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1890 Census - Civil War Veterans and Widows
Keith County, NEGenWeb
Barbed Wire
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NameRankUnit WidowPost Office
Allen, James K. SergeantK 39 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Austin, Richard H. PrivateC 13 Vermont Inf Ogalalla
Black, Samuel PrivateC 19 Ia Infantry Ogalalla
Blackburn, Thomas PrivateK 85 NY Inf. Ogalalla
Blackburn, Thomas CorporalG 11 Mich. Cav. Ogalalla
Borgman, George PrivateB 43 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Brown, Charles H. PrivateE 104 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Brown, William T. PrivateB 59 Ill Infantty Paxton
Brown, William T. PrivateB 59 Ill Infantry Paxton
Brunner, George PrivateB 126 Pa Infantry Ogalalla
Brunner, George PrivateG 8 Ill Cavalry Ogalalla
Butman, Asa PrivateC 1 Iowa Infantry Paxton
Butman, Asa SergeantC 11 Iowa Infantry Paxton
Calhoun, Alexander PrivateG 14 Ill Infantry Ogalalla
Carmon, John H. PrivateE 106 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Clark, George B. PrivateG 7 Iowa Cav Ogalalla
Coates, Charles C. PrivateC 25 Wis Inf Sarah A. CoatesPaxton
Cooper, Ephraim 1 Neb. Cav
Cooper, John PrivateD 114 Ill. Infantry Paxton
Cromwell, Henry D. SergeantI 84 Ill Infantry Paxton
Cushman, Robert S. PrivateC 186 Ohio Infantry Brule
Dashiell, Henry C. CaptainK 4 Ill. Cav. Ogalalla
Day, Edwin M. CorporalH 146 Ill. Inf.
Dean, Charles W. CorporalB 42 Wis. Inf. Ogalalla
Dow, Schuyler PrivateG 34 Ill. Inf. Indianola, Neb.
Dunning, Horace C. DM SergeantI 1 Mich Cavalry Brule
Evans, William J. PrivateC 33 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Fisher, John PrivateJ 13 Ia Infantry Ogalalla
Gardner, James R. CorporalE 12 Penn. Inf. Ogalalla
Gilbert, Samuel T. PrivateD 22 Ky Inf Paxton
Graham, James SergeantA 18 Penn Cav Luellen, Deuell Co.
Green, Lucias C. ?? PrivateA 27 Iowa Infantry Luellen, Deuell Co.
Haney, August C. CorporalC 43 Ill Infantry Big Springs, Deuel Co.
Harris, Robley D. PrivateA 159 Ohio Infantry Paxton
Harris, Simon PrivateF ? 2 Wis Infantry Paxton
Harris, Simon PrivateD 11 Wis Infantry Paxton
Hickox, Charles W. CorporalH 5 Wis. Inf Ogalalla
Hillard ?, John M. PrivateH 11 Iowa Inf Paxton
Hull, Adam PrivateC 29 Ind. Inf. Ogalalla
Hull, Adam SergeantA 151 Ind. Inf. Ogalalla
Hutton, Louis K. PrivateD 104 Ill Infantry Paxton
Johnson, Martin PrivateD 22 Mo. Infantry Brule
Kiles, Joseph F. SergeantE 116 Ohio Inf Ogalalla
Kingsley, Michael F. PrivateC 14 Ohio Inf. Ogalalla
Leech, David E. PrivateI 20 Penn Cavalry Big Springs, Deuel Co.
Leech, David E. 2nd LieutenantC 5 Penn Infantry Big Springs, Deuel Co.
Mahaffey, Jonas L. PrivateD 153 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Martin, David W. CorporalC 1 NJ Infantry Metuchin, Middlesex Co., NJ
Mathews, Benjamin G. PrivateG 4 Ky Cavalry Ogalalla
Mead, Heilon L. CorporalE 104 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Miller, Henry A. PrivateC 9 Ill Cavalry Ogalalla
Motts, Willis P. PrivateH 137 Ill. Inf. Ogalalla
Newcomb, William PrivateB 1 Ohio Lt. Arty. Ogalalla
Newman, James PrivateC 24 Mass. Ing Ogalalla
Osborne, Jessie CorporalI 43 Wis Infantry Pickard, Keith Co.
Pitt, William PrivateG 9 Ill Vol. Cavalry Ogalalla
Plehn, Godfrey FiferKy. Nancy A. PlehnOgalalla
Record, Willis 2nd Lieut.H 70 Ind Infantry Paxton
Rema, Hiram F. PrivateK 3 Ill Cav Ogalalla
Ruchert, John J. PrivateH 38 Ill Infantry Paxton
Schultz, Josiah M. PrivateD 12 Ill Vol. Cav. Ogalalla
Searle, Edwin M. PrivateK 138 Ind. Inf. Ogalalla
Smith, Bennett PrivateI 24 Ohio Infantry Paxton
Smith, Edward C. PrivateE 39 Mo Infantry Ogalalla
Taylor, Edward R. PrivateK 25 Ill. Infantry Paxton
Taylor, George A. SergeantH 1 R.I. L. Arty. Francent
Taylor, George A. 1st LieutenantI 8 US H. Arty. Francent
Thies, Peter PrivateE 30 Mi Inf. Ogalalla
Tyler, Arch G. PrivateA 11 Ind. Infantry Paxton
Vail, William T. SergeantF 9 Ind Infantry Brule
Van Buren, Peter PrivateC 1 Ill. Arty. Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., Colo.
Wallace, Robert S. PrivateD 104 Ill Infantry Paxton
Welch, Asa A. PrivateE 29 Iowa Infantry Paxton
Williams, Edwin C. PrivateD 3 Wis Infantry Luellen, Deuell Co.
Wilson, John W. 2nd. Lieut.H 57 Ind Infantry Paxton
Winslow, Lester B. MusicianH 7 Minn. Infantry Ogalalla
Zimmer, Nicholas PrivateG 36 Ill. Infantry Hanna ZimmerPaxton
Barbed Wire
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