 20, St Joseph Convent
sisters: Sister Kathryn, Loretta Hyatt
brothers: Joe, George

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeFreece, Elma McNair
Sept 3,1954, Atkinson Graphic


married Clifford DeFreece
died Wednesday, Grand Island (Hall Co.)
funeral Sunday Methodist Church, Tecumseh (Johnson Co.)
children: Mrs James Runnels
brothers: George McNair, Floyd McNair
sisters: Mrs Joe Mlinar, Mrs Jane Janse, Mrs Leo Jacobsen

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeGroff, Andrew Jay
March 20,1975, Atkinson Graphic

born May 17,1924 Chambers
son of Herman DeGroff
married Jeanene Bonenberger, Nov 19,1949
buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, Elkhorn (Douglas Co.)
funeral Swanson Funeral Chapel, Elkhorn, March 14
children: Terry, Randy, Tom, Ricky, Vicky
grandchildren: Perry, Matthew
brothers: Bert, Gerald, Don
sisters: Mrs Eleanor Sinn, Mrs Florence Kelley, Mrs Dolorous Warner, Bessie Krutz
US Air Force April 1943 to Feb 1946

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeGroff, Marvin
Jan 8,1987, Atkinson Graphic

born Aug 4,1956 O'Neill
son of Bert DeGroff and Loretta Staub
foster parents Bill Motsinger and Doris
died Dec 19, Fort Worth, Tex
funeral Dec 31, First Christian Church, O'Neill
brothers: Kenneth, Gene, one died in infancy
sisters: Mrs Linda Heisey, Mrs Alicia Rehbein
U S Army - 6 years

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeGroff, Maudi May Dailey
March 14,1968, Holt County Independent


born Benton, Iowa March 15,1889
daughter of Matthew Dailey and Elizabeth
married Herman DeGroff, April 20, 1914 , Burwell. He died June 1965
died March 12,age 78 years 11 months 26 days
buried Prospect Hill Cemetery, O'Neill
funeral Saturday, Biglin's Mortuary
children: Bert, Gerald, Don, Jay, Eleanor Senn, Florence Kelley, Dolorous Warner, Bessie Krunz, Clara Dierks
brothers: Claude Ray a twin - 5
sisters: Minnie Verley, Ida Lambert, - 2

Submitted by Doris Counts

Deming, S
April 3,1914, Atkinson Graphic


     Mr S Deming of Dustin, died at Stuart, March 24, where he had been taken for treatment by Dr Colburn. Heart trouble was the cause of his death, he having been in poor health for a number of years and under the doctor's care at Tilden and at Stuart since last fall. He leaves to mourn his loss a wife, four sons, and five grandchildren, a daughter, and son going before.

     Mr Deming came to Holt County in July 1881, from Lancaster County, having come from New York state in his early life. He passed thru all the experiences of pioneer life, Indian scares, prairie fires, the days of Doc Middleton's gang of horse thieves, having a horse taken at O'Neill, while on his way to Dustin, but which he recovered by offering a reward and from thence turning back and coming the next time with an ox team.

     He was a man of sterling christian character, possessed of a high rank of intelligence and strong convictions of right and wrong; ever interested in all things, pertaining too the uplifting of humanity. He was fortunate in always being well to do, and always gave very liberatly to all good causes. The poor and needy always finding in him a generous friend. all children: loved him and he loved them.

     He always voted a straight prohibition tickket and was a candidate on the State ticket.

     A good man has gone to his eternal rest, a useful life is ended, a vacant place is left which it will be difficult to fill.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dempsey, Thomas William
May 2006, Holt County Independent

born Jan 14,1952 O'Neill
son of Bryan and Carlene Ruedi Dempsey
died May 1,2006 at home, Emmet (Holt Co.)
buried Inman Cemetery (Holt Co.)
funeral May 6, Biglin's Mortuary, O'Neill
children: Shane, Aaron, Brian Wichman, Melissa
brothers: Jack, Mark, Tim
sisters: Judy Bogner, Jane Hutchinson

