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Volunteer of the Month - September/October 2002

Mary Ann left a comment in the guestbook, remarking upon her work on "The Old Ledger," written by her ancestors Wilhelm August Heinrich DREWS/DRAVES and his wife Sylvia Stella (Dunwoody) DRAVES. I replied and we began an email correspondence that led to Mary Ann sending me a completed copy of her Ledger transcript and telling me to use whatever I could on the website to help Keith County researchers. Thus far, an "Everyname" Index is online, along with the Ledger's Table of Contents. I am looking forward to placing passages of The Ledger online very soon. Mary Ann has given hundreds of hours of volunteer work in the communities in which she has lived, and we are grateful that she is part of our online community. Thanks, Mary Ann, for sharing with us your labor of love in The Old Ledger and preserving a glimpse into the daily lives of our ancestors 100 years ago. --Susan Anderson, September, 2002
Mary Ann McKee
Mary Ann's Bio

I was born in 1943, the last of eight children, to Edward Ferdinand & Mary Ann Adeline (Cunningham) Draves. I grew up an accomplished horsewoman, and was a high school cheerleader and telephone switchboard operator when I dropped out of school to marry a handsome sailor in 1960. My husband, William Levi McKee, and I celebrated our 40th anniversary, and the closing of our appliance service business of July 17, 2000, after serving San Juan County, New Mexico for 18 years.

I am past Worthy matron of Ruth Chapter #46, Order of Eastern Star, (OES). I have held offices in numerous organizations, and served as President of Totah Tracers Genealogical Society, San Juan Archaelogical Society, and San Juan Historical Society. The latter of these I organized then served for three years as President.

I have also served as Trustee on the San Juan Museum Board, and the New Mexico State Archealogical Society Board. I became actively involved with Project Read, and served as the first student representative on the Volunteer Advisory Committee at San Juan College in 1993.

I had lived for a short time in the areas where my ancestors had lived before, and I started collecting information about them and their times, way back in 1978. But I never really got started in Genalogy, as such.

The thing that got me into Genealogy was boredom. Bill & I never had children, and I had always worked outside the home. So, when he decided to start his own Appliance Repair business in 1982, I knew I would be bored to death just sitting waiting for the phone to ring as service calls came in. That was when I decided to try to do Genealogy because it was something I could do from my desk, at home or in the office.

I am now pursuing a career in writing. I have published a book, poetry, and short stories. I have numerous books nearing the "Ready for Publication" stage. I am an avid researcher, and have several Family history books in progress. I also enjoy researching the Ancient Mystery schools, Cultures, and Religions, with an eye toward writing about them as well. --Mary Ann McKee, September, 2002

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