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The City Directory of Fairbury, Nebraska

Compiled and Published by THE FAIRBURY TIMES, Fairbury, Nebraska.

April 1, 1904

This page was transcribed and formatted by Brenda Busing. This page is for use as a reference
only and may not be reproduced or published by any method. All rights are reserved

There is no key to the abbreviations used in the book.
If you have a question about one please contact me, I may be able to help.


Sadil, Josie, Ser, res 928 E.
Sadilek, Miss toney, Sten, res 611 6.
Sarbach, Jos, Ret, res 505 8.
Saulsgiver, Mrs Katie, Ho Wi, res 902 Arcade.
Sause, Marie, Ser, res 306 3 W.
Sawyer, C M, Condr R I, res 922 D.
Schlininger, Dan, Labo, res 412 C.
Schaufelberger, Albert, Shoe Mkr, res 1106 5.
Schaibel, J L, Bkr R I, res 1024 Arcade.
Schelton, E D, Ret, res 322 So K.
Schenck, Jos, Emp R I, res 72 3.
Schmidt, F w, Phot, res 308 5.
Schneider, H, Emp R I, res 1022 2.
Schooner, H M, Emp R I, res 219 7.
Schriber, Chas C, Labo, res 210 E.
Schriber, Chas F, Ret, res 210 E.
SCHULTZ, W, Grocer, res 816 D.
SCHUMAN, O L, Fur Deal S & S, res 608 G.
Scott, Chas, Fir, res 1201 2.
Scriven, A C, ret, res 115 4.
Scriven, A J, Ret, res 222 3.
Scriven, Chas, Labo, res 212 3.
Scrivens, Clarence, Labo, res 812 A.
Scrivens, David, Teamster, res 921 A.
Scrivens, Geo, Teamster, res 115 4.
Scrivens, Ira, Labo, res 814 A.
Scrivens, James, wks W P Dickenson, res 212 3.
Scrivens, L, Labo, res 814 A.
Secord, S A, Labo, res 826 Arcade.
Sears, O D, Clk, res 813 7.
Seever, Arthur S, Fir R I, res 1303 3.
Shaffer, C H, Agt R I, res 900 D.
Shane, C W, Carp, res 1030 West.
Shane, G W, Teamster, res 1220 3.
Shane, Eugene, Blckm, res 124 West O.
Shara, Stella, Ser, res 907 4.
Shaw, Jos, Emp G I, res 1017 West.
Shamberger, Mrs S, Ho Wi, res 605 3.
Shamp, B J, Fir R I, res 323 West 11.
Shaw, J P, Plast, res 1414 3.
Shea, Mollie, Ho Kpr, res 925 H.
Shea, John Jr, Clk, res 925 H.
Shea, John, Ret, res 925 H.
Shearon, A H, Fir, res 1115 4.
SHEARON, JAS, Lumber & coal Deal, res 807 3.
Shearon, Warren, Labo, res 810 5.
Shearon, Thos, Ret, res 807 3.
Sheeley, S U, Medicial Agt, Bds Parker Hse.
Sheldon, A J, Ret, res 523 D.
Sheldon, G C, Clk The Hub, res 523 D.
Shelton, W E, Barber, res 129 4 W st.
Shelley, Lew, Ed News, res 716 F.
Shepard, Albert, Emp R I, res 411 A.
Shepard, Harry, Labo, res 411 A.
Shepard, John, Ret, res 418 a.
Shepherd, C H, Eng R I, 522 C.
Shepherd, J T, Min Presby Ch, res 715 6.
Shepherd, James, wks, res 919 Lindell.
Shepherd, Miss Olive, Music Tch, res 715 6.
Shepherd, S D, Carp, res 919 Lindell.
Shoebotham, Henry, Ret, res 1017 D.
Short, G W, Labo, res 803 8.
Short, Jas, Emp Van Buren, res 803 8.
Short, Logan, Labo, res 202 6.
Short, Samuel, Clk, res 803 8.
Shrove, E A, Bkm R I, res 623 4.
Shroger, John, Labo, res 303 So H.
Shuey, Geo, Carp, res 1115 A.
Schultz, Henry, Labo, res 1117 C.
Schultz, John, Tailor, res 1117 C.
Sickles, M A, Com Mer, res 1119 7.
Simmons, W W, Ret, res 623 H.
