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1948 Telephone Directory, Ogallala Surname Listing E-J
Keith County, NEGenWeb
Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Eastburn WP Res Egger's Bros Graham hoeme Plows--Used Implements
Eastman Newell Res Ellithorpe & Putman
Eberhardt Henry Res Emery Service Station
Eberhardt Otto Farm Alfred Englehardt Store Roscoe
Eberly Jean Res Erin Welsh Court
Economos Nick Res
Eggers Elizabeth Res
Eggers Howard Res
Eggers Ralph Res
Eggers Thor Farm
Eginton Sisters Farm
Ehlers Mrs. Anna Res
Ehlers Bernard Farm
Eichner Hans Farm
Eichner Herman Farm
Eiker Roy Res
Elder Ira C Res
Ellis RG Res
Ellithorpe GL Res
Elmshaeuser Conrad Farm
Elmshaeuser Emil Res
Elmshaeuser Leonard Farm
Elmshaeuser Leslie Farm
Emery HE Res
Erlewine Dale Farm
Ervin H Res
Evans Fred Res
Eymann Eugene R Res
Eymann Hugo Res
Eymann Oscar Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info & Services
F Res F
Fackler Ira Res Farmers Co-op Elevator
Fairbairn George Res Farmers Home Administration Duchess hotel Building
Fairchild Mrs. Louis Res Firmin Feltz Office
Fedde Henry Res Oscar Fenstrom Office
Feltz Firmin Res Fies Used Cars
Fenstrom John Res Pearl Fifield Beauty Shop
Fenstrom Oscar Res FIRESTONE PRODUCTS Campbell's Home & Auto Supply
Fenwick JE Res First National Bank
Fie Jerome Res First Street Market Groceries-Meats-Vegetables
Field Walter Res Fisher's Furniture Store
Fisher CH Res Fisher & Jacobson Dance & Piano Studio
Fisher Howard G Res FORD SALES & SERVICE WJ Scott Auto Co
Fleshman V Res Francis Company McCormick Deering Farm Machine Headquarters--International Farm Trucks
Fleshman Vernon L Res FRIGIDAIRE SALES & SERVICE Searle's Appliance
Fleshman Kenneth S Res
Flower Duane Res
Floyd W Glen Res
Folda Margaret J Res
Forsyth Mrs. AM Res
Fostbinder Ernest Farm
Fought Dave Res
Francil Irene M Res
Francis Marvin E Res
Frandsen J Clayton Res
Franken WH Roscoe
Franken WH Farm
Franken Shirley Farm
Franke Harry Farm
Frerichs Mrs. George Res
Friedman John J Res
Frost AF Roscoe
Fruit CW Res
Fulcher BC Res
Fulker Harry Res
Fuller Herbert Farm
Fuller Lyle Farm
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info & Services
Gainsforth BL Res BL Gainsforth Dentist-Duchess Hotel
Gainsforth SP Res SP Gainsforth Dentist-Duchess Hotel
Gainsforth SP Summer Home Garwood Food Store Groceries & Meats--Refrigerator Locker Service--We Deliver
Gake Walter Farm GENERAL MOTORS DIESEL ENGINES Fehers Tractor & Equipment Co--Omaha
Garwood OR Res Gile Service Station
Geisert Albert Res Goins Liquor Store
Geisert EA Farm Good-All Electric Mfg Co REA & 32V Welders--Radio Condensers-Rectifiers-Prefabricated Homes
Geisert George Res Goold Ranch
Geisert HJ Res Grayhound Bus Depot
Geisert Mrs. JJ Res Greenlee's Clothing Co
Geisert Lorraine Roscoe Grooms Wholesale Electric Supply
Geisert Robert E Farm
Geisert William Farm
Gemmell Jack Res
Gifford Eldon R Res
Gile Ted Res
Gile Verne Res
Gillham ED Res
Gillman WD Res
Ginapp Mrs. John Res
Girmann Charles W Res
Goebel PA Res
Goins George Res
Goodall RA Res
Goodall RA Summer Home
