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"These are from the Rouse History that Mrs Riser and I compiled. She had a lot of the newsclippings cut out of the newspaper. That's why no name of the paper or date on some of these. She is currently in the O'Neill nursing Home." - Doris Counts

Although the obituaries listed here are from Holt County newspapers, the actual deaths and/or burials may have been in other counties or states.

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Obituaries from various sources or dates

Submitted by Doris Counts

Anderson, Garlen Wayne
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent

born May 9,1922 Mariaville
son of Chester Anderson and Lura Helen Armstrong
married 1954, Bugte, to Illene Wakefield
died April 1,2007 Farmington, NM
buried Butte City Cem
funeral April 7,2007 Butte
children: Randy, Troy, DeMaris Waters
brothers: Cressel, Bob, Russel, Verlin died in infancy, Vance, Loris
sisters: Dorthea, Darlene Jons

Submitted by Doris Counts

Blumenshine, Carl
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent

born May 24,1931 Independence, Iowa
son of Charles Blumenshine and Ruth Pearl
married Kay Lynne Dey, Independence, Iowa, Feb 14,1956
died March 26,2007 Cedar Falls
buried Mt Hope Cem, Independence, Iowa
funeral March 31,2007 Independence, Iowa
children: Karla Reidy, Cheryl Hettinger, Linda Vandemere
sisters: Marie Kane, Maye Youngblut
brothers: Lloyd

Submitted by Doris Counts

Connell, Hazel Caroline Jensen
March 22,2007, Atkinson Graphic

born Vermillion, SD, Jan 12, 1927
daughter of Lendt Jensen and Clara
marriedJohn Bahr Connell, May 1,1948
died March 12,2007 Atkinson
buried Simpson Cem, Newport
funeral March 17,2007 Mills
children: Raleigh, Karl, Colleen McPherson, Kevin
grandchildren: Jonathon Richard
sisters: Doris Crook, Ruth
brothers: Leroy - one died in infancy

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dallegge, Jo Ann
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent

died April 9,2007 O'Neill
buried Bartlett Cem
funeral April 13,2007 Bartlett

Submitted by Doris Counts

Dorsey, Jean Frances Wardell
March 22,2007, Atkinson Graphic

born July 21,1925 Omaha
daughter of Joe Wardell and Marie Waugh
married Delmer C Dorsey, June 25,1943
died March 14,2007 Stuart
buried Bassett
funeral Bassett, March 16,2007
children: Sandra Plovanich, Bob
sisters: Janice Carpenter
brothers: Larry, Joe, Robert

Submitted by Doris Counts

Foster, Doris V Albin
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent

born Jan 18,1914 Bloomfield
daughter of Earl Albin and Alfreda Sandstrom
married Floyd Foster, Dec 20,1948, Plainview. He died July 19,2001
died April 5,2007 Plainview
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral April 9, 2007
children: Larry, Janice Hoffart, Julie Metschke
sisters: Shirley Heldt, Mardelle Miller, -1
brothers: Lloyd , Wallace, -7

Submitted by Doris Counts

Griess, Doris Mae Anderson
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent

born March 18,1920 Filmore County
daughter of Anton Anderson and Eda Holmes
married Edgar H Griess, July 30,1938 Clay Center
died April 6, 2007 Atkinson
buried Sutton City Cem
funeral April 16,2007 Atkinson
children: Jerome, Verlin, Lyle, Glenda Reutzel, two sons died in infancy
brothers: Harold

Submitted by Doris Counts

Hansen, Audry Ellen Brunckhorst
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent

born Oct 30,1926 Page
daughter of Ernest Brunckhorst and Ella Fuelberth
married Harvey Hansen, July 17,1954
died March 28,2007 Schenectady, NY
buried Solomon National Cem, Schuylerville, NY
children: Glenn, Mark, Kathryn, Curtis died in infancy
brothers: Marvin, John
sisters: Faye Smith, Bertha Coman, Jenny Mossman, Barbara
U S Air Force nurse Corp

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jackson, Elvin Dwaine
Nov 2,2006, Atkinson Graphic

born Dec 13,1930 Verdigre
son of Andrew Jackson and Laura Millie Butterfield
married Ellen Rae McGuire, May 29,1953, Winner, SD
died Oct 20,2006 Atkinson
buried Bassett
funeral Oct 24,2006 Bassett
children: Arlene died in infancy, Duane, Robert, Elaine Ogier, Deborah Buoy, Deloris McMillan, Roberta Stout
grandchildren: Lynn Wolfe
sisters: -2, Oral Cleveland, Ardith Goochey
brothers: -1, Delaine

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jackson, Florence Rose Hart
Dec 8,2005, Atkinson Graphic

born July 6,1940 farm near Naper, Nebr
daughter of Emies Hart and Lucy Arnold
married Sept 3,1957 to Delane Edward Jackson, Ainsworth
died Dec 2,2005 Mitchell, SD
buried Spotted Tail Cem, Jamison, Nebr
funeral Dec 10,2005 Mitchell, SD
children: Rick, Gary, Rodney, David, Doug
sisters: Florence Sharp, Hazel
brother: Charles

Submitted by Doris Counts

James, son
April 15,1909, Atkinson Graphic

     Mr and Mrs W B James went to Norfolk Tuesday, to attend the funeral of the two year old son of Robert James, who died suddenly of pneumonia. The child was sick but a few days and his death was entirely unexpected.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Janzing, Mrs Garrett
Jan 27,1911, Atkinson Graphic

     Mrs Garrett Janzing died suddenly at Omaha, last Sunday, the remains being brought home and her funeral held at St Patrick's Church, Wednesday, it being one of the largest held in town for a long time. Many friends came in from Atkinson, Emmett, and the vicinity of the deceased's home 9 miles northwest of O'Neill to attend the funeral.

     Mrs Janzing went to Omaha last week with her young son to have his eyes treated and fitted for glasses. She was not well herself and had a medical examination made of her own conditon and an operation was found necessary. The operation was undergone apparently all right but shorty thereafter she was taken with acute dialation of the heart and died.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Janzing, John Joseph
April 7,2005 ,Atkinson Graphic and April 14,2005, Holt County Independent

born May 26,1929 Atkinson
son of Herman Janzing and Dorothy Bruder
married June 1,1950 to Lottie Babl at Emmet
died March 31,2005 O'neill
buried O'Neill Calvary Cem
funeral April 4,2005 O'Neill
children: Dick, John W, Dean, Julie Brogdon, Mary Boyle
brothers: Bernard, Gene, Ron
sisters: Joyce Gott

Submitted by Doris Counts

Janzing, Lottie Ann Babl
March 23,2006, Atkinson Graphic

born Dec 5,1927 O'Neill
daughter of George Babl and Mary Cole
married John Janzing, June 1,1950 Emmet
died March 18,2006 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral March 22,2006 O'Neill
children: Julie Brogdon, Mary Boyle, Dick, Dean, John
sister: Clara Holz

