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"These are from the Rouse History that Mrs Riser and I compiled. She had a lot of the newsclippings cut out of the newspaper. That's why no name of the paper or date on some of these. She is currently in the O'Neill nursing Home." - Doris Counts

Although the obituaries listed here are from Holt County newspapers, the actual deaths and/or burials may have been in other counties or states.

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Obituaries from various sources or dates

Submitted by Doris Counts

Deming, John C
May 5,1977 Holt County Independent

born Waverly, June 23,1878
son of Syrenus Deming and Welthy
married Ruby Hughes, Dustin, Juen 12,1901
died April 27,1977 O'Neill
buried Bonesteel, SD
funeral April 30,Butte
children: Wayne, daughter who died in infancy, Mrs I R (Bessie) Armfield
grandchildren: Patricia
brothers: Oscar, David, Robert, James

Submitted by Doris Counts

Deseive, Joseph Max
July 1,1971 Holt County Independent

born Oct 4,1901 Stuart
son of John DeSeive
married Viola Ratliff, Jan 9,1937 Ainsworth
died June 21,1971 hay field
buried Woodlawn Cem
funeral June 24, Atkinson
children: Mrs Kenenth (Charlene ) Krysl, Eldon "Butch"
sisters: Priscilla Nadeau, Mrs Henry (May) Dierks

Submitted by Doris Counts

Ernst, Fred J
March 3,1997, Holt County Independent

born south of O'Neill May 14,1908
died Feb 22,1977 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral Feb 26, O'Neill

Submitted by Doris Counts

Farrell, Irene Lienhart
April 14,1977, Holt County Independent

born Sept 6,1916 Chambers, Nebr.
daughter of Ray Lienhart
married Thomas Farrell, Nov 28,1943
died April 16, Monte Ray Park, California
buried Forrest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
children: Mrs Gerald (Penney) Pfeiffer
sisters: Mrs John (Thelma) Bigt, Mrs Robert (Edith) Miles

Submitted by Doris Counts

Foreman, Mary Elizabeth Bosse
Nov 19,1970, Holt County Independent


born Nov 18,1883 Creighton
daughter of George Bosse and Frances
married Claude Foreman, May 19,1904, O'Neill
buried Greenwood Cem, Creighton
funeral Nov 9,1970, Creighton
children: Gladys (Mrs Roy Anderson), Lois (Mrs John Burchell)

Submitted by Doris Counts

Gray, Essie Ward
March 17,1977, Holt County Independent

born July 14,1878, Middlebranch, Nebr
married John Gray, March 10,1896
buried Page Cem
funeral Page, March 16
children: Zeila Soukup, Willard

Submitted by Doris Counts

Henderson, Forrest
Oct 13,1977, Holt County Independent

born Davis County, Iowa, Dec 14,1898
son of George Washington Henderson and Nora Deszra Gleason
married May 25,1929 to Elsa Maria Weber, Neligh
died Oct 3,1977 Atkinson
children: Mrs Carroll (Dorin) Marcellus, Mrs Harold (AUdrey) Coburn
brother: Wayne

Submitted by Doris Counts

Jones, Elizabeth Marie Schroeder
Nov 19,1970, Holt County Independent


born Dec 6,1895 Kansas
daughter of August Schroder and Margaret Pugh
married Jack Jones, O'Neill, Feb 1924
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral O'Neill, Tuesday
children: Mrs Fred (Gertrude) Jungbluth, Mary
brothers: - 3
sister: - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Kimes, Elbert Loyd
April 4,1978, Holt County Independent

born May 10
son of Edmund E Kimes
buried Clearwater Cem
funeral Tuesday Huffman's Snider Chapel

Submitted by Doris Counts

Menkens, George Paul
Nov 27,1970, Holt County Independent


born Dec 25,1887 Dodge, Dodge County, Nebr
son of Christian Menkens and Frieda
married LaVerne I Klinetobe, Sept 9,1936 Yankton, SD
died Butte, Nov 18,1970
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral Butte, Friday
children: son died in infancy, Jimmy, Jerry, Bruce, Janice Terrel, Connie Frick, Lynn
brothers: - 3
sisters: - 3, Kate, Martha Cross
WWI veteran

Submitted by Doris Counts

Meyer, Theodore Benjamin
April 4,1978, Holt County Independent

born Nov 7,1900 Rushville
son of Christian Frederick Meyer and Anna Mathilda Elmers
baptized Jan 29,1901
married Carrie Agnes Maring, Feb, O'Neill
died March 26,1978 Plainview
buried Orchard Hill Cem
funeral March 29, Orchard
children: James Theodore, Arlene, 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Schindler, William Albert
April 4,1978, Holt County Independent

born March 29,1899 Ewing
son of Joseph Schindler and Rosa Crocker
married April 12,1930, Anna Burk, St John's Catholic Church
died Ewing, March 29,1978
buried St Anthony's Cem, south of Ewing
funeral April 1,1978, Ewing

Submitted by Doris Counts

Sobotka, Frank R
July 1,1971, Holt County Independent

born Aug 23,1893 Spencer
son of John Sobotka and Karolina
died June 27, O'Neill
buried Calvary Cem
funeral St Patrick's Church
brothers: John, Louis, James, George, ANthony
sisters: Mrs Frances Reznicek, Mrs Ella Meyer

