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Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

This page was transcribed and formatted by Brenda Busing. This page is for use as a reference
only and may not be reproduced or published by any method. All rights are reserved


Laemmel Geo, Swanton			Laemmel Jacob, Swanton
Lamb Wm, DeWitt				Lamberson D P, Powel
Lambert C W, Steele City		Landkamer Fritz, Powel	
Landkamer G, Powel			Langworthy John, Harbine
Lantis Jos, Reynolds			Lantz J E, Plymouth
Lantz Johannes, Plymouth		Lantz Philip, Plymouth
Lardener J, Fairbury			Larson J W, Fairbury
Lashley Jos N, Endicott			Lattimer J M, Plymouth
Lauderback Mills, Buckley		Laughlin A, Steele City
Lawrence Edward, Fairbury		Layton E, Endicott
Lean F J, Fairbury			Leavitt T J, Daykin
Leeper Chester, DeWitt			Leeper H A, DeWitt
Leeper Wm M, DeWitt			Lehman Louis, Powel
Leinsing D, Jansen			Lemon Chas, Reynolds
Lemon C M, Steele City			Lemon James, Reynolds
Lemon John, Reynolds			Lenehan T, Fairbury
Lenger H, Fairbury			Lenker J S, Steele City	
Lenneman A, Diller			Lenow John, Jansen
Leonard A G, Fairbury			Leonard Frank, Fairbury
Leonard Fred, Fairbury			Leonard Freeman, Daykin
Leonard R H, Fairbury			Lesher Wm, Reynolds
Lewis Alex, Daykin			Lewis C K, Western
Lewis Jasper, Powel			Lewis John, Bower
Lewis T J, Daykin			Lichty Geo, Diller
Lightbody Isaac, Daykin			Lightbody M L, Western
Lightbody Thos, Daykin			Lindgren C F, Jansen
Lindgren Gust, Fairbury			Lindley L M, Plymouth
Lindsey B, Fairbury			Line D W, Diller
Line W C, Steele City			Linsburg P, Fairbury
Lissenfield Ben, Daykin			Lloyd E, Fairbury
Lloyd G D, Fairbury			Loeper C A, Diller
Loevan Henry, Jansen			Lohman W H, Diller
Lohmeyer F W, Diller			London J, Jansen
Long Chas, Fairbury			Long John, Daykin
Long J W, Fairbury			Loomis A P, Plymouth
Loos Henry, Daykin			Loos Wesley, Daykin
Losey N N, Bower			Lotcher A, Alexandria
Lott Fred, Fairbury			Lott John, Fairbury
Lottman J, Diller			Louis John, Steele City
Loundgren Chas, Fairbury		Love Henry, Kesterson
Lovell F B, Daykin			Lowrie W B, Reynolds
Lucking Carl, Fairbury			Lucraft J, Fairbury
Ludden S, Fairbury			Luttman Henry, Fairbury
Lutz John, Swanton			Lytle Herman J, Daykin