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jardee, James Victor
Oct 28,2004, Atkinson Graphic

married Irene
died Oct 21,2004
buried military rites
funeral Oct 26, Omaha
children: Linda Waffle, Karen Tortorilla, Dennis, Greg, Mike
grandchildren: Scott, Jennifer, Christal, April, Jim, Carrie, Andrew, Matthew
great grandchildren: Nicholas, Olivia, Sam, Bailey

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jardee, Justin
March 10,1910, Stuart Advocate

     Justin Jardee, whose home was near Kirkwood, was taken suddenly ill last Tuesday with inflamation of the brain, caused by an injury received some time ago, and died Saturday. Mr Jardee was a young man of excellent habits, and was well known here as he was one of the Jardee brothers, who have run a thresher rig in this section for a number of years. He leaves a wife and 3 children: to mourn his untimely death. He was buried in the Stuart Catholic Cem, Sunday.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jarvis, Ralton O
Jan 9,2003, Atkinson Graphic

born April 24,1908 Atkinson
son of John Jarvis and Mary Westfall
married July 6,1927 to Floy I Humphrey, Atkinson. She died 1998
died Jan 4,2003 Boulder, Colorado
children: Darryl H, Joan Stoneman, Dale died 1988
brothers: -2
sisters: - 4

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jasek, Tobias
March 18,1909 and April 8,1909, Stuart Advocate


     A man supposed to be Tobias Jasek of Pierce Co, Wis, was murdered near Plainveiw, Nebr, about midnight Monday and his body placed across the Burlington Railway Tracks and cut all to pieces by the passenger train about 8:30 the next morning. The engineer saw the body across the track, but could not stop the train in time to keep from mangling the body. A doctor who was on the train examined the body at once and found it perfectly cold and estimated that the man had been dead about 8 hours. A large amount of blood on the snow a short distance from where the body was on the track, and tracks in the snow gave abundant evidence of a desperate struggle before the man's death. No clue has yet been found as to the murdereers. The motive is supposed to have been robbery, as not a cent of money was found on the corpse.

     The death of Tobias Jasek still remains a mystery. His friends at O'Neill have failed to locate the money, gold watch, rifle and valise which Jasek has when he left Wis. Shortly before leaving O'Neill, Jasek wrote that if the friends needed money he would be pleased to send them some. The friends at O'Neill are now convinced that Jasek was the victim of foul play. It is thought that the two suspicious strangers who boarded the freight train at Copenhagen that night for Sioux City, were not in that vicinity for their health, but for the wealth of Tobias Jasek.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jeffries, Harriet
April 26,1912, Atkinson Graphic

     Mrs Harriet H Jeffries, mother of Mrs J W Angell, died at the home of her daughter in town Wednesday afternoon of heart trouble, after but a brief illness. Burial will be made a tthe old home cem at Wooster, Ohio, and the remains were shipped today, being accompanied by Rev and Mrs Angell and youngest son.

     Harriet H Jeffries was born at Wooster, Ohio, Jan 30,1842. She was a soldier's widow being the wife of Capt Lemuel Jeffries of the 8th Ohio who served during the civil war and remained in the service several years following the war. Her husband was a man of prominence in Ohio, having served as mayor of Wooster, a place of 8,000, 5 successive terms, and he was for years editor of the Wayne County Democrat, a party paper of importance.

     Three children: were born to Mr and Mrs Jeffries, only one of whom, Mrs Angell, is still living.

     All of her life Mrs Jeffries had been a consistant christian and an active worker with benevolent associations and she died as she had lived conficent of the reward for a life of work and consecration.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jeisma, Fred
April 2,1908, Stuart Advocate

     Fred Jeisma was born in Pella, Iowa, Dec 1878 and died March 30,1908, being between 29 and 30 years of age. He came to Nebr about 20 years ago with his parents lived about 25 miles south of Lincoln until he attained his majority, when, in company with his brothers, and his widowed mother, he came to Stuart, and has been a resident of this place until about a year ago when he was appointed manager of the Standard Oil Company's Station in Plainview, which position he held until the time of his death.

     He was a member of the AOUW lodge of this place and had taken two degrees in the Odd Fellows. Fred was a young man of good habits, quiet and unassuming, and his sudden death came as a shock to his many friends. His mother and brothers, John and Jesse, were at his bedside when the end came,, and accompanied the body to Stuart for interment. The funeral occurred Wed under the auspices of the AOUW lodge, the services being held in the Methodist Church, where Rev J E Parsons feeling addressed the large concourse of people who had assembled to show their respect for the dead.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jensen, Lorene M Wetzler
April 2006, Holt County Independent

born June 30,1927 Jamison
daughter of Rudolph and Lydia Layh Wetzler
married Kenneth Jensen, O'Neill. He died Nov 22,2003
died April 28,2006 Norfolk
buried Danish Cem, rural Plainview
funeral May 2,2006 Plainview
brothers: Harold, Alfred
sisters: Irma Wells, Leona Faust, Laura Odenbach, Esther Krueger, Lela Bouslaugh

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jillson, Walter Lyman
Feb 3,1933, Atkinson Graphic


born Sept 21,1857 Heath, Mass
died Jan 27 funeral Stuart, Monday

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Andrew Hiram "Hi"
June 2006, Holt County Independent

born July 1,1923 north of O'Neill on Beaver Place
son of Andrew G Johnson and Myrlte Henifin
married June 20,1947 to Patricia McAllister
died June 2,2006 O'Neill
buried Prospect Cem, O'Neill, military rites
funeral June 6,2006 O'Neill
children: Bonnie Dick, Sandra Wendt, Marvin
brother: - 1
sisters: - 3, Naoma Basler, Luetta Curran
U S Navy, WWII seasman first Class, Battleship USS Baxter

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Clarence
July 28,1994, Holt County Independent

born Aug 29,1906 Palmyra, Nebr
son of Hans Johnson and Sena
married 1927 to Mildred Ella Mlinar
died July 16,1994 Phoenix, Ariz
buried North Phoenix Memorial Park
funeral July 19, Ariz
children: Marvel Jean
grandchildren: Lynn
great grandchildren: Hayley

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Ethel Bausch
June 16,2005 and June 23,2005, Holt County Independent

born May 30,1912 Dustin
daughter of Fred Bausch and Iva Mae Palmer
married Francis Johnson, Feb 11,1931, O'Neill
married Earl Hornback, O'Neill, 1978
died June 15,2005 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral June 17,2005 O'Neill
children: Virgil Dean, Darleen Mahlendorf, son
brothers: -1, Lloyd, Leo

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Frank L
Feb 12,1943, Atkinson Graphic


married Lenna M
died Friday, Wichita, Kan
buried Wichita, Kan
funeral Wichita, Kan
children: Lois Jean, Norman
brothers: Kenneth