Submitted by Doris Counts

Sparks, William J
Nov 19,1970, Holt County Independent


born May 9,1900 O'Neill
son of Byron Sparks
married Ella Hansen, Sioux City, Iowa, 1949
died Nov 4, home south of O'Neill
buried O'Neill Calvary Cem
funeral Saturday O'Neill
children: Mrs James Laible
brother: Joseph
sisters: Mrs Joe Laney, Mrs Criss O'Brien

Submitted by Doris Counts

Stevens, Elden George
March 17,1977, Holt County Independent

born Jan 30,1929, Inman
son of William Stevens and Ethel
married Dec 21,1955 Patricia L Banta Hupp
died March 5,1977 home, Yankton, SD
buried Inman Cem
funeral March 9, Inman
children: Jimmie died in infancy, Janet Barnes, Julie Kasper, - 3
brothers: - 2 died in infancy
U S Navy, USS Kidd, Korean War

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wabs, August
Nov 17,1955, The Frontier


born June 16,1884
married Floy I Burley, Butte, Dec 31,1913
died Nov 1,1955 Portland, Oregon
children: Mrs Phyllis Youmans, Mrs Pearl Koarb, Mrs Doris McCracken, Albert, Harold, Walter, Clayton, Mrs Bernice Kirwin died 1943

Submitted by Doris Counts

Waddington, Perry Elvin
May 5,2005, Holt County Independent

born Sept 20,1913 O'Neill
son of Perry Robert Waddington and Goldie Wasson
married April 22,1939 Opal Lucille Grubbs
died April 27,2005, Osceola
buried Clearwater Cem
funeral April 30,2005 Clearwater
children: Lois Burger, Joyce Bartak, Perry William
brothers: - 2
sisters: - 4

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wade, Delbert H
Sept 7,2006, Holt County Independent

born Feb 4,1920 north of Lynch
son of Henry Wade and Mary Fitzpatrick
married Twila Tarr, Feb 1,1952
died Aug 28,2006 Butte
buried Highland Cemetery, Lynch
funeral Aug 30,2006 Lynch
children: Cathy, Raymond, Delbert
sisters: Lagree Frisch, one died in infancy, Mable Mulhair, Hazel Bermel
brothers: Robert, one died in infancy

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wagner, Mathias Henry
June 2006, Holt County Independent

born April 27,1925 Creighton
son of Joseph Wagner and Emma Meyer
married Mary Lou Rasmussen, Elgin, Oct 10,1951
died June 12,2006 O'Neill
buried military rites
funeral June 15,2006 Clearwater
children: Linda Riesberg, Jerry, Bruce, Marsha Hart
grandchildren: Jonathan Joseph
brothers: Herman, Lawrence
sisters: Ann Schreier, Rosemarie Babel
U S Army June 16,1945 to Jan 22,1947

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wagner, Teresa
April 7,1961, Atkinson Graphic


married Charles F Wagner
died March 28 Holdrege
funeral Mackay, Idaho, April 3
children: Mrs Ernest P Johnston, Mrs MIldred Skoog, Leland W, Edna Jensen

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wagoner, Bertha Klein Noel
extract from The Oregonian, Portland, OR, Oct 5,2004

born Feb 23,1910 Herrick, SD
married Florian Noel. He died 1956
married Jessie Wagoner, 1972. He died 1975
died Sept 30,2004
funeral Oct 5,2004 Keizer
children: Delores Jons, Patricia Lies, Donald Noel

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walker, John Taylor
Aug 19,1948 Holt County Independent


born Collins, Iowa, July 23,1867
married Dec 4,1893, Laura Howard, Sioux City, Iowa
died Aug 16,1948
buried Page Cem
funeral Page, Wednesday
children: Mrs L A Burgess, Mrs Henry Fowler, Mrs Howard Miller, Mrs Leonard Crandall, Mrs Eddie Bright, Mrs R W Johnson
brothers: DW, EA
sister: Mrs Clara Hartford

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walker, Roy
Aug 26,1938, Atkinson Graphic


died Wednesday
funeral at Friend

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wallinger, Terra Danielle
Oct 27, 2005, Holt County Independent and Atkinson Graphic

born Sept 15,1990 O'Neill
daughter of Jeff Wallinger and Kim Babl
died Oct 21, 2005 Atkinson
buried St Boniface Cem, Stuart
funeral Oct 25,2005 Stuart
sister: Kristen
brother: Travis

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walsh, Clare Davis
Nov 25,1982, Atkinson Graphic


born Sept 24, 1900 Atkinson
daughter of Pauline Mlinar and Charles Davis
married William Blackburn, June 1915. He died July 1932
married James Walsh, June 1940
died Nov 21 Santa Ana, California
buried San Fernando Cem
funeral Nov 24
children: Jerry, Linda
grandchildren: Dana, Jimmy
sisters: Cora Weichman, Florence Ackerman

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walsh, James
Feb 16,1962, Atkinson Graphic


married Clara Davis Blackburn, June 1941, O'Neill
died Jan 30 near Sun Valley, Cal
buried San Fernando Mission Cem
funeral Holy Rosary Church
children: Jerry

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walstrom, Virgil Wayne
March 16,2006, Holt County Independent

born July 20,1924 Royal, Iowa
son of Walter Walstrom and Carrie Hagedorn
married Beverly Moore, Sept 15,1946, Ruthven, Iowa
died March 11,2006 Omaha
buried Riverside Cem, Spencer, Iowa
funeral March 15,2006 O'Neill
children: Gary, Greg
grandchildren: Hilary
sisters: Darlene Petit, Marjorie Frad, Charlotte Peterson
brother: Vernard

