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The City Directory of Fairbury, Nebraska

Compiled and Published by THE FAIRBURY TIMES, Fairbury, Nebraska.

April 1, 1904

This page was transcribed and formatted by Brenda Busing. This page is for use as a reference
only and may not be reproduced or published by any method. All rights are reserved

I will add to this listing as time permits. There was no key to the abbreviations used in the book.
If you have a question about one please contact me, I may be able to help.


ACKERMAN, A D, Jewl, 519 D st.
Adams, W S, Bds, Central Hotel
Adams, J, wks Reger & H Billiard, Bds Central Hotel.
Adams, Josephine, res 608 J st.
Aden, A R, Ret, res 708 C st.
Aden, Geo, Imp Deal.
Adkins, Aaron, Lab, 1019 Lindell.
Adkins, W E, Dri M & Bracke, res 1213 West.
Allen, Mrs Anna, Hos Wif, res 118, 4
Allen, Edward R, Asst Cash Go Bro, 824, 7 st.
Allen, Joe, Labo, res 1321 West.
Allen, Mrs. Katie, Ho Wi, res 322 So J.
ALLEN, SAM, Coal, Allen & D, res 611 6 st.
Ames, T C, wks Fairmont Cry Co, res 913 9 st.
Ammerman, D W, Form R I, 1014 West
Anderson, Gertrude, Teacher, 823 H.
Anderson, R C, Car Rep, R I, 914 Lindell.
Andrews, C E, Printer, 1112 B.
Andrews, Mrs E, Ho Wi, 1203 C.
Andrews, Grace, Teacher, 723 E.
Andrews, Herbert, Clerk, Ed Fitton, 1203 C.
ANDREWS, T J, Phy, 723 E.
Anthony, Mrs M, Ho Wi, 910 C.
Applegate, J C, Form St Laundry, 818 A.
Archer, W A, Eng R I, 608 J.
Armbuster, Wm, Lab, 1001 Lindell.
Armstrong, L C L, wks Camp Bros, Bds Cen Hotel.
Armstrong, R, Ret, res 610 6 st.
Arnell, Geo P, Retired, res 1211 D.
Arner, Ada, Dressmaker, res 622 D.
Arner, E, Wagonmaker, res 622 D.
Arner, Perry, Firman, R I, res 824 5th.
Arnold, Fred, Carp, Bds Parker House.
Arnold, Henry, Ret, res 521 A st.
Artz, Wm, Boil Mkr R I, res 816 3d.
Ashpaugh, Hanford, Painter, res 903 Maple.
Aubert, Wm, Lab, res 714 8th.
AULTMAN, J O, Butcher, res 821 D.
AULTMAN, O L, Butcher, res 821 D.
Austin, Harvey, Emp R I, res 826 8th.
Avery, L S, Eng R I, res 420 4th.
Avery, May, Music Teacher, res 1027 C.
Avery, W H, Ret, res 1027 C.
Axtell, Geo, Teams, res 712 A.
AYERS, ED, Imp Dealer, res 708 3d.

Bachoitch, Fr, Barber, res 715 D.
Bager, John, Labo, res 311 4th.
Bagley, Wm, Bkrm R I, res 814 4th.
Bailey, Mrs E T, Ho wi, res 1030 West.
Bailey, Geo H, Ret, res 118 12th.
Bailey, S M, Cash Goodrich Bnk, res 621 F.
Bailey, Willard E, Lineman, res 118 12th.
Bailey, Will, Clerk Hotel, res 206 4th.
Baker, Andrew, Retired, res 403 A.
Baker, Dan, Retired, 623 4th.
Baker, willie, Ser, res 510 10th.
Baker, W T, Emp F C Co, res 1011 C.
Ballard, Miss Bert, Clerk P O, res 1104 4th.
Ballard, S J, Brkm R I, res 614 4th.
Bandy, Ethel, Milliner, res 708 A st.
Bandy, H H, Clerk, res 708 A st.
