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Keith County Farmers - 1890


Business Directory and Farmer list

for 1890-1891

J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 509-510 Paxton Block 1890

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1890, by J.M. Wolfe & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D.C.

Ogalalla --- County Seat


Abraham Vestal, Ogalalla.
Anderson H H, Big Spring.
Anderson Lars, Ogalalla.
Anderson Sam H, Brule.
Armstrong Albert, Pickard.
Armstrong Geo, Pickard.
Allen J K, Ogalalla.
Anderson J S, Big Spring.
Anderson M, Big Spring.
Anthony Jerry, Brule.
Armstrong E E, Paxton.
Armstrong J W, Ogalalla.
Allen L H, Ogalalla.
Anderson John, Paxton.
Anderson N, Paxton.
Apolises Emil, Ogalalla.
Armstrong G W, Ogalalla.
Atkinson Joseph, Ogalalla.


Baker A, Pickard.
Barnes James, Ogalalla.
Beatty W H, Ogalalla.
Bennett A H, Ogalalla.
Beyerty Geo, Pickard.
Bird W K, Paxton.
Black S A, Ogalalla.
Borgman H, Ogalalla.
Breder Casper, Pickard.
Brooks H G, Brule.
Brown W P, Brule.
Baker Andy, Ogalalla.
Barto J, Lewellen.
Beckins M, Ogalalla.
Bennett Frank, Ogalalla.
Bierce Frank, Pickard.
Bishop Horace, Ogalalla.
Bolanger James, Paxton.
Boyer Geo, Ogalalla.
Breder Wm, Pickard.
Brown C H, Brule.
Brunner Geo, Pickard.
Barber Frank, Lewellen.
Beadle C B, Ogalalla.
Beckins Phillip, Ogalalla.
Bertz Henry, Brule.
Billings Wm, Paxton.
Black J M, Brule.
Borgman Geo, Ogalalla.
Bradney W B, Ogalalla.
Brogan Simon, Paxton.
Brown C H, Ogalalla.
Bussard D, Ogalalla.


Cahil Dan, Paxton.
Cambes W W, Lewellen.
Canway Dan, Brule.
Chambers J A, Paxton.
Clark Thos, Ogalalla.
Coates H F, Paxton.
Cole G F, Paxton.
Cook Chas, Ogalalla.
Cooper Jno, Paxton.
Cromwell H D, Paxton.
Cahil P F, Paxton.
Camp Zeph, Pickard.
Carrol S, Brule.
Chambliss B C, Pickard.
Coaney Ed, Brule.
Coates Tom, Ogalalla.
Collins H, Ogalalla.
Coon Geo, Ogalalla.
Couch I, Ogalalla.
Culver J H, Ogalalla.
Calhound Alex, Ogalalla.
Cannon J H, Ogalalla.
Carson Sam, Ogalalla.
Channel G, Brule.
Coates C C, Paxton.
Cofelt Bros, Ogalalla.
Cook Al, Ogalalla.
Cooper E, Ogalalla.
Creek M L, Paxton.
Cushman R S, Ogalalla.


Daily Jas, Brule.
Daulsworth H, Ogalalla.
DePriest Carey, Ogalalla.
Disbro R F, Paxton.
Dougherty Mat, Ogalalla.
Dugan E, Paxton.
Daily Michael, Paxton.
Davis F C, Brule.
Dexter John, Lewellen.
Disbro S N, Paxton.
Draper M B, Paxton.
Durk Jno, Pickard.
Dale O, Brule.
Denton J G, Brule.
Diegan W H, Ogalalla.
Doty C W, Brule.
Dubbs W W, Paxton.
Dussler J H, Brule.


Eddy Chas, Ogalalla.
Eginton Geo, Paxton.
Engles A F, Ogalalla.
Engman Jno, Ogalalla.
Eyerly O H, Paxton.
Egburg Jno P, Ogalalla.
Eginton Geo, Pickard.
Engles Wm, Ogalalla.
Evans H, Paxton.
Eginton Dan, Paxton.
Elmshirer C, Ogalalla.
English R B, Paxton.
Evans W J, Ogalalla.


Fagan N, Paxton.
Felt John, Brule.
Finch H M, Lewellen.
Fisher Jno, Pickard.
Flynn Jom, Pickard.
Foster M A, Paxton.
Fuston C F, Brule.
Feather H, Ogalalla.
Feltz F Q, Ogalalla.
Finlan T S, Paxton.
Fleharty H C, Ogalalla.
Forbes John H, Brule.
Fulk C E, Pickard.
Fuston J W, Brule.
Federson H, Paxton.
Fenwick C, Ogalalla.
Fisher Aaron, Ogalalla.
Flowers J A, Ogalalla.
Forby W A, Big Spring.
Furgeson A B, Brule.