McCloskey H Y, Fairbury			McClure Ella, Powel
McCord J D, Fairbury			McCord Sherman, Endicott
McCord Thos, Fairbury			McCoy John, Fairbury
McCoy J W, Fairbury			McCoy N, Fairbury
McCreight J B, Endicott			McCullauh L D, Fairbury
McCurdy Peter, Powel			McElroy Thos, Daykin
McFurson E, Fairbury			McGinley W, Reynolds
McGown Frank, Fairbury			McGregor W E, Fairbury
McGregor Wm, Fairbury			McKie John, Jansen
McKie Samuel jr, Jansen			McKie Samuel sr, Jansen
McNeal C, Fairbury			McNish Fred, Daykin
McNish Saml, Daykin			McNulty, H C, Fairbury
McReed C, Harbine			McTygne P, Diller
McVay J, Fairbury			McVay W E, Fairbury
McVay Wm, Fairbury			McVey G E, DeWitt
Maag Jno, Endicott			Maberry Jos, Diller
Machey Sid, Reynolds			Maddock Susan, Gladstone
Maddux C F, Alexandria			Mahoney D L, Fairbury
Mahoney J W, Daykin			Mahoney R E, Fairbury
Mahoney R F, Fairbury			Mains N J, Fairbury
Maker M T, Endicott			Malada Thos, Steele City
Manderville M J, Steele City		Mank J T, Fairbury
Manley Isaac F, Steele City		Manley Jesse, Steele City
Manley Joe, Gladstone			Man J F, Diller
Manion Pat, Fairbury			Mann W B, Harbine
Mann Wm, Harbine			Manning Geo, Daykin
Mannts Oscar, Fairbury			Marrs D, Steele City
Marrs Daniel, Reynolds			Marsh Henry, Daykin
Marsh Wm, Daykin			Marshall B F, Fairbury
Marshall Chas, Reynolds			Marshall T B, Diller
Marshall W E, Diller			Marshall Wm, Reynolds
Marsters Elias, Steele City		Martain Jas, Powell
Martin E, Swanton			Martin G o B, Daykin
Martin M, Steele City			Mason D, Reynolds
Mason Thos, Reynolds			Masters E G, Fairbury
Masters Jos, Reynolds			Mathews W A, Daykin
Mathias B F, Diller			Mathias J W, Harbine
Mathias W H, Diller			Mathin Jno, Plymouth
Matzke David, Western			Maxwell H H, Steele City
Maxwell T A, Steele City		May G A, Reynolds
Meenen H J, Fairbury			Meeske Aug, Daykin
Megli Danl, Plymouth			Megli Jno, Swanton
Megli Jos, Swanton			Megli Jos L, Swanton
Megli Menno, Swanton			Megonigle A C, Steele City
Meier Fred, Jansen			Meier Henry, Jansen
Meinan Albert, Fairbury			Meinion P H, Fairbury
Mendenhall E G, Fairbury		Mendenhall J E, Fairbury
Menssen Jno, Gladstone			Menssen M M, Gladstone
Mensson S, Gladstone			Merchant E M, DeWitt
Merest Antoine, Fairbury		Merklinger David, DeWitt
Merklinger Geo, DeWitt			Merrifield Jno, Harbine
Mertin Wm A, Bower			Messmore A, Fairbury
Meyer C H, Bower			Meyer Ernest, Jansen	
Meyer G P, Fairbury			Meyer Henry, Jansen
Meyer Jno F, Diller			Meyer Wm, Jansen
Meyers Aug, Diller			Meyers Geo M, Diller
Meyers H S, Diller			Meyers J A, Fairbury
Meyers John, Daykin			Meyers Louis, Daykin
Meyers Mary A, Diller			Michael C, Harbine
Michaels Martin, Gladstone		Mickey F S, Reynolds
Middleton A J, DeWitt			Miers J H, Jansen
Milius Fred, Western			Mill W P, Diller
Miller Chas, Jansen			Miller J H, Diller
Miller Lee, Fairbury			Miller L L, Reynolds
Miller S S, DeWitt			Miller Wm, Swanton
Millin Ida, Fairbury			Minard John, Endicott
Misie Wm, Fairbury			Mitcham H W, Fairbury
Mitcham J E, Fairbury			Mitcham Jno, Fairbury
Mitchell Dan, Daykin			Mitchell Geo, Powel
Mitchell John, Fairbury			Mitchell J R, Fairbury
Mitchell M F, Fairbury			Mitchell S R, Fairbury
Modin Dan, Powel			Moeller Benedict, Powel
Moeller Henry, Daykin			Moeller Henry, DeWitt
Mohling A, Harbine			Mohling Fred, Jansen
Mohling Henry sr, Jansen		Mohling H F, Jansen
Moles John, Fairbury			Montgomery H A, Fairbury
Montgomery O F, Fairbury		Montgomery W J, Western
Moody A D, Daykin			Moody C E, Daykin
Moody John, Fairbury			Moody Peter J, Daykin
Moore Herbert, Diller			Moore Jas, Harbine
Moranville E A, Fairbury		Mordick D H, Fairbury
Mowbray E F, Daykin			Morris James S, Fairbury
Morrison J H, Endicott			Morrison Mary, Steele City
Morton J C, Plymouth			Morton John C, Daykin
Moss A H, Fairbury			Moss Chas, Diller
Mudron C, Harbine			Mukes Oliver, Endicott
Mullen Jacob, Endicott			Mumday T, Daykin
Murray G B, Harbine			Murray Geo, Daykin
Murry Clark, Reynolds			Myer Herman, Harbine
Myers F S, Daykin			Myers W J, Daykin

