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1948 Telephone Directory, Ogallala Surname Listing T-Z
Keith County, NEGenWeb
Barbed Wire
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Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Tagge Earl Res Telephone Co See NW Bell Tel Co
Taylor John L Res TEXACO PRODUCTS Hagge oil Co
Terry WM Res Thalken's Stadard Service
Testroet John Res The Highway Lot
Thalken Charles E Res The Stitch Duchess Hotel
Thalken J Darrol Farm Thoel Hardware Co Perfection Stoves - Plumbing & Heating Supplies
Thalken Fred H Res
Thalken Hugh Farm
Thalken James J Res
Thalken Mary Alice Res
Thalken Robert Farm
Thayer JT Res
Thieman Luella Res
Thies Miss Anna V Res
Thies John W Res
Thoel William Res
Thomas LP Res
Thompson Ed Res
Thompson Ollie Res
Thorpe BF Res
Thorpe George Res
Tillinghast Frank Res
Tillinghast WI Res
Tillinghast WI Jr. Res
Tillman Theodore Res
Tressler Walter Farm
Trosper Clyde Res
Turner Ray Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Unger OH Res Uerling Cleaners Cleaning and Pressing
Uhler Dave W Res Union Pacific Railroad Company
Union Pacific Railroad Company Roscoe
US Employment Service
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Van Cleave Oran Res Dr. Vernon Van Horn Office
Van Every Russell M Res Dr. HA Vandiver Office
Vende Voorde Henry Res
Vandiver Dr. HA Res
Vandiver Margaret E Res
Van Greuningen Ben Res
Van Greuningen Owen Farm
Van Scoik JH Res
Van Velson WK Farm
Vaughn JW Res
Viola Walter Res
Von Eitzen Herman Farm
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Wade Lynn R Res Wade's Chevron Service Station
Walker Dale E Res Grant Walker Office
Walker Earl Farm Wayside Beauty Shop
Walker Johnny Farm Mabel Welpton Office
Walker Paul Farm Welsh Men's Wear
Walker Paul E Res Welsh Motor Court See Erin Welsh Court
Walker Mickey J Res West Park Grocery
Walker Ted Res Western Auto Associate Store
Walker Vernon J Farm Western Cafe Roscoe
Ward Fred A Res Western Union Telegraph Union Pacific Depot
Warford Lewis Res HA Wiiest Field Seeds
Watson Kirk Res HH Wiseman Co Oliver Farm implements - Sales and Service
Webb Lewis Res Wittenberger & Whitney Office
Weber Merle Farm CC Worden Office
Weldon Donald Farm Wray's Auto Supply
Welpton Mabel Res
Welsh David A Res
Welsh GJ Res
Welsh Henry GW Farm
Welsh James G Res
Welsh Leslie A Res
Welsh Mary J Res
West Gordon H Res
West Harold J Res
Westerbuhr Mrs Anna Res
Westerbuhr Dale E Res
Weyer Dr. SM Res
Whitney AC Res
Whitney Lester Res
Wicina Emil Res
Wiest Carl Farm
Wiest Donald Res
Wiest Lewis Res
Wiiest HA Res
Wilkening William Res
willard Glenn Res
Willey David Res
Willey Elmer Res
Willey Wayne Virgil Res
Williams EA Res
Williams Rev Mary E Res
Williams Walter Jr. Res
Williams WL Res
Wilson Joe Res
Wilson John G Res
Wire WH Res
Wiseman Berget Res
Wiseman HH Farm
Wiseman HH Res
Wiseman RR Farm
Wittenberger LJ Res
Wlaschin Bernard Farm
Wlaschin James J Res
Wlaschin Leonard Res
Wlaschin Pete Res
Wolfe AE Res
Woolsey Vernie Res
Wooters Ralph O Res
Worden CC Res
Wray ED Res
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Young Joseph N Res
Younker Andrew Farm
Surname Given Type Business Bus. Info
Zaruba George R Res ZENITH SALES & SERVICE Searle's Appliances
Barbed Wire
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