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Audrey Garlie ( Thu, 31 Dec 1998

Barnes, Brees
Janie Brees Daughter of Benjamin/Margaret Brees. Janie appears to be a second marriage of my Gr.Grandfather Alpha N. Barnes. I have found in records the marriage listing. My Grandfather Alpha M. Barnes was born in Fairmont,NE. I believe his mother Martha Gooden Barnes may have died giving him birth in1881. The marriage record of Janie Brees and A.N.Barnes was August 1881, and at that time shows him residing in Marhall Cty., Kansas. and her residing at Jefferson Cty.NE. Do not know if you wanted all this info or not. But have been trying to locate a death record for Martha Barnes to be sure this A.N.Barnes is acturally my Gr. Grandfather. The locations and names just seem to coincidental not to be. So thought maybe I would locate a Brees descendant that is also researching.

Dorothy Muirhead ( Wed, 30 Dec 98

Seeking desc of Charles C. Hood d. at his home in Gladstone, NE 10 Jul 1898. Buried in Fairbury Cemetery, Jefferson Co. NE

Joe Phillips ( Thu, 03 Dec 1998

Schriber, Rowland
A Daniel Schriber (age 25) of Fairbury married a Jose Rowland (19) of Gaskill (near Washington KS) on 7/22/1901. Have not found any Schriber's to date. If you know of one I'd like to hear of it.

Reta L. Kleve ( Thu, 03 Dec 1998

I am putting together a Butt Family History Book and would like to hear from descendants of Karll and Karoliene [Jordon] Butte. There children were: Franz Friedreck Wilhelm Butt, Ludwig K. Butt, Augusta M. Elizabeth [Butt] Henk, Johanna [Butt] Arndt, Ernesting Caroline [Butt] Furer, William Fredereick Butt and my grandfather August Butt.
I am also interested in hearing from my grandmother's family. She was Augusta Amelia [Burkhart] (Mrs. August) Butt. Her parents were August and Johanna [Dube] Burkhart.

KarenCA (DOTY_CARSTENSEN@MSN.COM) Sun, 22 Nov 1998

Looking for info on GGGrandfather ROBERT R. HENDERSON m. ELIZABETH C. PERSELL in Morgan County, Ohio in 1856. Gave birth to JOHN SINCLAIR HENDERSON in Ross County, Ohio in 1861. They moved to Nebraska where John married, ANNIE BELLE NINEMIER(Sp?) 24 January 1884 in Fairbury, Jefferson County, NE. I think John worked for the railroad. All I have is John's death certificate with the names and a poor reproduction of the marriage record to Annie Belle. Any info on the four, esp. ROBERT R. HENDERSON will be treasured. Thanks, .

Don A. Wrighter ( Tue, 10 Nov 1998

I am looking for information on the Wrighter family. Specifically, George B. Wrighter who as a farmer in the county around 1890. He is on the business listing for that year.

Raymond C. Olson ( Mon, 9 Nov 1998

Heaton, Fletcher
James Heaton, 1833-1902, Endicott, NE., and wife, Emily B. Fletcher, ca. 1839-May 3, 1891, had eight children: Laura A., John S., Amanda J. (m. to John M. Smith on Sept 13, 1878); Mary L., Ida J., Sarah Josephine; William A., 1874-1916, m. to Ann Little; and Charles E. Emily was daughter of John and Paulina Ann (Stotts) Fletcher who died in Marion Co., IA. Raymond C. Olson, 31 Demerest St., Portland, Me 04103

Keith Warters ( Thu, 22 Oct 1998

Quick, Comfort
Looking for any information about George W. Quick b: 1828 in NY. Married to Mercy May Comfort b: 20 Mar 1834 in Southport Twp., Chemung, NY. One child Carrie b: 1873 in Ohio. 1880 cencus they were in Fairbury Pct., Jefferson, NE. I do not know if they stayed in Jefferson County. Mercy May Comfort is the sister of my great grandfather Oliver Tyler Comfort b: 13 Jul 1844 in Southport Twp., Chemung, NY.