Nachtagal H, Alexandria			Nance R S, Fairbury
Nash A J, Steele City			Nash John, Bower
Nash N M, Powel				Neimeier Henry, DeWitt
Nelson Henry, Plymouth			Nelson Jacob, Powel
Nelson Peter, Plymouth			Nelvill J D, Fairbury
Nesbit W O, Fairbury			Newell F A, Alexandria
Newell Granville, Daykin		Nichol A F, Daykin
Nichol T T, Daykin			Nickel August, Western
Nickeson H, DeWitt			Nickeson Wm T, Diller
Nider B, Plymouth			Nider John, Jansen
Nider L, Plymouth			Nigenfind R, Daykin
Nightingale C, Alexandria		Nispel Carl, Swanton
Nispel Henry, Swanton			Nispel H C, Swanton
Nispel John, Swanton			Nispel John M, Swanton
Nittler T J, Endicott			Nitzel Henry, Jansen
Noel H B, Daykin			Noonan James F, DeWitt
Northouse Henry, Fairbury		Nottensinger Wm, Jansen
Nugent R D, Diller			Nunn A, Alexandria
Nunn Joseph, Alexandria			Nutter Walter, Endicott

Oaks F, Fairbury			Oaks R L, Diller
Oberhelman Wm, Fairbury			Obermeyer Henry, Swanton
Oldenstedt Wm, DeWitt			Oliver A, Fairbury
Olmstead Wm, Western			Olzon Alfred, Powel
Olzon Fred, Powel			O'Neal A G, Powel
Onnen Anna, Diller			Onnen G, Gladstone
Onnen H F, Diller			Opie J O, Bower
Orr Alex, Steele City			Orr W A, Endicott
Orth P J, DeWitt			Osborn Fred, Fairbury
Osborne J T, Powel			Osgood M, Jansen
Ott Fred, Fairbury			Ott John, Fairbury
Ovelman P H, Fairbury			

Packer Isaac, Fairbury			Packer Jennie, Fairbury
Page W W, Daykin			Paine E J, Steele City
Palmer D E, DeWitt			Palmer Wm, Jansen
Parks C, Reynolds			Parks Geo H, Reynolds
Parks Smith, Endicott			Partlow Daniel, Diller
Partlow Oliver, Diller			Partlow S S, Diller
Pattin O W, Jansen			Patzman Fred, Daykin
Paul Conrad, Jansen			Paul Henry, Jansen
Pautier James F, Fairbury		Pautier John, Daykin
Payne Geo R, Plymouth			Payne Ira, Reynolds
Peake F F, Reynolds			Pearson E M, Fairbury
Pearson J M, Swanton			Pearston D M, Fairbury
Pearston James, Fairbury		Pearston Wm B, Fairbury
Peck C S, Alexandria			Peet W M, Diller
Pennington J J, Reynolds		Perry E C, Fairbury
Peters Gerhard, Jansen			Peterson L S, Endicott
Peterson Peter, Fairbury		Peterson R H, Daykin
Pflauml Paul, Daykin			Pheasant James, Beatrice
Phelps Allen T, Endicott		Phelps Asa E, Endicott
Phillips M W, Daykin			Phillipy P H, Gladstone
Pickering E N, Steele City		Pickering J H, Steele City
Pickle L, Fairbury			Pierce C L Mrs, Fairbury
Pierce David, Fairbury			Pierce F E, Fairbury
Pierce G H, Powell			Pierce T E, Diller
Pierce T S, Powel			Pierson Geo, Diller
Pierson H S, Powel			Pigg F M, Fairbury
Pigg R H, Fairbury			Pimper Wm, Swanton
Piper Fred, Reynolds			Pittenger J H, Diller
Pitts Wm, Daykin			Place Geo M, Diller
Pleis Otto, Fairbury			Porter A, Reynolds
Porter N B, Plymouth			Porter Oscar, Plymouth
Porter W, Reynolds			Poseman H E, Swanton
Postle J A, Steele City			Potter J A, DeWitt
Potter James M, DeWitt			Potter J B, Daykin
Potter W, Daykin			Potts Saml, DeWitt
Powell F, Diller	 		Powell R B, Powel
Powell F C, Powel			Powell T J, Powel
Powell Wm, Powel			Powell W G, Powel
Preston J C, Fairbury			Prell H A, Daykin
Prentice A Mrs, Fairbury		Preston J C, Fairbury
Pretzel J, Powel			Price F M W, Endicott
Pryor L, Fairbury			Puterbaugh J, Steele City