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Lewis Lee
Jan 23,1970, Atkinson Graphic


born Stuart, July 28,1890
son of Richard R Johnson and Varinna Radcliffe
died 1970 January
buried Stuart Cem
funeral Tuesday
brothers: -6, Reuben
sisters: -1, Mrs Lawrence Slaymaker, Mrs Nellie Brewer, Mrs Mattie Eaton

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Mathilda Baum Culp
Oct 25,1989, Atkinson Graphic


born Aug 28,1907 Elgin
daughter of Jacob Baum and Catherine Zimmer married William Culp. He died Pril 1958
married Kenneth Johnson, Washington, DC. He died Dec 12,1974
buried St Boniface Cem, Elgin
funeral Atkinson, Monday
sisters: - 3, Eleanor Batenhorst, Emma Shulters
brothers: - 2

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Nellie E
Dec 30,1982, Atkinson Graphic


born Jan 1,1914 Rushville
married Frank R Johnson, Aug 25,1931
died Dec 24, home, Fremont
buried Stuart
funeral Stuart
children: Marvin, Mrs Donald Pound, Mrs Jim (Neva) Hoffman, Mrs Norman (Kay) Warford, Mrs Joe (Dorothy) Carr, 2 sons
brothers: Willis Pochon, Marvin Pochon, George Pochan
sisters: Mrs Lorain Spillman, Mrs Mary Thompson

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Roy V
Oct 2005 ,Holt County Independent

born Nov 30,1926 O'Neill
son of Roy Johnson and Ida Hayne
married Norma Kopejtka, May 19,1962, Inman
died Oct 11,2005 O'Neill
buried O'Neill cem, military rites
funeral Oct 14,2005 O'Neill
children: Mike, Pat, Rob, Irene O'Conell, Mardy Hansen, Michele Hanson, son, daughter
grandchildren: - 1
sisters: Judy, Virginia, 1
brother: - 1
U S Air Force, 1945 to 1947

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnson, Sarah Ann Washburn
Dec 31,1908, Stuart Advocate

     Sarah Ann Washburn was born Jan 12,1853 in Marshall, Clark Co, Ill, where she lived until 16 years of age. She then moved near Casey, Ill, where she was united in marriage with Calvin Johnson, Nov 8,1877. They then moved to Saunders Co, Nebr. in 1878, to Ill in 1881, and to Stuart, Nebr, in 1882. 8 children: were born to this union, 7 girls and 1 boy, 2 dying in their infancy, a girl and a boy. At the age of 14 she joined the Christian Church at Marshall, Ill. She leaves a mother, 4 sisters, 2 brothers, a husband, 6 daughters and 1 grandson to mourn her loss. She died Dec 24,1908 and was about 55 years 11 months and 11 days old at the time of her death.

     The funeral occurred Saturday at Presbyterian Church, the services bieng conducted by Rev Light.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johnston, Philip
April 10,1964, Atkinson Graphic


married Marjorie Schultz
buried McCook
funeral MNcCook Saturday

Submitted by Doris Counts

Johring, Martha Storjohann
Nov 11,1971, Holt County Independent


born Sept 14,1893 Phoenix, Nebr

daughter of Clouse Storjohann married Fred Johring, Neligh, June 30,1914. He died Jan 1944
died Nov 5 O'Neill
buried Prospect Hill Cem, O'Neill
funeral Tuesday O'Neill
children: Melvin, Ben, Donald, Mrs Kenneth (Shirley) Broad
sisters: Mrs Louis Gokie, Mrs Emma Diehl
brothers: William J

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jonas, Lester John
Dec 1,1977, Atkinson Graphic


born March 24,1914 Atkinson
son of John Jones and Barbara Mlinar
married Marie Lawyer, Atkinson, May 17,1937
died Columbus, Nov 1977
buried St Bonaventure Cem, Columbus
funeral Thursday Columbus
children: Ronald, James
brothers: Lawrence, Bill

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jonas, William F
Aug 21,1953, Atkinson Graphic


born Atkinson July 29,1889
son of John Jonas
married Josephine Dermer
died Aug 11, home, Burwell
buried Cottonwood Cem, Burwell
funeral Burwell Friday
children: Melvin, Harry, Kenneth, Violet, Dorothy Ann Klienek, Johnny
brothers: Lawrence, Lester

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jones, Edward B
Feb 23,1939, The Frontier

born Boston, Mass, May 3,1873
died Wednesday, O'Neill
buried Calvary Cem
funeral Friday, O'Neill
sisters: Mrs Mary Ullmon
brothers: Benjamin J

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jones, Cora Steele
July 30,1908, Stuart Advocate

     Cora Steele was born in Belleville, Ohio, Aug 2,1846 and moved with her parents to Missouri when a child. She was married to Barney Jones, Feb 11,1869. 8 children: were born to this union; Ada Dick of Jacksburg, Tex; Nellie Bird of Maysbille, MO, Harry of Reardan, Wash, Frank and John and Mayme Martin of Inez, Nebr, Seth and Fred who died in early childhood.

     She united with M E Church about the year 1878. She departed this life July 22,1908.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jones, Hilda Adelle
Aug 4,2005, Holt County Independent

born Oct 5,1911 Clearwater
daughter of Ernest E Jones and Laura Belle Miller
died Aug 1,2005 Neligh
buried Clearwater Cem
funeral Aug 4,2005 Clearwater
brothers: Evans died March 30,1985, Cleo, Harold, one died in infancy
sisters: Mildred Hoskinson, Marie, Ruth Wolfe, Yvette Ruterbories

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jordan, Jack
Nov 15,1990 ,Holt County Independent

born June 5,1901 Dow City, Iowa
son of William Jordan and Iva Arnold
married Emily Jane Counts, Burke, SD, Oct 5,1922
died Nov 11,Burke, SD
buried Butte Cem
funeral Nov 14,1990 Butte
children: William, Margaret Denny, Warren, Lois Weber, Hazel Anderson, Golda Heath

Submitted by Doris Counts

Joyce, Anna Stanton
Feb 12,1934, The Frontier

born County Mayo, Ireland, May 5,1856
married William Joyce, Nov 27,1871, Youngstown, Ohio
died Feb 7, Omaha
funeral St Patricks Church, Tuesday, O'Neill
children: Mary, Ann, Grace, Thomas J, Agnes, Margaret, Mrs George Shoemaker
grandchildren: Russell and Leonard Shoemaker
sister: Georgella

Submitted by Doris Counts

Julian, Mrs A R
May 2,1947, Atkinson Graphic


married Allen R Julian
died Alhambra, Cal April 8
buried Forest Lawn Memorial Park, Glendale, Cal
children: George, Ernest, Raymond, Mrs H E Wells
grandchildren:, Helen and Julian Wells

Submitted by Doris Counts

Labanow, Regina Ramold
Dec 9,2005, Atkinson Graphic

born Sept 9,1920 Atkinson
daughter of Peter Ramold and Elizabeth Schorn
married Walter Labanow
died Nov 21,2004 Washington, DC
funeral Dec 4,2004 Bethesda, Maryland
brother: Quintin
sister: Sally Olson

