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Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.


FAIRBURY, the county seat of Jefferson county, is near the center of the county, on the Little Blue river, and has a population of 5,000. It is located on the main line of the C.R.I. & P.R.R. and the St. J. & G.I. division of the U.P. Ry. It is the division station of both lines. A $60,000 court house is in course of construction; a ward school house to cost $6,000 is being erected. Twelve brick business blocks have been completed. Among the enterprising firms doing business here are the Fairbury Iron Works, manufacturers of the "King" windmill, engines, castings, boilers and farm machinery; a planing mill, a roller flour mill, three banks and one banking company, extensive nurseries, etc. The town has also several good hotels, a fine opera house and good church buildings. The churches are Presbyterian, Baptist, Christian and Catholic.

Allen & Davis, coal.
Allen Wm, bakery, confectionery.
Andrews T J, phys.
Baker Daniel, saloon, billiards.
Bean G W, carriage repository.
Berry A M, sta agt U P. Ry.
Bills & Kinyon, investment and banking company.
Blaco Albert, photographer.
Blee E M Mrs, dressmaker.
Bower Burnett H, barber.
Boyle C C, abstracts of titles.
Bradshaw H N, phys.
Bradshaw & Latter, drugs.
Brown M H, tel operator, U P Ry.
Buller Joseph, meat martket.
Campbell J T & Co, racket store.
Carpenter & Gage, nurseries.
Carter E, ex agt U S and Pac.
Chenoweth Bros & McFarland, boots and shoes.
City Hotel, Daniel Schleininger, prop.
City Steam Laundry, Mrs Anna McEwen prop. (See adv.)
Clark Judson, barber.
Clarke H L, phys.
Colgan Edward, blacksmith.
Collier J M, musical instruments.
Collier O G, plaining mill.
Commercial Hotel, G W Fink prop.
Conerus Herman, shoemaker.
Conrad Jacob, saloon, billiards.
Cook A C V, mgr tel exchange.
Cottrel Monroe, second hand goods.
Cowles V D, drugs.
Cross George, editor The Fairbury Gazette.
Cummings A C, lunch counter.
Curten John, prop Farmers Hotel, saloon, Fairbury steam bottling works. (See adv page 157.)
Davis A B, oil gasoline.
Davis Ella C Mrs, millinery.
Davis J D, novelties.
Davis J Monroe, abstracts of title.
Davis L H, blacksmith.
Davis M C, horse shoer.
Dellinger B L, contractor, stone.
Denning W F, musical intruments.
Dodge S M, phys.
Dollar Daniel, shoemaker.
Doty T E, pub Fairbury Democrat.
Dunham J R, abstract of titles.
Eaton M L, phys.
Eldsfelder H E, lunch counter and cigars.
Evans & Gribben, real estate, loans.
Fairbury Democrat, T E Doty editor.
Fairbury Gazette, G Cross pub.
Fairbury Iron Works, Seymour & Hamilton props. (See page 156.)
Farmers Hotel, Jno Curten prop.
Farnham D B, second hand store.
Farnham W J, Mrs, dressmaker.
Fink G W, prop Commercial Hotel.
Finney L C, pumps and windmills.
First National Bank, capital $50,000, D B Cropsey pres, J B McDowell vice-pres, E E McDowell cashier.
Fornof G A & Strauss, meat market.
Fornof George, agl implts.
Freeman W P, atty.
Freitag A, shoemaker.
Gahagen H B, dentist.
Gay F F, notary.
Gellatly John, lumber.
Globe Pharmacy, drugs.
Goldman I E, wagonmaker.
Goodrich Bros Banking Co, capital $75,000, E E Goodrich pres, L W Goodrich cashier.
Gowdy A C, atty.
Grand Central Hotel, D S Groff prop.
Green Wm, mgr Henry & Coatsworth Co, lumber.
Groff D S, prop Grand Central Hotel.
Hackler Robert, transfer line.
Hambel & Heasty, notaries.
