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Lincoln Women's Club


Members - * Indicates Charter Members

Abbott, Mrs. E. F.
*Ackerman, Mrs. M.
Allen, Mrs. Louie M.
Abel, Mrs. J. H.
Abbott, Mrs. L. J.
Allen, Mrs. Wm. M.
*Arnett, Mrs. Lee
*Ames, Mrs. J.
Anderson, Mrs. D. L.
Armstrong, Mrs. A. H. 
Aitkin, Mrs. A. W.
Arter, Mrs. M. C.
Avery, Mrs. C. J.
Adams, Mrs. G. A.
Allen, Mrs. M. T.
Allen, Mrs. Edward W.
Burr, Mrs. L. C.
*Brooks, Mrs. W. O.
Bessey, Mrs. C. E.
Binford, Mrs. R.
*Bell, Mrs. John W.
*Billmeyer, Mrs. A. G.
Brackett, Miss A. E.
Bigler, Mrs. J.
Beach, Mrs. T. R.
Butler, Mrs. John M.
*Bartruff, Mrs. F. W.
Baker, Mrs. L. N.
Bartlett, Mrs. T. F.
Bushnell, Mrs. H. M.
Bagnell, Mrs. W. H.
Brooks, Mrs. L. P.
  Baird, Mrs. E. J.
Branson, Mrs. C. M.
Beach, Miss Vinnie
Beach, Miss Cora
Bartlett, Mrs. G. M.
Butler, Mrs. J. J.
Bomgardner, Miss Gretchen
Burnham, Mrs. S. H.
Boney, Mrs. W. H.
Bronn, Mrs. J. S.
Bayard, Mrs. W. M.
Baldwin, Miss Kittie
Berge, Mrs.
Barber, Mrs. J. E.
Bryan, Mrs. Mary
*Bowman, Mrs. Catherine
*Brown, Mrs. F. A.
*Brown, Mrs. F. W.
Baker, Mrs. F. R.
Bailey, Mrs. B. F.
*Broady, Mrs. J. H.
Burks, Miss Grace
*Burket, Mrs. T. N.
*Brown, Mrs. Guy A.
*Brown, Mrs. E. E.
Barr, Miss Anne
Bennett, Mrs. J. R.
Bohanan, Mrs. M. G.
Bryan, Mrs. C. W.
Bryan, Miss Nannie
Bryan, Miss Mary
Bush, Mrs. D. P..
  *Canfield, Mrs. James H.
*Clarks, Mrs. Geo. H.
*Chambers, Mrs. C. W.
*Castor, Mrs. Tobias
Clark, Mrs. Anna E.
Clark, Mrs. Wm.
*Church, Miss M. R.
*Cochran, Mrs. Thomas
Cornell, Mrs. F. D.
Catlin, Mrs. Virginia
Cone, Mrs. C. G.
Crandall, Mrs. O. N.
Craig, Mrs. M. H.
Clason, Mrs. C. S.
*Cofforth, Mrs. A. B.
Carr, Mrs. John
Crawford, Miss Ella M.
Chandler, Mrs. Chas.
Chapman, Mrs. A. G.
Cochran, Mrs. Rose
Clark, Miss Charlotte J.
Clyce, Mrs. F. P.
Cunningham, Mrs. Kent
Crowe, Mrs. F. M.
Clarke, Mrs. G. H.
Coffin, Mrs. E. M.
Cook, Mrs. Mary H.
Chapline, Mrs. W. B.
Dolan, Miss Mary
*Dalby, Mrs. S. R.
*Dunn, Miss Anna
Dempster, Mrs. J. A.

Davis, Mrs. Carrie Vincent
Dayton, Mrs. S. W.
Day, Mrs. A. K.
Davis, Mrs. Joel H.
Dayton, Mrs. W. E.
Dinsmore, Mrs. Margaret C.
*Danielson, Miss Clara
*Danielson, Mrs. Eva R.
*Davis, Mrs. Clyde
*Damrow, Miss Cora
Davis, Mrs. Oliver P.
Du Teil, Mrs. Anna
Du Teil, Miss Mary
Doyle, Mrs. T. J.
Davis, Mrs. Minnie
Dobson, Mrs. Caroline
*Elliott, Miss Phebe
*Everett, Mrs. M. H.
  Eddleman, Mrs. Viola E.
Erle_born, Mrs. O. P.
Elmen, Mrs. Geo.
England, Mrs. W. H.
Erb, Miss Jennie
Eagen, Mrs. J.
Emery, Mrs. Alice
Ewing, Mrs. Mary C.
Evans, Mrs. L. E.
Eiche, Mrs. Fred 
*Ensign, Mrs. M. W.
Eldrige, Miss Pearl
Fossler, Miss Christine
*Fitzgerald, Mrs. W. D.
Fairbrother, Mrs. L. W.
*Field, Mrs. A. W.
Fleury, Mrs. W. C.
  Fordyce, Mrs. Chas.
Fawell, Mrs. G. W.
Finch, Mrs. Flora T.
Foss, Mrs. F. I.
Friend, Miss Ida
Friend, Mrs. Morris
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mary
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Edward
Faulkner, Mrs. P. A.
Faulkner, Mrs. A. O.
Fossler, Mrs. Lawrence
Freeman, Mrs. Maude
Freeman, Miss Minnie D.
Fowler, Mrs. A.
Foster, Mrs. S. A.
Griggs, Mrs. N. K..


