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February 1886 - July 1888

Name Residence Date of Death Age at Death Cause of Death Date of Burial Place of Burial Other Information
Refior, William 02-Feb-1886 17 yrs Typhoid Fever 01-Mar-1886 Residence
MCartney, Louisa G. Ogallala 20-Mar-1886 2 yrs 9 mos 20 days Pneumonia 21-Mar-1886 Ogallala Cemetery
Morford, Infant Son of E.J. Ogallala 03-Apr-1886 3 mos 04-Apr-1886 Potter's Field Ogallala
Rynet, Mr. Keith County 26-Mar-1886 Frozen to Death 10-Apr-1886 Alexis, Illinois
Landon, Mrs. Chase County 19-May-1886 Inflammation of Bowels Sent east to friends
NO NAME Seward County May/June 1886 Typhoid Pneumonia Sent east
Cody, Mrs. J.W. Ogallala 12-Jun-1886 Quick Consumption 13-Jun-1886 Residence
Condit, Mrs. G.A. Keith County 14-Jun-1886 Consumption 16-Jun-1886 Ogallala Cemetery
Armstrong 04-Jul-1886 05-Jul-1886 Bill paid by G.W. Armstrong March 5, 1887
Stone, Miss Sarah Ogallala 13-Jul-1886 14-Jul-1886 Ogallala Cemetery
Weidman, Charles A. Ogallala 21-Jul-1886 Exhaustion after Intermittant Fever Shipped to Pennsylvania for burial
Brown, Allis South of Ogallala 23-Jul-1886 Dropsy 24-Jul-1886 Residence
ADOPTED CHILD 01-Sep-1886 Colera Infantum 02-Sep-1886 Residence
Jones, Harman E. Ogallala 04-Sep-1886 Typhoid Intermittant Fever Pennsylvania
Winslow, Child of L.B. Ogallala 10-Sep-1886 3 yrs Drinking Condensed Lye 11-Sep-1886 Ogallala Cemetery
Hickle, Infant Child of A.V. Big Springs 11-Sep-1886 Whooping Cough 13-Sep-1886
Zimmerman, Child of A. Big Springs October 1886 October 1886 Big Springs Bill rendered to U.P.R.R. Co.
Stone, Emila J. Keith County 04-Oct-1886 Lung Fever 06-Oct-1886 James Cemetery
Gilbert, William M. Ogallala 26-Nov-1886 Broken Neck in Run Away Ogallala Cemetery
Anderson, Martha A. Keith County 08-Dec-1886 Membranes Croup 09-Dec-1886 Ogallala Cemetery
Anderson, ? Keith County 10-Dec-1886 Membranes Croup 11-Dec-1886 Ogallala Cemetery
Bruington, Lucy Keith County 28-Dec-1886 Consumption 29-Dec-1886 Residence
Hennebry, Arthur Keith County 30-Dec-1886 Membrances Croup & Kidney Iowa
Holmes, George W. Keith County 02-Jan-1887 Kicked by a Mule 04-Jan-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Dyer, Infant Child of L.B. Ogallala 16-Jan-1887 16-Jan-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
McCove, Thomas Keith County 24-Jan-1887 Consumption 26-Jan-1887 Residence
Karr, Ralph Ogallala 02-Feb-1887 Scarlet Fever 04-Feb-1887 Residence
Ulrich, Maude Ogallala 10-Feb-1887 Lung Fever 10-Feb-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Cocker, Roy Ogallala 03-Mar-1887 Membranes Croup 05-Mar-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Norton, Frank P. Ogallala 10-Mar-1887 Pneumonia 12-Mar-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Winslow, Louis H. Ogallala 22-Mar-1887 Asmy--- 23-Mar-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Gray, Effie Brule 06-Apr-1887 Congestive Chill 07-Apr-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Sims, Thomas 07-Apr-1887 Burned to Death 09-Apr-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Eddy, John M. Keith County 12-Apr-1887 Lung Fever 13-Apr-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Smith, Euphrene Keith County 12-Apr-1887 Cancer 13-Apr-1887 Residence