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walters, Alvin
Feb 9,2006, Holt County Independent

son of John Walters and Mary
married Laura
died Feb 1,2006
funeral Feb 4,2006 graveside
children: Patricia Schriner, Janet, Stanley, Dean
sisters: Gladys, Avis Worth, Irene Lichty, Lavina Stamp

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walters, Gladys M
Dec 7,2006, Holt County Independent

died Nov 30,2006 Lincoln
buried Ewing Cem
funeral Dec 4,2006 Ewing
sisters: Avis Worth, Lavina Stamp, Irene Lichty
brother: Alvin

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walton, Elsie Mae Rockford
May 2006, Holt County Independent

born Aug 16,1930 Brunswick, Nebr
daughter of William Rockford and Leona Gilman
married OCt 19,1951, O'Neill to Richard Walton
died May 8,2006 O'Neill
buried O'Neill City Cem
funeral May 12,2006 O'Neill
children: Alice Maly, Shirley Ann, Diane Latzel, Richard, William, Victoria Pluff
sisters: Marge Gamel
brothers: Dale, Chester, Merwyn, Jim, Warren, - 4

Submitted by Doris Counts

Walton, Irene Norma Jackson
Feb 6,1997, Atkinson Grahic

born Aug 7,1928 Venus, Nebr
daughter of Andrew Jackson and Millie Butterfield
married Donald Walton, June 6,1952, O'Neill
buried Mt Hope Enterprise Cem, Orchard
funeral Jan 23, Atkinson
children: Norma Jean, Kenneth LaVern, Carol Kay, Donna Rae, Larry Andrew

Submitted by Doris Counts

Ward, Gary James
Jan 2006, Holt County Independent

born April 4,1939 Trenton, MO
son of James Charles Ward and Elizabeth Horn
married Dec 26,1959 Las Vegas, Nev to Sharon Ann Rotherham
died Jan 10,2006 home, Ewing
buried St Peters Cem
funeral Ewing, Jan 14,2006
children: Vicki Bollwitt, Shelly Gillespie, Debbie Ramos, Wendy Moscrop, Terri Stenz, Jim, Mary Reilly
brother: Gavin

Submitted by Doris Counts

Ward, Gary James
July 13,2006, Holt County Independent

born March 26,2006 O'Neill
son of Christopher Ward and Dawn Henifin
died July 5,2006 O'Neill
buried St Peter Cem, Ewing
funeral July 8,2006 Clearwater

Submitted by Doris Counts

Warnke, Rosalie P Hafner
Jan 2006, Holt County Independent

born April 22,1906 Butte
daughter of Hurbert Hafner and Regina Simons
married Max Warnke, Oct 1,1924, Butte
died Jan 13,2006 O'Neill
buried Sts Peter and Paul Cem, Butte
funeral Jan 18,2006 Butte
children: Virginia Volquardsen, Ramona Efta, Regina Schmitz, Elizabeth Boettcher, Judith Boettcher, Susan Sutton, Ruchard, Joe, Vince, Paul, John, Kathleen, Mary, Carol, Barbara, Maxine
sisters: - 6
brothers: - 4

Submitted by Doris Counts

Warren, Geraldine Ruth Gillespie
May 26,2005, Atkinson Graphic

born May 28,1922 farm northeast of Dalton, Nebr
daughter of Marie SChuler and Clare Gillespie
married Merritt C Warren, Nov 4,1945, St Augustine, Florida
died May 17,2005 Creighton
buried Greenwood Cem, Creighton
funeral May 20,2005 Creighton
children: Bruce "Biff", Pam, Jean Henes, Sue Dlohy, Scott died in infancy
sisters: Orla Lamb, Leatha Bingaman
brothers: Cleve, Clayton, Franklin

Submitted by Doris Counts

Warren, Lora Belle Franklin
Feb 2005, Holt County Independent

born Nov 17,1909 Beechville, south of Mason City
daughter of Fred J Franklin and Grace Belle Whisman
married Lester Warren, March 1,1930 Phllipsburg, Kan
died Feb 11,2005 O'Neill
buried Mason City Cem
funeral March 5,2005, Kearney
children: Linda Fitch
brothers: one died in infancy, 1
sisters: 2

Submitted by Doris Counts

Waterbury, George David
July 2004, Holt County Independent

born June 13,1923 Burke, SD
son of George Waterbury and Rebecca Bohnet
married Dorothy Jackson, June 13,1944 Burke, SD
died July 28,2004 Sioux Falls, SD
buried Graceland Cem, Burke, SD
funeral July 31,2004 Burke, SD
children: John, Diane Krueger, Beverly Allen, Dorothy Joy
brothers: Orville, Walter
sisters: Irene Campbell, Mildred

Submitted by Doris Counts

Waterman, George Leon
July 2004, Holt County Independent

born July 23,1949 Orchard
son of Louis Waterman and Helen Krepel
married Susan K Thayer, Pierce County, Oct 26,1979
died July 15,2004 rural Pierce County
buried Parish Cem, rural Hoskins
funeral July 21,2004 rural Hoskins
children: Harold, Henry, Heidi
brothers: Martin, August, Dale,Robert, Bill
sisters: Lois Kumm, MIldred Gatling, - 1
U S Army Dec 3,1969 to Nov 24,1971