Submitted by Doris Counts

Derner, Vera Marie Stahlecker
Oct 12,2006, Atkinson Graphic

born July 1,1920 Naper (Boyd Co.)
daughter of Albert Stahlecker and Lydia Ullrich
married Alfred J Derner "Budge", April 21,1938 - Burke, SD. He died Jan16,1999
died Oct 8,2006 Burwell (Garfield Co.)
buried Cottonwood Cemetery, Burwell (Garfield Co.)
funeral Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Burwell, Oct 10 (Garfield Co.)
children: Ron, Don, Dennis
great grandchildren: Logan Derner
brothers: Gilbert, Dick, Les, Jerry
sisters: Martina Monroe, Leona Cort, Florence, Doris

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeSeive, Clayton Joe
May 25,1945, Atkinson Graphic


son of E J Deseive
died March 21, Philippine Island of Samar
funeral Methodist Church, Atkinson

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeSive, Ruby Mae Cuhel
Feb 9,2006, Atkinson Graphic

born May 24,1950 Lynch
daughter of Otto F Cuhel and Martha Lola Slechta
married Norm DeSive
married Mark Loveless in May 1991
died Feb 1,2006 Gregory, SD
buried Stuart Community Cemetery (Holt Co.)
funeral Feb 4,2006 Stuart Community Church
children: Debby Parks, Fred N
brother: Leo
sister: Betty

Submitted by Doris Counts

DeVall, Bennett Elton
July 22,2004, Atkinson Graphic

born Nov 10,1939 at home north of O'Neill
son of Elmer DeVall and Dorothy Harrison
married Carol Mitchell, June 24,1991, Butte, Nebr
died July 14,2004, O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cemetery, Military rites
funeral United Methodist Church, O'Neill, July 19,2004
children: Steve, Mark, Karen Reiser, Lori Nelson
brothers: Dwayne, Gary Rick
sister: Diane Baker
U S Army Dec 11,1957 to Dec 4,1959

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dew, William
July 14,1887, The Frontier


     Last Thursday evening, William Dew, one of the young men in charge of a heard of horses near hear, was brought in apparently fatally injured.He had been trying to catch oen of the horses, and was riding swiftly when just as he threw the lasso his pony ran against another and fell; pitching its rider head first to the ground. He was picked up unconscious and brought to town, were everything possible was doen to rstore him, but without avail. The system had sustained too severe a shock. He lingered until 5:45 this (Thursday) morning when he quietly breathed his last. Mr Dew was but 19 years of age and was a young man of fine qualities and great promise. Mr Ben Warren, his partner, who was with him when the accident occurred, remained by his side to the last and was untiring in his efforts to relieve and save his friend. The relatives of the deceased, who reside at Wood Lake, were notified as soon as possible after the accident but were unable to reach here before he passed away. (the missing spelling is the same as in the paper)

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dexter, George H
Aug 18,1892, Atkinson Graphic


     Died at his residence, in Atkinson, Aug 5,1892, of enlargement of the heart, George H Dexter, aged 64 years.

     Deceased was born at Shrewsbury, Vermont, and at the age of 11 years emigrated with his parents to the then wild, mountainous and densely wooded region of northwestern Pennsylvania, settling in Spring Creek township, Warren County. Here, in the wild and picturesque spurs of the Alleghanies, remote from the busy marts of commerce and isolated from the thoroughfares of traffic, the Dexter family over half a century ago, with untiring effort and incessant toll, carved out of the seemingly impenetrable forest, a home and a coulpetency. Here amid the rustic scenes of pioneer life, the subject of this sketch graduated in the practical school of self reliance and its lessons of manual toil, provident frugality, honorable purpose and generous social reciprocity were never forgotten or under any circumstances ignored. In 1850 he was married to Miss Eliza S Jewell of Spring Creek, Warren County, Pa, and during 42 years of martial life this worthy pair journeyed on their earthly pilgrimage with no clouds of domestic discord to shadow their pathway. In 1863, he emigrated to Michigan, and settled at Centreville, St Joseph County, where he lived until 1876, when he came to Nebraska and located at Blair, Washington County. He moved to Atkinson and settled on a homestead, now adjacent to the incorporated limits of the town in 1881.