Barnes, Chas, Cook, Parker Ho, res 311 4th.
Barnes, I S, Emp R I, res 912 Arcade.
Barnes, W H, Atty, res 827 4th.
Bartlett, James, Labo, res 321 So I.
Barton, A, Retired, res 613 E.
Bassett, Louis, Retired, res 415 D.
Baum, J D, Photo, res 908 6th.
Beal, Henry, Carp, res 819 E.
Beam, Mrs Nettie, Ho Wi, res 309 3d W.
Beam, Walter, Emp Round Ho, res 309 3d W.
Bean, Dan, Painter, res 306 3d W.
Bean, Mrs Alice C, Ho Wi, res 709 5th.
Bean, Frank, Brkm R I, res 208 8th.
Bean, H W, Butcher, res 309 3d W.
Bean, Mrs Kate, Ho Wi, res 219 8th W.
Beardsley, Chas, Fa Iron wks, res 210 8th.
Beardsley, Ernest, Fa I Wks, res 923 B.
Beardsley, W H, Retired, res 1001 D.
BECK, J A, Barber, res 722 D.
Beck, W H, Teamster, res 829 B.
Bedell, R G, Fireman R I, res 902 Maple.
Bedor, Geo, Emp Ro Ho, res 602 2d.
BEE, E R, Lumberman, res 603 D.
Bell, A E, Bkmn, R I, res 603 3d.
Bell, John, Eng R I, res 721 5th.
Beman, S R, Brkmn R I, res 618 2d.
Bentz, Adam, Stk Buyer, res 810 5th.
Benzing, Frank, Clerk, res 108 3d.
Benzing, Lizzie, Servant, res 902 5th.
Berger, Anna, Clerk H & Co, res 214 6th.
BERGERON, L J, Pro Bakery, res 415 D.
Berry, A M, Agent G I, res 906 4th.
Biggerstaff, Chas, Civil Eng R I, res 714 4th.
Bills, J W, Ret, res 823 B.
Bisbee, Chas, Porter Mer, res 315 D.
Bishop, Mrs Ho Wi, res 1029 B.
Bishop, F H, Con R I, res 1005 4th.
Bishop, Harper, Labo, res 1029 B.
Bishop, J C, Bridge Formn Neb Lum Co, 620 D.
Bitzer, C L, Eng R I, res 1002 4th.
Bitzer, Henry, Eng R I, res 1105 7.
Blagrave, Cora, Bkpr, S & S, res 1016 E.
Blanchard, J E, Ho wi, res 514 10.
Blagrave, Mattie, Clks Latzke, res 1016 E.
Bloyd, A G, Labo, res 921 J.
Bolton, W P, Con R I, res 117 G.
Bombaugh, G H, Con R I, res 706 E.
Bomberg, W E, Boiler, Mkr R I, res 313 A.
BOND, J H, Dentist, res 721 4.
BONE, D E, Lumber Deal, res 1103 11.
Bonta, E G, Labo, res 402 4.
Borland, Fred, Sal Keep, res 207 6.
Borland, Grace, Milliner, res 207 6.
Bosely, D, Ret, res 1327 C.
Bott, W W, Bkr Fa Ir Wks, res 1009 5.
Bowers, Fred C, Ret, res 910 H.
Bowers, J B, Clerk, Crawford, res 216 4 W.
Bowers, Mrs J M, Ho wi, res 216 4 W.
Bowers, Mrs L C, Ho wi, res 1109 6.
Bowman, Ernst, wks Fdy, res 1419 4.
Boyle, C C, County Judge, res 1202 6.
Boyle, Charlotte, Sten Co Judge, res 1202 6.
Boyle, Eugene, Labo, res 1202 6.
Bracelin, Jas, Retired, res 709 3.
BRACKE, ALBERT, Butcher M & B, res 218 G.
BRACKE, CHAS, Butcher, res 205 7.
BRADSHAW, F L, Drayman, res 1016 B, Tel 61.
BRADSHAW, GEO, Drayman, res 1016 B, Tel 61.