Submitted by Doris Counts

Waterman, Lester
Feb 2005, Holt County Independent

born Sept 5,1921 Osmond
son of George Waterman and Clara Pfanstiel
died Feb 23,2005 Bloomfield
buried Osmond Cem
funeral Feb 28,2005 O'Neill
brothers: Charles, Arthur, 2
sisters: -3, Fern Schneider

Submitted by Doris Counts

Watson, Frances Elizabeth Thompson
April 7,1961, Atkinson Graphic


born July 28,1872 Cherokee, Iowa
daughter of Charles N Thompson and Sarah Hoskins
married Fred C Watson, June 24,1896 Amelia
died April 4,1961 Atkinson
buried Chambers Cem
funeral April 7 Amelia
children: Asa C, Ronald
brothers: John, Lester
sisters: Mrs Lulu Carpenter, Mrs Eva Whitcomb, Mrs Bernard (Grace) Gardzelewski, Mrs John (Ruth) Kellogg

Submitted by Doris Counts

Watson, Fred C
April 8,1955, Atkinson Graphic


born Feb 6,1868 Ellensburg, NY
married June 24,1896, Frances Elizabeth Thompson
died Atkinson, April 1,1955
buried Chambers Cem
funeral April 4, Amelia
children: Asa, Ronald, Mrs Oscar (Elsie) Greenstreet, 1943
brother - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Watson, Ira LeRoy
May 29,1986, Atkinson Graphic

born July 25,1896 Inman
married Ruth Chenoweth, May 29,1918
died May 23,1986 Omaha
buried Inman Cem
funeral May 27, Inman
children: Patricia Opper, John, Ruth Jeannette Slusher, Carolyn Langley, Samuel
sisters: Verna Warner, Aneita Ruchie

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wayman, Ramona
July 29,2004, Holt County Independent

born Oct 6,1934 Stuart
daughter of Benjamin Wayman and Ruth Coburn
died July 20,2004 Grand Island
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral June 23,2004 O'Neill
sisters: Arllys Soukup

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wearne, Dewey Bernard
Aug 30,1957, Atkinson Graphic


born June 26,1898 Sac City, Iowa
son of George Bennett Wearne and Matilda Ellen Richards
married Ruth Blake, 1918, Bloomfield
died Monday, home, Bloomfield
funeral Wednesday, Bloomfield
children: Richard, Bruce, Paul, Mrs Mary True, Walter
brother: Delbert
sister: Mrs Wibur Kirkland

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wedige, Ann K
June 2,1961, Atkinson Graphic


born Dec 19,1921, NY
adopted parents Joseph Kaup -- orphan train
married LaVerne Wedige, Stuart, 1940
died May 27, Atkinson
buried Stuart Cem
funeral Tuesday, Stuart
children: Robert John, Betty Marie, Janet Ann

Submitted by Doris Counts

Weeks, Stephen John
Nov 7,1941, Atkinson Graphic


born June 13,1868 Waterloo, Iowa
married June 12,1901 Tekamah, Emma Dicklinson
died Thurday
funeral O'Neill, Saturday

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wefso, Jay
March 21,1951, Atkinson Graphic


married Alice
died Wednesday, O'Neill
funeral Wefso home, Stuart, Friday
brothers: Robert, William F
sisters: Mrs Charles Burke, Mrs Fancis Stuart, Mrs G Lester Anderson, Mrs J P Brown

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wefso, William F
April 4, 1985, Atkinson Graphic


born Sept 8,1905 farm near Dustin
son of Frederick F Wefso and Alice
married Ethel White, Aug 21,1935
died March 27, home, Crofton
buried Stuart Cem
funeral Saturday Atkinson
children: Mrs Norman (Lodema) Hodge, Mrs Jim (DeMarus) Carlson
grandchildren: Scott Carlson, Sheryl Carlson, Megan Hodge
sisters: Margaret Anderson,Frances Stuart, Alice Burke, Sophia Brown
brothers: Wesley, Robert, Jay

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wehrly, William Franklin
Dec 25,2003, Atkinson Graphic

born Oct 18,1915 Nuckols County, near Davenport, Nebr.
son of Asa Wehrly and Marie Liebig
married Elizabeth Ann Stephens, 1940, Omaha
died Dec 18,2003 Portland, Oregon
funeral Dec 23,2003 Portland, Oregon
children: Jean Eakins, William, Stephen, Mark, John
brother: Richard
sisters: Doris Johring, Ruth Fetherston
WWII, 4th Engineer Special Brigade, Pacific

Submitted by Doris Counts

Weibel, Joseph Leo
July 15,2004, Holt County Independent

born May 6,1907 rural Ewing
son of Josephh A Weibel and Rosa Cracher
died July 8,2004 Norfolk
buried St Anthony Cem, southwest of Ewing
funeral July 12,2004 southwest of Clearwater
sisters: sisters: Armella (Frances), Teresa Hupp, Helen Povondra, Mary Funk
brother: Al

