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Barbed Wire
Keith County News Obituaries May - June 2001

Paper Edition Name Birthdate Place Death Date Place Burial or Inurnment
02-May-2001 no listings
07-May-2001 Decker, Robert G. none given none given 06-May-2001 Omaha Omaha
14-May-2001 Mohr, Eleanor Olga (Krems) 07-Jan-1915 Big Springs 30-Apr-2001 none given Big Springs Cemetery
Hixon, Lucy (Troxel) Colson 31-Jan-1899 Gallatin, MO 10-May-2001 Ogallala Wauneta
Boyce, Charles M. 22-Jun-1940 Lemoyne 10-May-2001 Lemoyne Ogallala Cemetery
Thalken, Veronica Viola (Kildare) 30-Jan-1915 Paxton 11-May-2001 Clinton, IA none given
Behrends, William Martin "Bill" 02-Feb-1905 none given 10-May-2001 Denver, CO Denver, CO
16-May-2001 no listings
21-May-2001 Alexander, Idace W. (Wiiest) 01-Sep-1925 Brule 20-Apr-2001 Ypsilanti, MI Ypsilanti, MI
23-May-2001 Summers, Esther P. (Laflan) 15-Sep-1925 Elm Creek 21-May-2001 Lincoln Maxwell
28-May-2001 Brown, Travis Ernest 27-Sep-1956 Ogallala 23-May-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
Harms, Arlene (Anderson) 07-Jun-1935 Ogallala 22-May-2001 Big Springs Big Springs Cemetery
30-May-2001 Issacson, Gerald Lorraine none given none given 25-May-2001 Wichita, KS none given
Paper Edition Name Birthdate Place Death Date Place Burial or Inurnment
04-Jun-2001 LeZotte, Hubert O. 29-Mar-1918 Beaver Crossing 28-May-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
Hampton, W. Jeanne (Welliver) 16-Sep-1929 Lexington 02-Jun-2001 Lexington Lexington
Rochlitz, Raymond Edwin 28-Apr-1934 Big Springs 25-May-2001 Denver, CO none given
McCarty, Marie K. (Nielson) 08-Sep-1925 Keystone 17-May-2001 Rock Springs, WY Farson, WY
06-Jun-2001 Luce, Barbara Eileen (Root) 11-Aug-1940 Hayes Center 03-Jun-2001 North Platte Maxwell
Hill, Donna (Curtiss) 23-Jan-1920 none given 03-Jun-2001 Ogallala none given
Peterson, Helen Ann (Rector) 27-Feb-1923 Agate, CO 03-Jun-2001 Ogallala Maxwell
Monson, Flora G. (Terry) 22-Aug-1897 Joy, IL 02-Jun-2001 Provo, UT Paxton Cemetery
11-Jun-2001 Armstrong, Barbara J. (Oakes) 02-Jun-1920 Albion 08-Jun-2001 Ogallala Lemoyne Cemetery
Lee, Beulah (Sloan) 20-Nov-1910 Norcatur, KS 08-Jun-2001 Thornton, CO Wallace Cemetery
13-Jun-2001 Nowak, Estella Marie "Stella" (Friedman) 27-Sep-1917 Halibur, IA 09-Jun-2001 Aurora, CO Ogallala Cemetery
Majer, Leota none given none given 08-Jun-2001 Ogallala Ravenna Cemetery
18-Jun-2001 Grubaugh, Henry LeRoy 06-Feb-1919 Albion 13-Jun-2001 North Platte Maxwell
Leach, Maxine (Thurston) Dille Labart 11-Jul-1925 Ashby 16-Jun-2001 Ogallala Hyannis Cemetery
20-Jun-2001 Nootz, Arthur Lee 16-Nov-1943 Lewellen 27-May-2001 Los Angeles, CA none given
25-Jun-2001 Rhiley, Jack William 07-Sep-1926 Oshkosh 18-Jun-2001 Salt Lake City, UT Oshkosh City Cemetery
Parkison, Richard D. 21-Oct-1927 Ansley 23-Jun-2001 Ogallala none given
27-Jun-2001 Brott, Lucille Irene (Jennings) 18-Nov-1913 Paxton 25-Jun-2001 North Platte Paxton Cemetery
Biel, Elmer John 19-Sep-1910 Millard 24-Jun-2001 Ogallala none given
Tillinghast, Bernard D. 05-Jan-1935 Arthur 24-Jun-2001 Grand Island Arthur Cemetery
Highleyman, Nell (Searle) 17-Feb-1901 Ogallala 26-Jun-2001 Merriam, KS none given

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Barbed Wire

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