Submitted by Doris Counts

LaGreca, Concetta Sarah Franciullo
April 2005, Holt County Independent

daughter of Sebastian Franciullo and Rose
married Angelo LaGreca
died April 23,2005 Omaha
buried Calvary Cem, Omaha
funeral April 27,2005 Omaha
children: Mary Hannon, Constance Connor, John, Anthony J
brothers: Joseph

Submitted by Doris Counts

Laible, Joseph Donat
March 1,1964, Atkinson Graphic


born Jan 4,1894 farm near Stuart
son of John Laible and Eugenia Haeberie
married Rose Vinzenz, May 28,1918, Atkinson
died Feb 25, Atkinson
buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart,military rites
funeral Thursday, Stuart
children: Felix, Rudolph, Father Adrian (Bernard), Mrs Alex (Rose) Frickel, sisters: Beatus, Mrs Fred (Catherine) White, daughter died in infancy
brothers: Felix, John, George
sisters: Mrs Rudolph (Mary) Kramer, sisters: Mary Buscher
US Army Oct 6,1917 to Feb 19,1918

Submitted by Doris Counts

Laible, Mary Kramer
Nov 12,1965, Atkinson Graphic


born Nov 28,1880 Kunas, Bohemia
daughter of Wenzel Kramer and Catherine Vinzenz
married Felix Laible, Jan17,1899, Stuart. He died Jan 17,1901
died Nov 7, Atkinson
buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
funeral Tuesday, Stuart
children: Mrs B C (Catherine) Engler
brother: Robert
sisters: Frances

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lamb, Sarah Anne Yergey
July 1,1910, Atkinson Graphic


     Papillion Times- The people of Papillion were greatly shocked by the announcement of the unexpected death of Mrs Ira Lamb Monday evening. While it was known that Mrs Lamb had suffered a severe relapse Friday yet few believed her condition was so critical. She had been an invalid for a number of years and occasionally suffered greatly. Uremic poisoning is supposed to have been the immediate cause of death. She was found Sunday afternoon in her room in a comatose condition and all efforts by the physicians callled in to arouse her were unavailing and death came to relieve her suffering Monday evening. She was surrounded by all the members of her family except the oldest son at the time of her death.

     Sarah Anne Yeargey was born Aug 25,1856 in Montgomery County, Iowa, where she grew to womanhood and on Aug 24,1880, she was married to Professor Ira Lamb. Six children: were born to this union, four of whom with their father survive the deceased. They are George N of Washington, DC, William H of LIncoln, and Miss Nellie M and Frederick R who reside here. She is also survived by 2 brothers, John W of Boseman, Mont and George B of San Francisco.

     Prof and Mrs Lamb moved to Papillion last September from Hooper. Prof Lamb having been elected superintendent of the schools here. Mrs Lamb made some very warm acquaintances while here in spite of her invalid condition, and the sympathy of all is extended to the bereaved husband and children:. She was a kind and affectionate mother and a loving wife and her place in the family circle can never be again filled.

     The funeral was held this morning from Lutheran Friedens Church in South Papillion. The remains were shipped to Hopper and burial will be made there.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lambert, Frank
Nov 14,1895, Chambers Bugle

     The sudden death of Frank Lambert, second son of L G Lambert, which occurred on Saturday night last has cast a gloom over the entire community. He had started home on Friday morning with a load of baled hay for Inman, in company with his uncle, Harry Porter. When near R J Starr's place, he was taken suddenly with severe pain in his stomach, which increased in violence to such an extent that they were obliged to discontinue their journey, and he was left at the home of L H Bull and Dr Watson was promptly sent for. When the doctor arrived the case was found to be hopeless. He continued to grow worse and Saturday night death claimed the young man as his victim. He was 24 years 9 months and 29 days old. The deceased bore an excellent character, and was a favorite among those who knew him. Old and young alike held him in the highest esteem and his sudden death came as a great sorrow. He leaves behind him an affectionate father and mother, 3 brothers: and 1 sister, whose grief was pitiable to witness. The remains were followed to the Bethany Church on Monday where the funeral service was conducted by Rev N S Lowrie. On the platform were Revs Coppock, Newman and Riley. The house was crowded to its utmost capacity with a sympathizing people, and many were unable to gain an entrance. All that remians of that once joyous and noble young man, was peacefully laid to rest in the cemetery at Little, there to await the trump of the Archangel. The band boys acting as pall bearers. We deeply sympathize with the bereaved family. It is indeed gratifying to know that they sorrow not as those who have no hope, as the deceased gave evidence to his loving mother, who was bending over him during his last moments, that all was well. It is to be sincerely hoped that this sudden and painful bereavement may be the means of turning the hearts of many of his companions to seek an interest in the Savior of the World.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lamoureux, Mr
Feb 11,1897, The Frontier

     The funeal of Mr Lamoureux was held in this city last Sunday and was in charge of Masonic Lodge of this city. The funeral was largely attended by friends and relatives of the deceased.

Feb 4,1897 The Frontier

     Mr Lamoureux, father of Mrs Sanford Parker, died at his home in Keya Paha County last evening, and that the remains will be brought to this city for burial. The funeral will be in charge of Masonic Lodge.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lamoureux, Louisa
July 3,1890, The Frontier

     Mrs Louisa Lamoureaux, wife of C Lamoureaux and mother of Mrs Sanford Parker, died at her home opposite Chelsea postoffice in this county on last Friday afternoon of rheumatism and ulcer of the stomach. On account of the advanced state of decompositon at the time of death the funeral had to be held soon and she was therefore buried Saturday. Mrs Lamoureaux was a woman whom to know was to admire and respect, and greatly beloved by her near relatives, friends and neighbors and her death will be deeply mourned by them all. She was about 50 years of age and leaves a husband and 7 living children:. She had been ill for a number of months in fact a sufferer for several years and although her death was not unexpected it was none the less a severe blow to her friends.