Submitted by Doris Counts

Welke, Robert Kent
Oct 16,2003, Atkinson Graphic

born Aug 7,1940 Ewing
son of E L Welke and Sibyl Jefferies
married Charlene Nichols, Wichita Falls, Tex, Sept 30,1967
married July 4,1961, Thelma Lackey, Kileen, Texas
died OCt 2,2003 Tulsa, Okla
buried Fort Sill National Cem, Elgin, Okl, military honors
funeral Oct 7,2003 Lawton, Okla
children: Bruce,Carl, Jessie, Elliott Newton, Eunice McCarter, Debbie Wilson, Jeffrey Kent, Johnny Elsworth
sisters: Bonnie, Jeanne Rodgers
brother: Milan
U S Army Aug 7,1958 to May 1,1990

Submitted by Doris Counts

Welke, Sibyl Jefferies
Sept 2005, Holt County Independent

born July 29,1917 Clearwater
daughter of Roderick H Jefferies and Edna E Glassburn
married Dec 26,1935, Neligh, Leland Welke. He died April 23,1983
died Sept 10,2005 Neligh
buried Ewing Cem
funeral Sept 14,2005, Ewing
children: Jeanne Rodgers, Bonnie, Milan, Robert
grandchildren: Jeffrey Kent, Johnny
sisters: Nettie, Martha Hixson
brother: Kermit

Submitted by Doris Counts

Weller, Lillian Pierce
Nov 1,1968, Atkinson Graphic


born Cherokee, Iowa, March 4,1890
daughter of William Pierce and Laura
married William Weller
buried Mt Calvary Cem
funeral Oct 17, Portland, Oregon
children: Gerald James, Helen Ryschon, Donald, Leo, Joe, Gene, Charles
grandchildren, Timothy, Sydney, Jack, Thomas, Harold, William
brothers: Robert Dickerson,Henry, Clarence, Roy, Frank
sisters: Maud English, Mrs Mamie Sammons, Mrs Edith McCaffery, Mrs Minnie Roy, Mrs Rena Ryschon

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wells, Leon O
Aug 11,2005, Atkinson Graphic and Holt County Independent

born May 5,1941 Brunswick
son of Leo Wells and Florene Swan
married July 8,1964 Yankton, SD to Sadie Henderson
died July 30,2005 Lynch
buried Union Cem, Spencer
funeral Aug 4, Spencer
children: John, Kristine Anello
brothers: Dennis, Steve, Don
sister: Robin Sutherland U S Army

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wenzl, Elizabeth Bausch McCoy
June 20,1969, Atkinson Graphic


born Jan 9,1869 Rock Island, Ill
daughter of Phlip Bausch
married Louis McCoy
married Frank Wenzl, died 1930
died May 30, Beatrice
buried Woodlawn Cem, Omaha
funeral June 2
children: Jennie McCoy

Submitted by Doris Counts

Werner, Beryl Porter
Oct 19,2006, Holt County Independent

born March 22,1934 O'Neill
daughter of George Porter and Gwendolyn Coppoc
died Oct 12,2006 O'Neill
children: Russell Beed, Alan Beed, Patrick Beed, Kathleen Hudiburgh, Peggy

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wertz, Althea Crawford
May 18,1939, Holt County Independent

born NY, Sept 21,1859
married Alexander Wertz, April 19,1892, at Keswick, he died June 1,1927
died Monday, home south of Star, Nebr
buried Mineola Cem, beside husband
funeral Wednesday, at home
children: Floyd, Morna L, Margaret, Mrs Mildred Philips, Leland E, Lyle D, Arthur B, Leslie M, Emmet C

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wertz, Leslie M
Dec 19,1940, Holt County Independent

born near Star, Sept 3,1900
died near Star
buried Mineola Cem
funeral Friday, Emmet Wertz's home
brothers: Floyd E, Emmet C, Leland E, Lyle D, Arthur B
sisters: Morna, Margaret, Mildred Philips

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wettlaufer, Margaret E Belik
July 27,2006, Holt County Independent

born Dec 3,1924 Chambers
daughter of Frank Belik and Albina Krutchman
married Kenneth Wettlaufer, Grand Island, Jan 19,1943
died July 20,2006 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral July 25,2006 O'Neill
children: Norman, Danny, Greg, Bruce, Randy
siblings: - 6, Gladys Schomberg, Betty Peter

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wewel, Frank Fritz
July 18,1969, Holt County Independent

born May 9,1895
son of Fritz Wewel and Anastacia Kramer
married May 12,1919, Atkinson to Matilda Weichman
died July 12, Atkinson
buried Stuart Cem, military honors
funeral Monday, Stuart
children: Mrs Linus (Arlene) Judge, Raymond
brother: Joseph
sisters: Mrs John (Louis) Hamik, Mrs John (May) Miksch, Emma, Mrs Everett (Daisy) Salley
U S Army Oct 1917 WWI

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wewel, Pat Scott
April 1,1982, Holt County Independent


daughter of Dan Scott
married Lou Wewel
died Sunday, Omaha
funeral Fremont, Wednesday
children: 5 sons, 4 daughters
brothers: Dr Edward

Submitted by Doris Counts

Whetham, LaDona Crawford
Aug 3,2006, Holt County Independent

born Oct 13,1934 Redbird
daughter of Theodore Crawford and Annettia Mae Miller
married June 5,1953, Lloyd Whetham, O'Neill
died July 21,2006 Gillette, Wyo
buried Mt Pisgah Cem
funeral July 26,2006 Gillette, Wyo
children: Linda Bradford, Cheryl Huhtiniemi, Steve
sisters: Jean Staples, Pam Tikalsky, Dorothy Lederer

