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Barbed Wire
The Law at the End of the Trail
1873 - 1887
by Karyn Stansbery
Transcription by Keith Hughes

Permission to reprint granted by The Author

Barbed Wire
Names Index
Alby James E
Aufdengarten Louis
Aughey Samuel, Dr
Barton Guy C
Bland William
Blyer William
Bradley Asa H
Brewton William H
Bronson Edgar Beecher
Brown Jake J
Campbell William "Billy"
Carothers George
Coffman William
Cook James
DePriest Martin
Dillon Isaac
Dillon Sidney
Dowd John
DuFran Phil
Ellison James
Fant Dillard
Farley James
Gaslin Judge W.P.P.
Gasmann Frederick W
Gaylord Harry
Gillan Barney
Gordon John
Gray Thomas Scott
Harris William
Harrison Thomas
Hayden Joseph
Hinman Beach
Howard Jack
Hughes Elizabeth Ann
Hughes Joseph G
James Charles
Kearney Michael
Keith Morell Case
Keith Scott
Ketchum Ami
Keyes John
Keyes Lank
King Peter
Law Robert
Leavenworth George
Leech David
Leech Elmer
Leech Millard F
Lemmon Ed
Masterson W.B. "Bat"
McAuliff Frank
McCaffey John
McCoy Joseph G
Miller James W
Mitchel Luther
Moye Alfred "Babe"
Moye Andy
Muland William
Newdick Thomas
Olive Ira
Olive Isom Prentice "Print"
Olive Robert
Parker Henry
Paxton William
Phebus William
Rayner Flora
Richardson C.M.
Ruble Dick
Searle Edwin M
Shook William
Southard Jasper
St.Clair Judge W.P.P.
Stephens Frank
Thompson Ben
Thompson Bill
Thompson Riley
Tobin Oscar
Tucker William H "Bill"
Van Camp George
Veach Michael
Walraven John
Walters John
Ware Thomas "Arkansas"
Watts Russell
Webster Robert S.
Wilson Peter
Worley "Rattlesnake" Ed
Zweifel John

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