Quain P M, Western			Quering G, Jansen
Quick John, Gladstone			Quickley D, Steele City
Quinn James, Fairbury			Quinn John, Fairbury
Quinn Reuben, Fairbury			Quinn W T, Fairbury

Raines H M, Fairbury			Rampel A F, Jansen
Rampel Geo F, Jansen			Rampel John, Jansen
Randall J, Powel			Rannts John, Diller
Ratz Peter, Alexandria			Ratzlaff B, Jansen
Ratzlaff Henry, Jansen			Ratzlaff H J, Jansen
Ravencraft Wm, Plymouth			Ray Albert, Fairbury
Ray Ike, Fairbury			Rayburn B H, Fairbury
Reade F, Fairbury			Records Harry S, Fairbury
Records Jno S, Fairbury			Reesman Jno, Daykin
Reesman S J, Daykin			Reiber Theo M, Diller
Reichman A, Plymouth			Reichman Y, Jansen
Reimer A, Jansen			Reimer Henry, Jansen
Reimer Jacob, Jansen			Reimer N E, Jansen
Reimers T G, Diller			Reinmiller Ernest, DeWitt
Reinmiller Jno, DeWitt			Reinwald Henry, DeWitt
Remer A E, Daykin			Remley P C, Endicott
Renz Lou, Swanton			Reynolds V C, Fairbury
Reynolds H R, Endicott			Rhodes Wm, Endicott
Rhynolds Wm, J, Western			Rice R A Mrs, Reynolds
Rich G M, Reynolds			Rich H M, Fairbury
Rich L D, Reynolds			Richards G A, Fairbury
Richards Jno, Powel			Richards Lee, Powel
Richardson A E, Daykin			Richardson G H, Powel
Richardson Ira, Reynolds		Richardson W P, Fairbury
Rickenberg J, Alexandri			Riddle C L, Diller
Riddle G F, Diller			Riddle Wm, Diller
Rider M C, Jansen			Rider Stewart, Jansen
Ridgely Chas, Plymouth			Ridgely Jno, Plymouth	
Ridgely Louis, Plymouth			Ridgely W J, Plymouth
Riedel Conrad, DeWitt			Rigdon P F, Fairbury
Riggle Geo, Endicott			Riggle J M, Fairbury
Risdon W J, Fairbury			Rise G W, Endicott
Risk Mary Mrs, Fairbury			Ritchey Jacob, Western
Ritzhaupt Jacob, Western		Roach Ed, Daykin
Roach Jno, Daykin			Roach L J, Daykin
Roach Patrick, Daykin			Roads J H B, Kesterson
Roberts Geo, Harbine			Robertson Josh, Steele City
Robinson A, Fairbury			Robinson J D, Swanton
Robinson J T, Swanton			Rodgers E J, Reynolds
Roe J E, Jansen				Rogers A J, Harbine
Rohlfing Fred, Swanton			Rohrbaugh C C, Fairbury
Rohrbaugh C N, Fairbury			Rohrbaugh Dan, Fairbury
Rohrbaugh John, Fairbury		Rohrbaugh S, Fairbury
Rohre Carl, Jansen			Rohlfs Ebe, Diller
Roman C A, Fairbury			Roman I C, Reynolds
Rood A R, Diller			Rood O A, Jansen
Roods C K, Kesterson			Roper Theo W, Powel
Rosanborn Peter, Diller			Rosenberger H K, Fairbury
Rosener Chas, Gladstone			Rosener Ernest, Gladston
Ross J W, Jansen			Ross Wm R, Harbine
Roszell A D, Endicott			Rothmeyer F jr, Powel
Rothmeyer F sr, Powel			Roult C, Steele City
Roult Ed, Steele City			Roult Jno, Diller
Rounds W S, Buckley			Rowland John, Swanton
Rowland W S, Fairbury			Royce M K, Fairbury
Rue B F, Fairbury			Rule David, Endicott
Rule Eli, Endicott			Rupple Jno, DeWitt
Russ Christ, Western			Russell Nate, Daykin
Ruth Jno, Plymouth			Rutledge T J, Bower
Rutledge W H, Harbine			

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