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1948 Telephone Directory, Ogallala Surname Listing K-M
Keith County, NEGenWeb
Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Kaelin Mrs. Russell Res Kehr's Greenhouse
Kalkowski Emil Farm Keith Co. Agr Conservation Ass's Ofc
Kalkowski Mrs. Ed Res Keith Co. Co-Op Ass'n
Kaminski IE Res Keith County Courthouse County Agri Agent
Karlin RL Res County Assessor
Keenan Theresa Res County Attorney
Kehr AF Res County Clerk
Keller Detlef Res County judge
Keller Mrs. Marie M Res County Sherriff
Keller martin C Res County Superintendent
Keller MD Res County Treasurer
Keller MG Res County Welfare Office
Kelly Mike Farm Keith County News
Kelly Raymond C Res Keith County Studio Photographs Live Forever
Kenfield Robert Res Kodak Finishing
Kent KM Res Keller Grocery & Produce Larro Feeds
Kersenbrock Frank J Res A General Mills Product
Kersenbrock Frank Jr Res Kelly Conoco Cafe
Kershaw Earl Res Kelly Motor Lodge
Kildare James Farm KELVINATOR SALES & SERVICE Thoel Hardware Store
Kildare John Res Ken's Service Station
Kile JW Res KM Kent Office
Kilgore Marion Res Kersenbrock Drugs The Rexall Store
King William M Res Veterinary Supply
Kirkpatrick Joe O Res Kiewit & Foster-Smetana Contractors Kingsley Dam
Kleist Elving Res Kirke's Beauty Shop
Kelesner Lee J Res
Kluver James J Res
Knoll Dick Res
Koch John Res
Koelmel Frank Res
Kohler WR Roscoe
Kosmicki Francis Res
Krajewski Alvin Res
Krajewski IA Res
Krajewski John Res
Krajewski Milford Farm
Krajewski Norbert Farm
Krajewski Tony Res
Kramer Ethel Res
Kraus Adolph L Res
Kroh JS Res
Kuehl Chris Farm
Kuehl Henry Farm
Kummer Daniel Res
Kuntz Frank Res
Kuntz William Res
Kurkowski EJ Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Lake Carl Res James A Lane Office
Lamb Mrs. Maggie Res George LeDioyt Office
Lane David Res Liggett Bros Service Station
Lane James A Res Dr. HJ Linch Office
Lanigan John D Res Log Cabin Station & Cafe General Car Repair
Larsen Ben Res Good Coffee - Tender Steaks
Larsen Mrs Bertha Res Lunger & Son Implement Allis-Chalmers-Baldwin
Larsen HD Res Sales-Parts-Service
Latto Mercedes Res
Lauderbaugh Francis Farm
Lauderbaugh Howard Res
Launer EM Res
Law Mrs Blanche Res
LeDioyt George Res
Lee Emory Farm
Lezotte HA Res
Lezotte Hubert O Res
Libby Edith V Res
Lindauer George Farm
Loar Leo Res
Lovenburg LM Res
Lunger Roscoe Res
Lute Robert F Res
Lute Fred Farm
Lyon EL Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Macklin Harvey Res Macques
Maddox Neil Res MAGNAVOX SALES & SERVICE Searle's Appliance
Madison Mrs. Herbert Res Margie's Cafe
Madison Virgil Farm Masonic Temple
Maley John Farm MASSEY-HARRIS SALES & SERVICE Beitel Machine Shop
Marten Floyd Res MAYTAG WASHERS Storer's
Marten William Res Dr. John L McFee Clinic
Martens Mrs Elizabeth Res McGinley & Lane Law Office
Martens Gilbert Farm AJ Meerse, Contractor The Builder
Martin Louis Res Specialized in Fine Cabinet Work
Martin Leo Res AJ Meerse, Shop If It's Made of Wood We Can Do It
Martin Raymond E Res Melville Lumber Co
Matthews Dallas D Res WD Messenger Office
Mayden Henry Res Methodist Parsonage
McAndrews Augusta Res Mission Courts
McCarville David Res Morris Dairy Pastuerized Milk & Cream
McCroden James Res House Delivery
McCroden James Jr Farm MOTOROLA SALES & SERVICE Searle's Appliance
McCroden John Res Dr. Charles E Mueller Veterinarian
McCroden Mrs Mildred Res MYERS PUMPS Priesner Electric & Plumbing
McDonald Eugene Res
McFee Dr. John L Res
McGinley George Res
McGinley GJ Res
McHugh Jerry F Res
McKeag Mrs Arnold Res
McKeag John Res
McMillam Dean Res
McNeely AH Res
McQuay Dillon Res
McQueen Carl Res
McVay Bert Res
McVay Ernest Res
McVey GA Farm
McVey OC Res
Meade Mrs TJ Res
Mecke EJ Res
Mehl Elmer Res
Meiners KA Res
Meismer NE Farm
Melin ER Res
Mercer CC Res
Mercer Leland Res
Meyer HC Farm
Meyer JH Jr Farm
Miles Milo Res
Miller Dale F Res
Miller Harold W Res
Mitchell Gene R Res
Mohr George Farm
Mong Mrs. Bertha Res
Moore Darrel Farm
Moore Evelyn L Res
Moore Mrs. Ida Res
Mora Ysmel Res
Morisch Victor Res
Morris Paris Res
Morris Paris Farm
Morrow George D Res
Most Edwin Farm
Most Fred Farm
Most Louis Farm
Most Will Farm
Mueller Charles E Farm
Myers SL Res
Barbed Wire
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