Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

This page was transcribed and formatted by Brenda Busing. This page is for use as a reference
only and may not be reproduced or published by any method. All rights are reserved


Sadil Frank, Reynolds			Sahofsky A, Fairbury
Sahofsky F, Fairbury			Saltzman V, Gladstone
Sampson O, Reynolds			Sanders S, Fairbury
Sandman C, Harbine			Sandman Fred, Harbine
Sandman Paul, Harbine			Sarnes A L, Western
Saunder L W, Fairbury			Sawatzky Frank, Jansen
Sawyer D E, Powel			Sawyer H E, Fairbury
Schallasker C, Reynolds			Scheller Fritz, Steele City
Schell Henry, Fairbury			Schell J Z, Endicott
Schell W E, Powel			Scherrer M, Endicott
Scheve Otto, Harbine			Schiermeyer A L, Daykin
Schiermeyer H, Daykin			Schiermeyer Wm, Daykin
Schiesser Martin, Endicott		Schlie Fred, Daykin
Schmid C, Swanton			Schmidt Albert, DeWitt
Schmidt B, Bower			Schmidt Casper, DeWitt
Schmidt David, DeWitt			Schmidt Ernest, DeWitt
Schmidt George, DeWitt			Schmidt H, Fairbury
Schmidt Henry, DeWitt			Schmidt L, Buckley
Schneider Elizabeth, Daykin		Schneider George, DeWitt
Schnison Henry, Dakin			Schnison Wm, Daykin
Schnueller Aug, Harbine			Schnueller Wm, Harbine
Schobel Henry, Swanton			Schoen Fred, Fairbury
Schoen John, Gladstone			Schoenrock Chris, Fairbury
Schoenrock Fred, Fairbury		Schoenrock John, Gladstone
Schoenrock John, Fairbury		Schooler Henry, Swantone
Schooler W J, Swanton			Schooler W V, Swanton
Schowalter L, Fairbury			Schroeder Fritz, Jansen
Schroeder H, Alexandria			Schroeder John, Gladstone
Schuh Fred, Swanton			Schule John, Jansen
Schwab Henry, DeWitt			Schwarz Carl, Swanton
Schweinler L, Powel			Schwinler Joe, Powel
Schwison Fred, Bower			Schwison Joseph, Jansen
Schwison Lewis, Dakin			Schwitters T A, Gladstone
Scott G, DeWitt				Scott J C, Fairbury
Scott R A, Janson			Scott Robert, Swanton
Scott Saml F, Jansen			Scriver A C, Alexander
Scriver Frank, Powel			Scriver James, Powel
Seamon Detlof, Jansen			Sebenlicher H, Gladstone
Seitz Conrad, DeWitt			Seitz Jacob, DeWitt
Seitz John, DeWitt			Sewert H, Buckley
Selk John, Plymouth			Selk Wm, Plymouth
Seng Frank, Jansen			Senior F B, Diller
Sevies Jasper, Steele City		Shade D A, Daykin
Shane Chas, Daykin			Shane G W, Daykin
Sharon Thos, Fairbury			Shaw Chas, Plymouth
Shaw  G H, Western			Shaw James, Western
Shaw John H, Fairbury			Shaw Joseph, Fairbury
Shea Daniel, Fairbury			Shea John, Diller
Shea Richard, Diller			Shelburn I B, Fairbury
Shelley Jonas, Harbine			Shellhorn H, DeWitt
Sheneman Sarah, Diller			Shelnoff Wm, Steele City
Shepherd Alex, Endicott			Shepherd D, Endicott
Shepherd John, Endicott			Shepherd Stephen, Endicott
Shiek John, DeWitt			Shimmel Fred, DeWitt
Shindoll J J, Plymouth			Shinn C M, Bower
Shinn L S, Bower			Shinn S J Mrs, Fairbury