Submitted by Doris Counts

Whetham, Rose M Kerbel
Dec 15,2005, Holt County Independent

born July 20,1912 Spencer
daughter of Joseph Kerbel and Frances Chalupa
married Alber Nemec 1933
married Herbert Whetham
died Nov 30,2005 Branson, MO
buried St Mary's Catholic Cem
funeral Dec 6,2005 Spencer
children: Frances Filip, Roseanne McEvoy, Mirriam Koepf, Edith Reynolds
sisters: Stacia Courtney, Emma Holoubek, Agnes Kirwan, Alice Hamling, Mary Bowers, Julia died in infancy
brothers: Ray

Submitted by Doris Counts

Whetham, Roy D
Oct 21, 2004, Holt County Independent

born Red Bird, Holt County, Jan 26,1926
son of Edgar Whetham and Blanche Parliman
married Luella
died Oct 2,2004
buried Cedardale Cem, military honors
funeral Oct 7
brothers: Joe, Ted, Joh, Herb, Guy, Robert
sisters: Susan, Helen Orr, mary Fuller, Edith Slechta

Submitted by Doris Counts

White, Sherry
Dec 28,1956, Atkinson Graphic


daughter of Hayes White

Submitted by Doris Counts

Whitehill, Dorothy Mace
Oct 2005, Holt County Independent

born May 9, 1928 Missouri
daughter of Preston Mace and Edith Mabel Anderson
married June 3,1947 Clarinda, Iowa to Thomas Edwin Whitehill. He died March 19,2001
died OCt 30,2005 Council Bluffs, Iowa
buried Covenanter Cem, rural Clarinda, Iowa
funeral Nov 2,2005 rural Clarinda, Iowa
children: Ginny Conner, Tom

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wichman, Katheryn L Rubeck Rasmussen
Sept 15,2005, Holt County Independent and Atkinson Graphic

born Oct 31,1944 O'Neill
daughter of Elwin Rubeck and Velma Honeywell
married June 30,1963, Morris Rasmussen, Columbus
married Feb 15,1975, Michael Wichman, Chambers
died Sept 4,2005 Chambers
buried Chambers Cem
funeral Sept 8,2005 Chambers
children: Wendy Devall, Stever Rasmussen

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wickersham, Larry Dale
Sept 7,2006, Holt County Independent

born Nov 10,1944 Lynch
son of Harold Wickersham and Velma
married Linda Durr
died Aug 31,2006 Plainview
buried Highland Cem, Lynch,military Rites
funeral Sept 2,2006 Lynch
children: Phillip Hamilton
brothers: Lawrence, Darold, John, Jack, Dennis
sister: Val Mahlendorf
U S Army

Submitted by Doris Counts

Widtfeldt, Gusteva Emma Peterson
Feb 2006, Holt County Independent and Atkinson Graphic

born Sept 17, 1916 northern Holt County
daughter of Sven Peterson and Lottie Ellis
married April 22,1936, Madison, to Albert Widtfeldt. He died March 1,1996
died Feb 8,2006 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral Feb 11,2006, O'Neill
children: James, Norma Skjold
brothers: Jacob, Marx

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wilcox, Charles Albert
May 13,2004, Atkinson Graphic

born Sept 23,1916 near Dustin
son of John Wilcox and Edith Moses
married Vera Campbell, May 25,1932 Reno, Nevada
died May 9,2004, Stuart
buried Stuart Cem
funeral May 13,2004 Stuart
brothers: -1, John, Raymond
sisters: Lucy Norton, Marie Hansen, Cora Dickau
U S Army July 12,1941 to Dec 11,1945

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wilcox, John P
Feb 16,2006, Holt County Independent and Atkinson Graphic

born Aug 13,1921 farm south of Stuart
son of John Wilcox and Edith Moses
died Feb 11,2006 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Calvary Cem
funeral graveside, Feb 14,2006
children: Kristen Kirstine
sisters: Lucy Norton, Marie Hansen, Cora Dickau

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wilkinson, Margaret
Feb 10,1959, Atkinson Graphic


born Greeley, Nebr.
married Charles O Wilkinson
died Feb 4
funeral Feb 7, Lincoln
children: Charles, Mrs Mary W Collins, Mrs Martha School
brothers: Thomas A Foster, Edward B Foster

Submitted by Doris Counts

Williams, Rodney Lex
April 28,2005, Atkinson Graphic

born Feb 27,1969 Harrisonville, MO
son of Richard Williams, Carolyn Kay Hill
died April 13,2005
buried Floral Hills Memorial Gardens
funeral April 16,2005
children: Dillon

Submitted by Doris Counts

Willoughby, William W
Dec 23,1977, Atkinson Graphic


married Kathryn
died Dec 3, Eureka, Cal
buried Ocean View Cem, Eureka, Cal
funeral Eureka, Dec 6
children: Albert, Catherien Daby
grandchildren: Kimberly, Angela Daby
brothers: Edward, Gerald, Sam
sisters: Frances Colfack
U S Army Air Force, Oct 1942 to Jan 1946

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wilson, Bessie Myrtle
July 1,1982, Atkinson Graphic

born Oct 6,1895 Stuart
married Dr Fredric L Wilson
died June 16,1982
buried Eugene, Oregon
children: Terry, Bobbie, Dr Fredric W
brother: Norris Coats
sisters: Mabel Sheets, Nellie Patterson