Submitted by Doris Counts

LaRocque, Father Benedict
Nov 25,2004, Holt County Independent

died Nov 19,2004 Atchison, Kan
funeral Atchison, Kan, Nov 24,2004

Submitted by Doris Counts

Larsen, Faye Burge
Dec 16,2004 and Dec 23, 2004, Holt County Independent

born Jan 17,1910 Blue Hill
daughter of Arthur Burge and LoDuska Hemstead
married Adolph Larsen, Omaha, Nov 28,1941
died Dec 14,2004 O'Neill
buried Kearney Cem
funeral Dec 17,2004 Kearney
children: Lois Fitch, Gary
brothers: - 4, Don, Orville
sisters: - 2, Ruth Ground, Wilma Wittwer

Submitted by Doris Counts

Larson, Casper Eric
Feb 17,1956, Holt County Independent


born Feb 26,1879 Norby, Sweden
married Minnie Victoria Lindquist, 1905
died Feb 8, Burwell
buried Burwell
funeral Ewing, Saturday
children: Mrs Frances Harrod, Mrs Ruth Peters, Mrs Dorothy Ruby, Mrs Eula Anderson, Lawrence, Weslyn, Chester, George, Harland, Harold died 1941

Submitted by Doris Counts

LaRue, Irwin Robert "Fuzzy"
April 21,2005, Holt County Independent

born Nov 19,1908 Laurel
son of Robert LaRue and Gertrude Smith
married Roberta Catron, May 17,1939. She died Oct 1,2004
died April 15,2005 West Point
buried Valley View Cem, rural Ewing
funeral April 18,2005 Ewing
children: Lanny, Danny, Gary, Terry, Shirley King, LaRee Kubes, Teresa Sandeen
brother: - 1
sister: - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Latzel, Frances E
June 2004, Holt County Independent

born Aug 28,1934 Ewing
son of George Latzel and Molly Babutzke
died June 10,2004 Omaha
buried St Anthony's Cem, southwest of Ewing military rites
funeral June 15,2004 Ewing
children: Debra Thompson, Marilyn Onnen
sisters: - 2, Virginia Zietlow
brothers: - 2, Clarence, Lew
U S Army Sept 29,1956 to Sept 23,1958

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lawrence, Jean Marie
Nov 9, 2006, Holt County Independent

born Sept 4,1963 O'Neill
daughter of Robert Lawrence and Judith Lloyd
married Robert McAllister
died Nov 2,2006 Chicago, Ill
funeral Homewood, Ill, Nov 4,2006
children: Samuel Neuharth
brothers: Stephen Lawrence, Patrick Lawrence, Robert Lawrence
sisters: Carol Rostberg

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lawrence, Emma Louise Johring
Nov 12,1964, Holt County Independent


born O'Neill March 12,1881
daughter of Benjamin Johring and Elizabeth Behrens
married Ralph LeRoy Lawrence, June 27,1906. He died Dec 25,1932
died Nov 4,O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral O'Neill, Nov 7
children: Charlie, Mrs Martha Wrede, Ray, Eugene, Mrs Ruth Straube
sisters: Mrs Rosa Jennings, Mrs Fannie Ernst

Submitted by Doris Counts

Leahy, Martin
Sept 17,1908, Stuart Advocate

     Martin Leahy was born near Hartford, Conn, Oct 18,1836, and died near Hammond, Nebr, Sept 8,1908, being 71 years 10 months and 21 days old at the time of his death. His early boyhood was spennt at Marengo, Ill and later at Dubuque, Iowa, where he was married to Bridget Dunn on April 25,1866 and immediately after marriage he moved to Cascade, Iowa, where his children: were born. There were 3 sons and 2 daughters. He afterwards moved to LeMars, Iowa, and later to Rock County, Nebr, where he settled on land near Hammond in the fall of 1885, and has kept his residence there until the time of his death.

     He was widely known throughout Rock Co and was highly respected and had made for himself a host of friends in the nearby towns of Stuart, Atkinson and O'Neill. He is survived by his wife, 2 sons, George J of Hammond and Edward J of Danbury, Iowa, one daughter,Mrs Lizzie Hormel of Shell, Wyo, also 3 half brothers: and 2 sisters. He will be deeply mourned by his family and a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Leal, Ferne Pelcer
Feb 23,1945, Atkinson Graphic


born Atkinson, Sept 27,1917
daughter of Clarence E Pelcer
married Gordon Leal
died Feb 14, Bucyrus, Ohio
buried Bellingham, Wash
children: Judith Kay age 5 years, Janet age 3 months
sisters: Mrs Thelma Sorenson, Helen Arlene, Mrs Retabel Petersen

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lechtenberg, Eugene J
May 2005, Holt County Independent

born Jan 1,1925 Anoka
son of Frank Lechtenberg and Anna Sextro
married Rama Jean Webber, Lynch, Sept 3,1952
died May 17,2005 home, O'Neill
buried St Peter and Paul Catholic Cem, Butte, military honors
funeral May 20,2005 Lynch
children: Eugene J, Mary Ann, Diane Watson, Teri Frerichs, James, Ken, Steve, Donald
brothers: Lawrence, Leo, Joe, Frances, Fritz
sister: Agnes Reiser
Marine Corps, WWII, discharged Oct 12,1945

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lehl, Hilda Lorraine Albrecht
May 2004, Atkinson Graphic

born Nov 13,1931 farm outside Atkinson
daughter of Henry Albrecht and Amelia Bork
married June 27,1959 to Marvin L Lehl, Lincoln
died May 26,2004 home, Lincoln
buried Wyuka Cem, Lincoln
funeral May 29,2004 Lincoln
children: Kevin, Bradley
sisters: Martha Hoxie, - 3
brothers: Harold, John, Vernon, - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lehmer, Donald
July 28,1887, The Frontier


     Donald, the youngest child of Mr and Mrs F Lehmer, died Sunday morning, July 24 at their ranch on the South Fork. The little sufferer was sick but a short time, although for the past year it has been subject to spasms, but was thought to be recovering entirely from them. It was taken suddenly ill Saturday night. Messengers came to O'Neill for the doctor but they had not been away from the house more than an hour when death came.

     Little Donald was about 2 and 1/2 years old, a bright child, and his sudden and early death is deeply mourned by the family and friends and the sympathy of all is extended to them in their sad hour. The funeral services took place at the house Monday forenoon. Rev Blackmer officiating, and the remains were interred on the homestead.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Leiding, Cecil Mae Boelter Clark
April 6,2006, Holt County Independent

born Sept 18,1913 Walnut, Nebr
daughter of Fred Boelter and Edith Butterfield
married Allison Benjamin Benny Clark, July 8,1930
married Sept 12,1934 to John Leiding
died April 1,2006 Veridgre
buried Orchard Hill Cem
funeral April 4,2006 Orchard
children: Gordon, Russell, Keith, Kenneth, Donnie Lee Clark, Darlene
sisters: Lucille Alter, Vera, Jane
brothers: Roy, Leonard, Homer, Reno, Boyd, Kim

Submitted by Doris Counts

Leidy, Elva Ann
Feb 16,2006, Holt County Independent

died Feb 9,2006 Lincoln
funeral Feb 18,2006
children: Jerald, Carol Budka
sisters: Iona Livings

Submitted by Doris Counts

Leidy, William Leonard
Aug 18,2005, Holt County Independent

born May 31,1910 Inman
son of William E Leidy and Myrtie Manchester
married June 27,1937 to Jennie V Jacox of Inman
died Aug 10,2005 Durango, Colorado
Funeral Long Grove, Texas, Sept 3,2005
children: Russell, Kent
brother: - 1
sister: - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lempke, Vincent
May 2005, Holt County Independent

born Oct 19,1950 McCook
son of Alfred Lempke and Mildred Schumer
married Marilyn Henderson, Holyoke Colorado, July 24,1999
died May 15,2005, Lempke farm, south of Grainton
buried Wallace Cem
funeral May 19,2005 Wallace
sister: Margaret Berry
brother: David