Simpkins, E L, Jeweler, res 915 E.
Simpson, Chas, R R Fir, res 403 A.
SIMPSON, JOHN, Pro Fa Ir Wks, res 815 5.
Sinclair, Geo, Bds Cen Hotel.
Sinnott, J M, Eng R I, res 721 4.
Slater, E, Fir R I, res 918 Arcade.
Slater, Henry, Eng R I, res 202 3.
Slater, Mrs Sarah, Car Wea, res 309 So 9.
Slater, Wm, Emp R I, res 315 So I.
Slover, I W, Con R I, res 918 8.
Smalldon, John, Ret, res 309 A.
Smalldon, R L, Mail Clk, res 710 6.
Smart, Leta, Teacher, res 924 5.
SMART, S A, Cigar Deal, res 924 5.
Smith, A F, Liveryman, res 822 6.
SMITH, DR, Dentist, res 828 3.
Smith, Frank, Bartd, res 604 3.
Smith, Frank, Labo, res 1209 2.
Smith, Geo, Labo, res 1209 2.
Smith, H K, Labo, res 704 D.
Smith, H R, Eng R I, res 916 7.
Smith, M E, Confectioner, res 419 D st.
Smith, Mrs E, Ho Wi, res 800 5.
Smith, J J, Labo, res 1028 Lindell.
Smith, Sam, Labo, res 301 So K.
Smith, Sam, Cook, res 605 4.
SNAVLEY, MRS E, Milliner, res 517 E.
Snavley, Wm, Emp R I, res 517 E.
Snow, J W, Labo, res 311 4.
Snodgrass, W O, Shoemkr, res 605 2.
Snyder, David, Emp R I, res 901 2.
Snyder, Jonathan, Ret, res 703 5.
Soat, H F, Trav Salesm, res 619 J.
South, L F, Bkm, R I, res 1224 3.
Spencer, Albert, Bkm R I, res 611 3.
Spence, Alex, Brkm R I, res 1022 6.
Spence, Daniel, Ret, res 1022 6.
Spence, Effie, Teacher, res 1109 West.
Spence, Peter, Con R I, res 700 4.
Spencer, W F, Ret, res 1109 West.
Spiers, W F, Mgr Swift & Co, res 911 D.
Sprague, W B, Wood Deal, res 1015 8.
Stambaugh, Chas, Brkm R I, res 511 F.
Stanley, Rosa, Ser, res 721 G.
Stauss, Geo, Bartd, res 707 D.
Stege, Mrs A, Ho Wi, res 201 9.
STEELE, CALVIN F, Fur S & S, res 825 7.
Steele, Wm, Labo, res 623 K.
Stevens, Opr R I, res 621 6.
Stewart, Mrs A J, Ho Wi, res 1007 A.
Stewart, Elizabeth, Student, res 720 F.
Stewart, Wm, Bkm R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Stevens, A E, Labo, res 908 Arcade.
Stoddard, F H, Dispr R I, res 603 7.
Stone, C M, Mach R I, res 808 6.
Stowe, C S, Con R I, res 221 3.
Stone, C G, Mach R I, res 610 3.
Stone, Henry M, Civil Eng, res 703 4.
Stratton, Jno, Bkm R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Straube, A A, Eng R I, res 615 6.
Strayer, Fr, Emp R I, res 211 J.
Strock, O H, Ret, res 1027 4.
Strohm, Geo, Grocer, res 816 7.
Stubbs, J H, Master Mechanic, res 621 6.
Sturm, A S, Ho W, res 916 Converse.
Sturm, Ellsworth, Labo, res 916 Converse.
Sturm, E H, Emp R I, res 910 Converse.
Sturm, G D, Ret, res 326 So I.
Sturm, Wim, Labo, res 820 Arcade.
Stutevoss, Henry, Contractor, res 1100 C.
Stutevoss, Herman, Carpenter, res 1116 C.
Suter, David, Emp R I, res 914 Arcade.
Suter, Wm, Ret, res 914 Arcade.
Sutton, W A, Showman.
SWARTZ, C C, Oil Deal, res 1001 5.
SWARTZ, S E, Confec, res 522 D.
Sweeney, D, Rest Kpr, res 320 E.
Sweeney, J H, Labo, res 200 West 9.
Sweeney, W M, Bkm R I, res 921 3.
Swift, Frank, Janitor, res 919 C.
Swift, Lulu, Teacher, res 919 C.
Switzer, J V, Ret, res 927 E.
Swope, Roy, Emp, R I, res 511 F.
Schaffer, Ethel, res 714 8.

