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Keyston Noteworthy Events
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Barbed Wire

A very special Thank You to Mrs. Lorna Wendt, who's hard work, dedication, and generosity made this transcription possible.

[Written and Compiled by Mrs. Lorna Wendt, Keystone Nebraska]
[Transcription by Susan Anderson]

[Permission to reprint granted to Susan Anderson, NeGenWeb Project-Keith County, and USGenWeb Project by Mrs. Lorna Wendt. The material contained herein may not be reprinted elsewhere without the express written consent of the author, except in the case of personal use only, in which this statement must appear on all pages.]

[Transcriptionist's Note: In retyping these pages, I have made every effort to duplicate the original publication. This includes spelling, punctuation and capitalization.]

Facts from Mrs. Scully's Ledger

First lots sold for town of Keystone, July 1906

Big snow storm October 21 and 22, 1906

Lon Jones and Anna Fenwick were married October 26, 1904

Prairie fire in hills March 30, 31 and April 1, 1908

Jay Coates married May 6, 1908

First passenger train only as far as Oshkosh, August 14, 1908

Little Church dedicated August 16, 1908

Will Fenwick and Anna Knight Married in Little Church August 26, 1908

Mr. Payne brought first Special train to Keystone November 24, 1908

School house burned Wednesday February 3, 1909

Sobus Bustus-Mexican-killed February 18, 1915, 6:00pm

Mexican wedding in Little Church, May 1915

Started building new school summer of 1917 Built the elevator in Keystone September 10, 1917. First load to elevator was rye taken in November, 1917. Elevator was dismantled October and November 1939

New bridge built in 1916 and 1917, replacing old one way bridge, built 1908

Andrew Christensen gave a dance in his barn June 9, 1917, it was a fine evening

Sara Katherine Fenwick born June 15, 1910. First baby girl born in Keystone.

Scully Hotel. First load of sand hauled April 1, 1910 to start foundation. First dance held May7, 1910. Moved into hotel June 8, 1910.

Store built summer of 1912

Dance hall built summer of 1914

Scully Hotel, Dance Hall and Store sold to Herb Blomenkamp May 29, 1943

Bull Bush and Nellie Dunwoody married February 28, 1917

Sam Hillard and Annie Severens married April 12, 1917

Sy Brogan and Donna Moore married February 26, 1919

Hughie Brogan and Rose McGinley married November, 1919

First fire in Keystone December, 1925, burned building owned by N. Beckius.

Stanley Wujek and Margaret Jeppesen graduated May, 1925

New school house and Presbyterian Church built same time, summer of 1926

Melville Lumber Co. burned January 30, 1928

1927-1928 teachers: Prof. Mr. Gerald Asbury; Miss Vera Irvine of Russell, Iowa, high school; Della Irwin, Keystone; Verdie Franken of Roscoe; Mable Mannon, Keystone; Stanley Wujek-on the hill

Marie Irwin and Auggie Blomenkamp married September 25, 1927. It rained

Kerr Jensen burned to death in house on S. Brogan farm 7 miles northwest of Keystone and house of Mr. Sheppards next to Sy Brogan in Keystone burned same time, January 27, 1929

Rained all night May 15, started snowing 5:00am May 16, snowed hard till 10:00am, May 17, 1930. Drifts 8 feet in places

January 16, 1930 - 40 [degrees] below zero at 4:00 am

Jerry Scully and Cha Fenwick went into store business April 19, 1929

Sinclair Pipe Line went through summer of 1929

Dunwoody had trouble at school about the measles last week. Doc hit Mr. Schaffer. Mr. Schaffer is the prof., May, 1935

Had big dinner in church basement Sunday, July 9, 1939. Mrs. Irwin would not let them use the church dishes

Mr. And Mrs. Campbell had sale Tuesday, July 11, 1939. Left Keystone July 12, 1939

Mrs. McNeel moved to Sutherland August 27, 1939

Mrs. Heinie Blomenkamp took Mrs. McNeel's place at the telephone office September 1, 1939

Englehardts moved to Roscoe, bought Franken store March 1, 1943

Sy Brogan moved his house to ranch April 7, 1943

Mrs. Winterer moved small house to Keystone March 1935

Neil Scully bought Mrs. Winterer's house and well, $75.00, May 6, 1943

Robbers tried to rob Bank of Keystone June 14, 1934

Robbers did rob Bank of Keystone August 1848. Kitts gang also robbed bank at Taylor, a bank in South Dakota, where one man was killed, and were caught attempting to rob a bank in Iowa; apprehended in 1949 or 50

First passenger train on north railroad (when Dam was built) Thursday, August 24, 1939, 6:30pm. Went up in am on old tracks, returned on new tracks; also first freight

Last Passenger train on this line went to Torrington, Wyoming and back May 3, 1971. Ridden by Mrs. Will Fenwick who incidentally rode the first one in 1908

Mr. And Mrs. Coyners house burned to the ground Monday morning June 28, 1943

Mr. Gar Draucker sale May 28, 1943

Sy and Donna Brogan moved to Ogallala November 11, 1942

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