Griggs, Mrs. N. K.
*Gibson, Mrs. F. M.
Grubbs, Mrs. R. G.
*Green, Mrs. Kate H.
Goodell, Mrs. Henrietta
*Gund, Mrs. Henry
Gennzel, Mrs. C. J.
Goodell, Miss Mattie
*Gage, Mrs. F. E.
Gustin, Mrs. E. E.
*Guile, Mrs. A. D.
Gleason, Mrs. J. H.
Gordon, Mrs. Martha
*Grainger, Mrs. H. B.
Garten, Miss Blanche
Gerhart, Mrs. W. H.
Guthrie, Mrs. E. R.
Gilkeson, Mrs. G. R.
Hersching, Mrs. H. A.
Green, Mrs. D. E.
Hoover, Mrs. Stephen
Hatfield, Mrs. Maud R.
*Humphrey, Mrs. Austin
Hoover, Mrs. A. L.
Harrop, Mrs. John
Hawley, Miss Florence
Hinman, Mrs. E. M.
Higgins, Mrs. Ellen
*Howard, Mrs. S. W.
Hall, Miss Edith L.
  Haggard, Mrs. J. R.
Hart, Mrs. W. R.
*Hutchins, Mrs. Fred
Henry, Mrs. W. C.
Hubbard, Mrs. A.
Howland, Mrs. Margaret
Henderson, Mrs. S. H.
Hallett, Mrs. E.
*Hohman, Mrs. S. B.
Hale, Mrs. S. K.
Hallett, Miss Margaret
Heagy, Mrs. D. H.
Hampson, Mrs. W. R.
*Harpham, Mrs. C. F.
Holmes, Mrs. E. H.
*Herman, Mrs. Fred
*Hudleson, Mrs. J. A.
*Humphrey, Mrs. O. N.
*Hibner, Mrs. George
Hawley, Miss Martha
Hill, Mrs. F. W.
Harrison, Mrs. F. A.
Hupert, Mrs. E. L.
Hale, Mrs. Guy
Hughes, Mrs. Electa A.
Hermann, Mrs. A.
Holmes, Mrs. Earnest
*Jackson, Mrs. A. J.
*Jessen, Mrs. Carrie
  Jackson, Mrs. P. B.
Jones, Miss E. C.
Kimball, Mrs. W. R.
King, Mrs. E. G.
Kelley, Mrs. Flora
Kirker, Miss Edna M.
*Keefer, Mrs. Chas.
Kier, Mrs. J. C.
Lippencott, Miss Julia
Leonard, Mrs. Wm.
*Hellwig, Mrs. F. W.
*Inkster, Mrs. J. A.
*Johnson, Mrs. J. W.
*Jansen, Mrs. A. W.
Johnson, Mrs. Ximena
*Kelley, Mrs. H. W.
King, Miss Lulu
*Kellogg, Mrs. J. L.
Kimball, Mrs. F. B.
King, Mrs. O. J.
King, Mrs. E. S.
Lippencott, Mrs. J. A.
Lowe, Mrs. Dr.
*Lahr, Mrs. F. E.
Lucore, Mrs. F. M.
*Leavitt, Mrs. T. H.
*Leese, Mrs. Walter
Loomis, Mrs. C. E.
Lahr, Miss Josephine H.

