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1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer

Johnson County Business Listing

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  COOK, a station in the northeastern part of Johnson County on the M.P. Ry, branch from Talmage to Crete, 12 miles from Tecumseh, county seat. Population 200
Black E T, phys.
Brooks H, livery
Brooks W P, phys.
Busch Bros, gen mdse.
Chamberlain F B, carpenter and contractor
Cook Bank J R Tober, cashier
Cook Hotel, Thos Self, prop.
Curtis H B, ins.
Davis W A, grain
Deeds J F, gen mdse.
Emery M L, justice, blacksmith
Huston C E, lumber
Kenney L V, barber
Leach S A, agl implts.
Mastalka John A, hardware
McDermoot Jos, harnessmaker
Millard G P, blacksmith
Millard T E, grain
Millard T E Mrs, milinery
Peters H L, hardware
Self Thos, prop Cook Hotel, live stock
Smith J W, drugs
Wakeman Henry, meat market
Widmeier Bros, furniture, harness
Winslow Geo. sta agt.
Yarrwood Jessie, milliner
Yarwood N B, genl mdse, postmaster

  CRAB ORCHARD is located in the western part of Johnson County on the B. & M. R.R., 14 miles from Tecumseh, the county seat, and the same distance from Beatrice. It has a population of 450, good school facilities, two churches-M.E. and Baptist-A.L. Mason Post G.A.R. No. 169, a hotel, bank and a weekly newspaper, the Crab Orchard Herald. A new two-story brick bank building is being erected, which will cost $4000.

Bank of Crab Orchard, capital $15,000, C l Rothell, O A Bailey vice-president, Frank Rothell Cashier.
Cannell Bros, hardware
Commercial Hotel, Mrs. C M Thatcher, prop.
Cooper O A, grain, coal
Crab Orchard Herald, S G Howe, pub.
Deulen James, delivery
Dilworth J M, jewelery
D'Ment D W, drugs, justice
Emery R G, meat market
Howe S Grey, editor Crab Orchard Herald
Lattimer & Jones, pumps & windmills
McConnel John, genl mdse.
Miller W H, harness maker
Nichols A B, blacksmith
Petit Thomas, carpenter
Rathburn I H, phys.
Redfield F A, genl mdse.
Rogers W P, veterinary surgeon
Rothell Bros, real estate
Rothell Frank, cashier,bank,notary
Sharrett F M, postmaster, hardware
Smith C B, furniture, undertaker
Spence Alexander, genl mdse.
Thatcher C M Mrs, prop Commercial Hotel
Thomas G W, sta tel,ex agt.
Thorpe Jacob, barber
Williamson A M, gen mdse.

  ELK CREEK is in the southeastern portion of Johnson county, and has about 400 inhabitants. It is on the Atchison and Columbus branch of the B.& M. R. R., seven miles southeast of Tecumseh, the county seat. The societies of the place are G.A.R., S. of V., K of P., A.F. & A.M. The churches are Methodist, Episcopal, Dunkard, Free-will Baptist, Lutheran and Christian.

Bair M N, carpenter & contractor
Bank of Elk Creek, Jas D Russell pres, S F Holmes, cashier
Brown Harvey E, drugs and groceries
Burress Jacob T, restaurant
City Hotel, A Odgen, prop.
Cody Z T, livery
Cooper O A, grain elevator, T T Weitz, manager
Dunn M E Mrs, millinery
Hall Lewis G, postmaster, stationary
Haras A & J W, meat market
Lawrence John W, genl mdse.
Libby & Jenning, genl mdse, lumber, coal and grain elevator
McLanahan W T H, genl mdse.
Marble H P & Co, H P and M H Marble, pubs. Weekly Sentinel
Metropolitian Hotel, Mrs C E Perry, prop.
Ogden Andrew, prop City Hotel
Perry C E Mrs, prop Metropolitan Hotel
Seiss Erhart A, agl implts, wagons
Smiley Thomas, blacksmith
Steininger G J M, sta agt.
Thompson Francis M, hardware
Tibbets & Libby, hardware
Weekly Sentinel, H P Marble & Co, publishers
Weitz Thomas T O, A Cooper mgr.grain elevator, agl implts, coal
Williams Henry, barber
Wright S G & Co, drugs and groceries
Youngman John W, phys.

  HELENA, a postoffice in the northern part of Johnson county, eight miles north of Smartville.

  SMARTVILLE, a village in the central part of Johnson county on the A. & N. division of the B. & B. R.R. nine miles from Tecumseh, the county seat, has about 60 inhabitants. It is pleasantly situated in the midst of a fine grain growing country.

Collester Robert, blacksmith and justice of the peace
Cooper O A, grain
Smart Robert, gen mdse.
Wall W R, sta tel and ex agt.