Tackley, K G, Carp, res 720 G.
TAYLOR, CASH, Edi Gazette, res 1011 D.
Taylor, Mrs Minnie, Clks, res 1016 E.
Taylor, T P, Ret, res 1200 2.
Taylor, W M, Br R I, res 721 G.
Teinan, Mrs, Ho Wi, res 509 A.
Templin, W E, Barber, res 403 A.
Thiessen, A B, Labo, res 703 F.
Thomas, A W, Emp R I R H, res 919 2.
THOMAS, E W, Furn Deal, res 1120 7.
Thomas, G M, Ret, res 321 H.
Thomas, Ida, Ser Mer Hotel.
Thomas, Joe, wks Fa Ir Wks, res 802 4.
Thomas, S J, Ho Wi, res 708 2.
Thomas, Thos, Waiter, res 708 2.
Thompson, Anna, Bkr Fa Ldry, res 608 6.
Thompson, C G, Br R I, res 608 6.
Thompson, Edgar, Labo, res 310 I.
Thompson, Homer, Con R I, res 1016 6.
Thompson, I N, Ret, res 608 6.
Thompson, J F, Exp Agt, res 810 C.
Thompson, J H, Ret, res 802 T.
Thompson, R E, Baker, res 802 A.
Thornton, Florence, Clk, res 926 B.
THORNTON, JOHN, Hdw Thornton & Sons, res 926 B.
Thornton, Lyndon, Postal Clk, res 926 B.
THORNTON, PERCY, Hdw Thornton & Son, res 1018 4.
Thornton, R P, clk, res 926 B.
TIBBALS, E R, Dentist, res 613 6.
Tincher, Mary, Ho Wi, res 916 6.
TINCHER, F, Clothier, res 509 6.
Tinkham, Mrs, Ho Wi, res 719 H.
Timmerman, Fred, Dri, res 423 D.
Tinkham, Clifford, Emp Fa Tel Co, res 719 H.
Titzell, T E, Barber, res 711 C.
Titzel, Wm, Ret, res 511 F.
Todt, H H, Shoe Deal, res 815 E.
Tolleth, Miss Daisy, Music Teach, res 711 4.
Tolleth, Geo, Ret, room 401 D.
Tolleth, Mrs J H, Ho Wi, res 711 4.
Tondre, P J, Implement Deal, res 3d & F.
Towers, Daniel, Car, res 211 7.
Towers, LeRoy, Dri, res 211 7.
Turner, G H, Ft Comm, res 523 F.
Turner, Harley, Labo, Bds Cen Hotel.
Turner, Plato, Ft Comm, res 523 F.
Treadway, Tom, Plasterer, res 481 A.
Trebbe, Richard, Emp R I, res 918 5.
True, Olive, Supt Schools, res 800 5.
Truesdell, S A, Ret, res 906 4.

Uhley, W G, Clothier, res 914 E.
Umphry, Guy, wks R I, res 123 G.
Upp, Jerry, Labo, res 916 Lindell.
Upman, W B, Mgr Bosworth Pro Co, res 715 G.
Uter, T T, Eng R I, res 303 7.