Le Gore, Mrs. Robert
Lyman, Mrs. P. H.
Lyman, Mrs. Ed
Lansing, Mrs. I. W.
McClusky, Mrs. F. D.
McLennon, Mrs. Nettie
McLaughlin, Miss Rose
McConiga, Mrs. S.
Leese, Mrs. M. L.
Lewis, Mrs. Burr
Lyman, Mrs. M. D.
Lauderback, Mrs. A. V.
*Lawrence, Mrs. Frank P.
Lahr, Miss Ida
Lyon, Mrs. E. A.
Lowry, Miss Ina
Lawlor, Mrs. Wm.
Levy, Mrs. A.
McConnell, Mrs. J. L.
McLaughlin, Mrs. Wm.
McDonald, Mrs. Janet P.
McDonald, Dr.
McMillan, Mrs. J. W.
*Martin, Mrs. J. C.
Moyer, Mrs. W. C.
Marferding, Miss Janet
Mayer, Mrs. Henry
*Mayer, Miss Anna
Maule, Mrs. J. P.
*Miller, Mrs. J. E.
Munson, Mrs. Levi D.
Morse, Mrs. Harriet G.
Miller, Mrs. J. H.
Mann, Mrs. M.
  *Newmark, Mrs. M. A.
Newell, Mrs. Rose
Nelson, Mrs. Flora W.
Marquis, Mrs. S. J.
Marsland, Mrs. Thomas
Marshall, Mrs. J. A.
*Morning, Mrs. W. M.
Mayer, Mrs. Chas.
Myer, Mrs. Hadyn
Morse, Mrs. W. E.
Moore, Mrs. John
Morrill, Mrs. C. H.
Moore, Mrs. S. W.
*Moore, Mrs. R. E.
McEwan, Mrs. O. S.
Nolan, Mrs. M. T.
Nash, Mrs. J. E.
Neal, Mrs. C. T.
Odbert, Mrs. J. A.
*O'Neill, Mrs. R.
Phillips, Mrs. W. C.
Plum, Mrs. Mina D.
*Patrick, Mrs. H. B.
*Philbrick, Dr. I. L.
*Phillips, Mrs. W. P.
Piper, Mrs. J. A.
Perry, Mrs. M. F.
Pryse, Miss L. M.
Penney, Mrs. E. S.
Platt, Mrs. A. C.
Palmer, Mrs.
*Pomerene, Mrs. L. W.
Pickup, Mrs. A.
*O'Connell, Mrs. T. J.
  Olsen, Mrs. Chas.
Parker, Mrs. J. D.
*Pound, Mrs. S. B.
Philbrick, Mrs. M. B.
Patton, Mrs. W. D.
*Plummer, Mrs. Eli
Penney, Mrs. Henry
Peckham, Mrs. Emaline
Paden, Mrs. Minnie
Penney, Mrs. Ralph E. S.
Pickett, Mrs. E. J.
Phelps, Mrs. Minnie
*Preston, Mrs. W. A.
*Richardson, Mrs. Nellie M.
Rodgers, Miss Anna
Robbins, Miss Ida
Ralston, Mrs. G. B.
Ringler, Mrs. John F.
Rivett, Mrs. James
Ringer, Mrs. S. M.
*Rudgel, Mrs. C. H.
Root, Mrs. M. S.
*Risser, Mrs. D. A.
Raymond, Mrs. I. M.
Mrs. Belle M.
*Sawyer, Mrs. Lena F.
Schwake, Mrs. G. F. H.
Sheen, Mrs. J. H.
Rodgers, Miss Belle
Rodgers, Mrs. E. A.
Randolph, Mrs. A. E.
Roberts, Mrs. W. G.
*Rehlaender, Mrs. R.

