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Jefferson County Golden Wedding Announcements

If you have an old (1922 or earlier) Jefferson County Golden Wedding Announcement you would like to share with others, type it up as regular text and send it to me as a regular E-mail. Please include the source. I will then post it to this page.

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Source: The Fairbury Gazette, Saturday May 21, 1898
Last Wednesday, May 18, was the fiftieth wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Shamberger, their golden wedding. In accordance with their usual modest custom they had intended to let the affair go by unnoticed, but in this they reckoned without their host, for the fact leaked out among their friends of the Presbyterian church and a few others, and after prayer meeting about thirty of them went to the Shamberger domicile, and F.W. Dinsmore acting as spokesman for the crowd presented the couple with a very handsome upholstered easy rocker. Mr. Shamberger replied to the presentation speech with a few very appropriate and feeling remarks. After an hour of social converse the visitors departed each congratulating the host and hostess and wishing them many returning anniversary days. The guests present were Messrs and Mesdames F.W. Dinsmore, John Gellatly, J.H. LeRoy, J.E. Mercer, Jno. Heasty, C.H. Denney, Joseph Sarbach, J.V. Switzer, E.H. Hinshaw, Jno. Kesterson, Ed. Mendenhall, L.W. Goodrich, E.L. Simpkins, N.S. Long, C.F. Steele, Dr. Weidner, Samuel Allen, J.L. Kennedy, E.E. Goodrich and Geo. E. Jenkins, and S.H. Diller, Miss Laura Darrow, W.H. Beatty, Chas. Swartz, Chas. Rain and Miss Felkner.

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