Brainerd, Willis, Real Estate, res 822 E.
BRANDTS, C H, Prop Cen Hotel, res 520 4.
Brandts, Ida, wks Cen Hotel.
Brant, A B, Retired, res 610 4.
Brant, Lewis, Lab, res 1015 A.
Brant, Witley, Emp R I, res 1915 A.
Brants, Bert, Lather, res 610 4.
Brewer, J E, Bridge Car, res 913 A.
Brennen, Jas, Horseman, Bds Cen Hotel.
BREESE, CHAS, Cigar Mkr, res 1118 B.
Breese, John P, Candy Deal, res 1120 B.
Bright, Mrs H H, Ho Wi, res 307 H.
Bright, J E, Labo, res 904 Convers.
Brill, F R, Con R I, res 611 D.
Brock, A, Retired, res 217 6.
Brock, Chas, Brk R I, res 217 6.
Brock, D, Dri O Bracke, res 401 6.
Brock, Robt, Retired, res 401 6.
Brock, Wm, Clks R I, res 401 6.
BROCKE, H CLAY, Dentist, res 711 E.
Brothers, Wm, wks Ro Ho, res 603 3.
Brougher, Wm, Ret, res 300 3 W.
Brown, Chas A, Gro Dri, res 315 3.
Brown, E E, Brkm R I, res 1108 7.
Brown, Edna L, Teacher, res 809 8.
Brown, Emma, Seamstress, res 423 A.
Brown, Etta M, Clerk, res 217 6.
Brown, Eugene, Carp, res 1305 7.
Brown, Ezra, Retired, res 423 A.
Brown, Frank, Night Watch, res 210 3 W.
Brown, George, Carp, res 1305 W.
Brown, George, Teamster, res 213 W 4.
Brown, Grant C, Form R I, res 900 Lindell.
Brown, James, Del Huber & Co, res 1305 W.
BROWN, JOHN, Cont Brown & Son, res 1305 W.
Brown, Lew, Eng R I, res 405 5.
Brown, Lyman, Gra By, res 809 8.
Brown, Mrs Mary, Ho Wi, res 201 3 W.
Brown, Mrs S C, Ho wi, res 315 3.
Brown, Sarah, Ser, res 621 7.
Brown, W E, Con R I, res 805 B.
BROWN, W T, Contrac B & Son, res 1005 Lindell.
Browner, Jeff, Str Sprinkler, res 1211 6.
Bryant, E P, Con R I, res 1102 6.
Bryant, J C, Brkm R I, res 619 K.
Bulin, Mary, Ser. Res 820 4.
Bundy, Chas, Labo, res 314 4 W.
Bundy, Fred, Labo, res 314 4 W.
Bundy, W O, Waiter Groff & W, res 314 3 W.
Burleigh, D, Supt R I, res 1014 5th.
Burleigh, Will H, Mach Appr, res 1014 5th.
Burbridge, B, Emp R I res 823 2.
Burbridge, E C, Form Hur Nsy, res 624 C.
Burbridge, Elsie, Clks Carter & Co, res 624 C.
Burbridge, Mrs M J, Ho Wi, res 624 C.
Burbridge, W A, Printer, res 621 D.
BURFORD, O F, Wagon Mkr, res 822 H.
Burge, H J, Retired, res 919 I.
Burner, Milton, Retired, res 514 5.
Burrell, Will, Ser, res 802 4.
Busboom, Mrs Maggie, Ho Wi, res 1205 C.
Butler, W D, Mgr Neb Tel Co, res 220 G.

Callaway, W F, Lab, res 103 7.
Calder, W H, Labo R I, res 714 E.
Campbell, A G, Showman, res 203 5.
Campbell, Chas, Showman, res 106 4.
Campbell, Ed, showman, res 102 5.
Campbell, E G, Fi Elec Light, res 917 Lindell.
Campbell, W P, showman, res 107 4.
CARNAHAN, G V, Pro Mer Ho.
Carpenter, Chas, Restaurant, res 122 5.
