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The following postcards were submitted  1-24-2010 
by Kimble DaCosta

The following postcards are from a collection owned by Sue Weaver

  • Downtown Lincoln - O St

  • Old State Capitol building.
    Published by C. E. Wheelock & Co., Peoria, Ill and Leipzig. It was made in Germany. There is no date but it is early 1900's. Ground was broken for the present capitol in 1922.

  • Old Governor's Residence
    date is unknown but probably from 1920's or 1930's. 

  • Governor's home

  • Boating at Epworth Lake
    Lincoln, Neb.

  • US Post Office & City Hall
    Sent to Miss Agnes Krouse
    R. #3, Box 28
    Onaga, Kans.
    Postmarked at College view, NE in June 1909 at 2 p.m. back of postcard it says, "Agnes - I am sending that stuff (underlined), if it isn't write (sic) let me know. Couldn't get anything but wool binding to match. Total was 40 cents but never mind it. write me. Dora"

  • Thompson's Fountain
    Lincoln, Neb.

  • Back of postcard
    says," Dear Agnes - When are you coming, wish you would come now, will write as soon as I can ans. Dora" Published by Kwin & Co., Chicago, U.S.A.

  • Nebraska State Asylum
    Lincoln, Nebr."
    Miss Jessie Griswold
    Wolbach, Nebr.
    Back of card:
    "Dear Jessie - Have you run out of writing material or are you milking cows. I'm lonesome, awfully lonesome, wish you'd write us a letter. Buford wants to come and see Dettie. Essie says can't we when it gets warm weather. Write sometime so I don't forget how your handwriting looks. Lulu" Postmarked Havelock, Neb., March 26, 1910, 10 A.M.

  • Air view of State Capitol
    Lincoln, Neb.
    Miss Hope Tritenbach
    552 Woodward Blvd
    Pasadena, Calif.
    Back of card:
    "Dear Hope: Please give this card to David when you get thru with it. A little girl by the name Sharon lives next door and she comes over to our house often. There are 10 little children in our block. Hope you are well. Love, Mrs. George" Postmarked at Lincoln, Nebraska, July 15, 1946, 8 P.M.

  • University Campus
    University of Nebraska
    Lincoln, Nebr.

  • Air view UNL
    Miss Natalie Calver
    Camp Catamount 
    Pottersville, N.Y.
    Back of card:
    "Hello Nat Here's another to add to your collection. Best I could find. Daddy" Postmarked Denver Colo. Terminal R. P. O. July 20, 1946, 12 P.M.

  • Entrance to Antelope Park
    Lincoln, Neb.
    Gloria L. Young
    Corea, Maine
    Back of card:
    "Thanks for card. Hope you like this one. Ans. Soon please. Sincerely, Miss Frances Young" 6726 Platte Ave. Lincoln, (9), Nebr." Postmarked Lincoln, Nebr., Feb 4, 1946, P.M.

  • Capital, Lincoln, NE

  • Boating at Capital Beach
    Lincoln, Neb.
    back of card
    "Miss Daisy Lambert, Elgin, Nebr. Dear Cousin: I am sorry to say we will not be at home during the association as a party of us have planned on going to Denver and will start Nov. 1st. Hope it will be convenient for you to call on us some other time. Write me a long letter. I will be glad to hear from you. Lovingly, Hattie" Postmarked Havelock, Neb., Oct 1909

  • State Capitol Tower  
    Lincoln, Neb

  • U. S. Courthouse & Post Office
    Lincoln, Neb.

  • Walk at Home for the Feeble-Minded
    Lincoln, Nebr.
    "Mr. Bruce White 812 So. Washington Ave. Saginaw, Mich. Lincoln, Neb - 6/9/1912
    Back of card:
    "Dear Bruce, Just a line. Art says, 'If you ever come to Lincoln, drop in, you may find him here.'
    Love from Art & Minnie"
    Postmarked Lincoln, Neb.
    June 9, 1912, 1 P.M.

  • Lincoln High School
    Lincoln, Neb.

  • Main Building
    Nebraska State University Lincoln, Neb.
    Names written on front:
    B.C. Mickey, N. Summer, E. Glidden, W. Berger, N. Crowley, G. Anderson
    To: Miss Edith Mickey
    Clatonia, Nebraska
    Lincoln, Neb., July 5, 1906

  • New State Capitol
    Lincoln, Neb."
    "The Capitol of Nebraska, designed by the late Bertram Goodhue, is one of the most dignified and imposing public buildings that has been erected in this country. It is gravely simple; its style is essentially its own; it perfectly fulfills its purposes, and it symbolizes to Nebraskans and to succeeding generations the people's idea of government, of statehood."

  • O Street Looking East
    Lincoln, Neb."
    Mrs. Lavina Sowle DuBois, Nebraska Oct. 14, 1930 Back of card: "Dear Mother - We did not hear from you so thought we better send your clothes as you will soon be needing them. The underwear is supposed to be part wool but I don't think there is much wool in it. Don't know how you will like it, but hope it will help to keep you warm. Hope you can write soon. With love, Lillie" Postmarked Alma, Nebr., October 15, 1930, 6 P.M.

  • N. U. Memorial Stadium
    Lincoln, NE
    "University's athletic plant and stadium, seating more than 35,000 and paid for by funds raised by students, faculty, alumni, and friends of the University as a memorial to Nebraska heroes in the nation's wars."

  • St. Elizabeth Hospital
    Lincoln, Nebr.

  • Municipal Swimming Pool
    Lincoln, Neb.
    Mr. & Mrs. Thos. O'Frazier
    Paris, Ill 
    RR 4 
    Back of card: 
    "Dear folks, Just a line. We are now leaving for Sioux City, Iowa. I made $51 this week so am going fairly good. We played two extra jobs. Well, write me all the news at once to Sioux City, general delivery. Will write more from there. Paul be in Sioux City until Wed. night. That's far as I know now." 
    Postmarked Omaha, Nebr.
    Trans. Clk. Union Station, Tr. 1
    Oct 3, 1926