  STERLING has a population of 1,100 and is located in the valley of the Nemaha, in the northwestern part of Johnson county, on the A.& N. division of the B.& M. R.R.. 10 miles northwest of Tecumseh, the county seat. Fine crops manifest the excellent quality of the land in the vicinity. The Sterling flour mill does a large business. There are a national bank with a capital of $50,000 and a state bank with a captial of $25,000. The Sterling Press-Sun is the enterprising newspaper of the place. Two elevators, two hotels, an omnibus line and various other kinds of business houses are additional evidences of business energy. Good schools and the Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist churches supply the educational and religious needs of the people. A new school building is just being completed at the cost of $10,000.

Alford A B, prop Sterling House
Andres Fred, hardware, agl implts.
Atkins A B, agl implts
Bales D S, harnessmaker
Bartling F L, clothing boots, shoes
Beedy Robert, drayman
Boatsman & Janssen, genl mdse.
Bonner J Mrs., millinery
Borland W W, blacksmith, wagonmaker
Brown Otten, shoemaker
Catchpole & Case, meat market
Central House S J Porter, prop.
Chicago Lumber Co, H A Bower, mgr lumber and coal
Childs H M, notary
Christy M H, drugs
Cribbs James, livery
Dollarhide, Walmsley & Gordon, barbers
Ellis C C, genl mdse.
Farmers and Merchants Bank, capital $25,000, H M Childs Pres, T B Fraser vice-pres, J R Pierson cashier
First National Bank, capital $50,000 W M Rothell pres, Wm Freeburn
Vice-pres, J P Renshau cashier
Halsey F P, grain
Harris F A, agl implts. and grain
Hitchcock E Ross, justice, notary
Hitchcock J Hall, attorney at law and notary
Kiesel John G, meat market
Lee T C, millinery
Livingston John, confectionery
McAuliffe M H, billiards
McGee E M, phys.
McGrew John, drayman
Manzer S J, restaurant, confectionery
Martin John, blacksmith
Neff J G, dentist
Noble A B, livery stable, omnibus line
Norcross & Worl, grain, stock and agl implts.
Pearson Allen, hardware and groceries
Porter S J, prop Central House
Rathe Henry, shoemaker
Reid Robt R, jewelry
Renshaw T P & Co, genl. mdse.
Rice J M, barber
Robbins E G Mrs., phys.
Roberts T J & Bro., jewelry, drugs, furniture, undertaker
Rokahr Conrad, blacksmith
Rothell W M, pres First National Bank, and notary
Rowel & Pratt, dressmakers
Shepherd J H, justice, real estate and notary
Sterling House, A B Alford Prop.
Sterling Lumber Co, J M Borland mgr. lumber and coal
Sterling Milling Co, C M Kauffman pres., H Norcross vice-pres., John
Bridges treas, flour mills
Sterling Press-Sun, Varner & Cassel pubs.
Townsend & Bowman, genl mdse.
Tripp Charles P, genl mdse.
Truitt A C, phys.
Tyler J P, drugs, furniture, groceries
Varner & Cassel, pubs Sterling Press-Sun
Varner L A, attorney, notary
Wigginton G W, harnessmaker
Wilson C M, sta, tel, and ex agt.
Worthan S J Mrs, millinery
Worthy W E, livery
Wright E W, machinist, feed mill
Zink V, postmaster, confectionary, stationary

  TECUMSEH, the county seat of Johnson county, has a population of 1655. It is situated on the A. & N. division of the B.M &.R.R., 48 miles from Lincoln. The county has erected a handsome courthouse at a cost of $40,000. The city is now building a city hall which will be a handsome edifice to cost $4,350. The city owns its electric light plant and fine system of water works, and has an efficient fire department. Two banking houses, two flour mills, a machine shop and foundry, and several elevators are among the kind of business conducted here. The business buildings are nearly all of brick. The city is well supplied with hotel priveleges, the principal house being the Queen City Hotel, kept by D. V. Benscoter. The churches Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Christian, German Lutheran, Universalist and Catholic. The press is well represented in the Johnson County Journal, published by Pool & Cooper, Brundage, publishers, and the Republicans.

