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Township name appears in ( ) in second column. Example: the first listing would be found
in the township of Meridian, section 19. Click here for a map that shows the townships.

1st Presb. Ch of Meridian 19-3-1 (Meridian)
Bower Cem. Assoc. 1-3-2 (Richland)
Cub Creek Cem.  31-3-3 (Cub Creek)
Cub Creek Prec. Cem. (Old Plymouth) 6-3-4 (Jefferson)
Emanuel Lutheran Church 14-4-4 (Plymouth)
Emanuel Lutheran Church 10-4-2 (Washington)
Eureka Cem. (Daykin) 4-4-1 (Eureka)
Ev. Lutheran Church 12-3-4 (Jefferson)
Fairbury Cemetery Assoc. 24-2-2 (Fairbury)
Friendship Cem. Assoc. 24-4-4 (Plymouth)
Grace Lutheran Church 6-2-1 (Lincoln)
Grove Cem. (Grandy) 31-3-3 (Cub Creek)
Harbine Cem. Assoc. 27-3-4 (Jefferson)
Helvey Cem. - (Meridian)
Hildebrandt 14-3-3 (Cub Creek)
Hope Evangelical Lutheran 35-3-4 (Jefferson)
Huber Cemetery 15-1-1 (Buckley)
Jansen Cem. 28-3-3 (Cub Creek)
Keeney Cem. (Powell) 14-3-1 (Meridian)
Megli Trustees 13-4-3 (Gibson)
Peace Lutheran Church 28-4-3 (Gibson)
Pleasant Hill Cem. 12-2-1 (Lincoln)
Pleasant View Cem. Assoc. 14-4-2 (Washington)
Prairie Cem. Ass'n (Moles) 25-3-1 (Meridian)
Prairie Home Cem. 13-2-4 (Pleasant)
Richland Center 22-3-2 (Richland)
Rose Hill Cemetery 30-1-3 (Endicott)
Silver Creek Cemetery 18-1-2 (Antelope)
St. John's Ev. Luth.  11-4-1 (Eureka)
St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran 17-4-4 (Plymouth)
St. Paul's Lutheran (Cub Creek) 10-3-3 (Cub Creek)
Steele City Cem. Assoc. 17-1-4 (Newton)
Swan Creek Cemetery 5-4-2 (Washington)
Thiessen Cem. 35-3-3 (Cub Creek)
Tr. Zion Church 2-2-1 (Lincoln)
Trinity Emanuel Church 25-4-3 (Gibson)
Woodlawn Cemetery Assoc. 21-4-4 (Plymouth)

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