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Union Pacific Seniority Roster

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This interesting document, submitted by Lexi Romero, is a list of Union Pacific workmen, listed by section and what we assume to be date of hire as a section hand. We do not know who prepared this document or when, only that it was found among Ms. Romero's grandfather's (Lewis Matthews, Section 304) papers. The figures in the lower right corner are most likely extraneous.

If you have further information on this document, or something simliar or complimentary you wish to submit, please email me.

Note: I have created a table at the bottom of the page mirroring the information contained in the document so that the site search engine will pick up the names, as well as to allow non-graphics enabled browser users to view the list.

Within hours of posting this page, I received the following information from another Eaglelark:

"A Maintance of Way Roster by Section - Translated in to real english this means these were the guys who worked on the track - not train crews, and in what area they worked. Most of these areas cover up to 250 miles of actual track now, but then it would have been within about a 50-100 mile areas due to travel. Most lived at home in the winter and went out during the "Season" (workable warm spring-summer weather) and lived in rail "bunk cars" then went back home for the winter. Seasonal type of work, unless there was a derailment or accident and then there were/are permanent (usually high seniority people) who work year round. My brother in law does this now and had worked 12 years just to get on permanent full time. They don't have the bunk cars now, so distances are farther and they hotel it. Most of these sections are still active on the UP line. They usually post Rosters on 2 occasions - 1) a change is mandated by new personnel coming or going or 2) the union and/or RR has changed a section boundry. These are not, nor have they ever been a regularly posted monthly, annual, etc... kind of thing. The one my brother in law is on has not changed in 8 years now - no one has retired recently or come on, so it is stable at present.
Thanks Liz!

Special Seniority Roster Prepared in Accordance with Maintenance of Way Brotherhood Agreement Effective November 1st, 1935.
Union Pacific Railroad Company - Nebraska Division - North Platte Branch
Group 7 - Section Men

Roadmaster - North Platte Sec. 312 - Northport
Charles E. Soueer7-5-1898 Joseph W. Armitage8-24-1925
George W. Carson1-4-1916
Sec. 301 - SarbenMarion F. Durham7-5-1922
Christopher R. Brewer1-19-1925
William E. Osborn4-28-1924Sec. 315 Gering
Joseph T. Pribyl3-1-1912Charles ?. Beaird3-4-1912
Fred H. Bloemenkamp3-4-1928
Sec. 302 - KeystoneJack Hardin4-25-1928
William ?. Bowen8-1-1927
James A. Dew9-16-1917Sec. 318 - Lyman
Charles L. Shaw5-17-1922Arlie Hager4-23-1928
Abraham Joseph3-22-1909
Sec. 304 - LewellenAlfred Schlicker6-11-1927
Lewis E. Matthews5-15-1928
Clarence D. McKibben5-7-1924Sec. 320 - Yoder
Louis T. Podkonyak9-21-1910Henry Castro10-7-1926
Nick Podkonyak8-1-1916Nick A. Hasperis8-1-1904
Paul Podkonyak4-1-1924Joseph ?. Maroney4-15-1922
Henry L. Nau10-4-1928
Sec. 305 - Oshkosh
Roy Lane5-5-1924Sec. 321 - Cottier
Andrew J. Sunday9-1-1918Bert Dudley9-21-1921
Samuel R. Street8-9-1924Eddie Gray8-25-1927
Archie D. Schirmer8-16-1928Arlie O. Homan3-1-1918
Sec. 307 - Broadwater
Benjamin L. Beaird3-3-1913
Herman Bennett6-21-1926
George F. Drescher1-6-1919
Andrew J. Hensley7-11-1921
Barbed Wire

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