CARPENTER, FRED, Mer, res 118 4 W.
Carpenter, F D, Retired, res 118 4 W.
Cartgen, Jas, Retired, res 1021 D.
Carlisle, Bessie, Ser Mer Ho.
Carr, Ed, Car Repr R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Carr, O S, Tr Dispat R I, res 930 D.
Carton, W L, Labo, res 207 3.
Carty, Robt, Carpenter, res 322 3 W.
Cardiff, J w, Ret, res 611 4.
Carroll, M J, Eng, R I, res 824 5.
Case, C E, Sheriff, res 819 8.
Casey, Jas, Sex for R I, res 902 Converse.
Casey, J Patrick, Brk R I, res 218 6.
Casey, Michael, Retired, res 1317 Vine.
Cassen, J H, Labo, res 1326 B.
Cashman, Geo, Labo, res 327 3 W.
CATLIN, C G, Imp Deal, res 1006 5.
Cawdry, Grace, Clks Huber & C, res 618 E.
Cawdry, Norman, Bkmn, res 618 E.
Cavanaugh, Alice, Dr Mkr, res 422 4.
Caviness, A L, Supt School, res 804 D.
Cavanaugh, Chas, Asst Dis R I, res 616 6.
Cave, W L, Printer, Times, Boards Parker House.
Cawdry, Grace, clk J D Davis, res 618 E.
Cawdry, Anna, res 828 A.
Chancellor, Arthur, Fir R I, res 1321 3.
Cearcy, M J, Painter, res 921 Maple.
Chambers, Miss Effie, Clerk, res 706 4.
Chambers, Miss Nora, Ho Kpr, res 706 4.
CHAMBERS, O E, Res Kpr, res 117 4.
CHAMBERS, O M, Photo, res 511 F.
Champlin, Mrs S E, Ho Wi, res 307 H.
Champlin, W G, Con R I, res 409 9.
Chapman, Geo, Labo, res 112 3.
Chapman, H J, Car, res 1109 Lindell.
Chappell, C B, Gardener, res 325 So K.
Chappell, Lewis, Emp R I, res 324 J.
Chappell, Lisle, Labo, res 325 So K.
Cherry, John, Plasterer, res 1129 West.
CHILDERS, LESTER, Pro Barber, res 208 7.
Chipman, F B, Barber, Bachoritch, res 714 2.
Christenson, Hans, Labo, res 311 4.
Christian, Miss Emma, res 610 D.
Christian, Miss Mona, Cashier McDon, res 610 D.
Christian, Robt, Clerk Pease, res 907 D.
Christian, Wm, Clerk F Carpenter, res 812 C.
Christiansen, H, Bridge Carp R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Clapp, Rev R A, Retired, res 720 E.
CLAPP, R A Jr, Atty, res 720 E.
Clark, C A, Carp, res 124 10.
CLARK, C E, Bakery & Con, res 124 W 10.
Clark, Frank, Barber, res 807 D.
Clark, Geo, Porter Barber Shop, res 807 D.
CLARKE, DR H L, res 616 6.
CLARK, JUD, Barber, res 807 D.
Clark, O, Firm R I, res 405 B.
CLARK, O J, Barber, res 315 8.
Clark, Wilson, Justice Peace, res 1002 6.
Clark, W A, Round House, res 603 3.
Clemmer, Chas E, Fir R I, res 1123 2.
Clemmer, D R, Emp R I, res 1123 2.
Clemmer, Mrs R, Ho wi, res 1123 2.
Clifton, Chas, Atty, res 811 Vine.
Clifton, Wm, Carp, Rooms 421 5.
Cochran, Richard, Sten R I, res 214 6.
Coder, John, Firm R I, res 611 4.
Coffin, C M, Labo, res 714 8.
Coffin, Wm, Bkm, Bds Cen Hotel.
Coffman, Chas, Bkr R I, res 714 4.
Coffman, Rosco, Porter, res 600 3.
Connell, Patrick, Emp R I, res 903 C.
