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1948 Telephone Directory, Ogallala Surname Listing N-Q
Keith County, NEGenWeb
Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Neilsen Martin Farm National Farm Loan Assn. Member of Federal Land Bank System
Nelson Oscar Res National Guard Armory
Nelson OL Res Nebraska Employment Service
Nelson Raymond Farm Nebraska Natural Gas Co.
Nelson Roy Res Nifty CLeaners
Nenstiel Herry Res NORGE SALES & SERVICE HIll's Electric Service
Nichols CE Res Northgate Service Station
Nichols Farm North Platte Rendering Co. Dead Animals Removed FREE
Nichols Waldo Res Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.
Nietfeldt Maynard Res Nye Furniture and Paint
Nispel Harry J Res
Nodlinski Mrs. Bessie Res
Nowak Dan Farm
Nowak Edward Farm
Nowak Mrs. Stella Res
Nowak Virgil M Res
Nowak William Res
Nunn WH Res
Nurses Home Res
Nye HE Res
Nye Robb Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Obermueller CT Res Ogallala Bakery Friendly Service
O'Brien Agnes Res Ogallala Cafe
Odbert Richard G Res Ogallala Chamber of Commerce Duchess Hotel
O'Dell Chas E. Res Ogallala Engineering Co.
Odstrcil Frank Res Ogallala Grain Co. CR Cogil Mgr.
Oelschlager Clifford Res Ogallala Hardware
Oelschlager Larry Res Ogallala Hospital
Ogg Vern Res Ogallala Hog & Cattle Market
Orhlund Mrs. Hannah Res Ogallala Ice Plant
Olmsted DA Res Ogallala Live Stock Commision Co.
Olson Archie Res Ogallala Municipal Airport
Olson LR Res Ogallala Plumbing & Heating Co.
Olson Raymond Res Ogallala Tourist Lodge
Oltman EW Res Ogallala Truck Line
Onken Elba M Res Ogallala Wholesale Co.
Osmera Byron Res O G Upholstery Shop
Osmera Frank Res OK Tire Shop
DA Olmsted Office
Osmera Welding Shop
Ove's Market
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Palmer RM Res Palmer Bulk Service
Parks Leslie Res Parks Standard Service & Auto Court
Payne William E Res Paul's Shoe Shop
Pederson Marious Farm Peacock Cleaners & Laundry Expert Dry Cleaning - We Call For & Deliver
Perry Jean Res Pearl's Beauty Shop Permanents A Specialty
Peters Alvin Res JC Penney Co. Store
Peters Erwin F Res PHILCO SALES & SERVICE Storer's
Peters Frank Farm Pitts Cabins
Peters Fred Farm PITTSBURG PAINTS Fisher Furniture Store
Peters Merle Res PLYMOUTH SALES & SERVICE Frank P Button Garage
Peters Raymond Res PONTIAC SALES & SERVICE Dave Collins Motors
Peters Vern Res Prairie Theater
Peterson Bernie Res Priesner Electric & plumbing
Peterson Donald Res Prochaska Implement
Peterson Ervin O Res PROPANE GAS SALES & SERVICE Arrowhead Service Station
Peterson Frank Res P-TA Hot Lunch Program
Peterson HJ Res Publix Food Store Groceries & Meats - We Deliver
Peterson Jake Res
Peterson LE Farm
Peterson Marion Res
Peterson Neale A Res
Peterson Oscar Res
Peterson Rex Farm
Pierce Jess Res
Pierce JF Farm
Pike Chas Res
Pilger Rex H Res
Pinkston GA Res
Pitcher Merle Res
Pitt Duane Res
Ploog Earl Res
Plummer TJ Res
Plummer Warren Res
Plunkett William Res
Porter LN Res
Pounds HC Farm
Pounds Orville Res
Powell Mrs. Myrna Res
Prather Clyde Res
Preitauer Albert Res
Preitauer Wannaleen Res
Price Glen Res
Priesner Carl H Res
Priesner Willard Res
Prochaska Ed J Res
Putman James B Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
QUONSET BUILDINGS Keller Grocery & Produce
Barbed Wire
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