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wilson, Norman Richard
June 8,1945, Atkinson Graphic


son of Gladys Cecelia Brady
brothers: Leonard, Merlyn, Arnold

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wilson, Ramona Ford
April 2006, Holt County Independent

born June 5,1929 Atkinson
daughter of Robert Ford and Elizabeth Sterns
married Gary Wilson
died March 27,2006
funeral Torrance, Cal, April 1,2006
children: Bill, Gary, Vicki Suraci, Kelly
grandchildren: Stephanie VanBelle, Ashley, Stacey, Deanna, Trisha, Gayle, Robbie, John, Cody, Gary, Casey, William, Chet
great grandchildren: Gerrit
brothers: Larry, - 2, Dallas
sister: Anita Anson

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wirges, Alice Luella Sullivan
July 1,2004, Holt County Independent

born June 24,1906 Randolph, Iowa
daughter of Simon Sullivan and Belle Longinaker
married William J Wirges, June 24,1930, Elgin
died June 26,2004 Elkhorn
buried St Boniface Cem, Elgin
funeral June 30,2004 Elgin
children: William, Richard, Patricia Selting, Mary Harrison
grandchidlren John Patrick Selting
brothers: Harry, Jerry, Robert, Charles
sisters: Inez Meis, Katherine

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wise, Arthur F
July 18 and 25, 1969, Holt County Independent


married Cora Mlinar
died July 15, Omaha
buried Holy Sepulchre Cem
funeral July 18, Omaha
children: Dean, Don
sisters: Mrs L H Brown

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wisegraver, George W
July 28,1887, The Frontier

     Died at the home of his son, David, in O'Neill, on July 13,1887, of dropsical affection, George W Wisegraver, aged 74 years 7 months and 1 day.

     The deceased was born in Bridgeford County, Penn, Dec 12,1812, and lived in that state the greater part of his life. He came to Nebraska in March 1886 visited his children: here 3 weeks and then went to Iowa to visit his daughter. Remaining there all summer, he returned to O'Neill Oct 9 with the intention of making this his home. Was taken sick, April 25,1887. lingering nearly 3 months, suffering great pain, and passed peacefully away on the date above mentioned.

     Mr Wisegraver was a member of the Lutheran Church from early life and died in the full hope of a happy life beyond. He leaves a large family, four of whom reside here, some in Iowa and elsewhere who deeply mourn the loss of a kind father, and to whom all extend heartfelt sympathy. But none would call back he who has gone before. He is at rest and far better for him than in this world of suffering and sorrow.

     The funeral services took place on Thursday morning from the Presbyterian church, the pastor, Rev Lowrie officiating. A large concourse of friends and relatives followed the remains to their last resting place.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wiseman, Helen Faye Wood
April 2006, Holt County Independent

born Feb 20,1914 Page
daughter of Fred Wood and Blanch Wagers
married Sept 24,1933, O'Neill, Vernon H Wiseman
died March 30,2006 Lincoln
buried Lincoln Memorial Park funeral April 4,2006, Lincoln
children: Beverly Keller, JoAnn Johnson
brothers: Warren, Robert, Lester
sisters: Dorothy Bollen, Wilma Held

Submitted by Doris Counts

Witherwax, Cecil Loyd
Dec 25,1997, Atkinson Graphic

born Oct 4,1906 Redbird
son of Elsworth Witherwax and Ada Hayden
married Ruby Crawford, March 21,1933, O'Neill. She died Nov 23,1971
married Clarita Francisco, Oct 8,1984,Manila, Phillippines. She died July 22,1988
died Dec 18,1997, home south of Lynch
buried Scottville Cem
funeral Dec O'Neill
children: Ray, Leo
sister: Marjorie Radsci

Submitted by Doris Counts

Witherwax, Lillie H Holmberg
Feb 3,2005, Holt County Independent

born Aug 17,1914 near Dallas, SD
daughter of Emil Holmberg and Bolena Anderson
married Robert Witherwax, Omaha, Feb 16,1938
died Jan 28,2005 Butte
buried Scottville
funeral Feb 2,2005 Spencer
children: Ronald, Caroline Schochenmaier
brother: Otto
sister: Hilda Pelc

Submitted by Doris Counts

Witherwax, Myrtle Emma Weike
Aug 2004, Holt County Independent

born April 3,1919 Kilgore
daughter of Henry O Weike and Clara Holtz
married Leonard Witherwax, Jan 15,1937
died Aug 18,2004 Redbird
buried Paddock Union Cem
funeral Aug 23,2004 O'Neill
children: Vivian Whirlwind, Beverly Galloway, Delbert, Vera Shook, Gary
brothers: Irvin, Leo, Ralph
sister: Florence Chasek

Submitted by Doris Counts

Witt, Dennis D
Nov 2005, Holt County Independent

born May 3,1948 Pender
son of Ervin Witt and Arlene Stuckenschmidt
died Nov 12,2005 Norfolk
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral Nov 15,2005 o'Neill
brother: Larry
sisters: Janelle Baber, Sandra