     Mr Dexter was a man of strong physical organization, and the hopes that his illness would prove but a temporary indisposition were not realized and he met the grim reaper with calm resignation and fortitude typical of his philosopical nature.

     He was ever a useful citizen, a kind neighbor and a loyal friend, who thro' all the vicissitudes of human effort, and the tempations that surround frail humanity, kept his aim steadily fixed on the goal of indicidual rectitude and honor, and has passed to the great beyond, illustrating, in his experience, that life of useful industry has its rewards, for him who toils to meet th ejust demands of whatever conditions may surround him.

     He leaves a widow, 2 sons and 3 daughters to mourn his demise. The Graphic joins in the feeling of sympathy which this entire community extends to the bereaved family.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dick, Clifford
July 2005, Holt County Independent

born July 17,1934 O'Neill
son of John Dick and Martha Ernst
married Lillian Sandall, Jan 1,1958, Bassett United Methodist Church
died July 22,2005 at home, Inman (Holt Co.)
buried O'Neill Prospect Cemetery
funeral July 26,2005 United Methodist Church, O'Neill
children: Carmen Troxel, Dallas, Sherwin, Dawn Kanpp, Charlotte
sisters: -1, Esther
brother: Delbert

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dickerson, Harold W
May 8,1973, Atkinson Graphic


born Oct 25,1891 Atkinson
son of William Dickerson and Eva Davis
married Minnie, Sheridan, June 11,1927
died Friday, Sheridan, Wyo
buried Masonic Section of Sheridan Cemetery
funeral Tuesday, Champion's Funeral Home, Sheridan, Wyo
children: Mrs James Bondi
brother: Ray
sisters: Mrs D B (Clara) Raymer, Mrs Ralph (Bernice) Kelly, Mrs Hazel Purtzer

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dickey, Marie F Wakenight
Sept 2005, Holt County Independent

born June 18,1920 Omaha
daughter of Jake Wakenight and Mary Anschutz
married Herschel Dickey, Nov 15,1942, Omaha. He died June 13,1969
married Gary Slechta, Aug 14,1972
died Sept 28,2005 Norfolk (Madison Co.)
buried Verdel Cemetery
funeral Oct 1,2005 Brockhaus Funeral Home, Niobrara
brothers: - 2
sister: - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dickson, Robert R
June 20,1941, Holt County Independent


born Nov 21, 1863 Rock County, Wis
married Marion S, O'Neill
died Wednesday, in bed at home
funeral Presbyterian Church, Saturday
brothers: Willliam, John, Joseph

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dierking, Laura Ethelmae Kleemann
July 20,1945, Atkinson Graphic

born May 7,1894 on farm five miles south of Snyder, Nebr (Dodge Co.)
daughter of Bernhardt Kleeman and Helena
married Henry Alfred Dierking, Lutheran Church of Snyder, Dec 16,1918
died Stuart, July 15 pulmonary attack
buried Chambers Cemetery
funeral Wednesday, St Paul Lutheran Church, Chambers
children: Mrs Burnita A Wilson, Pvt Harlan A Dierking
brothers: Perry, Rudolph, Earl, Leroy, Ferdinand
sister: Mrs Hazel Coops

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dimmitt, Chelsey
Dec 22,2005, Atkinson Graphic

born Sept 3,1991 Grand Island
daughter of Travis Dimmitt and Tammy Cogley
died Dec 17, 2005 Lincoln, pedestrian auto accident, Aurora
buried Westlawn Cemetery, Grand Island (Hall Co.)
funeral Dec 20,2005 Apfel Funeral Home, Grand Island
brother: Justin
sister: Megan

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dixon, William
Oct 10,1912, The Frontier

     Word was received in this city last Tuesday night that William Dixon was struck by lightning and instantly killed at Akron, Colorado, last Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock. The remains will be brought to this city for interment and are expected to arrive tonight and the funeral will be held tomorrow morning. Mr Dixon went to Colorado last spring in company with his cousin, William McDermott, son of Mr and Mrs Dominick McDermott, and the boys took homesteads there.