Rodgers, Mrs. Oliver
Roth, Miss Lulu
*Ramie, Mrs. O. B.
Rewick, Mrs. E. E.
Reese, Mrs. M. B.
Richards, Mrs. L. C.
Smith, Mrs. Pimela
Searles, Mrs. M. M.
*Stevens, Mrs. F. H.
Sinclair, Mrs. D. J.
Shepard, Mrs. George N.
*Seacrest, Mrs. Emma
Spears, Mrs. C. W.
Schlesinger, Mrs. H.
Stuart, Mrs. A. P. S.
*Sexton, Mrs. F. M.
Speir, Mrs. Julius
Steckley, Mrs. C. B.
Sullivan, Mrs. A. L.
Smith, Mrs. P. D.
Stephens, Mrs. Frank E.
Seacrest, Mrs. J. C.
Sullivan, Mrs. W. H.
*Sizer, Mrs. E. R.
*Stevens, Miss Mary M. A.
Stull, Mrs. M.
Stout, Mrs. E. L.
*Simpkins, Mrs. G. B.
*Scott, Mrs. Milton
Sewell, Mrs. Thomas
*Schmidt, Mrs. E. J.
*Stonebraker, Mrs. O. M.
Sawyer, Mrs. A. J.
*Sohns, Mrs. F. N.
Schureman, Mrs. Lee
Stewart, Mrs. James
Smith, Mrs. Edgar
*Stephenson, Mrs. E. B.
*Struck, Mrs. J. M.
*Stevens, Mrs. M. R.
Shidler, Mrs. G. W.
  Tobin, Miss Annie
*Thomas, Mrs. W. A.
Thurman, Mrs. G. W.
Triplett, Mrs. E. P.
*Upton, Mrs. Fern L.
Upton, Miss Lucy
Upton, Miss Sadie
Wilson, Mrs. H. H.
Westerman, Mrs. Emma
*Wilkinson, Mrs. A. D.
*Wilson, Mrs. W. B.
Watkins, Mrs. Grant
Towne, Miss Harriett E.
Tyrrell, Mrs. F. M.
*Traphagen, Mrs. C. D.
Trimble, Mrs. A. M.
*Turner, Mrs. W. J.
*Upton, Mrs. S. C. O.
Usher, Mrs. T. J.
Van Boskirk, Miss J.
*Waugh, Mrs. M. J.
Winchester, Mrs. Anna B.
Weil, Mrs. Morris
*Wilson, Mrs. W. C.
Watson, Miss Julia
Watson, Miss Ella
Waters, Mrs. Frank R.
*Woodworth, Mrs. J. L.
Wittman, Mrs. Wm. C.
Willman, Mrs. S. M.
*Wilkinson, Mrs. C. E.
Ward, Mrs. S. A.
Widener, Mrs. Josephine
Webster, Mrs. J. R.
Wilton, Mrs. J. A.
*Ward, Mrs. O. S.
Wheeler, Mrs. H. H.
Winchester, Maud D.
Weir, Mrs. M. C.
Winger, Mrs. J. W.
Wolfe, Mrs. Mary
   *Yates, Mrs. S.
Zieger, Mrs. L. F.
Wilkinson, Mrs. R. R.
*Welch, Mrs. M. D.
*Wheeler, Mrs. Myron E.
Walker, Mrs. Juliet W.
*Wade, Mrs. L. T. M.
Waterhouse, Mrs. Clara
Wilson, Mrs. S. C.
West, Mrs. Benj. F.
Weaver, Miss Clara E.
Wolcott, Mrs. R.
Walker, Mrs. S. M.
Wier, Mrs. A. H.
*Winnett, Mrs. H. J.
*Wood, Mrs. Dr. Ruth
Wolfe, Dr. Katherine B.
Young, Miss Ida C.
Young, Mrs. C.


ARTICLE I. Name and Motto
The name of this association shall be THE WOMEN'S CLUB.
Motto: "The truth shall make you free."

The object of this association is to stimulate intellectual and moral development; to promote good fellowship among its members, and to strengthen by organization their individual efforts for humanity.

SECTION 1. The officers of this association shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Auditor; and these officers, together with leaders of departments, shall constitute a Board of Directors.

SECTION 2. The duties of the President, Vice-Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurer, Auditor and Board of Directors shall be such as belong to their several offices in all societies.

SECTION 3. No member shall hold more than one office at a time, and two consecutive terms shall be the limit of any officer's service, though after a year's interval she shall again be eligible.

ARTICLE IV. Membership
Any woman sympathizing with the objects of this association may be elected a member in the manner prescribed in the bylaws.

The work shall be arranged in departments, as Literature, Art, Science, Education, the Home, Philanthropy, etc.

SECTION 2. Each department in regular rotation shall furnish the program for a meeting of the club.

SECTION 3. Leaders of departments shall provide the program for each meeting.

ARTICLE VI. Amendments

The constitution of this association may be amended at any business meeting, by two-thirds vote of members present, provided notice of such amendment has been given at the previous meeting and a notice of amendment appended to the call for the meeting.


I. Meetings
The meetings of this club shall be held once in two weeks. They shall begin on the second Monday in October, and close at the second meeting in April. The latter meeting in May shall be the annual meeting for the election of officers and for other business.

A special meeting may be called at any time at the request of fifteen members, notice being given three days in advance.

II. Election of Members
Names for membership, accompanied by fifty cents each, may be presented to the Treasurer, who will present them to the next meeting of the club for election, dissenting ballots only to be deposited in the ballot box. Ten dissenting ballots shall exclude from membership.

III. Quorum
Twenty-five members shall constitute a quorum.

Vacancies in office shall be filled by persons appointed by the board of directors.

These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting by two-thirds vote of members present, notice being given at previous meeting.

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