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wittmuss, Marie
Aug 2004, Holt County Independent

born Dec 29,1909 Fairfax, SD
daughter of Fred Wittmuss and Emma Waswoo
died Aug 1,2004 O'Neill
buried Highland Cem, Fairfax, SD
funeral Aug 5,2004 O'Neill
brothers: - 3
sister: - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wolfe, Dan
Sept 2,2004, Holt County Independent

died Aug 30,2004
funeral O'Neill

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wolfgan, Henry
Sept 24,1908, Atkinson Graphic

     Henry Wolfgan of Madison, met death in a horrible manner last Monday. He was running a traction steam engine across a small bridge which collapsed. The engine, in falling into the bed of the stream below, pinioned Mr Wolfgan beneath its weight and he was scalded to death by escaping steam. He only lived two hours after he was taken from beneath the engine. His partner, a Mr Miers, extracted him from his terrible position in just a few minutes, but not until the scalding steam had done its work. Mr Wolfgan was a single man, 38 years old, lived with his mother.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wondercheck, Robert Owen
Nov 27,2003, Atkinson Graphic

born April 5,1922, Atkinson
son of Kathern Frances Husak and Edward Wondercheck
married Hazel Brandt, Feb 20,1957. She died Feb 14,1974
died Nov 18,2003 Fort Meade
buried Pine Slope Cem, Belle Fourche, SD
funeral Nov 22,2003 Belle Fourche, SD
brothers: John, Frank
sisters: Emma Zahradnicek, Illia Zahradnicek
U S Army April 29,1941 to July 17,1945

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wood, Rev Harold Addison
July 13,2006, Holt County Independent

born Sept 25,1913 Colome, SD
son of Walter A Wood and Lillian Olsen
married Myrlen, April 10,1993
married Mildred Corrine Tysland, July 8,1938
died July 4,2006 Atkinson
buried O'Neill City Cem
funeral July 8,2006 Atkinson
children: James, Pamela Illies
sisters: Wilma Jahn, - 1

Submitted by Doris Counts

Woodworth, John B
March 25,1909, Atkinson Graphic

     John B Woodworth was born Aug 4,1852 in Cattarague Co, NY and died at his home near Dustin, Nebr, March 18,1909. He was 57 years six months and 22 days old

     The deceased came to Nebr, with his parents in 1873, settling near Schuyler, Colfax Co, where he grew to manhood. He was married to his first wife at Columbus, Nebr, and to this union was born one son, Russel.

     On Oct 18,1904 at Schuyler, he was married to Mrs Wilhelmina Taskey who with a sister, Mrs Ellen Nicholas of Peabody, Kan, are left to mourn the loss of loving husband and a kind brother.

     Mr Woodworth was a man of more than ordinary business ability having attained success as a stock buyer and ranchman and by his honorable business methods made many firends who will sincerely mourn his loss.

     Rev J R Hammond of Dustin preached the funeral sermon. Interment was made in the Cleveland Cem.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Woogerd, Mariah Margret Toops
April 4,1930, Atkinson Graphic


     Mrs Mariah Woogerd, 76, for 23 years a resident of Holt County on a farm near Amelia, passed away at Stuart hospital, Tuesday, death caused by bronchial pneumonia. Mrs Woogerd was the mother of Mrs John Kenny of Atkinson and Mrs Maude M Hansen of near Amelia. Funeral services were held Thursday at the home and burial was made at Chambers beside the body of her husband, who died Oct 20,1909.

     Mariah Margret Toops was born in Indiana, Oct 16,1853. When a girl she moved with her parents to Missouri and lived in that state until she was married to Z Woogerd on Dec 24,1876. After their marriage Mr and Mrs Woogerd moved to Albion, Boone Co, Nebr, and there went through the hardships of pioneer life.

     In 1907 they sold the homestead and moved to Holt County. Two years later the husband died, but Mrs Woogerd continued to make her home on the farm near Amelia.

     Mrs Woogerd is survived by two daughters, Mrs John Kenny of Atkinson and Mrs Hansen of Amelia; 3 granddaugthers, 4 grandsons, and one great granddaughter. One daughter died in infancy.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wrenholt, Frances Purcell Hoffman
July 6,2006, Holt County Independent

born Aug 29,1917 Firth
daughter of Christian Charles Hoffman and Margaret Cecelia Purcell
married Aug 9,1940, Kimball, George Wrenholt
died June 27,2006 Norfolk
buried Clearwater Cem
funeral July 1,2006 Clearwater
children: Tom, Jim, John, Ron, Karen Temple
sisters: Mildred Hawk, Lorraine Riggins
brothers: Charles, Robert

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wright, Lori
May 5,2005, Holt County Independent

died May 1,2005 O'Neill
buried O'Neill Cem
funeral May 5,2005 O'Neill

Submitted by Doris Counts

Wright, W W
Nov 17,1910, Atkinson Graphic

     W W Wright was taken with a severe attack of pneumonia last Thursday, gew rapidly worse until Tuesday when he died. Funeral services were held Wednesday in the Presbyterian Church under the auspices of the GAR of which he was a member. Interment was made in the Stuart Cemetery.

Submitted by Doris Counts

Young, Mrs Ralph
April 14,1977, Holt County Independent

married Ralph J Young
died Friday, Omaha
buried Bellevue Cem
funeral Bellevue, Monday
children: Linda Kay Albino
grandchildren: Dawn, Dixie, DeAnna, Dena
sisters: Mrs Louis (Phoebe) Petria, Mrs Josephine Peter?, Gertrude Allen, Mrs Robert (Irene) Appleby
brotherss: Wayne Scheer

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