Harris, Bertha Keith County 21-Apr-1887 Scarlet Fever 22-Apr-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Yeast, Son of P.A. North River 04-May-1887 6 yrs 06-May-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Johnson, Charles Keith County 13-May-1887 20 yrs Consumption 14-May-1887 Residence
Neff, John J. Keith County 21-May-1887 Measels 22-May-1887 Residence
Clugston, William H. Keith County 23-May-1887 Consumption 24-May-1887 Residence Removed to Big Springs Cemetery 1902
Deueer, James Keith County 17-Jun-1887 Accident 19-Jun-1887 Ogallala Cemetery 11 38
Conn, Infant Child of George Ogallala 04-Jul-1887 Colera Infantum 05-Jul-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Anthony, Sarah Big Springs 14-Jul-1887 Dropsy 15-Jul-1887 Big Springs Cemetery
McConnaha, Clyde Keith County 24-Jul-1887 Blood Poison Residence 10 36 32
Wise, Infant of Bryon Grant 06-Aug-1887 08-Aug-1887 Grant Cemetery
Rankin, Infant of W.D. Ogallala 16-Aug-1887 Dysentary 17-Aug-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Baker, Infant of Andrew Keith County 02-Sep-1887 Inflammation of Bowels 04-Sep-1887
Eddy, Mathies Keith County 12-Sep-1887 Colera Infantum 13-Sep-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Conaway, Infant of D. Ogallala 12-Sep-1887 13-Sep-1887
Armstrong, Nancy Ogallala 09-Oct-1887 75 yrs Natural Causes 11-Oct-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Refior, George Keith County 16-Oct-1887 Malaria 18-Oct-1887 Residence
Slocking, Mrs. Fannie Keith County 24-Oct-1887 Paralysis 26-Oct-1887 Residence
Dano, Child of J. Ogallala 27-Oct-1887 Diptheria 28-Oct-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Shugars, Nancy Chase County 30-Oct-1887 Natural Causes 02-Nov-1887 Keith County
Winsor, Ervin B. Keith County 15-Nov-1887 13 yrs Accident 17-Nov-1887 Ogallala Cemetery
Perry, Gracy Keith County 17-Nov-1887 Bronchial Pneumonia 18-Nov-1887 Residence
Golan, Michael 06-Jan-1888 Heart Disease 08-Jan-1888 Residence
Kennedy, John L. Ogallala 09-Jan-1888 4 mos 10-Jan-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Breader, Annie Keith County 14-Feb-1888 Burned to Death 16-Feb-1888 Residence
Hill, J.C. Louisville, Kentucky 14-Feb-1888 Run Over by Railroad Cars 15-Feb-1888 Potter's Field Cemetery
Gaston, Issac A. Holyoke, Massachusetts 25-Feb-1888 Quick Consumption Holyoke, Massachusetts
Abby, Ora Keith County 29-Feb-1888 Rheumatic Fever 02-Mar-1888 Residence
Coates, C.C. Paxton 16-Feb-1888 47 yrs Pneumonia Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Ziegler, John "Paunts" Ogallala 28-Mar-1888 Natural Causes 29-Mar-1888 Residence
Pennebaker, Cora 07-Apr-1888 24 yrs Pneumonia
Eddy, Infant of C.M. 08-Apr-1888 09-Apr-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Sheffield, Infant of M. Ogallala May 1888
Martin, Clarence Paxton 23-May-1888 8 yrs Brain Fever 24-May-1888 Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Creek, Otto Paxton 15-Jul-1888 Struck by Lightning 16-Jul-1888 Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Wiese, Peter Ogallala 28-Jul-1888 53 yrs Dropped Dead 30-Jul-1888 Ogallala Cemetery

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