Van Benthem, Fr, Mach R I, res 600 3.
VAN BUREN, WM, Coal Dlr, res 912 D.
VAN BUREN, W G, Coal Dlr, res 824 D.
Van Sickle, Geo M, Eng R I, res 1117 3.
Vance, G C, Ret, res 710 H.
Vanpel, H H, Ret, res 1202 7.
Vanwy, John, wks Livery Barn, res 512 6.
Vanwy, Fred, Livery, Brick, res 512 6.
Vanwy, O, Formn Livery Barn, res 512 6.
Veith, Fred, Ret, res 1002 A.
Veith, John, Labo, res 1223 Vine.
Veith, Wm, Ret, res 1223 Vine.
Venters, S G, Wagon Mkr, Bds Cen Hotel.
Vickers, G P, Carpenter, res 720 F.
Vickers, Thos E, Emp C M Hurd, res 214 8.
Vincell, S F, Ret, res 102 4.
Vincent, Mrs Sarah, Ho Wi, res 707 2.
Vogel, Lambert, Butcher, Bds Cen Hotel.
Voight, Chas, Labo, res 1000 West.

Wafer, William, Labo, res 311 4.
Wager, Marshall, Eng R I, res 1006 2.
Wagner, Albert C, Plasterer, res 204 6.
Wagner, Louis, Ret, res 723 B.
Waitley, Ed, Plasterer, res 915 9.
Wallace, Mrs C, Ho Wi, res 1009 Lindell.
Wallace, C A, Showman, res 824 2.
Wallace, C H, Emp R I, res 826   2.
Wallace, E A, Labo, res 826  2.
Wallace, W W, Baker, res 215 3 W.
Wallace, E L, Ret, res 608 C.
Wallace, Win, Labo, res 826  2.
Walsh, Bessie, Ho Kpr, res 723 F.
WALSH, PAT, Bartd, res 723 F.
Walsh, Thomas, Ret, res 723 F.
Wamire, Schuyler, Dri, res 621 E.
Wantz, Margaret, Trimmer A H L, res 918 8.
Waples, John, Ret, res 209 3 W.
Ware, L L, Bridge R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Ware, L L, Labo, res 311 4.
WARREN, M, Insurance, res 606 7.
Waters, W W, Trav Sal, res 920 7.
Watson, E H, Carp, res 1013 C.
Watson, W W, co Surveyor, res 927 A.
Waugh, Saml, Bkr R I, res 714 4.
WEIDNER, S S, Phy & Surgeon, res 706 6.
Weisel, G P, Druggist, res 902 E.
Weir, Michael, wks R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Weir, M, Labo, res 311 4.
Weaklen, Silas, Labo, res 823 A.
Weaver, M B, Eng R I, res 915 J.
Webster, Lew, Trav Salesm, res 403 10.
Weeks, M H, Ret, res 905 5.
Weigle, Anna, Serv, res 605 6.
Welch, I H, S S Man R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
Welsh, James, Clks, res 121 5 W.
Wells, S S, Labo, res 321 So I.
Welsh, John, Ret, res 121 5 W.
Weskirk, Dick, Horseman, Bds Cen Hotel.
Weson, Ernest, Labo, res 311 4.
West, I B, Brk R I, res 800 5.
Westfall, M B, Ret, res 317 12 W.
WESTLING, J A, Pro Fa Ldry, res 925 5.
Westling, Chas, res 925 5.
Westling, Hannah, Ho Wi, res 925 5.
Weyer, Arthur, Clk, res 803 C.
Weyer, A W, Tailor, res 803 C.
Wheeler, C E, Music Teach, res 906 8.
Wheeler, Erva, wks Fa Ldry, res 825 8.
Wheeler, Harry J, wks Lambert, res 825 8.
Wheeler, J A, Ret, res 825 8.
Wheeler, Lee A, wks O G Collier, res 825 8.
