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Business Directory for 1890-1891
Omaha: J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year of 1890, by J. M. Wolfe & Co., in the
Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C.

Bower | Buckley | Daykin | Diller | Endicott | Fairbury | Gladstone
Harbine | Jansen | Kesterson | Plymouth | Powell | Reynolds | Steele City


BOWER, a postoffice in the north central part of Jefferson county, nine miles north of Fairbury, the county seat. About 100 people living in the vicinity receive their mail here.

Graham R S, postmaster

BUCKLEY, a station on the C.R.I. & P. Ry., in the central part of Jefferson county. Population, 20.

Hadsell J J, sta agt.
Hoch G W, postmaster

DAYKIN, a flourishing village on the St. Joe & Grand Island Ry., in the northwestern part of Jefferson county, 15 miles north of Fairbury, the county seat. Population, 200.

Bacon C M, justice.
Carpenter S B, postmaster.
Cottrell J M, sta agt.
Dick R & Son, harnessmakers.
Enslow G W, genl mdse.
Hemenover E, genl mdse.
King C B, hardware.
Kline J A, blacksmith
Mallory S W, drugs
Witte Bros, agl implts.

DILLER is a lively town, having 350 inhabitants, in the eastern part of Jefferson county, on the B. & M.R.R., 12 miles from Fairbury, the county town. There are two elevators here for the storage and shipment of grain, the Peoples bank, two hotels, the Commercial and the Windsor; a newspaper, the Jefferson Record, three churches, Presbyterian, Methodist and German Lutheran, etc.

Bear & Bisby, millinery.
Bodell James A, carpenter.
Boggs Wm A, livery.
Colman Andrew H, lumber.
Commercial Hotel, FH Emerson prop.
Diller Building & Loan Association, Jos Bixby pres, W H Dill sec, J D Fanders Treas.
Diller Improvement Association, S D Rickabaugh pres, E L Look sec, A H Colman treas, props Diller
Opera House.
Diller Opera House, Diller Improvement Association props.
Diller W H, live stock dealer.
Emerson F H, prop Commercial hotel
Fairchild Herman E, meat market and restaurant.
Fanders & Bixby, hardware and furniture.
Gifford Orin, drugs.
Gregg & Diller, grain elevator.
Harris, Woodman & Co. (Lincoln) Geo H Clark mgr, grain elevator.
Jefferson County Record, Frank T Pearce pub.
Look & Folkers, genl mdse.
McElwee Benjamin F, phys.
Merrill Scott R, agt B & M R R.
Miller J W, phys.
Pearce Frank T, pub Jefferson County Record, postmaster.
Peoples Bank, P.W. Price pres, A.H. Colman vice-pres, T.P. Price cashier
Pickard & Ballard, blacksmiths.
Price Bros, genl store
Sadle Joseph, meat market.
Sheldon Andrew J, harness.
Tonnemaker Bros, agl implts.
Wagenaar Ed, prop Windsor House.
Weers John C, hardware.
Windsor House, E Wagenaar prop.

ENDICOTT has a population of about 200. It is situated in the southern part of Jefferson county, five miles from Fairbury, the seat of justice. It is also the junction of the St. J. & G.I. division of the U.P. Ry., and the Republican Valley division of the B. & M.R.R. Large quantities of grain and stock are annually shipped from this place. The Little Blue river flows near the town, and along its banks a superior quality of stone is found which is suitable for building purposes. The Beatrice Building and Paving Cos clay pits are located here. The Methodists, Presbyterians and United Brethren have churches here.

Campbell House, A Walker prop.
Central House, J Sheely prop.
Dawson & Wolford, live stock dealers.
Dennison George T, meat market
George L E phys.
Hampton W S, mgr Neal Bros.
Hawks Edward, billiards.
Henderson S m, barber.
Lambert Thomas C, blacksmith
McCreight J A, hardware, agl implts.
Neal Bros, W S Hampton mgr, grain.
Reese Wm E. agt U P Ry.
Robb Daniel G, genl mdse.
Seiver George w agt B & R RR
Sheely Joseph Prop Central House
Smith S confectionary
Strohn G W genl store, Postmaster
Walker A, prop Campbell House


GLADSTONE, a station on the Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Ry., in the western part of Jefferson county, eight miles from Fairbury, the county seat. Population, 50.

Hall M, blacksmith
Hungerford E R, sta, tel and ex agt.
Molzahn J, justice.
Stark Bros, agl implts.
Tester A W, genl mdse.
Ude C H, hardware, postmaster.

HARBINE, a village on the C. K. & N. R.R, in Jefferson county, 13 miles from Fairbury, the county seat and has a population of 120. It is surrounded by a rich farming country.

Carpenter J R, blacksmith.
Carpenter & Son, livery.
City Hotel, Richard Ross prop.
Ewing Thomas L, genl mdse.
Hall J S, grain dealer.
Horn Bros. contractors.
McMahon F T, sta agt.
Mathews E R, musical instruments, agl implts.
Murray G B, postmaster.
Ross Richard, prop City Hotel.
Stefmer Bros, grain elevator.
Switzer & Barry, lumber
Wiedhaber J M, hardware.
Wilson, W A, phys.