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lenz, Floyd
March 23,2006, Holt County Independent

born Nov 18,1920 Bliss
son of Elmer Lenz and Agnes Hoerle
married Joan Griffin, Neligh, Dec 18,1951. She died June 2005
died March 18,2006 Butte
buried Conley Cem
funeral March 24,2006 O'Neill
children: Diane Luth, Lyle
brother: Ralph
U S Army 1944 to Aug 1946, 3rd Division 15th Infantry, Germany

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lenz, Joan
June 30,2005, Holt County Independent

died June29,2005 Fremont
buried Conley Cem
funeral July 2,2005 Chambers

Submitted by Doris Counts

Leonard, Viola Amanda Brewer
Oct 14,2004, Holt County Independent

born June 14,1937 Hyannis
daughter of Lloyd Brewer and Margaret Heigh
married Aug 4, 1956 to Leo Leonard in Englewood, Colorado
died Oct 10,2004 O'Neill
buried cremation, St Mary's Catholic Cem, Wood River
funeral Oct 13,2004 O'Neill
children: Margaret Hoidal, Lorene , Jon, Kevin, Gerald, twins died in infancy
brothers: Earl, David, Robert

Submitted by Doris Counts

Levi, David
April 15,1909, Stuart Advocate

     David Levi was born in Fell, Germany on April 11,1845 and died in Stuart April 12,1909, being just one day more than 64 years of age. Mr Levi came to the US in 1869 and after considerable travel, he settled at Hastings, Nebr, where he was united in marriage to Estella Hirsch of that place, Oct 16,1879, to this union 8 children: were born, 7 sons and 1 daughter. About 25 years ago Mr Levi and his family moved to Ainsworth where he engaged in the livery business for a short time after which he moved onto a farm about 12 miles northwest of Ainsworth, where he lived for about 16 years. Two boys, one about 13 and the other about 2 years of age, died at that place and were buried in Grand Prairie Cem, northwest of Ainsworth. In the spring of 1900 Mr Levi came to Stuart and engaged in the general mercantile business, and has made this his home up to the time of his death. Mr Levi was an honest, upright man, always kind, and jovial and courteous, and during his residence here had made many frineds who deeply regret his death.

     The large number of his old friends who came here from Ainsworth, Johnstown, Long Pine, Bassett and Newport to attend his funeral, which occurred Wed afternoon from the family home, is a testimony of the esteem in which he was held in and near his old home. The Odd Fellows Lodge, of which Mr Levi was a faithful member, conducted the funeral in an impressive manner. The Stuart Lodge was assisted by brethren from Ainsworth, Newport and Atkinson. Beautiful floral offerings, contributed by the lodge and personal friends, decorated the casket, which, with alll that was mortal of Mr Levi was laid away in the Stuart Cem, on Wednesday afternoon. Louis, the only member of the family who was away when Mr Levi died, was here for the funeral. The deceased survived by his wife, 5 sons, and 1 daughter, all well known here.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Levi, Jacob Herbert
July 18,1969, Holt County Independent


born Stuart, May 22,1900
son of David Levi and Stella
buried Stuart Cem
funeral July 11, Stuart
brothers: Joseph A, ISaac H, Henry, Solomon, Lewis, Benjamin
sisters: Theresa I

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lewandowski, Lisa Ann
Feb 10,2005, Holt County Independent

born Jan 20,1965 St Paul
daughter of Al Lewandowski, and Irene Waltman
died Feb 3,2005 Grand Island
buried Westlawn Memorial Park, Grand Island
funeral Feb 7,2005 Grand Island
brothers: Loren, Scott
sisters: Julie Rawlings Hoppe, Alison Larson

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lichty, Cora Martin
Oct 26,1945, Holt County Independent

brother: C E
sister: Mrs Army Jones

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lienhart, Azora
Dec 28,1928, Holt County Independent


     Mrs Azora Lienhart was born at Crown Point, Indiana, June 11,1862 and died at her home in O'Neill, Dec 22,1928 at the age of 66 years 6 months 11 days. She was married to John Lienhart on Jan 1,1880 at Minden, Nebr, where they made their home until 1900, when they came to Holt County where they continued to reside until her death. She leaves to mourn her loss her husband, four sons, Ralph of Winner, SD; Raymond of Chambers; Frank of Bristow, Nebr; John of Woodburn,Oregon; one daughter, Mrs Glenn Smith of Long Beach, Cal; 2 brothers: Oril Kronkright of Priest River, Idaho; Bird Kronkright of Rosebud, Mont; 1 sisters: Mable Straw of Woodburn, Oregon; also 15 grandchildren.

     A short service was held at the home Saturday, conducted by Rev O A Fortune. Final services were held at Minden, Monday at United Presbyterian Church of which she was once a member, later uniting with Baptist Church at Harold, Holt County, Nebr.

     Services at Minden were conducted by Rev Geo Longstaff of Hansen, Nebr, formerly of O'Nell. Interment was made in Minden Cem, beside George, a son, who died at the age of four years.

     All of the children: were here before she died and all attended the service held at Minden.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lienhart, Harry Joseph
Jan 5,1950, Holt County Independent

born May 4,1872 Hudson, LaPorte Co, Ind
married April 21,1896 to Elizabeth Tilbury
died Dec 7,1949 Red Cloud, Nebr
buried Red Cloud Cem
funeral Dec 9
children: Mrs Vee M Tavenner, Mrs Glen Guilford, Lee H

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lienhart, John
April 13,1944, Holt County Independent


born Waterlio County, Canada, Jan 29,1854
son of John Lienhart and Anna Katharina
married Azora Kronkright, Jan 1,1880. She died Dec 22,1928
buried Minden, Nebr.
funeral April 14, farm at Chambers
children: George died age 5, Ralph died at age 56 years, John, Ray, Frank, Josephine

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lienhart, Lee H
March 26,1987, Holt County Independent

married Evelyn Whiting, 1928
died March 10,1987 Mesa, Arizona
funeral March 12,1987 Mesa, Ariz
children: James
sister: Bertha Elliot

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lienhart, Raymond Henry
Oct 15,1964, Holt County Independent


born April 18,1886 Kearney County, near Minden
son of John Lienhart and Azora Kronkright
married Ivy M Anderson, Harold, Nebr, April 20,1909
died Oct 13, Omaha
buried Chambers Cem
funeral Oct 16, O'Neill
children: Mrs Tom (Irene) Farrell, Mrs John (Thelma) Burt, Mrs Robert (Edith) Miles, Frank Lloyd died in infancy
brothers: George, Ralph, John L, Frank
sisters: Mrs Ed (Josephine) Ibbotson