Hanchett & Gibson, pumps and windmills. (See adv page 157.)
Hansen Bros, clothing.
Harbine Bank of Fairbury, capital $50,000, Geo W Hanser pres, M Zweifel cashier.
Hart Bros, groceries, queensware.
Hart C S Mrs, millinery.
Hauer J, carpet weaver.
Hawkins J M, pub The Nebraska Enterprise.
Helts L B, boots and shoes.
Henry Isaac, agl implts.
Houghtellin & Kanode, brick mfrs.
Houghtellin & McDowell, roller mills.
Hubble J D, real estate, postmaster.
Humphrey I, phys.
Ingraham S C, jeweler.
Ireland Annie Mrs, dressmaker.
Iron Clad Shoe Store, J E Mercer mgr.
Jehu Hugh, livery.
Jenkins Geo E & Co, dry goods.
Keller L E Mrs, dressmaker.
Kerins Ed J, bowling alley, billiards.
Kesterson Bros, clothing. Kesterson & Tolleth, horse breeders.
King A J, real estate.
King & Wallace, carriage repository.
Kinnamon A M, phys.
Kroll John C, farm machinery.
Kuns N, dentist.
Lauffer A C, merhcant tailor.
Lauterbach John, real estate, loans.
Lawson C K & co, hardware.
Lee John, laundry.
Leonard H B, jeweler.
Letton & Hinshaw, attys at law.
Letton W H, tailor.
Lindell & Bailey, grain.
Little J W, blacksmith.
Lyons & Dinsmore, dry goods and groceries.
McCormac H E, billiards.
McDonnell J, livery.
McEwen Anna Mrs, prop City Steam Laundry. (See adv pge 155.)
McPhail & McLaurin, harness and saddlers.
Mann Mont, barber.
Martin W H, ice dealer.
Menefee & Brown, groceries, boots and shoes.
Milby John H, genl mdse.
Mitchell J, painter.
Moles James, saloon.
Moore & Wilkins, barbers.
Morris C L, confectionery.
Mortimore Danl, transfer line.
Moulton A H, atty.
Nebraska Enterprise, J M Hawkins editor.
Nelson L M, notary public.
Noble P W, prop Parker House.
Nordlinger D, saloon.
Nutzman & McNulty, cigar mfrs.
Olds C E, painting, carriage and design.
Parker House, P W Noble prop.
Parsons C C, sta agt C R I & P Ry.
Pearl W A, cigar mfr.
Pease Vine, drugs.
Petitt Frank R, marble and granite.
Phillips M E Mrs, millinery.
Price Anna Miss, commercial reporter.
Price John, hardware.
Pritchett G L Dr, drugs.
Purdy & Ryburn, ins agts.
Raymaker H H, meat martket.
Razor W W, livery.
Rexford R W, wagonmaker.
Richards John M, notary public.
Richardson JC, brick yards.
Rigdon P F, stock salesman.
Rowley W E, cigar mfr.
Ryan A, groceries.
Sarbach Jos, genl mdse.
Saxon John, atty at law.
Schleininger Danl, prop City Hotel.
Schnoor Theo, meat market.
Seymour & Hamilton, props Fairbury Iron Works. (See adv. page 156.)
Shamberger & McCormac, collections.
Shamberger P H, justice, notary.
Sheldon A J, harness and saddles.
Showalter H P, real estate.
Simpkins E L, jewelry.
Smith A F, real estate, loans.
Smith & Houston, clothing.
Smith & Seely, job printing.
Smith W B, dentist.
Smith Wm & Co, dry goods.
Steele C F, furniture, undertaker.
Strawbridge B, groceries.
Sweeney E A, hardware.
Switzer & Barry, lumber and coal.
Talbott W E, photographer.
Telephone Exchange, A C V Cook, mgr.
Tingle E M Mrs, restaurant.
Todt H H, boots and shoes.
Townsend Hal, groceries.
Tunnell A M, hardware.
Waples E M, restaurant, bakery.
Ware R, millinery.
Warner & Hover, merchant tailors.
Warren Marvin, loans, notary.
Watson W W, sec Agl assn and real estate.
Weeks M H, lumber.
Weiser George, news depot.
Whipple L, agl implts and wood.
Whitaker J A, coal.
White & LeRoy, dry goods, groceries.
Whiting A V, clothing.
Wright M L, confectionery and restaurant.
Zimmerman Carl, meat market.

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