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Ray Hooker Jr.

thereeldr@msn.com  Oct 24,2007

Surname: Hooker


Verity Elizondo Jul 22, 2007

I am looking for any information on my great-great-grandfather, Chauncey Tucker, & any other Tucker family member. Also any information on my great-grandmother & her family, Ora O'Brien Tucker. Thank you.


Carol Ann McCormick Jul 22, 2007

I am seeking information about N.P. TULEN, who collected plants in Hooker County ca. 1893. Several museums around the country (including the University of North Carolina Herbarium, my institution), have botanical specimens collected by TULEN. We seek any information about him -- first name, birth, death, occupation. He seemed to collect many grasses.


Sara Beth Heisz Oct 8 2005

I am seeking information on a Mr. Jule Lomas who was born in Mullen on 22 Feb 1894. I am having trouble finding any information on him. I know he moved to Wisconsin and married my G-Grandmother on 23 Aug 1922. Any information would be most helpful... I'm just looking for a lead! Thanks!


Jeannette Haynie Aug 10 2005

I am searching for any information on a Sara Ginkens who sent my grandfather a letter that was written On Oct. 21, 1981. She may have passed on but in her letter she has sent him information about his Watson roots. Some of the sons and maybe a daughter moved to NE. and lost touch with. Can anyone help me. The Watson's names are: William G. Emily William Bidgood There could be others but I do not know. Sara's address then was a box number and the zip code was 69152. Any help would be appreciative! Thanks very much!


Jason LeLaCheur Jun 29 2005

I am looking for information on my family names.


Rev. Michael Davis September 12, 2004
Looking for death dates for Stanley A. "Stack" MEIDELL and his spouse Gladys (DAVIS) MEIDELL.  I know that she died in May of 1981.  Obituary states that her funeral was held on 13 May 1981 at United Methodist Church in Mullen and that she was survived by her husband (Stack).  I assume they are buried in Mullen Cemetery, but do not know this to be a fact.  Would like to obtain obituary for "Stack" and dates of death for each.  Finally, if anyone is available that can remember the years they lived in Mullen, would love to hear stories.  Stack and Gladys had two children.  A son, Richard "Dick" and daughter Charleen.  The last I knew they were both still living. 



Lynne Smith July 6, 2004
I am looking for any information on my great grand mother Hilda TETER. Her last known address was Mullen in 1917. This address appears on her son, Victor  Patrick BURT's enlistment papers in the Australian Army in World War 1. She had been married to Dr. Victor BURT and lived in New Zealand in the late 1800's. Any help would be appreciated.



Cecilie Gaziano June 5, 2004
My grandmother lived in Hooker Co., near Weir and Whitman:  Hattie ZIMPRICH, born in 1879 in Wisconsin, died 1916 in Hooker Co.  She married (1) Philip Clayton IMEL in Merrick Co. (who turned out to be a bigamist), (2) Charles Harvey DEMPSEY (whose real last name was DOBIAS) in Grant Co., and (3) Fred DICKHOUT in either Grant or Hooker.  Her parents also lived in Hooker Co.:  Rosalie (HABLE) and Anton ZIMPRICH, both of whom died there.  Her brother, Anthony ZIMPRICH also was there.



Derek Lohner November 9, 2002
Looking for information regarding Dr. WALKER Day- 05 April 1956.  Dr. David D. WALKER practiced for 51 years in Mullen.  A letter found in my fathers lock box was sent to my grandfather David Daniel LOHNER.  The letter was an invitation sent out to ALL the babies Dr. WALKER delivered.  A questionaire was included (filled out and returned I assume) to either Mrs John ISOM or Ruth BARNEBY.  They were compiling a book for Dr. WALKER's 51st anniversay of practice.  Does anyone know of this potential treasure trove of information?
The ensuing sequence of letters indicated my grandfather David Daniel LOHNER did not have a birth certificate.  Efforts to obtain a delayed registration of birth landed on the desk of Hooker County Judge, Haskle D. Boyer.
Remembering my g-grandfather Fred LOHNER, the Honorable Judge Boyer took the task to hand along with John BARNEBY, who also remembered my g-grandfather Fred LOHNER.
The result was the issuance of a delayed birth certificate providing the following info:
Fred J. LOHNER b. 1882? Germany
Sarah Augusta HOLLAND b. 27 Feb 1887 Iowa
David Daniel LOHNER b. 08 Sep 1907 Mullen, Hooker, NE
Still looking for any info on Fred LOHNER and now, Sarah HOLLAND as well.  Hoping this strange tidbit will help!