JANSEN, a station on the Chicago, Kansas & Nebraska Ry, near the center of Jefferson county, is seven miles east of Fairbury, the county seat. The population is 200, with a bank, a hotel, a grain elevator, blacksmith, harness and, wagonmaker shops and several stores.

Andrews A R, mgr elevator.
Boebel Jacob, shoemaker.
Bohne Wm, meat market.
Bruer Conrad, genl mdse.
Fast A, prop Rock Island House.
Friesen H F, livery.
Friesen Isaac, pumps, windmills.
Friesen N B, agl implts.
Froelich Richard, blacksmith.
Gille H A, hardware, furniture.
Grebe J E, drugs, phys.
Heidelk John, saloon.
Henry & Coatsworth Co, J W Ross mgr, lumber.
Jansen Bank, capital $50,000, P Jansen pres, D Lewis cashier.
Koop & Ross, genl mdse.
London J B, feed stable and veterianary surgeon.
McLucas Bros, Jacob Bartell mgr, live stock.
Reimer Nicholas, wagon maker.
Rock Island House, A Fast prop.
Roode O A, sta, tel and ex agt.
Ross J W justice and notary.
Seng Frank, harnessmaker.
Thiessen & Co, hardware, groceries.
Thiessen John P, postmaster.

KESTERSON, a station on the B. & M.R.R., in the southern part of Jefferson county, four miles south of Fairbury, the county seat. Population, 10.

Copeland W M, sta, tel, ex agt.
Daggett A S, postmaster.

PLYMOUTH, a farmhouse postoffice in the eastern part of Jefferson county, about 12 miles from Fairbury, the county seat.

Shaw R A Mrs, postmaster.

POWELL, a station on the St. Joe & G.I.R.R., in the southwestern part of Jefferson county, nine miles from Fairbury, the county seat. Population, 100.

Danforth G H, genl mdse, postmaster.
Geons G U, station agent.
Peirson N C, justice.
Peirson, Powell & Schell, genl mdse.
Powell Bros, genl mdse.
Powell Wm, hardware, drugs.
Weddle I F, blacksmith.

REYNOLDS, in the southwestern portion of Jefferson county, on the B. & M.R.R., 14 miles from Fairbury, the county town, and has a population of about 500. Fair quantities of timber, clay deposits and limestone are fuond here. Large shipments of grain and live stock are made from this point. A number of substanital brick buildings give evidence of the enterprise and prosperity of the citizens. The Methodist and the Baptist churches have good congregations. The Reporter is a sprightly newspaper published here.

Abbey & McMannas, livery.
Atherton S, prop Cottage Hotel.
Bank of Reynolds, J Saunders prop.
Commercial House, T Dopp prop.
Cottage Hotel, S Atherton prop.
Dopp T, prop Commercial House.
Ferry Charles M, phys.
Garrison Labon L, genl mdse.
Gregg M, F A Howard mgr, grain elevator.
Hall Ida M Mrs, postmistress.
Moore C D, pumps and windmills.
Moore N B, meat market.
Moss & Beachler, lumber.
Nicksion David A, shoemaker.
Owens Harry P, saloon.
Parker Walter C, genl store.
Rothrock J & Son, hardware, harness.
Routzahn Algernon C, atty.
Saunders J, prop Bank of Reynolds.
Simpkins G W & Son, groceries, restaurant.
Voorhees E S D, agt B & M R R.
Walker & Bothwell, drugs, furniture.
Warren George S, grain dealer.
Webster W G Mrs, millinery.
Wilcox Elijah D, justice.
Wilson Wm H, barber.
Wolcott, S M Mrs, millinery.

STEELE CITY, an enterprising town with a population of 500, is situated on the St. J. & G.I. division of the U.P.Ry., 11 miles south of Fairbury. Several grain elevators and flour mills are established her. A Bank, a pottery, two hotels, a school house which cost $6,000, and a number of good stores are the principal features of the place. The Congregational, Methodist and Baptists have churches, and the Masons and G.A.R. have societies here.

Andrews Charles C, grain elevator.
Backman August, saloon.
Baker Abner sr, loans.
Bixby Joseph, hardware.
Bugbee & Crinklaw, agl implts.
Bugbee Dana A, postmaster.
Campbell L J Mrs, millinery.
Case E C, prop West Side Hotel.
Case Gratton J, blacksmith.
Chancellor W H, agl implts, prop City Hotel.
City Hotel, W H Chancellor prop.
Dunn Wm Mrs, millinery.
Fisher Benjamin F, atty.
Gorden Weldon B, general store.
Grover Milton H, harness.
Hedges A D, groceries, shoes.
Henry & Coatsworth Co, lumber, H Kirschner mgr.
Hill John A, photographer.
Jeffryes W T, phys.
Manley & Reader, flouring mill.
Moss Leroy F, genl store.
Newell A G & Co, genl mdse.
Partlow robert O, blacksmith.
Peters James W, blacksmith.
Phelps Andrew H, grain dealer.
Pickering B E, grain dealer.
Porter Jospeh, mfr pottery.
Ross & Knapp, props Steele City Mills.
Shaw A M, agt U P Ry.
Smith John B, livery.
Steele City Bank, C B Rice pres, Mrs Vena Rice cashier.
Steele City Mills, Ross & Knapp props.
Taylor James S, phys.
West Side Hotel, E C Case prop.
Wright Edward, painter.

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