Jo Mizner ( Thu, 22 Oct 1998

Aubert, Ives
I am looking for info on the Newton and Alta (Ives) Aubert family. They are in the 1920 Jefferson Co. Census; with two daughters, Eunice and Thelma. There was one other daughter born to this couple, Eileen. I know that Newton, Alta, and Eunice are buried in the Fairbury Cemetery. Thelma married James Stych and I think is buried in a cemetery around Clay Center. Also, in the 1920 Jefferson Co. Census is a John and Mary Russell. Along with them, there are six children listed: Jemima, Jesse, Roy, Edna, Elmer, and Willis. I am pretty sure that Mary Russell and Newton Aubert are the children of William L. and Mary Ellen (Mizner) Aubert. But any help with either of these two families would be much appreciated.

Robert A. Forslund ( Sun, 18 Oct 1998

Forslund, Wilson
Gustav Alfred FORSLUND (born 23 SEP 1857 in Sandviken, Sweden, and died 17 MAR 1922 in Fairbury,NE) and his wife Sophia Christina FORSLUND (nee:WILSON) (born 12 April 1862 in Oskarshamn, Sweden and died 15 MAR 1945 in Fairbury,NE) came to Fairbury, Jefferson County, NE in 1890. Gustav was a cobbler/shoemaker, and the family lived at 1123 D Street. Gustav & Sophia had four children: HARRY, born 27 AUG 1887 & died 15 MAY 1913 in Needles, CA; ELMER WALFORD, born 10 FEB 1890 in Minden,NE, and died 1 JUN 1961 in Stockton, CA; CECIL WALDEMAR, born 9 JAN 1893 in Fairbury, NE, and died 14 DEC 1973 in Santa Barbara, CA; and EDNA HELEN, born 1 MAY 1897 in Fairbury, NE, and died 26 MAR 1992 in Santa Barbara, CA. Any information, please contact Robert A. Forslund, E-mail:

Iris Lee ( Thu, 15 Oct 1998

Gerhardt, Nispel
I am searching for "cousins" who left Normanby township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada to live in Nebraska about 1870. The names are Gerhardt and Nispel. I believe they were in Jefferson County. Grace Noad, Ingersoll, Ontario.

Iris Lee ( Thu, 08 Oct 1998

Frazier, Towers
Would like information on Lethinda (Towers) and Eli Morgan Frazier; married in Jefferson Co., NE in 1871. Ira was son of James Frazier and Mary Rhodes according to marriage certificate. Lethinda died very young and was buried in Republic Co., KS with her mother and sister Esther. Lethinda was also sister to Margaret (Towers) Brock and Daniel Webster Towers both lived in Fairbury.

Iris Lee ( Thu, 08 Oct 1998

Brock, Towers
Would like to find information of Robert Brock b. abt 1837 and wife Margaret (Towers). They appear of the 1885 Jefferson Co., Fed Census. Robert b. in Canada; Margaret Ohio; ch: Martha; Cynthia; Clare; Nellie; Hattie; William; Clay; male born about 1883 and a child born in 1884. This information came from census. They were married in 1862 in Jackson Co., IA, were in Nebr. around 1870.

Shannon M. Fisher-Scandrol ( Thu, 10 Sep 1998

McCanles, Fisher, Schell
My names is Shannon Fisher-Scandrol. I have come to a standstill in my genealogical research, and would appreciate any assistance you might be able to extend. I am looking for information on David McCanles' (Rock Creek Station, d. 1861) widow information. She remarried and had a girl by the name of Jane (?) by her second husband (name ?) who was my gggrandmother. Jane (?) had a daughter named Purl (Pearl) in late 1870's, early 1880's who eventually married a Fisher and had sons with names of Floyd (d. Beatrice(?),1966),Earl and Bud. Floyd married Merle Schell and had a son, Larry Gene Fisher, and daughter, Sharon Fisher. Larry married Judith Rae Kiser 12-1-62 and had a daughter, Shannon Michelle Fisher, and son, Michael Dean Fisher.

Gracelyn D. Thiesen ( Fri, 4 Sep 1998

I am looking for information about Peter P.THIESSEN or his son John (Johann) H. THIESEN who married Helena ENNS in Jansen, NE in 1884. Peter P.THIESSEN and his wife Elizabeth FAST Thiesen immigrated to Jansen in 1875 and lived there until they died on separate dates in July 1898. John and Helena left Nebraska in 1904, but their children were all born in Jansen, including my grandfather, Henry (Heinrich) E. Thiesen-1894. Jacob ENNS and his wife Marie DRIEGER ENNS died in 1889 and 1821 respectively, and I think they were in Jansen at the time. Also, I am interested in information about Henry (Heinrich) B. FRIESEN who died in Jansen around 1900. His son Gerhard F. FRIESEN married Margaretha HARMS in Jansen, on 28 Aug 1890. Her father was Johan S. HARMS, born 3 Dec 1839.
These were all in the Mennonite colonies that were established in 1874 by Russian (Dutch/German) immigrants.
Gracelyn D. Thiesen :