COLBY, E B, Prop Bil Hall, rooms 409 5.
Cole, C C, Eng R I, res 911 3.
Collier, O G, Prop Plan Mill, res 622 B.
Collins, Jane, Ho Wi, res 907 2.
Conerus, Herman, Shoe Dealer, res 410 A.
Conrad, Clara, Clk Huber & Co, res 830 C.
Conrad, F, Saloon, res 909 C.
Conrad, Jennie, Music Teacher, res 830 C.
Conrad, Mrs J, Retired, res 824 C.
CONRAD, J, Retired, res 830 C.
CONRAD, O, Saloon, res 830 C.
Conrad, Rosa, Cashier Huber & Co, res 830 C.
Conway, John, Firm R I, res 600 3.
Converse, A A Mrs, res 826 8.
Converse, B J, Bks R I, res 826 8.
Converse, Irving, Call Boy R I, res 826 8.
Converse, Vinna, Sten, res 826 8.
Cook, E, wks E B Colby, res 1130 West.
Cook, Minnie, Cook Merchants, res 6000 3.
Coopish, Otelia, Student, res 914 E.
Corkhill, Geo, con R I, res 1106 6.
CRAMB, WM, Editor Journal, res 927 C.
Crawford, Carl, Eng R I, res 600 3.
CRAWFORD, C W, Gro, res 518 5.
Crawford, Emma, res 103 3.
Crawford, Frank, clk McDon, res 103 3.
Crawford, James, Porter Saloon, res 101 3.
Costello, W S, Eng R I, res 700 4.
Conley, Mrs Mary, Ho Wi, res 301 J.
Courtway, Mrs Ora, Dressmaker, res 410 F.
COWLES, C C, Real Estate, res 901 H.
Cowles, Edward B, Far, res 823 H.
Cox, Chas, Fir R I, res 719 2.
Cox, Nellie, Waitress, res 216 3.
Cox, L W, Retired, res 1102 7.
Craig, Frank, Por Mer Hotel.
Cramb, Lew, Firm Elec Co, Bds Mer Hotel.
Crawford, Nellie, Clerk Latzke, res 103 3.
Crawford, Mrs R J, Ho Wi, res 103 3.
Crandall, Earl, Opr R I, res 1007 5.
CRANDALL, WM, Imp Deal, res 1007 5.
Crandall, Wm, Retired, res 1007 5.
Crossley, Mark, Barber, res 1103 D.
Cronk, John, Labo, res 301 4.
CROPSEY, D B, Pres 1st Nat Bk, res 828 8.
Crosby, J E, Agt R I Relief, res 616 3.
Cross, C H, wks Ro Ho, res 225 8 West.
Cross, Geo, Prop Gazette, res 521 H.
Cross, J B, Retired, res 1309 Vine.
Cross, Perry, Retired, res 214 6.
Cullitan, J P, Eng R I, res 1014 6.
Culver, Ervin, Car, res 1307 3.
Culver, Blanche, Teacher, res 601 5.
Cummings, Mrs Kate, Ho Wi, res 721 4.
Cummins, W F, Bkm, Bds Cen Hotel.
Curts, Edw, Clk New Hub, res 612 4.
Curts, Fred, Painter, res 612 4.
Curts, Harry, Clk Geo Jenkins, res 612 4.
Curts, W M, Butcher, Aultman, res 612 4.
Curry, Chas, Labo, res 312 McDowell.
Custer, Leona, Clk C W Reed, res 318 3 West.
CUSTER, P V, Paint & Pap H, res 318 3 West.
Cuthbert, Fred, wks Walsh & Hig, res 601 2.
Cuthbirt, John, Emp R I R H, res 601 2.
Cuthbertson, John, Eng R I, res 905 5.
Cuykendall, John, Eng R I, res 923 D.
Cyphers, H M, Eng R I, res 623 5.

Dailey, Chas, Ret, res 511 F.
Dailey, Dennis, Dr U S Ex, res 511 F.