Gardner J K, Ogalalla.
Geisert M, Ogalalla.
Gilbert B M, Paxton.
Granger J W, Paxton.
Greenwood J K, Brule.
Gyssler John, Ogalalla.
Garrison W M, Paxton.
Geisert R, Ogalalla.
Goulder Fred, Ogalalla.
Greene N A, Lewellen.
Griffith E, Ogalalla.
Geisert A, Ogalalla.
Gidding Grant, Ogalalla.
Graham James, Lewellen.
Greenwood Chas, Brule.
Guynan T, Paxton.


Hagerman Philip, Brule.
Hannah L D, Ogalalla.
Hart Jacob, Brule.
Heiser Jacob, Pickard.
Hicock H L, Ogalalla.
Hoffler Chas, Paxton.
Hollingworth A, Ogalalla.
Hopken J, Ogalalla.
Horton C S, Ogalalla.
Hughbanks J J, Ogalalla.
Humphry J M, Paxton.
Halley & Kennely , Ogalalla.
Harris Simon, Paxton.
Hartman John, Brule.
Henry C S, Ogalalla.
Hildebrand J, Paxton.
Hoffman John, Brule.
Holloway D P, Ogalalla.
Hopkins John, Ogalalla.
Hough J W, Paxton.
Hughbanks Wm, Ogalalla.
Humphry V C, Paxton.
Haney August, Brule.
Harrison J H, Ogalalla.
Haverstock D W, Ogalalla.
Hickle S C, Big Spring.
Hobbs E L, Brule.
Holcomb Jack, Ogalalla.
Holscher Henry, Ogalalla.
Hopp Jacob, Pickard.
Hughbanks J, Ogalalla.
Hughs J H, Ogalalla.


Iams Richard, Ogalalla.
Irwin E M, Ogalalla.


Jacobs Lee, Ogalalla.
James R, Ogalalla.
Jinner Albert, Ogalalla.
Johnson G B, Brule.
Johnston G B, Ogalalla.
Jorgurson Hans, Paxton.
Jahman Martin, Brule.
Jamison W O, Brule.
Johnson C, Brule.
Johnson S P, Paxton.
Johnston N P, Ogalalla.
Jorgurson R, Paxton.
James A J, Ogalalla.
Jefford Leo W, Ogalalla.
Johnson Chas, Ogalalla.
Johnston Chas, Ogalalla.
Jolenstine Aug, Ogalalla.


Kelly Dan, Ogalalla.
Kessel G, Brule.
Kindburg Ascor, Ogalalla.
Kiser W P, Brule.
Koch Jacob, Ogalalla.
Kelly John F, Ogalalla.
Kichter E, Ogalalla.
King Frank, Paxton.
Knight H H, Ogalalla.
Kolkofen W H, Paxton.
Kerwin W F, Ogalalla.
Kildon John, Ogalalla.
Kiser J R, Ogalalla.
Knowls D W, Paxton.


Lake A J, Paxton.
Lee J C, Paxton.
Lewis Eli, Lewellen.
Linn J E, Paxton.
Lozier Frank, Paxton.
Larkin Jake, Paxton.
Leech D E, Big Spring.
Lewis R K, Ogalalla.
Loughlin A W, Paxton.
Lute Fred, Ogalalla.
Larkin John, Brule.
Leigh E, Ogalalla.
Lindquist G, Ogalalla.
Lowbe D A, Paxton.
Lute John, Paxton.


Malay A F, Ogalalla.
Mason J N, Ogalalla.
Mattock Jas, Paxton.
McArdle H, Ogalalla.
McCaig Frank, Pickard.
McCarthy J J, Ogalalla.
McClain N C, Paxton.
McCormick J, Ogalalla.
McFodden Frank, Paxton.
Mercer H, Ogalalla.
Meyer Chas, Paxton.
Miller Adam, Ogalalla.
Moon Wm, Paxton.
Moran N, Brule.
Mugleton Jas, Ogalalla.
Martin J W, Paxton.
Mathes Elmer, Ogalalla.
Mayen J, Paxton.
McAvoy Wm, Brule.
McCaig Fred, Pickard.
McClain E W, Paxton.
McConnell G W, Paxton.
McCrill D W, Ogalalla.
McGroth Peter, Brule.
Mercer O V, Ogalalla.
Meyer Henry, Brule.
Miller Fred, Paxton.
Moore G E, Ogalalla.
Morback G E, Brule.
Murphy Thos, Ogalalla.
Martin W T, Paxton.
Mathews B G, Ogalalla.
Mayer J M, Ogalalla.
McCaig David, Pickard.
McCaig Sam, Pickard.
McClain J A, Paxton.
McConnell H S, Paxton.
McCue Thos, Ogalalla.
McMillin Jas, Pickard.
Merrill John W, Ogalalla.
Meyers Chas, Ogalalla.
Miller H A, Brule.
Moos Henry, Brule.
Most Henry, Ogalalla.
Murrin M, Paxton.