Wheeler, N L, Ret, res 906 8.
Wheeler, Samuel, Mach R I, res 620 5.
Whitaker, Fred, Wood Wkr, res 919 Maple.
Whitaker, Harry, Shoemaker, res 919 Maple.
Whitaker, M, Car, res 919 Maple.
WHITAKER, M C, Dentist, res 304 H.
Whitaker, Mrs M J, Ho Kpr, res 304 H.
Whitcomb, Jno S, Foreman R I, Bds Cen Hotel.
WHITE, A, Rest Groff & White, res 814 4.
WHITE, GEO A, Piano Deal, res 714 5.
WHITMORE, F P, Piano Deal, res 714 5.
WHITNEY, C B, Drayman, res 1025 H, Tel 54.
Whitney, C E, Printer, res 511 F.
Whitney, J E, Blacksmith, res 1025 H.
Whysong, Wm H, Car, res 121 4 W.
Wiggins, Ray, Eng R I, res 809 3.
Wilcox, Sol, Bkr R I, res 420 4.
Wilson, Fred, Br R I, res 511 F.
Wilhelm, F L, Labo, res 312   E.
Wilkison, F E, Supt Ir Wks, res 203 4 W.
Williams, Chas, Lineman R I, res 604 5.
Wilhelm, Mrs F L, Milliner, res 312  E.
Williams, Hiram, Car, res 310 3 W.
Williams, S, Painter, res 321 3 W.
Williams, Smith, Bridge Carp, res 301 3 W.
Wilson, Albert, Gardener, res 526 K.
Wilson, Bert, Labo, res 306 So J.
Wilson, Catherine, Ho wi, res 1110 D.
Wilson, C H, Trainmaster, Bds Dunn's Rest.
Wilson, C J, Gen Supt R I, room 621 E.
Wilson, Fred, Bkmn R I, res 604 5.
Wing, A, Painter, res 1020 C.
Wittenberg, Henry, R H R I, res 1209 Vine.
Wittenberg, John, Boiler Mkr, res 1209 Vine.
Wittenberg, Mrs Rosina, Hse, res 704 D.
WIRT, CLIFFORD, Undertaker, res 721 5.
Wolf, Wm, Car, res 315 W 4.
Wolf, Thomas, Bicycle Rep, res 315 W 4.
Wooster, W G C, Blksm, res 622 F.
Wood, A A, Eng R I, res 701 H.
Woods, Ben, Clks, res 614 C.
Wood, Chester, Clks, res 614 C.
Wood, Ernest, mail Carrier, res 701 H.
Wood, F L, Clk, res 803 B.
Wood, H, Sex Fr,, res 803 B.
Wood, I H, Min Bab, res 724 G.
Wood, Roy, Dentist, res 701 H.
Woodford, Stella, Teacher, res 811 6.
Wood, Mrs V A, Hswife, res 614 C.
Wright, Jack, Emp R I, res 1002 2.
Wright, Mrs L B, Dr Mkr, res 911 8.
Wright, Thos, Con R I, res 701 6.
WURTH, W F, Physician, res 422 4.
Wyatt, Chas, Tinner, room 411 6.

Yantz, Mrs H A, Hswfe, res 303 9.
Yantz, Calvin, Clks U & D, res 303 9.
Yantz, Peter, Ret, res 1123 6.
Young, G H, Con R I, res 103 3 W.
Younger, Fred, Emp R H R I, res 600 3.
Yowell, Jas, Cook, Mer Ho.
Yontz, Ada, wks Fa Tel Co, res 916 B.
Yontz, Carrie, wks Fa Tel Co, res 916 B.
Yontz, E A, Real Estate, res 916 B.
Yontz, Harry, Clks Latzke, res 916 B.
Yontz, W V, Clk E W Thomas, res 200 8.

Zahner, Fr, Lab, res 911 2.
Zahner, Geo, Lab, res 911 2.
Zahner, John, Emp R I, res 911 2.
Zahner, Wm, Lab, res 911 2.
Ziernberg, Edith, Ser, res 902 E.
Zea, Geo, Lab, res 1307 West.

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