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Barbed Wire
July 1888 - May 1903

Name Residence Date of Death Age at Death Cause of Death Date of Burial Place of Burial Other Information
DeMuth, Infant Child of John Ogallala 30-Jul-1888 31-Jul-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Ratchcliff, John H. Ogallala 09-Aug-1888 35 yrs Kicked by a Horse Ogallala Cemetery
Stone, Lillian Hall Ogallala 20-Sep-1888 27 yrs Consumption 22-Sep-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Kisner, Charles Ogallala Sept. 1888 Shipped Out
Mathews, Infant of E.E. Sept. 1888 3 weeks Ogallala Cemetery
McCartney, Infant of C.A. Ogallala 26-Sep-1888 28-Sep-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Cook, A. 12-Oct-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Stoner, Mrs. S.A. Ogallala Oct./Nov. 1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Diltz, Mrs. A. Ogallala 07-Nov-1888 08-Nov-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Willmershause, Henry Ogallala 17-Nov-1888 70 yrs 19-Nov-1888 Ogallala
Squares, Mrs. S. 24-Nov-1888 Cancer 26-Nov-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Adkinson, Walter Keith County 30-Nov-1888 Kidney Ailment 02-Dec-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Flowers, Jennie H. Ogallala 08-Dec-1888 3 yrs 4 mos Membranous Croup 09-Dec-1888 Ogallala Cemetery
Smith, Mrs. F.M. Keith County 37 yrs Ogallala Cemetery
Robinett, Amon Ogallala 13-Jul-1889 21 yrs 6 mos Struck by Lightning 14-Jul-1889 Potter's Field Cemetery, Ogallala
Black, Son of J.N. Big Springs 29-Jul-1889 2 yrs Cholera Infantum 30-Jul-1889 Big Springs Cemetery
Geisert, Miss Emma Keith County 07-Sep-1889 1 yr 6 mos Membranous Croup 08-Sep-1888 Ogallala
Bogs, John Blue Creek 27-Sep-1889 21 yrs Frozen to Death Ogallala Cemetery
Crowell, Larrie Ogallala 20-Oct-1889 2 yrs Typhoid Fever Ogallala Cemetery
Crowell, Allie Ogallala 23-Nov-1889 10 yrs Typhoid Fever 24-Nov-1889 Ogallala Cemetery
Gaston, John R. Ogallala 29-Nov-1889 6 mos Congestion of Lungs 30-Nov-1889 Ogallala Cemetery
Stocking, J.I. Ogallala 02-Dec-1889 74 yrs Unknown 03-Dec-1889 Residence
Marttes, William H. Dec. 1889/Jan. 1890 06-Jan-1890 Ogallala Cemetery
Costin, Lucy Keith County 20-Jan-1890 21-Jan-1890 Ogallala Cemetery
Skidmore, Mrs. 19-Mar-1890 20-Mar-1890 Ogallala Cemetery
Coughlin, Infant of J.H. Sidney 22-Mar-1890 21 days Convultions 24-Mar-1890 Cheyenne Cemetery
Brantz, Gusta Keith County 06-Feb-1895 Quick Consumption 11-Mar-1903 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from County to Ogallala Cemetery
Meyer, Mrs. John Keith County 01-Jan-1897 Childbirth 03-Jan-1897 German Lutheran Cemetery
Riser, Albert Ogallala 17-Jan-1897 Abcess 19-Jan-1897 Potters Field, Ogallala Cemetery
Remington, Allen D. Day 17-Jan-1899 Shipped to Mansville, New York for burial November 18, 1903
Welpton, Winnefred Ogallala 17-Nov-1899 16 yrs Pneumonia 19-Nov-1899 Ogallala Cemetery
Huffman, Fred Perkins County 22-Nov-1899 8 yrs Sudden Death Stomach Poison 24-Nov-1899 Ogallala Cemetery
Hurtman, D. Ed Lewellen Nov./Dec. 1899 Fell From Wagon
Custer, William Keystone 25-Dec-1899 Fell From Horse, Brain Injury 27-Dec-1899 Ogallala Cemetery
Cody, Harry Ogallala 05-Feb-1900 Pneumonia 06-Feb-1900 Ogallala Cemetery
Weber, Dorothea Ogallala 10-Feb-1900 Infant Pneumonia Catholic Cemetery