Submitted by Doris Counts

Liermann, August
Nov 24,1911, Atkinson Graphic

     August Liermann, a brothers: of William Liermann, who lives four miles west of Amelia, died at Tilden on Nov 15,1911. Mr Liermann, deceased, was born in Prussia. He came to America in 1857, and after 7 years residence in Wis, came to Nebr, where he made his residence the remainder of his years. He leaves several relatives to mourn his decease besides many friends and neighbors.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Liermann, Charles
Aug 23,1957, Atkinson Graphic


born Dec 5,1876 Beemer, Nebr
married Oct 19,1904, Laura Thompson. She died 1940
married Mary Jane
died Aug 15, Omaha
buried Chambers Cem
funeral Aug 18, Chambers
children: Claude, Ira, Neva (Mrs George Mann)
sisters: Mrs J M Walter, Mrs Tom Farewell

Submitted by Doris Counts

Liermann, Laura Sylvia Thompson
April 17,1941, Chambers Sun


born Inman, June 28,1881
daughter of Charles N Thompson
married Charles F Lierman, Oct 19,1904
died April 12, O'Neill
funeral Chambers
children: Claude, Ira, Neva
sisters: Mrs Fred Watson, Mrs Richard Kaiser, Mrs John Kellogg, Mrs Wm Carpenter, Mrs Everett Whitcomb, Mrs Bernad Gargveliviski
brothers: Thomas, William

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lingenfelter, Bernice L Shald
Sept 2005, Holt County Independent

born July 29,1932 Stuart
daughter of Frank Russell Shald and Ellen Louise Turner
married Denton Mac Lingenfelter, Dec 12,1948 Springview
died Sept 20,2005 Eau Claire
buried Gilmanton Cem
funeral Mondovi, Sept 4,2005
children: LeAnne Loesel, Connie Loesel, Vicky Loesel, Scott, Michael
sisters: Milie Taylor, Lucy McDaniels, Alma Sandall
brothers: Charles

Submitted by Doris Counts

Linhart, Margaret
Nov 20,2003, Holt County Independent and Atkinson Graphic

born March 30,1916
daughter of John Linhart and Dora Steinbach
died Nov 16,2003 Norfolk
buried Valley Cem, Verdel
funeral Nov 19,2003 Verdal
sister: Mary
brother: James

Submitted by Doris Counts

Livingston, Dana Zane
Jan 6,2005, Atkinson Graphic

born Jan 9,1927 Atkinson
son of Ira Livingston and Fern
married Nancy
died Dec 31,2004 Elkhorn, Nebr
funeral Jan 6,2005 Bennington, Nebr.
children: Dana Drew, Kristy Anderson, Patrick Brian
grandchildren: Bryan, Nickolas and Ashley Anderson, Brie, Brittney, Drew, and Dana Blaze Livingston
brothers: Lou Gene, Donald Joe

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lockmon, Alta Elizabeth Julius
April Atkinson Graphic

born July 2,1886 Stitzer, Wis
died April 8, O'Neill
buried Stuart Cem
funeral Monday Stuart
children: Dorlin, Dwaine, Manly, Mrs Gardner Gill
brother: John

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lockmon, Gayle Lea
May 28,1937, Atkinson Graphic

born May 6,1937
daughter of Dwaine Lockmon
died May 19 home, southwest of Stuart
buried Stuart Cem
funeral May 20, Stuart

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lockmon, Hazel Pearl Mlinar
Jan 13,2005, Atkinson Graphic and Holt County Independent

born May 7,1912 Atkinson
daughter of Joseph Mlinar and Libbie Kubart
married Dwaine Lockmon, Nov 11,1931, Ansley
died Jan 9,2005 Stuart
buried Stuart Cem
funeral Jan 11,2005 Stuart
children: Garry, Glenn, Gayle
sisters: - 3
brothers: - 2

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lockmon, Jonathan Dwaine
Dec 2005, Holt County Independent

born March 21,1970 Denver, Colorado
son of Glenn Lockmon and Sharon Ktman
died Dec 13,2005 Denver, Colorado
buried Stuart Cem
funeral Jan 7,2006 Stuart
sisters: Libbie Miller

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lofquest, Aaron Lawrence "Rennie"
Dec 30,1982, Atkinson Graphic and Jan 6,1983, Holt County Independent

born July 24,1890 home near Niobrara River, Dustin, Nebr
son of Sven Lofquest and Emma Horn
married Sarah Ann Green, March 15,1922 at Lebanon, Kan
died Stuart, Dec 25,1982
buried Cleveland Cem
funeral Wednesday Stuart
children: Samuel Lawrence
brothers: - 2
sisters: - 3

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lofquest, William L
Dec 15,2005, Holt County Independent

born Sept 12,1924 Stuart
son of Irving L Lofquest and Edna Mae Miller
married Catherine Cleta Rotherham, May 31,1946, Ewing
died Dec 9,2005 home, Norfolk
buried St Peter Catholic Cem, Ewing, military honors
funeral Dec 12,2005, Norfolk
children: William L, Terry M, Cathy L Beelaert, Patricia A Pfaff, Mary Jo Shemek
U S Navy, June 1943 to Dec 1945

Submitted by Doris Counts

Long, Audrey Petersen
Feb 2006, Holt County Independent

born Aug 26,1917 Humphrey
daughter of David Petersen and Evelyn
married May 28,1939 Humphrey to Elmer G Long. He died Oct 12,1986
died Feb 1,2006 North Platte
buried Grand Island Cem
funeral Feb 4,2006 Grand Island
children: Keith, Nadyne Hengen
brother: - 1
sisters: - 2

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lorentz, Anna Jane Horton
Sept 16,1960, Atkinson Graphic


born June 12,1885 Janesvile, Wis
daughter of Patrick Horton and Mary Ann Irwin
married Jan 29,1904, Cowles Nebr, to Edwin Lorentz
died Sept 9, Nevada, MO
buried Mt Calvary Cem, Nevada, MO
funeral Nevada, MO
children: Jesse Edwin
sisters: Mrs John S Mlinar, Mrs Cecelia Hemberger, Margaret , Martha Roulier, Mary , Francis P

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lorenz, Glenn V
June 22,2006, Holt County Independent

born Aug 22,1922 farm near O'Neill
son of Carl Lorenz and Josephine
married Dorothy Summers, Denver, Colorado, Feb 7,1943
died June 1,2006
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral graveside June 29,2006
children: Virgil, Carlene McCazrty, Lorna Levy

Submitted by Doris Counts

Loughrey, Rose Grace Schauerhamer
July 29,2004, Holt County Independent

born Feb 17,1904 Dodge County
daughter of Frank SChauerhamer and Anna Kander
married Jan 11,1922 to Thomas Loughrey at O'Neill
died July 22,2004 Neligh
buried Ewing Cem
funeral July 26,2004 Elgin
children: Duward, Gloria Braband
brother: Louis
sisters: Hattie Kestenholtz, Elsie Butterfield, Effie Walker