Dailey, Wm, Dr McDonnell & Co, res 511 F.
Dalton, J, Bkr R I, res 3 st.
Dart, Mrs Anna, Boarding House, res 418 A.
Dayton, Willis, Emp R I, res 117 G.
Davis, Alonzo B, Coal & Feed Dl, res 621 E.
Davis, A E, Foreman R I, Bds Cen Ho.
Davis, A J, Mail Carrier, res 1111 2.
Davis, C B, Fir R I, res 623 4.
Davis, Chas E, wks Allen & Davis, res 621 E.
Davenport, Fr, Emp R I, res 210 7.
Davis, Mrs Lillian, Ho Kpr, res 605 2.
Davis, Lloyd, Lab, res 1111 2.
Davis, Mrs L H, Music Tech, res 228 3 W.
DAVIS, L H, Blacksmith, res 228 3 W.
Davis, N E, Retired, res 1122 A.
Davis, R E, Student, res 1122 A.
Davis, Sarah E, Teacher, res 1122 A.
Davis, John, Lab, res 302 So 8.
DAVIS, J D, Shoe Deal, res 514 5.
Davis, J Monroe, Abstracter, res 1211 D.
Dawkins, E H, Barber, res 1021 D St.
DAY, H A, Job Printer, res 915 B.
Dean, Chas, wks impl C & Aden, res 307 12.
Delbridge, John, Ret, res 309 A.
Decker, John, Emp Ro Ho, res 1117 4.
Dellinger, B L, Sto Mason, res 1006 Converse.
Delno, Mollie, Ho Wi, res 905 Lindell.
Demo, Lewis, Lab, res 409 D.
Deger, Carl, Pap H, res 1019 B.
DENNEY, C H, Atty, res 802 C.
Dickens, A, Dispr R I, res 610 6.
Dickinson, Mrs F, Ho Wi, res 912 6.
DICKENSON, WEBSTER, Cloth T. & D, res 912 6.
Dickenson, Wm, Grain Buyer, room 401 D.
Diehl, Frank L, bill Clk R I, res 1010 3.
Diller, Sam, Clothier U & D, res 609 5.
Dilworth, Perry, wks Galbraith, res 401 6.
Dodd, J M, Retired, res 601 5.
Dodds, B C, Firm R I, res 416 K.
DODGE, DR G L, Physician, res 622 E.
DODGE, DR S W, Physician, res 622 E.
Dollar, Anna, Seamstress, res 911 Lindell.
Dollar, Clem, Cook, res 911 Lindell.
Dole, Mrs M J, Dressmaker, res 401 B.
Donnelly, M J, Mach R I, res 600 3.
DONNELLY, ROBT, Firm R I, res 600 3.
Donnelly, R L, Form R I, res 721 5.
Dormann, Eva, wks, res 609 5.
Doty, Grant, Brkm R I, res 1310 4.
Downes, Nate, Eng R I, res 912 5.
Doyle, John, Lab, res 311 4.
DUGGER, A P, Fa Bottling wks, res 706 G.
Duncan, G M, Bkm R I, res 918 D.
Dunham, A G, Plas Br La, res 928 A.
Dunn, H K, Salesman, res 714 4.
Dunn,  R S, Res Kpr, res 607 B.
Durrant, Fr, Waiter, res 117 G.
Duval, Mrs C A, Ho Wi, res 1024 4.
Duval, H L, Con R I, res 1024 4.
Dyer, A E, Emp R I, res 3 West.

Eaton, Lloyd, Emp R I, res 1010 Arcade.
Eaton, John, Lab, res 306 So 2.
Edmunson, E, Emp R I, res 707 2.
EDGE, S R, Drayman, res 317 3 West.
Edmundson, Chas, Rnd Hse Man, Bds Cen Hotel.
Eggert, Chas, Rod Mas R I, res 208 G.
Eidse, C K, S & S, res 905 2.
Elder, F W, Mgr Com Com Co, Bds Parker House.
Eldrege, L W, Retired, res 622 4.
