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Barbed Wire Below you will find the Name Index for "Fifty Years on the Old Frontier".

This index was generously compiled by Keith Hughes. If you would like a look-up from this index, please
Email Keith using "Fifty years" as your subject line. State the individual you are interesed in, as well as the page number(s) they are mentioned on. Keith will get back to you as soon as he can.


Alexander Charles W "Wild Horse Charlie" Wyoming
Allen Charles Press Correspondent Pine Ridge Agency, SD
American Horse Souix Indian Chief
Baca Elfego sheriff New Mexico
Barber Amos W Acting Governor , 1891 Wyoming
Barbour Erwin H Professor, Univ of NE, 1905 NE
Barker Aaron guide, 1876 North Platte, NE
Barker S. G. Judge, 1891 NE
Bergersen P gun store owner Cheyene Wyoming
Best Doc cattleman, 1880 New Mexico
Big Foot Souix Chief
Big Road Souix Indian Chief
Bishop William cattleman Texas
Black Elk Souix Medicine Man
Brininstool E. A. writer Los Angeles, CA
Bronson Edgar Beecher Author, hunter
Brooks Horace General, US Army Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Buckshot "Buckshot" - Ranch Forman New Mexico
Burton trail foreman Texas
Bush Bush family New Mexico
Cabell DeRosey C Lieutenant, US Army New Mexico
Campbell Angus rancher New Mexico
Cantrell Texas Ranger New Mexico
Carter W. H. General, US Army, 1882 New Mexico
Chisholm Ignatius rancher Texas
Chisholm Jesse rancher Texas
Chisholm John D rancher Texas
Clark Ben interpreter, 1878 Indian Territory (Oklahoma)
Clifford H. Professor, Yale Univ, 1905
Cochise Indian Chief
Cody W. F. Buffalo Bill NE, Colorado
Cola Mr. Newspaper writer SD
Collins John gun dealer Omaha, NE
Cook Harold J son of James H NE
Cook J. F. brother of James H New Mexico
Cook James H. The Author
Corn Cob Souix Medicine Man
Cope E. D. Professor, Naturalist
Craft Father Priest Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Crawford Emmett Captain, US Army, 1882 New Mexico
Crazy Horse Souix Indian Chief
Crook George General, US Army Colorado
Dull Knife Souix Indian Chief
Dyer Charley cowboy, 1876 Texas
Elliott early white settler New Mexico
Farber C. W. Lieutenant, US Army New Mexico
Fetterman U.S. Army Lieut. Col. New Mexico
Few Trails Souix Indian Chief
Fisher King Gun Fighter Texas
Fleming Jack rancher New Mexico
Forsyth James W Colonel, US Army Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Fountain S. W. Lieutenant, US Army New Mexico
Garnier Baptiste Little Bat - Army Scout Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Garnier Mrs Baptiste Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Gatewood Charles B Lieutenant, US Army New Mexico
Geronimo Indian Chief New Mexico
Graham E. B. Rancher Agate Springs, NE
Graham J Rancher Agate Springs, NE
Haguewood Jim barkeeper Crawford, NE
Hammond A. G. Lieutenant, US Army New Mexico
Hardin John Wesley Gun Fighter Texas
Harris Allen Ranch Foreman Texas
Harris Jack Ranch Foreman Texas
Hatch John P General, US Army Colorado
Hayden F. V. Professor Wyoming
He Dog Souix Indian Chief
Head Dick cattle rancher Ogallala, NE
Herf Dr. Doctor San Antonio, Texas
Herne ranch hand New Mexico
Holmes Charles E bank cashier Harrison, NE
Hornaday William T Director Zoological Park New York City
Ives Francis J Lieutenant, US Army New Mexico
Jackson F. J. Foakes Reverand