Albers U L, phys.
Alexander Frank P, hardware
Appleget A M, city atty, notary
Arnup & Hedrick, groceries and crockery
Attebury Edward M, carpenter
Auman John, carpenter
Bailey & Allen, agl implts.
Barton W R, mayor
Battreal Bros,barbers
Benscoter D V, prop. Queen City Hotel
Berry Edward, dry goods, groceries
Bradley C T, prop Bradley House
Brillhart Jacob S, variety store
Buerstetta Wm, genl mdse.
Buffum & Grist, groceries
Buffum J W, mfr confectionery
Buffum & Townsend, drugs, paints
Campbell Wm A, postmaster
Canfield Alfred, agl implts.
Chamberlain Banking House, Clarence K Chamberlain pres, Chas M Chamberlain, cashier
Chamberlain Bros & Rood, attys.
Chapman Lewis C, atty., notary
Chicago Lumber Co, A C Mohrman mgr.
Chittenden Thos J, grain elevator, coal, millinery, notions
Chubbuck Carlton K, phys
City Water Works & Electric Light Co., supply water and electric light
Coffey A N, city clerk
Compton & Porter, attys, abstracters
Conrad Wm, jeweler, musical instruments
Cook, Jennie Miss, dressmaker
Crow John H, wood yard
Cummings & Cunningham, meat market
Dafoe P V R, phys, drugs, musical instruments
Damon George F, boots and shoes
Davidson S P, atty
Davis Lewis M, groceries, crockery
DeVenney James, saloon
Dew & Hardin, furniture, hardware
Dolph John E, confectionery
Dorner House, Mrs S E Ingraham, prop.
Dunlap W L, city engineer
Dutcher W H, drayman
Easterdy J H, loans
Eaton & Howorth, genl mdse.
Ellsworth L S, hardware, furniture
Ernst Wm, importer of horses
Farrall T E, phys.
Ferguson Bros, barbers
Fornefelt Wm, harness
Frisbie Ida L Miss, dressmaker
Frost Robert, saloon
Frownfelter David W, marble works
Gaiser Albert, dentist
Glass James R, groceries, drugs
Goodman Leopold, clothing, mgr Opera House
Gottula Louis, painter
Graff & Curran, genl mdse.
Greene Clara M Miss, ins.
Halsted Bros, livery
Harman J S, hardware, furniture
Harris James, atty, notary, ins.
Hassett Wm H, lumber
Hawkins & Beatty (W P Hawkins, F L Beatty), real estate, ins, loans and collections
Hawkins K R Mrs, laundry
Headrick C M, phys.
Headrick & Hailman, drugs, paints
Heaton Wm J, grain dealer
Hill James, steam mill
Hll M A Mrs, millinery
Hill & Son (James and George HIll), prop. Model Roller Mill, grain, elevator and coal
Hocker E A Mrs, dressmaker
Holmes Dice Miss, dressmaker
Hover & Shaw, photographers
Howell & Co, collections and ins.
Ingraham S E Mrs, prop Dorner House
Johnson County Journal, circulation 1400, Pool & Cooper props.
Jones P S, foundry, machine shop
Jones P S Mrs, restaurant
Kearney John F, shoemaker
Lester Ory, meat market
Ludlow W H D, jeweler
McCrann Wm J, phys.
McLanahan Richard, genl mdse.
Mason Otis S, blacksmith
Miller C M, sta. agt.
Model Roller Mills, Hill and Sons, props, flour mfrs.
Morhman Augustus C,mgr Chicago Lumber Co.
Nebraska Land and Loan CO, R A and S S Steward props, real estate and loans
Needham Wm F, merchant tailor
Omaha Cash Store, G E Tourtelott mgr, dry goods
Osgood Danl G, atty, notary
Paine O & Sons, livery
Parker L S, groceries
Pearsall & Pearsall, restaurant and bakery
Perkins B F, atty, notary
Peterson N M, carpenter
Pfiefer & Clark, blacksmith
Phillips Jason L, feed mill
Philpott C H, dentist
Pool and Cooper, C E Pool, H L Cooper props Johnson County Journal
Queen City Hotel, C V Benscoter, prop.
Reynolds & Cowen, props Tecumseh Repblican
Roberts & Spicknall, brick mfrs.
Robinson Thomas, feed stable
Rogers, Jansen & Surgin, agl implts, pumps
Ross & Bryson, cigar mfrs.
Scott Chas B, boots and shoes
Scott Frank S, confectionary, news stand
Seaver & Son, drugs and groceries
Sherman House, K Tienary prop.
Shoo Lun, laundry
Simpson Andrew, livery
Smith Fred, genl mdse.
Snyder F A, phys
Somers & Brundage(F M Sommers, P A Brundage), props The Tecumseh Cheiftain
Somers F M, phys
Stanton D Miss, dressmaker
Stewart R A & S S, props Nebraska Land and Loan Co.
Strong Bros, blacksmith
Sullivan & Davis. genl mdse.
Swan & Wheatley, meat market
Taylor Wm, barber
Tecumseh Canning co, creamery
Tecumseh Cheiftain, Somers & Brundage props
Tecumseh Milling Co, C Woodley Pres. John Graff sec and mgr., C M
Chamberlain treas, flour mgrs.
Tecumseh Republican, Reynolds & Cowan, props.
Tierney K, prop, Sherman House
Trank Andrew, lunch counter
Trice Chas, phys.
Viele Otto, carpenter
Ward M Mrs, millinery
Warren & Apperson, dry goods and clothing
Webb J E, agl implts.
Wilson John, police judge
Woltemath John C, agl implts
Zutavern George C, livery

  VESTA is situated on the Holdrege & Nebraska City branch of the B & M R. R. in the western part of Johnson county nine miles west of Tecumseh, the judicial seat of the county. It is surrounded by a good agriculteral country, and has a population of 150

Cooper O A, grain
D'Camp A R, blacksmith
D'Camp, Hotel, Mrs M A D'Camp prop.
Hardenburg H D, genl mdse.
Heaton & Labicker, grain, coal and agl implts.
Long John, carpenter
Reed & Williams, genl mdse.
Roy L L, sta tel and ex agt.
Stewart M, postmaster, drugs

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