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Volunteer of the Month - May/June 2002

Keith has been instrumental in creating name indices for several books, transcribing entire articles, and is now working on the Ogallala Cemetery listing as well as Keith County census information, among other things. His dedication to this and other websites and organizations is unsurpassed. Thanks, Keith, for choosing to bring your dedication and love of genealogy and history to Keith County. --Susan Anderson, May 2002
Keith Hughes
Keith's Bio

My name is Keith Ray Hughes, I have lived in West Seattle, Washington for the past 22 years. I married my high school sweetheart, Lin, 34 years ago, and we have two children; my daughter, Amy, and my son Ryan. I am an Army Veteran of the Viet Nam era, 4 years active duty and 6 years Oregon National Guard. I became actively interested in Genealogy after attending the funeral of my father's step-mother in October 1998. While at the service, I met many Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins that I had not met before, and I realized that I knew nothing of my Fatherís side of the family. The ones I met that day were wonderful people, and I couldnít help think that there must be many more that I knew nothing of. The following day I got a tablet and sat down with my parents and got them to tell me what they could of the Hughes Family. The memories were very few and not very clear. When I returned home, I started searching through the Web, and found this Keith County Site.
Through it, and the help of Susan Anderson, I found my Great-Great-Grandfather, Sheriff Joseph G Hughes, whoís biography you will find on this site.

At present, I have memberships in including Online Census Images, Nebraska State Genealogical Society, Keith County Historical Society, Marion County Iowa Genealogical Society, Benton County Oregon Historical Society, and Hughes and Related Families, Inc. One of my greatest times in this search was my trip to Keith County in May 2000, and my attendance at the NSGS Annual Conference at Grand Island.

I enjoy working with the many Web Sites and Societies, and find it thrilling to be able to contribute. Without the work others have done in the past, I would not be where I am today in my family search. I enjoy giving back, so that others can be successful in their research, as I have been. My personal family database in Family Tree is now over 800 names. Thatís a big change since I sat down with my father and my list of 8 people I knew with the last name of Hughes. --Keith Hughes, May 2002

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