Mahaffey Sandhills, Ogallala Feb./Sept. 1900 Infant Childbirth Ogallala Cemetery
Brown, Charles Henry Ogallala 20-Sep-1900 70 yrs Ogallala Cemetery
Forsyth, W.A. Ogallala 20-Dec-1900 68 yrs Unknown Ogallala Cemetery
Stone, Mrs. Madrid 18-Apr-1901 Cancer Unknown
Mannon, Mrs. J. Sr. Keystone 31-Apr-1901 not given Stomach Trouble Ogallala
Lute, Frederick William Ogallala 19-Sep-1901 67 yrs Typhoid Fever Ogallala Cemetery
Sawyer, Henry F. Perkins County 23-Sep-1901 76 yrs Dropsy Grant
Schultz, Frank M. Ogallala 25-Sep-1901 30 yrs Hemmorage Ogallala
Elmhauser, Conrad Ogallala Sept./Oct./Nov. 1901 72 Unknown German Lutheran Cemetery
Gilbert, Emma Grand Island 30-Nov-1901 Neck and Lung Trouble Ogallala
Hughbanks, John W. Lexington 05-Jan-1902 79 yrs Inflammation of Bowels Ogallala Cemetery
Calhoun, Lee Henry Ogallala 08-Jan-1902 1 mos 23 days Cold Ogallala Cemetery
Peterson, Lillian 15-Apr-1902 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from County to Ogallala Cemetery
Neist, Edward 15-Apr-1902 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from County to Ogallala Cemetery
Hoffman, Infant 15-Apr-1902 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from County to Ogallala Cemetery
Armstrong, Emma Ogallala 14-Apr-1902 58 yrs Paralysis Ogallala Cemetery
Dean, Mrs. 16-May-1902 Ogallala Cemetery Moved to another lot in Ogallala Cemetery
Nelson, Thorina Ogallala 19-May-1902 4 mos 14 days Heart Trouble 20-May-1902 Ogallala Cemetery
Armstrong, Guy Rock Springs, Wyoming 03-Jun-1902 16 yrs 5 mos 8 days Typhoid Fever 05-Jun-1902 Ogallala Cemetery
Tullberg, August A. 26-Jun-1902 Hanging Suicide 29-Jun-1902 Shipped to Tigerton, Wisconsin June 29, 1902
Most, Clarence Keith County 31-Jul-1902 9 yrs Hung in Saddle Stirrups 01-Aug-1902 Ogallala Cemetery
Skidmore, Thomas Ogallala 20-Aug-1902 70 yrs Overheat - Old Age Ogallala Cemetery
Clugston, William Perkins County 22-Aug-1902 77 yrs Bowel Trouble Big Springs Cemetery
Annibel, Infant Daughter Jan./Dec. 1887 Childbirth 25-Sep-1902 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from Perkins County to Ogallala Cemetery
Logan, Corinne Keith County 10-Oct-1902 2 yrs Rattlesnake Bite Glenwood, Iowa Removed from Ogallala Cemetery and shipped to Glenwood, Iowa December 4, 1902
Howland, Waltham L. Oceola 07-Nov-1902 29 yrs Run Over by Railroad Cars Oceola Cemetery
Smith, Hallie Oceola 12-Dec-1902 23 yrs Heart Disease Ogallala Cemetery
Forsyth, Christina Ogallala 15-Dec-1902 28 yrs Septic Peritonitis Ogallala Cemetery
Anthony, Sarah Keith County Liver Complaint 11-Mar-1903 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from County to Ogallala Cemetery
Anthony, Infant of Jerry Keith County Pneumonia 11-Mar-1903 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from County to Ogallala Cemetery
Gaule, John Conway, Iowa not given Run Over by Railroad Cars Shipped to Conway, Iowa April 8, 1903
O'Brien, John A. Ogallala 12-Apr-1903 48 yrs Dropsy Shipped Out
Rickard, Maude Marie Ogallala 15-Apr-1905 5 mos Liver Trouble/Fever Ogallala Catholic Cemetery
Plummer, William 2.5 miles S.E. of Big Springs 04-May-1903 not given Suicide While Insane Big Springs Cemetery

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Barbed Wire

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