     Mr Dixon was here on a visit during the races and expressed himself as well pleased with his new home. The telegram announcing his death was received from Mr McDermott. Mr Dixon was a brother of Mrs Dennis Murphy,Mrs John S Gallagher and Mrs J Johnson, and was born and raised in the township north of this city. He was an exempliary young man and his sudden death is deeply deplored by all his acquaintances who extend their sympathy to all his sorrowing relatives.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dixson, Max A
Nov 2,2006, Atkinson Graphic

born Phillipsburg, Kan, Jan 26,1927
son of Harrel Dixson and Hazel Freeland
married Peggy Prewitt, April 1954
died Oct 19,2006 Chadron (Dawes Co.)
buried Crawford Cemetery (Dawes Co.)
funeral Oct 23,2006, United Methodist Church, Crawford
children: Kent, Dee Dee
grandchildren: Tim, Melissa
great grandchildren: Adrain
sister: - 1
brother: - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dobney, Ellen
May 27,1909, Stuart Advocate

     Mrs Ellen Dobney was born at Waterloo, England, Feb 8,1851. She came to the United States and Chase County, Nebr, 1872. She was married to Frank Dobney,OCt 15,1873 and to this union 11 children: were born, 5 boys and 6 girls. She is survived by her husband, and 4 boys and 2 girls. She came to Holt County with her family in 1890, and resided here until May 25,1909, when she passed away to the Great Beyond from which none return. She was converted in youth and united with the Christian Church. After coming to Holt County she joined the M E Church of Stuart, of which she was a member until the time of her death. Her end was peaceful and she passed away with faith in the Master whom she loved.

     The funeal was held Wednesday afternoon in the Methodist church, with a large number of neighbors and friends in attendance. The sympathy of the entire community is with Mr Dobney and family, who have been visited three times this spring by the Angel of Death. The first time the little child of Mr and Mrs R H Dobney, was taken, then, but about a month ago, Mary, just budding into womanhood, was called, and now the mother has obeyed the beckoning hand and joined the children.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dobney, Mary Ellen
April 8,1909, Stuart Advocate

     Mary Ellen Dobney, daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Dobney, was born near Stuart, July 9,1892 and died at Atkinson, April 3,1909. Her grief stricken parents, 4 brothers and 2 sisters, are left to mourn her untimely death. Mary had not been well for several months, general tuberculosis having developed, and this, with a weak heart, hastened the end. Everything possible was done to prolong her life, and it was with the hope that special hospital treatment might benefit her, that she was taken to the sanitarium at Atkinson, where she died Saturday night. The body was brought to Stuart Sunday afternoon and because of Mrs Dobney's very feeble condition, and that Charley, the youngest brother, was also quite sick, the remains were not taken to Mr Dobney's home, but just across the street to the home of Mr and Mrs D M Stuart, where it remained until 10 Monday morning, when Mary, for the last time, was taken to the Methodist church, of which she had been a member, where the funeral service was conducted by Rev Connell, assisted by Rev Light.

     Not for a long time has a death occurred in our community which has caused such widespread sorrow, as has the death of Mary. She was a sweet and lovable girl in life and was beautiful in death. Her girl friends and school mates were deeply affected by her death and school was not called Monday forenoon that all might have an opportunity to attend the funeral. A profusion of beautiful flowers, lilies, roses, carnations covered the casket and wreathed her head and face, which, among them was the fairest of them all.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Donohoe, Eva Irene Love Hurlbert
July 27,2006, Holt County Independent

born Feb 17,1917 Anselmo (Custer Co.)
daughter of George Love and Rose White
married Willard Hurlbert - Custer Co. He died 1956
married Robert Donohoe - Lincoln - Nov 29,1962 - he died Sept 15,1968
died July 20,2006 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Calvary Cemetery
funeral July 24, St Patrick's Church, O'Neill
children: Mary Penny, Shirley Vincent, Deloris Hurlbert, Beverly Stender
sister: - 1
brothers: - 3

