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The Old Ledger [Wm. Drews/Draves and Sylvia (Dunwoody) Draves]--Surnames 1
Keith County, NEGenWeb
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THE OLD LEDGER: A Record of Life on the Nebraska Prairie
...Surnames 1


[Transcribed by Elizabeth Mary Ann (Draves) McKee.]

A very special Thank You to Ms. Mary Ann McKee, who's hard work, dedication, and generosity made this transcription possible.

[Permission to reprint granted to Susan Anderson, NeGenWeb Project-Keith County, and USGenWeb Project by Ms. Elizabeth Mary Ann (Draves) McKee (surviving family member of William and Sylvia Draves. The material contained herein may not be reprinted elsewhere without the express written consent of the submitter, except in the case of personal use only, in which this statement must appear on all pages.]

Ms. McKee has graciously allowed me to give surname look ups from the Ledger. If you find a name you are interested in, please Email me using "Ledger Look up" as your Subject line. Include the name you are interested in and the page number(s) given here as a reference.Because many names are repeated frequently, please limit your request to one name at a time.

Page Number Surname Given Name
Year(s) Covered
6 Draves Edd
1900 Woods
1901 Gold K.L.
7 Barber Charles
1902 Hull Adam
Barber August
Dittmer Will
Moline John
8 Moline John
1902 Reed Edd
Sanders W.H.
Linkins Gurt
9 Boehmer
1902 Briscoe J.
1903 Gold
Hoffman Edd
Lion & Keller
10 McClain
1903 Pankonin Emil
11 Pankonin
1903 Moline
1904 Trim John
Huffman Edd
Briscoe James
Coner W.
Patrick Adam
Patrick Ethen
Peterson Si
Peterson Hans
12 Briscoe James
1904 Draves Wm. A.
Draves Edd
McGirley George
Richard Charley
Nelson Andrew
Lion & Keller
13 Thies
1904 Nelson Andrew
Draves Will
Shepard & Sand
Shepard Will
Wheeler J.E.
Thies Mike
14 Thies
1904 Gorman Charley
1905 Pankonin H.E.
Hekox Jay
15 Gorman Charley
1905 Hekox Jay
Reed Wilson
16 Reed Wilson
1905 Briscoe James
Gorman Charley
Hughes Jo
17 Briscoe James
1905 Peterson S.
1906 Mathews
Kuskie Charles
Nelson Andrew
Kuskie Max
18 Kuskie Charles
1906 Sheldon & Sheldon
Lab John
Booth Atto
Briscoe James
19 Kuskie Charles
1906 Kuskie John
Sheldon & Sheldon
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