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Lincoln Women's Club



Miss Harriet E. Towne

Associate Leader:
Mrs. M. A. Newmark

Mrs. J. P. Maule

Alternates with Club week, Thursdays, 3:30 p.m.

Subject: English Literature


I. Study of Browning's Dramatic Lyrics and Romances.

"How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix."

"My Last Duchess."

"Andrea Del Sarto."

Group Showing: 

a - Power of Rhythm

b - Tone Quality

"Give a Rouse."

"Boot and Saddle."

"How They Brought News."

"Marching Along."


Dramatic Lyrics

"Columbe's Birthday."

"Luria." - If time allows.

II. Study of Tennyson


Study of style from shorter poems.

Current Events


Mrs. Helen Hohman

Associate Leader:
Mrs. F. A. Brown

Mrs. T. J. O'Connell

Membership Committee:
Mrs. W. J. Turner, Mrs. G. B. Simpkins.

Alternates with Club week, Saturdays, 3 p.m.

Outline I. Reports from the principal countries of the world.

II. Scientific discoveries and inventions.

III. Miscellaneous current events.

Special Subjects

"Evils of unrestricted emigration."

Forestry in United States."

"Finland and Its Women."

"Notable Assembly of the Year."

"Dangers of Over-organization."

  "Postal Savings Bank."


"Initiative and Referendum."

"Protection of Trees from Insects."

"Song Birds and their Protection."

Domestic Economy


Mrs. Milton Scott

Associate Leader:
Mrs. Henry Gund

Mrs. Guy Brown
Alternates with Club week, Mondays, 3 p.m.


Oct. 18
The aim and scope of household economics. Discussions and methods of the year's work.

Nov. 1
The composition, value and preparation of foods, illustrated by experimental demonstrations.

Nov. 15
Thanksgiving program, illustrated by experimental demonstrations.

Nov. 29
Christmas program. Christmas gifts, gift making and origin of gift making. Candy making demonstrations.

Dec. 13
Debate. Resolved. That the mistress, and not the servant is responsible for the present imperfect system of housekeeping.

Dec. 27
Breads and yeast, rolls, cinnamon rolls, bread sticks, graham and whole wheat bread, uses of stale bread, baking powder, short cake, steamed fruit pudding, doughnuts, muffins, rye and corn meal griddle cakes.

  Jan. 10
Problems of the Home: the place of the house in society; household management; domestic service.

Jan. 24
Demonstrations of salads and the use of chafing dish.

Feb. 7
Invalid cooking.

Feb. 21
Sanitation, including the situation and surroundings of the house: plumbing and drainage; ventilation, lighting and heating; water supply.

March 7
Eggs: value, use in cooking and ways of serving; cake making.

March 21
Soups and Croquette demonstrated.

April 4
Fish and fish sauces; cookery of different vegetables.


Mrs. S. B. Pound

Program before the Club, January 31.

Physical Education

Miss Anne Barr

Annual public meeting at
University of Nebraska gymnasium, March 14.

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