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1948 Telephone Directory, Ogallala Surname Listing R-S
Keith County, NEGenWeb
Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Ramsey HL Res Rainbow Cafe
Ranard Andy Res Radsal & Kleist Store
Rapp Walter H Res RCA VICTOR SALES & SERVICE Storer's
Radsal ME Res Reichenberg Cabin Camp
Rathbun Gertie Res Addie S Reikat Office
Rathbun JS Res REXALL DRUGS Kersenbrock Drugs
Ratliff Bill D Res AL Riedesel Office
Reichenberg Henry Farm Robinson Plumbing
Reichenberg RE Res Roscoe Garage Roscoe
Reikat Addie S Res
Reimers Ella Res
Reimers Rudolph H Farm
Reiselman Albert G Res
Reiselman Bernard Res
Reiselman BJ Res
Reiselman Henry Res
Reitz Henry Farm
Reynolds Bert Res
Rice Chas Res
Rice Lester Res
Richardson DF Res
Richmond FM Res
Richter Geo Roscoe
Rickel Jay G Res
Riedel Martin Farm
Riedesel AL Res
Riley Jean Res
Riley Leo T Res
Robacker Mrs. EC Res
Robinett Boyd Res
Robinson Mrs Francis Res
Robinson Homer Res
Robinson Lester Res
Robinson WE Res
Roe Madeline Res
Roeser Ethel Res
Ronneker Lester Res
Rubendall Donald E Res
Runyan Richard Res
Ruser Herbert R Res
Ruser WH Res
Russell Fay Res
Russell JH Res
Rutan Mae B Res
Ruzanic John Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Saathoff Ralph E Res Saunders Lumber Co All Kinds of Building Material - Coal, Hardware, Paints, Fence
Sager LF Res Schools Grade School - High School - Primary School
Sale John Res School District No. 22 Roscoe
Sale Tom Res Scott Hotel
Samuelson Art Res WJ Scott Auto Co. Ford-Mercury Sales & Service
Sanders Cyrus Res Searle Hotel
Sanders Mrs . Mary E Res Searle's Appliance Store
Saunders DG Res Searle's Body Shop
Scanlan John Farm Searle's Garage
Scanlan TD Res Sears Concrete Block Building Contractor - Colored & Pumis Block Mfg
Schafer Mrs. John Res SERVEL ELECTROLUX Searle's Appliance - Storer's
Schepker Norman Res Shelburne Impl Co Office
Schneede William Res Sheldon Dairy
Schooley Robert J Res FJ Sibal Office
Schow JH Farm Sinclair Refining Co
Schow Wm J Farm SKELGAS Storer's
Schuetz Rev. HLW Res Skinner's Grocery
Schultz Henry Res Carson Smith Shoe Store
Schwasinger Perry Res Smithy's Repair Shop
Schwasinger Perry Jr. Res Socony Vacuum Oil Co inc
Schwasinger Tilford Farm Soft Water Service
Schwentker CG Res Soil Conservation Service
Scott Bob K Res Star Coca Cola Bottling Co
Scott WJ Res Stewart Plumbing & Heating
Searle Arch Res Stone Funeral Home
Sedlacek Frank Farm Storer's Skelgas - Maytag - Electrolux - Pianos - Records
Severns Hugh R Res STUDEBAKER SALES & SERVICE Ken's Service Station
Shannon Mrs Marie Res Sullivan Dept. Store
Shaffer Vera Res Swift & Co
Sharp Ralph E Res
Sharr Lloyd Res
Shaw CL Farm
Sheffield Walt Farm
Shelburne Homer Farm
Shelburne Max Res
Shepard Olive Res
Sherlock Geo Res
Sherman SA Res
Shireman Mildred Res
Shultz Alva J Res
Sibal Clinton H Res
Sibal Edward J Farm
Sibal FJ Res
Sibal John E Farm
Sibal Joseph F Res
Sibal Mrs Mary L Res
Siemsen William F Res
Sievers Marcus Res
Siffring David J Farm
Skidmore Mrs Rose Res
Skinner Mrs Ruth Res
Skinner Theo R Res
Smith Carson R Res
Smith Mrs CH Res
Smith EA Res
Smith Elizabeth Res
Smith Everett C Res
Smith Harry H Res
Smith HV Res
Smith Lyle Res
Smith Norman M Res
Smith Roland Farm
Smith RP Res
Smith Roger C Res
Smith Mrs. William Res
Smolczyk Joseph Farm
Smolczyk Joseph Res
Smolczyk Robert Res
Soehl WF Res
Sonnenberg Mrs. Effie Res
Spangler Bob Farm
Spangler Dan Res
Spangler Roy Farm
Sparks BH Farm
Spencer LE Res
Spoeneman Alfred L Res
Spoeneman SA Res
Standage Mrs Evelyn M Res
Stansbery Dean Res
Stark Charlie Farm
Stauber James S Res
Steffen Harold Res
Stephenson Leonard Res
Stewart Walter W Res
Stith Albert R Res
Stivers Mary Res
Stone Gordon Res
Stone Jack Res
Storer Veryl Res
Strong WH Res
Stuehm Arthur Farm
Stuehm Herman Farm
Stutheit Herbert R Farm
Suddarth Clyde Farm
Suhr Harry Farm
Sutton Frank P Res
Sutton Vernon J Res
Svoboda Geo Res
Barbed Wire
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