Submitted by Doris Counts

Doolittle, Eugene Tony
March 16,1951, Atkinson Graphic


born June 8,1926 Amelia
son of Thomas Doolittle
died Saturday, Stuart
buried Chambers Cemetery
funeral Monday, Amelia Methodist Church
brothers: Clyde, Art, Tom, Clinton, Harold, Earl died Oct 29,1950
sisters: Mrs Herman Medlan, Mrs Bernie Kennedy, Mrs Harold Fullerton
U S Army - Korea

Submitted by Doris Counts

Doud, Irene A Nelson
April 2005, Holt County Independent

born March 4,1916 Missouri Valley, Iowa
daughter of Sigurt Nelson and Alta Wells
married April 7,1979, Kearney, Paul Doud
died April 20,2005 Kearney (Buffalo Co.)
funeral April 24,2004 O'Neill
children: Joan Miller, Carlene Warren, Patricia Shearer, Dorene Sandstrom
brothers: - 4
sisters: - 2

Submitted by Doris Counts

Douglas, Earl
June 29,1962, Atkinson Graphic


son of Gilbert Douglas
died June 23,1962 Lenox, Iowa
brothers: 1, Glenn
sisters: 3

Submitted by Doris Counts

Douglas, Beulah Bernice LeMunyan
July 1,2004, Atkinson Graphic

born April 7,1912 Atkinson
daughter of Frank LeMunyan and Victoria Kubart
married June 7,1933 to Glenn W Douglas. He died Aug 1978
died June 2004
children: Lanny, Glenda Jacobsen, Leila, son died in infancy
grandchildren: - 1
sister: - 1
brother: Robert - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dow, Heather Mae
Oct 14,2004, Holt County Independent

born Aug 12,2004 Omaha
daughter of Kevin Dow and Becky Storjohann
died Oct 5,2004 , home, north of Orchard
buried O'Neill Cemetery
funeral Oct 9,2004 Evangelical Free Church, Orchard
sister: Lacey
brother: Austin

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dowd, Leo J
Feb 19,2004, Holt County Independent

born April 19,1910 Wolbach
son of John Henry Dowd and Rose McNally
married 1939, O'Neill, Eileen P O'Malley
died Feb 11,2004, home in Columbus (Platte Co.)
buried St Bonaventure Cemetery, Columbus
funeral St Bonaventure Church, Feb 16
children: Deanna, Coni Molvig, Colleen, Noreen Shaughnessy, Duane J, Larry, Michael L
grandchildren: Matthew, Jacob, Aaron, Mark, Meghan, Kayla Dowd, Kelley Curley, Brendan, Eileen, Bridget Shaughnessy, Maura, Conor, Patrick, Liam Hall
brothers: Harold, Donald, Gerald, John M
sisters: Charlotte Wesch, Loretta Mack

Submitted by Doris Counts

Downey, G H "Bick"
Aug 11,2005, Holt County Independent

born May 24,1918 Plainview
son of Lee Downey and Blanche Cherry
married Anna Trupp, she died May 1999
died Aut 9,2005 Gretna (Sarpy Co.)
children: Karyn Stevens, Brian

Submitted by Doris Counts

Drueke, Leander Aelred
Feb 2006, Holt County Independent

born Oct 28,1926 Spencer
son of William Drueke and Teresa Welding
married May 5,1948 to Donna Fae Jansen
died Feb 24,2006 Ainsworth (Brown Co.)
buried Ainsworth Cemetery, military rites
funeral Feb 27,2006 St Pius X Catholic Church, Ainsworth
children: Dianne Daniels, Linda
brother: - 1
sisters: - 3
U S Navy 1944 to 1946

Submitted by Doris Counts

Drury, Dorthea Helen Anderson
June 2006, Holt County Independent

born Nov 30,1936 Anoka (Boyd Co.)
daughter of Rev Chester Anderson and Lura Armstrong
married May 24,1961 to Keith Duane Drury in Newport
died June 25,2006 Yankton, SD
buried Butte City Cemetery (Boyd Co.)
funeral June 28,2006 Full Gospel Church, Butte
children: Todd, Terry, Tricia Stevens
siblings: Garlen, Cressel, Bob, Darlene Jons, Russel, Verlin, Rev Vance, Rev Loris