Elgert, Phillip, Blks, Bds Cen Hotel.
Elliott, Nim, Labo, res 104 3 West.
Ellis, G M, Eng Steam Shovel, R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Ellsworth, Ed, Liveryman, res 907 4.
Ellsworth, Glen, Firm R I, res 1109 5.
Emerick, J, Rest Kpr, res 102 G.
Emerick, Laura, Waitress, res 102 G.
Emerick, Will, wks Turner & Son, 218 H.
Enfield, Miss Dora B, Dressmak, res 409 5.
Enfield, Geo, Carpenter, 418 A.
Enfield, Myrtle, Ho Kpr, res 911 2.
Enfield, Mrs P A, Dressmkr, res 409 5.
Engels, Harry, Jeweler, res 600 5.
Engstrom, Chas, Labo, res 311 4.
Enslow, Bruce, Printer, res 125 4 W.
Enslow, Chester, R I Firm, res 125 4 W.
Epp, John, Emp Fdy, res 1217 1.
Estep, L N, Ho Wi, res 515 3.
Evans, Geo, Brck Layer, res 216 6.
Evans, H J, Contr, res 610 5.
Evans, Joe, Cash 1st Nat Bk, res 806 D.
Evans, J H, Plasterer, res 1016 I.
Evans, Louis, Drug Clk, res 511 F.
Exton, Mrs E M, Ho Wi, res 828 A.
Evans, Fr, Teamster, res 1016 I.

Fahlenkamp, J A, Tailor, res 823 D.
Farbridge, A A, Dep Co Clk, res 222 7.
Farmer, A L, Liveryman, res 710 E.
Farmer, W J, wks McL & Gage, res 903 9.
Farrell, Mrs Carrie, Ho Wi, res 1019 2.
Fears, A, Teamster, res 611 3.
Fears, Herman, Labo, res 611 3
Feil, August, Appr, res 722 C.
Fellman, Henry, Firm R I, res 719 2.
Fielder, Henry, Labo, res 1027 B.
Fields, Walter, Firm R I, res 216 3.
Fillmore, H, Labo, Bds Cen Ho.
Finegan, Walter, Barber, res 129 W 4.
Fisher, Lee, Labo, res 1213 Vine.
Fiske, J M, Bkrm R I, res 714 4.
Fiske, Mrs, Ho wi, res 619 G.
Fitzgerald, John, Road M R I, res 917 3.
Fitton, Mrs Anna, Ho Wi, res 814 6.
Fitton, Arthur, Clk McDonnell, res 814 6.
FITTON, ED, Grocer, res 220 W 4.
Fitton, Jack, Grocer, res 814 6.
Flansburg, E B, Labo, res 1215 3.
Fletcher, Chas, Eng R I, res 1215 3.
Floren, E R, Clk R I, room 621 E.
Flowers, S L, Pastor Ross Mis, res 1313 2.
Fogle, J L, Teamster, res 913 Lindell.
Forsland, Alfred, Shoe Mkr. Res 1121 D.
FOSTER, O C, Pro Me Ho, 3 D.
Foster, S A, Hkpr Mer Ho.
Fox, Albert W, Labo, res 203 G.
Fox, Frank, Labo, res 203 G.
Fox, Jno, Labo, res 203 G.
Fox, John C, Labo, res 203 G.
Franz, Chas, Marshal, res 813 a.
Frazier, Mrs N, Ser, res 907 A.
Freeman, Cecil, Painter, Foundry, Parker House.
Freeman, Ed T, Clerk, Boards Parker House.
FREEMAN, GUY, Stove Rep, res 303 H.
Friesen, John I, Emp O G Collier, res 217 3.
Fromong, O C, Jeweler, res 608 6.
Fromong, Wm, Labo, res 1103 West.
Fuller, Arthur, Fir R I, res 824 6.
Fuller, A W, Eng R I, res 824 6.
Funk, Davis, Firm R I, res 615 3.
Franck, A H, Clk Kavanaugh, res 723 D.

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