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Keith County News Obituaries September - October 2001

Paper Edition Name Birthdate Place Death Date Place Burial or Inurnment
03-Sep-2001 Metro, Letty Lee (Baker) 19-Sep-1922 IL 25-Aug-2001 none given Riverside, CA
05-Sep-2001 McMurtry, Jim 25-Nov-1930 none given 01-Sep-2001 North Platte North Platte
Hatcher, Melvin "Red" 17-Nov-1921 none given 29-Aug-2001 Scottsbluff Loveland, CO
Mathers, Nancy Jane (Wilson) 02-Jan-1935 McCook 28-Aug-2001 North Platte Wauneta
Brott, Henry "Hank" Jr. 09-Dec-1922 Perkins County 02-Sep-2001 Aurora, CO St. John's Lutheran Cemetery
Dayton, Gunda Clarice (Thorsgaard) 28-Nov-1914 Minot, ND 25-Aug-2001 Arthur Cheyenne, WY
Fisher, Gail Edward 15-Sep-1932 Brown County 02-Sep-2001 Broken Bow Broken Bow Cemetery
10-Sep-2001 Price, Tom 16-Jun-1898 York County 05-Sep-2001 Ogallala Broken Bow Cemetery
Grim, Gerald Aven 09-Feb-1930 Grand Island 31-Aug-2001 Ogallala none given
Caraway, Russell Kent 11-Sep-1964 Ogallala 07-Sep-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
12-Sep-2001 McCormick, Keith C. 09-Dec-1915 Lewellen 11-Sep-2001 Oshkosh Ash Hollow Cemetery
Fischer, Dorothy Gladys (Patterson) 20-Jul-1927 Lewellen 10-Sep-2001 Oshkosh Plum Creek Cemetery
17-Sep-2001 Haddix, Dale Marlin 04-Aug-1934 Loup City 15-Sep-2001 Ogallala Maxwell
Garthe, Margaret Vyvienne (Kemper) Rebman 18-Apr-1904 Franklin 10-Sep-2001 Altoona, FL Ogallala Cemetery
Kildare, Hubert Eugene "Gene" 24-Feb-1930 Ogallala 16-Sep-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
Harms, Harold 17-Jun-1932 Ogallala 14-Sep-2001 Grant Big Springs Cemetery
Davis, Ella Joyce (Hinton) 05-Jun-1921 Ashby 10-Sep-2001 Denver, CO Hyannis Cemetery
19-Sep-2001 Jones, Joshua Douglas 10-Jul-1979 Grant 16-Sep-2001 Laramie, WY none given
Zeller, Charles T. 10-May-1923 Palmer 17-Sep-2001 Scottsbluff Hemingford Cemetery
Sunia, Pita none given Kearney 13-Sep-2001 Phoenix, AZ none given
Van Velson, Myron "Bud" 11-Apr-1916 Brule 17-Sep-2001 Ogallala Brule Cemetery
24-Sep-2001 Disbrow, W. Morgan "Laddy" 06-Jan-1929 Centerville, SD 19-Sep-2001 Sidney Salem Lutheran Cemetery
Swanson, Charles W. "Bill" 19-Oct-1942 Kearney 20-Sep-2001 Ogallala Maxwell
Hastings, John 23-Dec-1908 Farnam 21-Sep-2001 Sutherland Elsie Cemetery
26-Sep-2001 Whitney, Virginia A. 08-Mar-1921 Maywood 20-Sep-2001 Denver, CO none given
Paper Edition Name Birthdate Place Death Date Place Burial or Inurnment
01-Oct-2001 Jehorek, Betty J, (Knotwell) 29-Mar-1927 Chase County 24-Sep-2001 Lexington Ogallala Cemetery
Hansen, Esther B. (Rogers) 10-Sep-1911 Rising City 29-Sep-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
Anderson, Ida Pauline "Polly" (Schwasinger) none given Clarks 30-Sep-2001 Grant Ogallala Cemetery
03-Oct-2001 Garthe, Margaret Vyvienne (Kemper) Rebman 18-Apr-1904 Franklin 10-Sep-2001 Altoona, FL Ogallala Cemetery
Broers, Ronald V. "Ron" 11-Nov-1937 Benson, IL 30-Sep-2001 Ogallala none given
08-Oct-2001 Doherty, Jack F. 15-Aug-1921 Omaha 05-Oct-2001 North Platte Maxwell
10-Oct-2001 Heinis, Agnes (Harms) 27-Jul-1917 Boone County 07-Oct-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
15-Oct-2001 Diaz, Elvira 21-Sep-1917 Pueblo, CO 11-Oct-2001 Sutherland Ogallala Cemetery
Lynn, Lewis Marion 09-Aug-1917 Pleazal, WY 09-Oct-2001 Grand Island Ogallala Cemetery
Baker, Seeley Jr. none given none given 23-Jun-2000 CA none given
Borkowski, Dallas Roy 10-Oct-1925 Audubon County, IA 13-Oct-2001 Council Bluffs, IA none given
17-Oct-2001 Oliver, Delores Adria (Bachkora) 22-Mar-1926 St. Michael 16-Oct-2001 Ogallala Maxwell
Ramsey, Helen Lorene (Fahrlander) 05-Apr-1911 Mills County, IA 13-Oct-2001 Newton, KS Hutchinson, KS
22-Oct-2001 Lake, David 26-Feb-1936 Watonga, OK 08-Oct-2001 Big Springs Watonga, OK
Smidt, Arnold L. 25-Feb-1922 Glenvil 19-Oct-2001 Grand Island Hastings
Little, Verland Leroy 03-Nov-1938 Benkleman 17-Sep-2001 Aurora, CO Benkelman Cemetery
Bayer, Mary Rose (Kosmacek) 10-Aug-1906 Brule 15-Oct-2001 Crete Ogallala Cemetery
Lehn, Kathryn Albertje "Betty" (Scharrel) 07-Aug-1915 Lodgepole 03-Oct-2001 Ogallala Chappell Cemetery
Spear, Clementine J. (Szydzik) 08-Jan-1911 Ashton 18-Oct-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
Dalrymple, Marilyn K. (Kramer) 14-Oct-1939 Culbertson 20-Oct-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
24-Oct-2001 Cogburn, Roland Rex 01-Jun-1935 LaSalle, CO 20-Oct-2001 Ogallala Greeley, CO
Deaver, Jerry James 23-May-1936 Grant 21-Oct-2001 North Platte North Platte
Wiens, Esther (Buller) 25-Mar-1907 Bradshaw 15-Oct-2001 Freeman, SD Madrid Cemetery
29-Oct-2001 Springer, Carol Ann (Gay) 31-Mar-1934 Lebanon 27-Oct-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
31-Oct-2001 Holscher, Richard L. 10-Dec-1929 Ogallala 29-Oct-2001 Ogallala Ogallala Cemetery
Dixon, Herbert Curtis 26-Apr-1929 Big Springs 18-Oct-2001 Lincoln Utica Cemetery
Jefferies, Raymond Ervin 27-Feb-2001 Antelope County 29-Oct-2001 Ogallala Rogers, AR

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