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Barbed Wire
May 1903 - September 1908

Name Residence Date of Death Age at Death Cause of Death Date of Burial Place of Burial Other Information
Pavlot, Infant of J. Big Springs 06-May-1903 4 days Unknown Big Springs Cemetery
Livingston, Mrs. Madrid Jan./Dec. 1894 not given Heart Trouble Went after her [to exhume body from residential burial] on May 17 [1903]. About 25 miles away [from Ogallala]. Did not find the body. Buried empty box at Ogallala Cemetery. N.N. Rice, C. Rice, and Abe Keithley paid the cost of twenty-five dollars."
Parkhurts, J.S. Ash Hollow, Deuel County 10-Jun-1903 Heart Failure 12-Jun-1903 Lewellen
Rosencrantz, R. Madrid 01-Jul-1903 Ogallala Cemetery Removed from County to Ogallala Cemetery
Palmer, Infant of William Ogallala 29-Jul-1903 Childbirth 29-Jul-1903
Martin, Josephine Perkins County 07-Aug-1903 Colera Morbis 08-Aug-1903 St. Luke's Cemetery
Alexander, Charles D. Grant 10-Sep-1903 19 yrs 5 mos 3 days Bowel Trouble Shipped to Dawson County for burial September 10, 1903
Shireman, John H. Ogallala 12-Sep-1903 12 yrs 10 mos Kicked by a Horse 12-Sep-1903 Ogallala Cemetery
Bostrum, Edwin Big Springs 20-Sep-1903 3 yrs Killed by No. 4 U.P. Train 22-Sep-1903 Big Springs Cemetery
Ziegler, Pierce W. Keith County 01-Feb-1904 4 mos 1 day Pneumonia 03-Feb-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Kildare, John Keith County 08-Feb-1904 47 yrs Pneumonia 10-Feb-1904 Catholic Cemetery
Petersen, Lewis Perkins County 10-Feb-1904 Epileptic Fit 12-Feb-1904 Grant Cemetery
Dressler, John Henry Ogallala 08-Mar-1904 74 yrs 9 mos Old Age 10-Mar-1904 Unknown
Sheffield, Clarence Ogallala 14-Mar-1904 15 yrs 7 mos 7days Heart Failure 16-Mar-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Stephens, Mable Keith County 06-Apr-1904 8 mos 6 days Pneumonia 08-Apr-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Harris, Albert Ogallala 07-May-1904 16 yrs 3 mos Brain Fever 08-May-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Lute, John & Fred ?ikens Ogallala 12-Aug-1904 9 mos 15 days Spinal Meningitis 15-Aug-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Richardson, John Fayette Ogallala 28-Aug-1904 24 yrs Consumption 29-Aug-1904 Grant Cemetery
Whittier, W.S. Ogallala 15-Sep-1904 21 yrs Consumption 05-Sep-1904 Potter's Field Cemetery Formerly of Minneapolis
Mahaffy, Mable Ogallala 27-Sep-1904 4 mos Brain Fever 29-Sep-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Allbrook, Ross Sanfora, South Carolina 03-Oct-1904 19 yrs Typhoid Fever 03-Oct-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Griffith, Enoch A. Ogallala 02-Dec-1904 74 yrs Drowned 04-Dec-1904 Ogallala Cemetery
Robertson, John G. Ogallala 26-Feb-1905 75 yrs Old Age 28-Feb-1905 Ogallala Cemetery
Petersen, Otto Ogallala 19-Mar-1905 7 yrs Cancer 21-Mar-1905 Ogallala Cemetery
Forsyth, James Ogallala 03-Apr-1905 4 mos Pneumonia 03-Apr-1905 Ogallala Cemetery
Hughes, Infant of A.J. Ogallala 10-Apr-1905 4 mos Pneumonia 11-Apr-1905 Ogallala Cemetery
Fisher, Aaron Ogallala 19-May-1905 87 yrs Old Age 21-May-1905 Ogallala Cemetery
Kelly, Hugh James Ogallala 08-Jun-1905 12 yrs Kicked by a Horse 10-Jun-1905 Ogallala Catholic Cemetery
Dean, Charles N. Ogallala 25-Nov-1905 82 yrs Dropsy 28-Nov-1905 Ogallala Cemetery
Girmann, Clara Ogallala 16-Jan-1906 15 yrs Measels 18-Jan-1906 St. Luke's Cemetery
Holloway, Ruth Virginia Ogallala 08-Feb-1906 22 yrs 11 mos 7 days Childbirth Fever 10-Feb-1906 Grant Cemetery
Rice, Nathaniel N. Ogallala 10-Feb-1906 Apoplexy 14-Feb-1906 Ogallala Cemetery Died in hospital in Grand Island
Hamilton, William H. Ogallala 10-Mar-1906 48 yrs 4 mos 2 days Rheumatism 12-Mar-1906 Ogallala Cemetery