Shoebotham H, Fairbury			Shoebotham W, Fairbury
Shoetle James, Endicott			Shofstall Daniel, Daykin
Shofstall Nathaniel, Daykin		Shortage G M, Reynolds
Showalter H O, Endicott			Showalter Phil, Endicott
Shrouger W F, Endicott			Siebe Henry, Jansen
Sieker Ernest, Reynolds			Simmons Wm, Fairbury
Simmons W W, Fairbury			Simonson John, Daykin
Simpkins J P, Endicott			Simpson J F, Fairbury
Skalnik John, Reynolds			Skerpniewiez Mick, Western
Slabaugh S S, Swanton			Slack Geo, Fairbury
Slater A E, Fairbury			Slater Frank, Reynolds
Slater Sarah, Swanton			Slaughter W B, Daykin
Smalldon John, Fairbury			Smether E, Steele City
Smethers J, Steele City			Smith C W, Fairbury
Smith D A, Powel			Smith D P, Reynolds
Smith E L, Endicott			Smith Emory, Steele City
Smith Frank, Harbine			Smith Levi, Daykin
Smith Reily, Endicott			Smith Ritchard, Harbine
Smith W C, Powell			Smith Wm, Steele City
Smith W R, Diller			Snavley M, Fairbury
Snaw Wm, Fairbury			Snow A J, Fairbury
Snow S C, Fairbury			Snydam A D, Fairbury
Solers J R, Diller			Sonderegger Aug, Bower
Sonderegger C, Bower			Sounenburg W, Harbine
Southworth E C, Steele City		Sparks J H, Endicott
Sparks Joseph, Diller			Sparks J W, Fairbury
Spear Arth, Harbine			Spear Geo, Harbine
Spear M L, Powel			Specht J H, Diller
Specht John, Diller			Spencer W F, Fairbury
Spraggins G W, Daykin			Spraggins Wm, Daykin
Sprague P, Western			Sprague S S, Powel
Sproul R B, Daykin			Stacy A, Fairbury
Stacy S S, Jansen			Stafford R B, Steele City
Stafford R S, Steele City		Stahl E, Harbine
Stahl Henry, Harbine			Stahl Herman, Harbine
Stalder FJ, Steele City			Stalling F, Diller
Stark A, Gladstone			Starr Frank, Alexandria
Starr G W, Gladstone			Starr P D, Alexandria
Stastny Jos, Swanton			Stauss J G, Gladstone
Steffen F W, Harbine			Steiger John, Harbine
Steinbrook O, Daykin			Steinbrook W B, Daykin
Steiner J D, Diller			Steinmetz Ab, Endicott
Steptoe E, Plymouth			Stevans H C, Powel	
Stevens H P, Diller			Stevens H P, Fairbury
Stewart A W, Diller			Stewart G, Fairbury
Stewart K D, Swanton			Stewart W, Diller
Stinson W H, Endicott			Stith Wm, Fairbury
Stoaks A A, Harbine			Stoekelberg Aug, DeWitt
Stoetzer Chas, DeWitt			Stokebrandt E, DeWitt
Stokesberry J J, Daykin			Stone S C, Endicott
Stotts John, Diller			Stotts Noah, Steele City
Stowers John, Western			Strain Rada, Harbine
Strain W F, Diller			Strobel Cath, DeWitt
Strobel Fred, DeWitt			Strock H W, Western
Strock O G, Daykin			Stroh J G, DeWitt
Stroh John, DeWitt			Strube E, DeWitt
Stuart James, Fairbury			Stuart S P, Bower
Stuart Wm jr, Fairbury			Stuart W, Bower
Sutton Jas L, Jansen			Sutton Jno M, Jansen
Swartz B A, Fairbury			Swartz Chas, Fairbury
Swartz S, Buckley			Swett J E, Endicott
Swift Frank, Fairbury			Sydow Wm, Fairbury