Goold Theodore Res
Gordon Fred Roscoe Farm
Goslin Russell Res
Graham Ross S Res
Greene Bert A Res
Greene Loyal Res
Gregory Earl Res
Griffiths LE Res
Grigsby Robert T Res
Groves Charles C Res
Gruen PB Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info & Services
Hackbarth HJ Res Hagge Oil Company
Haessler E Farm Dr. WD Hall Office
Haessler JF (Nifty) Res John A Harney Office
Hageman AR Res EA Harvey, M.D. Surgery & General Practice
Hageman Lester Farm EW Hayford Motor Co
Haggard Arthur M Res Hayford Liquor Store
Hagge Bob Res Hazel's Beauty Shoppe
Hagge Henry Res Hill's Electric Service Your NORGE Dealer
Hahn Erma Res Frank Hillyer's Service Station
Hahn Frank Res Hi-Way Garage
Hahn Marie Res Hull Grain Company Roscoe
Hahn William Farm
Hall Dr. WD Res
Hampton FH Res
Hannon James R Res
Hansmeier Carl Farm
Hansmeier Frederick Farm
Hansmeier Herman Farm
Hardessen Mrs. Otto Res
Harding Kenneth E Res
Harmon WA Res
Harmonson Ralph Roscoe
Harms Mrs. Anna Res
Harms Ernest Res
Harney JA Res
Harris Arch Res
Harris Rev. BR Res
Harris Boyd Res
Harris Donald F Res
Harris Frank H Res
Harris Jesse M Jr. Res
Hart Elmer E Res
Harvey EA M.D. Res
Harvey Mrs. Harriet W Res
Harvey Mrs. Helen Res
Hatterman George Res
Hayford EW Res
Hayford Norman Res
Hayford WP Res
Haythorn Walter Res
Heckendorf ER Res
Helmer Walter Res
Helmuth Donald E Res
Hemmett Thomas G Res
Hendrickson MS Res
Hesemann LM Res
Hilderbrand John Res
Hill Jack Res
Hill Mary Res
Hill WW (Pike) Res
Hilliard Mrs. Anna L Res
Hilliard Sam Farm
Hillyer CR Res
Hillyer Ralph M Res
Hillyer Robert S Res
Hinkle Merle Res
Hobbs Mrs. EL Res
Hoben Anthony Res
Hoben John A Res
Hoersch Rev. AH Res
Hoffman AJ Res
Hoke CJ Res
Hollingsworth EE Res
Hollingsworth WO Res
Holscher Ernest Farm
Holscher Everett Farm
Holscher Frank Farm
Holscher Fred W Farm
Holscher William Jr. Farm
Holz Max Roscoe
Hood Marvin E Res
Hood Thomas Res
Hoover Earl R Farm
Hoover George Res
Hoover RW Res
Hopkin Edwin J Res
Horn Ruth Evelyn Res
Hossick Hugh Res
Houchin marion Res
Howard Mrs. Gertrude Res
Hudson Dan Res
Huff Herman Res
Huff Pete R Res
Hughes Russell Res
Hull Clifford Roscoe
Hull Frank Farm
Hull HM Farm
Humphreys Ira T Res
Husmann George R Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info & Services
Ingram William Res
Isaacson GJ Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info & Services
Jablonski Pat Res Jensen and Meyers Farm
Jacobsen Frank Res Jerry's Liquor Store Duchess Hotel Building
Jacobsen Melvin Res Joe's Liquor Store
Jacobson Lela Mae Res JOHN DEERE SALES & SERVICE Prochaska Implement Co
Jantzen Mrs. Frank Res AR Johnson Office
Jarosz Leonard Farm Johnson Grocery
Jarosz Stanley R Res Jones Grocery
Jeffres Mrs. Ralph Res
Jeffrey Van H Res
Jehorek Lewis Res
Jensen Carl Res
Jensen Ove Res
Jiminez A Farm
Johnson Alfred Res
Johnson AR Res
Johnson Brunse Res
Johnson Claud R Res
Johnson DW Res
Johnson EL Res
Johnson HF Res
Johnson Melvin G Res
Johnson OM Res
Johnson Pete Farm
Johnson Robert Farm
Jones Edward Farm
Jones Virgil J Res
Jurgens BR Res
Barbed Wire
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