Nelson Peter, Ogalalla.
Nortrum Jake, Ogalalla.
Newdick T, Ogalalla.
Noe Jonah, Paxton.


Paden Geo, Ogalalla.
Pickard Wm C, Pickard.
Pound Joseph, Ogalalla.
Palmer Fred A, Brule.
Pierson J W, Paxton.
Peterson Christ, Ogalalla.
Pitt W C, Ogalalla.


Ralph Jacob, Ogalalla.
Record Willer, Paxton.
Reema H F, Ogalalla.
Rice C P, Ogalalla.
Richerts Geo H, Paxton.
Richmond F M, Brule.
Robertson Forbes, Ogalalla.
Rourk Jas, Ogalalla.
Rush A T, Big Spring.
Raney Arthur, Paxton.
Reed Chas, Paxton.
Reese A, Ogalalla.
Rice E C, Paxton.
Richerts J J, Ogalalla.
Roach J F, Paxton.
Robinson G D S, Ogalalla.
Row L E, Ogalalla.
Ruttan Ben, Pickard.
Rapp J W, Brule.
Reed Fred, Ogalalla.
Reidle J, Ogalalla.
Richards E E, Ogalalla.
Richmond A C, Brule.
Roberts E W, Paxton.
Rourk J, Ogalalla.
Rumsey Geo, Paxton.
Ryan S, Brule.


Saderlund J P, Ogalalla.
Sautter Chas, Brule.
Scott J, Brule.
Sheldon W H, Brule.
Shultz J M, Ogalalla.
Skidmore Mrs T, Ogalalla.
Smith Bennet, Paxton.
Smith Jens, Lewellen.
Squirres R, Ogalalla.
Stephens W, Ogalalla.
Swigart A H, Ogalalla.
Sale Jno, Paxton.
Sautter Geo, Brule.
Scott Pat, Brule.
Sheridan A J, Ogalalla.
Siffering D, Ogalalla.
Skiles Jos, Ogalalla.
Smith C B, Big Spring.
Spleithof G, Ogalalla.
Stenbrick F G, Paxton.
Stickler Wm, Pickard.
Saunderman G A, Brule.
Scott A M, Ogalalla.
Scott Thos, Brule.
Sheridan J W, Ogalalla.
Siffrind Dave, Ogalalla.
Smith A, Lewellen.
Smith F M, Lewellen.
Sporrs John, Lewellen.
Stenbrick W H, Paxton.
Sudman H, Paxton.


Tanner Jno, Ogalalla.
Thris Peter, Ogalalla.
Toohey K, Brule.
Tudolt Peter, Paxton.
Taylor W C, Brule.
Tillord J M, Paxton.
Trent W T, Paxton.
Tuttle L R, Ogalalla.
Thorp J S, Paxton.
Tingley F P, Paxton.
Trutner H, Brule.


Vall W T, Brule.


Warner H C, Ogalalla.
Willcot W H, Paxton.
Wilson C, Ogalalla.
Winchel Chas, Ogalalla.
Winner John, Ogalalla.
Winterer W H, Paxton.
Wolf G, Brule.
Waugh L F, Ogalalla.
Williams E C, Lewellen.
Wilson Jno N, Ogalalla.
Windsor E E, Ogalalla.
Winslow L B, Ogalalla.
Wirst M, Brule.
Woodard J N, Paxton.
Weideman Wm, Brule.
Williams Job, Ogalalla.
Wilson R, Ogalalla.
Windsor T A, Ogalalla.
Winterer Theo, Paxton.
Wolf Fred, Ogalalla.
Woodward G B, Paxton.


Yates W W, Paxton.
Yocom J H, Pickard.


Zahn Fred, Brule.
Zimmer H, Paxton.
Zandt Fred, Ogalalla.
Zellinger C C, Ogalalla.
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