Antrim, Willard Q. Ogallala 20-Mar-1906 48 yrs Nervous Prostration 23-Mar-1906 Ogallala Cemetery
Johnson, Mrs. E.J. Ogallala 18-Apr-1906 59 yrs Dropsy 21-Apr-1906 Ogallala Cemetery
Jones, Infant of Lon Brule 22-Apr-1906 4 mos Colera Infantum 23-Apr-1906 Ogallala Cemetery
Wishamura, Otomatsu Ogallala 10-Jun-1906 30 yrs Struck by Train No. 2 11-Jun-1906 Ogallala Cemetery
Rayner, Maria Ogallala 14-Jul-1906 75 yrs Old Age 15-Jul-1906 Ogallala Cemetery
Burgland, J.B. Lewellen 18-Jul-1906 50 yrs Appendicitis 19-Jul-1906 Lewellen Cemetery
Forsyth, James Ogallala 18-Aug-1906 Infant Summer Complaint 19-Aug-1906 Ogallala Cemetery
O'Brien, M. Ogallala Sept. 1906 Infant
Martin, Carl Ogallala 12-Sep-1906 5 mos Debility 13-Sep-1906 St. Luke's Cemetery
Wagner, Charles Ogallala 22-Sep-1906 45 yrs Killed by Train No. 12 23-Sep-1906 Ogallala Cemetery Killed at depot
Eversole, James McPherson County 29-Oct-1906 74 yrs Exposure 15-Nov-1906 Ogallala Cemetery Body removed from McPherson County to Ogallala Cemetery
Henry, John Big Springs 30-Nov-1906 35 yrs Tuberculosis 03-Dec-1906 Big Springs Cemetery
McAvoy, William Brule 30-Dec-1906 76 yrs 2 mos 22 days Gangrene 01-Dec-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Hughes, Thomas Ogallala 01-Feb-1907 37 yrs Tuberculosis 07-Feb-1907 Victor, Iowa Cemetery
Smith, Francis M. Ogallala 25-Feb-1907 73 yrs Old Age 27-Feb-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Orhlund, Victor Ogallala 27-Feb-1907 Infant Unknown 28-Feb-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Link, Mrs. Bessie Ogallala 28-Feb-1907 32 yrs Paralysis 01-Mar-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Douglass, Mrs. Mary J. Brule 27-Mar-1907 63 yrs Chronic Bronchitis 31-Mar-1907 Gresham
Martin, C.O. Sand Hills-Triangle Ranch 09-Apr-1907 8 mos 7 days Rheumatism 10-Apr-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Soehl, Henry Albert Lena 17-Aug-1907 10 yrs Snake Bite 17-Aug-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Miller, Henry Omaha 01-Sep-1907 Infant Typhoid Fever 01-Sep-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Slawson, Fred Nevin Brule 19-Sep-1907 3 mos 19 days Colera Infantum 21-Sep-1907 Ogallala Cemetery
Kimball, Maria Big Springs 22-Sep-1907 85 yrs 5 mos 21 days Old Age 26-Sep-1907 Massachusetts Cemetery
Sadler, Dorothy M.V. Oshkosh 11-Jan-1908 4 mos 5 days Chronic Nephritis 14-Jan-1908 Le Mass, Iowa Cemetery
Most, H. Oshkosh 13-Jan-1908 5 days Infantile Trouble 14-Jan-1908 Ogallala Cemetery
Cline, William Ogallala 10-Feb-1908 Infant Premature Birth 10-Feb-1908 Ogallala Cemetery
Bretthauer, John H. Ogallala 11-Feb-1908 32 yrs 11 mos 3 days Tuberculosis 14-Feb-1908 Bladen Cemetery
Rayner, John Korty 05-Mar-1908 78 yrs Strangulated Hernia 08-Mar-1908 Ogallala Cemetery
Williams, Frank Ogallala 08-Apr-1908 11 yrs Typhoid 09-Apr-1908 Ogallala Cemetery
Fisher, Mrs. Rebecca Ogallala 22-Apr-1908 80 yrs 11 mos 5 days Cancer & Tumor 23-Apr-1908 Ogallala Cemetery
Polly, Jennie Joy Brule 13-May-1908 19 yrs 7 mos 13 days Peritonitis 14-May-1908 Sedgwick, Colorado Cemetery
Neilson, Infant Brule May 1908 2 mos 24 days Pneumonia 24-May-1908 Big Springs Cemetery
Gridlug, Wayne Chesebro Oren 15-Jul-1908 1 yr 2 mos 9 days Colera Infantum Ogallala Cemetery
Geisert, Louisa Ogallala 31-Jul-1908 71 yrs 4 mos Cicinoma 02-Aug-1908 German Cemetery Ogallala
Fought, John Albet Elsie 30-Jul-1908 60 yrs 2 mos Bright's Disease 01-Aug-2008 Wallace, Nebraska
Martin, Louis Winifred Ogallala 02-Sep-1908 1 mo 24 days Colera Infantum Ogallala Catholic Cemetery
Kallweit, Arthur Frank Ogallala 04-Sep-1908 23 yrs 2 mos 15 days Accident 05-Sep-1908 Ogallala Cemetery

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Barbed Wire

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