Derek Lohner November 02, 2002
Researching information on Fred LOHNER, born ABT 1872 in Germany.  Appears in Mullen precinct of 1910 (with three in household, un-named) and 1920 census (with only himself in household).  The name Fred may be a derivative of Alfred or Friedrich.  Fred is not shown in Hooker County census for 1900 or 1930.
Fred may have married Sarah Augusta (last name unknown).  They had a son, David Daniel LOHNER on 08 Sept 1907 in Mullen.  Sarah and son David appear in Polk County, IA 1920 census married to Fred Kothenbeutel.
Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated!!!


Crystal Hilderhoff August 14, 2002
Has anyone done the HILDEROFF of Hooker Co. Mullen, Ne.???? ancestory??


Randy Johnson May 23, 2002
Trying to track Ella ABBOTT (b July 1898), Daughter of Frank A. ABBOTT (b 1866) and Mabel JOHNSON (b Jan 1879). Located them on the 1900 census in the Abby precinct of Hooker County.


Robyn May 16, 2002
I am looking for help in finding the final resting place of Josef FOLK. I know he is buried in Cedarview Cem., but would appreciate receiving a picture of his headstone (for my family photo album. I would appreciate any information about him too.  Thank you for the help in advance. 


Dale Baldwin August 29, 2001
I am researching BALDWIN, WINN, SUMMERVILLE, HOWE, and JAMES.  My ancestors are:
John BALDWIN & Sarah "Sally" DAVIDSON
Pleasant BALDWIN & Mary "Polly" JAMES
James Wellington BALDWIN & Georgia Janet WINN
William Brinton BALDWIN & Clara Elota HOWE
Any information would be appreciated.


Michael Davis Aug 08 2001
Many years ago, (early 1960's) my great uncle Gif and Aunt Marian DAVIS lived in Mullen, Nebraska.  They operated the hotel there when I was a youngster.  I understand the old hotel has recently been turned into a museum, I would like to learn more about this project.


Candice Chettfour May 10, 2001
I'm lookin' for info on my family. The last name is KING.  Guy was the depot agent in Mullen for everrrrr.  He was my grandfather, grandmothers name was Doris maiden name CLARK.  Any help would be appreciated.


Lillian Arends Mar 23 2001
I'm looking for Albert ARENDS born in 1889 his  father's name was John ARENDS his siblings were Amos, Richard, Clara ARENDS married name was Weldon and John. If any one knows anything I would appreciate the help' I know that Richard and Albert signed up for the WW1 draft out of Hooker county. Albert moved to Dallas, Oregon sometime before 1919.



Sharlene Miller Nov 25 2000
Researching James Wellington BALDWIN line.
J. W. BALDWIN b. 18 Jun 1863 in Brazil, Clay Co., IN and d. 10 Nov 1941 in Mullen, Hooker Co., NE.  He married Georgia Janet WINN 15 Dec 1895 in Broken Bow, Custer Co., NE.  He is the son of Beverly BALDWIN and Mary A. SUMMERVILLE.  Beverly is the son of Pleasant BALDWIN and Mary JAMES.   I would like to correspond with anyone else having an interest in this line. 


Wendell Harding Jr. 3 August 2000
I would like to know if my great grandfather, John Henry HARDING, is buried in a Cemetery in Mullen. If so, which Cemetery, and what dates are on his headstone? I believe he died March 14 or 19, 1919. He was born in Germany in 1834, I think. Thanks!


Russell Junior Stierlen  8 September 2000

Am attempting to find the burial site of my Great-Grandfather Jacob Andrew STIERLEN, born 15 September 1863 in New York City.  Died 30 December 1917, possibly in Hooker County as his second wife (Mary PICKERING) lived with a BENNETT as a housekeeper during the 1920 census.  Any help would be appreciated.


Cynthia A. England  28 November 2000

Looking for any information regarding Homer Raymond RIDENOUR, my grandfather and Mae RIDENOUR (MARSH, Grandmother) for search on roots.  I am the daughter of Clifford Martin RIDENOUR.  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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