Jones Colonel Colonel, US Army Wyoming
Joy Kit ranch hand, bandit New Mexico
King Clarence Scientist, 1905 Wyoming
Linderman Conrad County Clerk Souix Co, Harrison, NE
Little Chief Souix Indian Chief
Little Hawk Souix Indian Chief
Little Wound Souix Indian Chief
Longworth John Ranch Foreman Texas
Luse Nat miner, 1876 New Mexico
Lyon rancher New Mexico
Maddox T. J. C. US Army Doctor New Mexico
Manderson Charles F US Senator, 1891 South Dakota
March O. C. Professor, Naturalist
Marrow Colonel Colonel, US Army Wyoming
Martin Billy Hunter Wyoming
Maxwell John Secretery, Philadelphia Zoo 1884
Maynard E. A. J. English Hunters
McCarty Charles cowboy, 1876 Wyoming
McComas Mr & Mrs Judge Wyoming
McNally J Texas Ranger
Miles Nelson A General, US Army Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Milligan store owner New Mexico
Moore Charlie Cowboy New Mexico
Mores Marquis de cattle rancher Montana
Mousseau Joseph A County Judge, Interpreter Harrison, NE
Mousseau Louis store keeper South Dakota
Mousseau M. A. French Canadian Trapper Montana
Murray Charles P big game hunter from New Your
No Water Souix Indian Chief
North Frank cattle rancher Ogallala, NE
O'Brian E. A. Associated Press correspondent
Oelrichs Harry & Hermann big game hunter
Orwig Calvin Cowboy New Mexico
Osborn Henry Fairfield Professor
Parker James Lieutenant, US Army New Mexico
Perham Cowboy New Mexico
Peterson O. A. Carnegie Institute Pittsburg, PA, 1904
Plunkett Sir Horace big game hunter
Pourier Baptiste Big Bat - Scout Wyoming
Quantrill W. C. cattle rancher Texas
Red Cloud Jack Souix Indian Chief
Red Cloud Souix Indian Chief
Red Halk Cheyene Indian Chief
Roberts Joe Cowboy Texas
Roebling John A big game hunter New York City
Roebling W. A. big game hunter New York City
Rose Deputy Sheriff Socorro, New Mexico
Royer US Indian Agent Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Rucker L. H. Lieutenant, US Army Texas
Runyon railroad engineer Denison, Texas
Sauborin freighter New Mexico
Short Bull Souix Indian Chief
Sitting Bull Indian Chief
Slaughter Ben Cattle Rancher Texas
Slaughter Billy Cattle Rancher Texas
Slaughter Charlie Cattle Rancher Texas
Slaughter John Cattle Rancher Texas
Smith Allen Captain, US Army New Mexico
Sparhawk Arthur freighter Wyoming
Spaugh Addison Cowboy Texas
Stallworth Mr & Mrs farmer New Mexico
Stevens Montague F. S. big game hunter
Stewart Mac Cowboy Texas
Summer Samuel S Major, US Army New Mexico
Ten Eyck Tenedore Major, US Army Ft. Phil Kearney NE
Thompson Ben Gun Fighter Texas
Tucker Dan Wells, Fargo messanger New Mexico
Ullman Dan Meat Market Cheyenne, Wyoming
Vanderbilt William K big game hunter
Verity Charles E Bank President Harrison, NE
Victorio Apache Chief New Mexico
Wallace William "Bigfoot" Captain, US Army Texas
Ward J. M. "Monte" Baseball Player Cheyenne, Wyoming
Warren Francis E US Senator, 1891 Wyoming
Webb Seward big game hunter
Wessels H. W. Commendant, Ft. Robinson Kansas
Wheeler Railroad Conductor, 1874 Texas
Whitside S. M. Major, US Army Pine Ridge Agency, SD
Wilson Harold C explorer
Wister Owen Author "The Virginian"
Wolcott Frank Major, US Army Wyoming
Wolf's Ear Indian Chief
Woman's Dress Indian Chief
Yale Harry Hotel Steward Cheyenne, Wyoming
Yankton Charlie Indian Chief
Barbed Wire

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