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Johnson County Mail List

The Johnson County mail list is managed by Mary Palser. If you would like to receive the mail list, please subscribe using the instructions below.

To subscribe or unsubscribe in list mode, send an email to:
E-mails will be received individually as they are sent to the list.

To subscribe or unsubscribe in digest mode, send an email to:
E-mails will be saved for a period of time and e-mailed together.

Type only the word SUBSCRIBE in the body of your message and put nothing in the subject line. If your e-mail software will not allow you to send an e-mail without a subject, put SUBSCRIBE in the subject line and NOTHING in the body of the message.

To send something to the list it must go to the list address,, not the request address.

If this all sounds really foreign to you, try this e-mail link to subscribe in list mode: Subscribe me

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