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lucas, Ruth Fern Kimes
Feb 2006, Atkinson Graphic

born Sept 5,1909 Elgin
daughter of Lester Kimes and Myrtle Miller
married Arthur Lucas, Yankton, SD, Dec 10,1928. He died June 13,1993
died Feb 25,2006 Stuart
buried Clearwater Cem
funeral Feb 28,2006 Clearwater
children: Larry, Lois Bennett, Lorna Koenig, Jackie died in infancy
grandchildren: David Koenig
sister: Eva Billings
brothers: Roy, Leo

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lund, Duane Martin
Nov 24,2004, Rock County Leader

born Sargent
son of Alvin Lund and Alma Johnson
married Lois R
died Friday
buried Glen Haven Memorial Gardens
funeral graveside, Nov 22,2004
children: Debra L Wells
brothers: Loren, Ronald
sisters: Nelda Drost, Lois Ellwanger
U S Air Force, 20 years

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lunn, Kenneth S
June 23,2005, Holt County Independent

born Sept 16,1926 Gregory Co, SD
son of Albert Lunn and Ruth Budd
married Hazel Chambers, Butte, June 3,1948
died June 17,1925 Wakonda, SD
buried Rosebud Cem, Bonesteel, SD
funeral June 20,2005 Yankton, SD
children: Ralph, Jim, Mark, Linda, Barb Hanson, Annette Borgstrom, Henry
sister: Fran Knox
U S Army

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lyman, Homer Gilbert
May 10,1912, Atkinson Graphic

     Homer Gilbert Lyman, the son of John and Mrs Lyman of our village was born near Hamilton, Marion Co, Iowa, on June 2, 1883. When but a little child three years old his parents removed to Holt County, Nebraksa, settling on a homestead 6 miles south of Atkinson. On this place little Homer grew up to young manhood.A bright boy of pleasing personality and address, he desired to be doing his part in the worlds work, and going to Iowa took up telegraphy, learning it readily. He worked at his business there for awhile and later went west to Denver where he found employement as telegrapher. Later taking a position with a mining firm which he held for several years.

     In 1903 he was united in marriage to Miss Elizabeth Saunders at Black Hawk, Colorado. Three children: were born to them, Homer G, Catherine, and Edward, little Homer dying when a small baby.

     A year ago last spring with his little family, Homer went to Texas coming from there last fall to make his parents in our village a visit returning to Texas later. Toward the end of April while living at Lubbock, Texas, he was stricken with scarlet fever which in itself might not have proved fatal had not pneumonia set in. He died on April 28,1912, aged 20 years 11 months.

     The day before he died his parents received a telegram appraising them of the danger, and they started at once for his bedside but reached Lubbock the day after he had gone. Interment was made in Fairmont Cem, Denver, May 2, the funeral party coming from Lubbock by rail. The funeral services were also held in Denver under the auspices of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons of which order he was a member. Members of the Elks, IOOF and Royal Highlanders were present as individuals to witness the burial of a brothers: of their order.

     Mr Lyman leaves besides his wife and children: and his parents several other relatives add scores of friends to mourn his untimely going. His winning ways and general disposition made him friends wherever he went.

     The mysteries of life we may not know neither can we fathom the mysteries of providence. Why a life so young, so bright, so full of promise should be taken when but entering upon the years of fullest manhood must remain a mystery until we see with perfedcted vision.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Lyon, Noah A
Oct 23,1953, Atkinson Graphic


born Unadilla
married Minnie
buried Greenwood
funeral Lincoln
children: Mrs Nora Bell, Mrs Fannie Beek, Gilmore
sisters: Mrs Clara Botsford, Mrs Stella Russell, Mrs Laura Lyon, Mrs Vernie Bolz

Submitted by Doris Counts

McConnell, Raedean Carolyn Cearns
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent and Atkinson Graphic

born July 9,1933 Atkinson
daughter of Raymond Wilbur Cearns and Matilda Tasler
married Wilmer McConnell, Atkinson, April 15,1952
died April 8,2007 Atkinson
buried St Joseph's Cem, Atkinson
funeral April 12,2007 Atkinson
children: Vic, Roger, Robert, Pat, Tim, Dianne Coffin
great grandchildren: Cameron
sister: Vivian Krysl

Submitted by Doris Counts

McMeen, Debra S Juracek
March 22, 2007, Atkinson Graphic

born Atkinson
daughter of Milford Juracek and Eleanor
married Scott McMeen
died March 19,2007 Fort Wayne, Ind
funeral March 23,2007 Fort Wayne, Ind
children: Ethan John died in infancy, Courtney, Kelly, Ryan
sisters: Dianea Oglesby
U S veteran

Submitted by Doris Counts

Rahder, Marlene June Lorenz "Mert"
March 22,2007, Atkinson Graphic

born June 30,1929 Osmond, Nebr
daughter of Ervin Lorenz and Frieda Brockman
married Darrell Gene Rahder, Norfolk, July 22,1953
died March 16,2007 Atkinson
buried Pierce Prospect View Cem
funeral March 20,2007 Atkinson
children: Bobbi, Bill, Terri, Becky McCoy, Peter John
grandchildren: Ben and Andrew and Molly, Bullington; Cali and Katie and Kali Rahder, Kourtney Rahder, Chris and Adam McCoy
sisters: Millie Zimmer, Carol Oestreich

Submitted by Doris Counts

Ruda, Hazel Mae DeVall
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent

born July 29,1924 Meek, Nebr
daughter of William DeVall and Mary Storjohann
married Delwin Ruda, O'Neill, June 29,1946
died April 3,2007 Norfolk
buried Bristow City Cem
funeral April 10,2007 Bristow
children: Rudolf, Diane Paper, Denton, Maureen Pischel
sisters: Ethel Craig, Evelyn Stueckrath, Rosie Kloepper, Edith Metschke
brothers: Roy, Martin, Leonard, Clarence, Arthur, Howard, Elmer, Walter

Submitted by Doris Counts

Slaymaker, Vernon Elmer
April 12,2007, Holt County Independent and Atkinson Graphic

born Oct 20,1921 Atkinson
son of Lewis Slaymaker and Mary Neibauer
married Sept 6,1957, Cynthia Evelyn Day, Gainesville, Georgia
died April 4,2007 Stuart
buried Woodlawn Cem, Atkinson
funeral April 6,2007 Atkinson
children: Cathy, Patty Babutzke, Mary, daughter died in infancy
sister: Ferne

Submitted by Doris Counts

Taylor, Natalie Marie Kramer
March 22,2007, Atkinson Graphic

born Oct 25,1919 Stuart
daughter of William Kramer and Alice Higgins
married June 5,1940 at Long Pine to Cecil Taylor
died March 14,2007 Stuart
buried Stuart
funeral March 17,2007 Stuart
children: Dennis, Jerry
sisters: Kathleen Baumeister, Florence Jordan, Theona Nelson, Evelyn Hart, Margaret Krysl
brothers: Ed, Ralph, Maurice

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