Submitted by Doris Counts

Drury, Shane Wesley
Nov 9,2006, Holt County Independent

born Cheyenne, Wyo June 29,1979
son of Paul Drury and JoAnne Hedin
died Oct 31,2006 home, Ewing
funeral Nov 7,2006 Faith Communtiy Church, O'Neill
brother Jesse, Chad

Submitted by Doris Counts

Duffy, Catherine
Aug 25,1911, The Frontier

     Catherine Duffy, the subject of this sketch, was born Aug 24,1830 at Ednifern, Monohan County, Ireland. In 1832 she removed from Ireland with her parents and crossing the Atlantic, reached America and settled at Providence, RI. In 1884 they removed to Wisconsin where they lived until she removed to Louisiana.

     She was married in 1849 to Bernard Duffy, who died in New Orleans in 1854. Two children: were born to this union, one boy and one girl.

     After Mr Duffy's death, she with her family came to Nebraska in 1889 where she lived until her death which occurred at Atkinson, Aug 21,1911.

     Funeral services were held from the Catholic Church in O'Neill on Wednesday and she was laid to rest in the cemetery there.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Duncan, Alta Roena Stewart
July 1918, Atkinson Graphic

     Mrs True Duncan died at the home of Mr and Mrs C W Duncan in Atkinson, July 1,1918, aged 21 years 9 months.

     The deceased whose maiden name was Alta Roena Stewart, was born in Johnson County, Nebr, Sept 30,1896. She was married to True Duncan, Jan 8,1915 in Wayne, Nebr, and is survived by her husband, and two sons aged respectively 22 months and 8 days, also by her parents, and five sisters, Mrs Charles Sokal of Fullerton; Mrs Roy Penhollow of Stanton; Mrs Lalia Wemberg and Misses Della and Ruby Stewart of Wayne.

     A short service at the home in Atkinson was conducted Wednesday morning by Rev O E Richardson, pastor of Methodist Church. The funeral was held at Wayne at 10 o'clock Thursday, conducted by Rev Fletcher Jordan, pastor of the Baptist Church of that city, and interment was made in Wayne Cemetery.

     Deceased had been a resident of Atkinson but a shor ttime, coming here from Norfolk last fall. Mr Duncan is employed here in the motor repair shop of the Freed garage.

     The sympathy of all goes out to this family in their sad bereavement.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Durre, Lloyd L
April 21,2005, Holt County Independent

born July 4,1919 near Oakdale (Antelope Co.)
son of Ernest Durre and Esther Green
married June 21,1951 to Ruth A Weber at O'Neill
died April 17,2005 at home, Hastings (Adams Co.)
buried Sunset Memorial Gardens, Hasting (Adams Co.)
funeral April 20,2005 Faith Lutheran Church, Hastings.
children: Barbara Beach, Richard, Kathleen Blankenbaker
sisters: Gladys Fink, Ruth Hinrichsen, - 3
brothers: - 4

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dusatko, John Lee
Aug 3,2006, Holt County Independent

born Oct 19,1950 O'Neill
son of Bernard Dusatko and Margaret Babl
married Catheryn Schramm - June 1976 - O'Neill
died July 27,2006 Grand Island (Hall Co.)
buried O'Neill Prospect Cemetery
funeral July 31,2006 Zion Lutheran Church, Worms (Merrick Co.)
children: John "Jack", Bradley, Theresa "Traci"
brothers: Jim, Jerry, Brian, Doran
sister: Marian

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dvorak, William J
Dec 29,1961, Atkinson Graphic


born Madison, March 7,1890
son of Joseph Dvorak
married Elsie Ahle, St Joseph Catholic Church, Atkinson, May 28,1916
died Creighton, Wednesday (Knox Co.)
buried Parish Cemetery
funeral St Wenceslaus Catholic Church, Verdigre (Knox Co.)
children: Mrs Thomas Lloyd, Mrs Billy J Tyler, Cleta, Robert
brother: Frank
sister: Kate Vech

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dzik, Rev Gregory S
May 2006, Holt County Independent

son of Walter Dzik and Delores
married Donna
funeral May 20,2006 Emmanuel Fellowship Church, Omaha
children: Guylah Hudson, William Dyson

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