Tadikan H, Powel			Taihet Henry, Harbine
Tangmeier Aug, Swanton			Tappen H H, Reynolds
Tappen W E, Reynolds			Tamon Chas, Reynolds
Tamon Emil, Reynolds			Tamon Lewis, REynolds
Tatum Geo, Swanton			Taylor Chas H, Reynolds
Taylor I S, Steele City			Taylor W L, Kesterson
Taylor Wm, Reynolds			Taylor W Y, Endicott
Teet Louisa, Swanton			Terp James, Western
Tester A W, Gladstone			Thaller Fred, Reynolds
Thaller Henry, Reynolds			Thiesen David, Jansen
Thiesen Jacob, Jansen			Thiesen Jno A, Jansen
Thiesen Jno P, Jansen			Thiesen Jacob F, Jansen
Thiesen Jno H, Jansen			Thiesen P F, Jansen
Thiesen P W, Jansen			Thiessen Wm, Jansen
Thomas Adam, Fairbury			Thomas David, Hrbine
Thomas E W, Fairbury			Thomas Jno, Harbine
Thornburg Albert, Western		Thompson A, Harbine
Thompson Cecil, Steele City		Thompson J A, Harbine
Thompson J J, Swanton			Thompson M F, Harbine
Thompson M S, Fairbury			Thompson R, Fairbury
Thompson R R, Steele City		Thompson T C, Harbine
Thompson W A, Steele City		Thrapp I W, Fairbury
Thrasher N, Pwel			Thurman H Mrs, Reynolds
Tibbits H, Buckley			Tichenon J R, Fairbury
Tietzen Al, DeWitt			Tietzen Henry, DeWitt
Tietzen Herman, DeWitt			Timmel Wm, Daykin
Timmerman A S, Fairbury			Timplin E, Fairbury
Tinapple Carl, Swanton			Tintsman A L, Diller
Tippin F M, Daykin			Tippin James W, Daykin
Toerry A L, Fairbury			Tolleth Homer, Fairbury
Tonnemaker C W, Fairbury		Tonnemaker S, Fairbury
Tonnemaker Wm, Fairbury			Torrey Elbert, Fairbury
Torrey John, Fairbury			Townsend A S, Steele City
Townsend G W, Diller			Trager Carl, Fairbury
Traum Henry, Fairbury			Tripp J E, Fairbury
Truman Robt, Fairbury			Tull S A, Powel
Tuma Chas, Reynolds			Tuma Frank, Reynolds
Turner D L, Steele City			Turner W, Fairbury
Turner W R, Endicott			