Robert Downen ( Mon, 24 Aug 1998

Researching Ezra GILBERT and family who resided in Steele City (1880 census) along with his brother William GILBERT and their parents Truman and Julia GILBERT. Ezra's wife was Jennie, and their children included Seaton, Emma, and Julia GILBERT in 1880. Ezra may have later moved to Powel, Nebraska. Contact: Robert Downen

Rosalee Pleis (CORose@MSN.Com) Sat, 15 Aug 98

Looking for information on the Otto Pleis family. Otto was born 1856 in Germany and died in 1933 in Jefferson County, Nebraska. He was married to Ricka Leir (Lye, Lei,Lier,Liera who was born 1858 and died 1911. They had 5 boys and 1 girl. Henry Otto Pleis was my grandfather born 1884 in Parkersburg, Iowa. Married Lena Anna Michels in 1907 in what was then Thayer County Nebraska. My name is Rosalee (Rosie) Pleis, daughter of Leonard and Hazel Larkins Pleis. E-mail address is CORose@MSN.Com

Barb Beckhoff Williams ( Wed, 5 Aug 1998

Looking for my great grandfather--I believe was Fred, last name was Schultz. Found his naturalization paper which listed a date of March 15, 1892, in Fairbury, Jefferson County. I do know my g.grandfather was a widower with daughter(s), who married his first wife's sister. Wlhelmena Will (b. 11/14/1863-7/21/1935) was sent by her mother from Germany after the untimely death of her sibling. She went on to bear my grandmother, Adeline Schultz Beckhoff, who was born and married in Tobias, Nebraska. Would be interested in ANY info. available. Especially looking for any connections to Germany, since I am visiting there in late September. Thanks in advance! Barb Beckhoff Williams,

Pat Wilson ( Sat, 1 Aug 1998

I am looking for my husbands great-great grandfather & family. This is what I have and am not sure how accurate it is:
His last name is Wilson, he was injured in the civil war. Born ~1850. Married Susan Vickery (?). Lived in: Liberty 1907-1923, Fairbury 1923-1927 at 815 8th St., Beatrice 1927 at 1336 E. Ella St. and 715 High St. Buried: Nebraska City. Children born to them: Maud Wilson ~1870 in Nebraska City, Buried in Chadron, NE, Married Will Tatum. Children: Vearle also buried in Chadron, NE, Blanche Wilson ~1870 in Nebraska City, Buried in Elmwood, IL, Married Sam Scholts (?). Edwin Earl Wilson~Oct. 1876, Died 1950, Buried in Blue Springs, NE. He owned a farm implement store called Huntington Wilson. Married Virge Alta Kirschner on June 9, 1907 in Liberty, NE Children: Catherine born June 19, 1908 in Liberty, NE. Edwin Earl Jr. born Sept. 27, 1916 in Liberty, NE. 2 Stillborn sons buried in Blue Springs Cemetery. Frank Wilson~ 1881 in Nebraska City, NE, Buried in Nebraska City. Married Verna Wilson~after 1882 in Nebraska City, NE Grace Wilson~mid 1880's. Married Clyde Kuczynski(?) later moved to Florida Children: Kenneth, Suzanne, Ruth.

Thank you for any help you may be to me.

Barry J. Horner ( Sat, 25 Jul 1998

I am researching WHITED, DALE, HICKOK, CROSS, MILLS all in Jefferson County, mostly around the Fairbury area. My mother, a Whited, was born and raised in Fairbury and graduated High School there. Her mother, Marie Cross, married Gerald Leval Whited, then Walter Barry Dale and then Paul Ellsworth Hickok. I have other family members in Fairbury, Alverda (Marie Cross's sister) and William Hill. Have no data on Gerald Whited or Walter Dale. I have my searchable gedcom file on : for those interested in any links.

Thanks in advance.

Barry Horner

Lucraft ( Tue, 07 Jul 1998

Is anyone interested in Joseph LUCRAFT, a discharged soldier, living in Rock Creek Township on the 1890 Census? I have some background on his English roots, along with any other Lucraft/Luckraft/Locraft/Leecraft variants. Be delighted to swap data.

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