Ude C H, Gladstone			Ulerich C F, Endicott
Ulerich Wm, Endicott			Unger John, Alexandria
Unger Sherman, Daykin			Unruh Chas, Steele City
Unrah M F, Diller			Uphoff Dick, Gladstone
Updoff G B, Gladstone			Uphoff Jurgen, Gladstone

Vancleef A J, Daykin			Vancleef J A, Daykin
Vancleef J W, Daykin			Vanpel H H, Diller
Van Vallenberg J S, Fairbury		Vaught Hal, Fairbury
Vaught P W, Fairbury			Vickers E, Fairbury
Vickers Geo, Fairbury			Vickers John, Fairbury
Vickers T E, Bower			Vielt Fred, Fairbury
VonSteen Henry, Beatrice		Vorderstrasse Carl, Swanton
Vorderstrasse H, Swanton		Vorderstrasse W, Plymouth

Wade T, Jansen				Wadley J W, Beatrice
Wadley James, Harbine			Wadley J S, Harbine
Waggoner Alfred, Diller			Wagner Adam, Fairbury
Wagner Alfred, Daykin			Wagner Chas, Fairbury
Wagner Geo, Endicott		 	Wagner Isaac, Steele City
Wagner Lewis, Jansen			Wagner Wm, Steele City
Wahl Aug, Gladstone			Waitley A M, Endicott
Waitley F N, Endicott			Walden A J, Fairbury
Walkemeyer H, Western			Walkemeyer Wm, Gladstone
Walker Benson, Endicott			Walker Geo, Alexandria
Walker Margaret, Endicott		Walker Wilson, Alexandria
Walkermyer Otto, Reynolds		Walkey C M, Fairbury
Wallace Frank, Fairbury			Walley B F, Daykin
Wallis T J, Fairbury			Walrath A E, Daykin
Walsh T, Fairbury			Walters Henry, Harbine
Waples B, Fairbury			Waples C W, Fairbury
Waples J, Fairbury			Ward Chas, Western
Ward Frank, Western			Ward Henry, Fairbury
Ward Joseph, Western			Ward Thos, Fairbury
Ware Jas, Bower				Ware L M, DeWitt
Ware W, DeWitt				Warman Aug, Reynolds
Warnkes E, Fairbury			Warren John, Harbine
Wary Albin, Fairbury			Waters W W, Diller
Watkins A M, Fairbury			Watkins Buel, Diller
Watson G W, Steele City			Watson John, Plymouth
Watson J T, Fairbury			Watson Peter, Hoag
Weaver L E, Steele City			Weddle A, Steele City
Weddle A E, Steele City			Weddle J F, Powell
Weeden Robt H, Alexandria		Weeks C E, Fairbury
Wegel Henry, Jansen			Wehling C, Steele City
Wehrli Fred, Reynolds			Wehrli Henry, Reynolds
Wehrli Jacob, Reynolds			Wehrman E, Reynolds
Weichel Adam G, Swanton			Weichel Geo, Swanton
Weichel John, Swan			Weiting W, Fairbury
Welch A J, Reynolds			Welch M, Fairbury
Welch R C, Reynolds			Wells A D, Endicott
Wells Allen, Endicott			Wells C C, Fairbury
Wells C W, Fairbury			Wells Ed A, Jansen
Wells F, Fairbury			Wells Frank, Endicott
Wells G N, Diller			Wells J A, Endicott
Wells Sylvester, Endicott		Wells Victor, Endicott
Welsh J B, Fairbury			Welton C P, Fairbury
Wendlandt G, Gladstone			Wendlant Carol, Plymouth
Wenitt Aug, Jansen			Werham W J, Fairbury
Wesle E, Harbine			Westerhoff Wm, Alexandria
Wesenberg F W, Harbine			Wheeler M, Fairbury
Wheeler M M, Reynolds			Wheeler O, Kesterson
White G R, Fairbury			White G W, Fairbury
White J C, Harbine			White Sam, Harbine
White Willie, Harbine			Whitley J A, Swanton
Wiebe Klaus, Jansen			Wiegand J F, Plymouth
Wiens Frank, Jansen			Wiens Peter, Jansen
Wiese John				Wilting John, Hoag
Wilber J N, Harbine			Wilcox A M, Steele City
Wilcox E D, Reynolds			Wilcox Edgar, Reynolds
Wiley B L, Daykin			Wiley Wm, Fairbury
Wiegand John, Plymouth			Wilhelm Paul, Harbine
Wilkening Tr, Webster			Wilkins M W, Steele City
Willard John, Powel			Willems M C, Diller
Willems O F, Diller			Willey C E, Fairbury
Willey M D F, Steele City		Willey Sherman, Fairbury
Willey Walt, Steele City		Willey W C, Fairbury
Williams Ben, Jansen			Williams E Mrs, Steele City
Williams Frank, Fairbury		Williams Geo, Daykin
Williams J B, Reynolds			Williams M C, Fairbury
Williams Moses, Jansen			Williams Richard, Daykin
Williamson F E, DeWitt			Wilson A H, Garbine
Wilson Mary A, Fairbury			Wilson M J, Steele City
Wilson M W, Steele City			Wilsh W A, Harbine
Wing A C, Endicott			Wing A L, Endicott
Wing Mary A, Steele City		Winship B F, Daykin
Winter J F, Daykin			Wiskerchen L, Fairbury
Witt Aug, Dakin				Witte Aug, Swanton
Wittenberger I, Alexandria		Witmus Chas, Jansen
Witty W H, Fairbury			Wolcott J P, Reynolds
Wolfe Cyrus, Plymouth			Wolfe M F, Harbine
Wood Jasper, Daykin			Woods Wm, Diller
Woodside A L, Powel			Workman Geo, Daykin
Works Reuben, Swanton			Wrigley E, Harbine
Wrigley James, Harbine			Wright W W, Kesterson
Wrighter Geo B, Jansen			Wrisley Lewis, Fairbury
Wysel J, Reynolds			

Yantz Henry, Bower			Yantz Jacob J, Bower
Yantz Peter, Bower			Yantz P J, Bower
Yantz Wm P, Bower			Yeager Adrian, Reynolds
Yendes Albert, Fairbury			Yoalinn Peter, Daykin
York Chas, Powel			Yost Conrad, Swanton
Yost John, Swanton			Yost Peter, Swanton
Yost Peter E, Swanton			Yost Samuel, Swanton
Young Mary, Swanton			Young Ward, Swanton

Zabel Aug, Western			Zabel Christ, Western
Zabel Christ F jr, Western		Zabel W F, Western
Zager W, Swanton			Zleginhan C, Harbine
Zleginhan H, Harbine			Zieman Christ F, Western
Zimmerman A, Plymouth			Zimmerman J, Plymouth
Zoerner Aug, Gladstone			Zulauf John, Plymouth
Zweifel Albert, Steele City		Zweifel Emily, Steele City
Zweifel Rudolph, Steele City

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