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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1909 Class [cont.]

Submitted by Suzanna Davenport


Ivy Day Orator...........Louis H. Gregory

Class Poet...............Constance Syford

Class Song Composer............Viola Barns

Class Song Leader..........John C. Ketridge

Class Basketball Manager

E. F. Guidinger

Manager Class Indoor-Meet

I. C. Hummel

Ivy Day Committee

James Coupe, Chairman


James Harvey, Sub-Chairman E. P. Jeffords

Evening Program

Guy Montgomery, Sub-Chairman

F. A. Jones

Ann Watt
Mary C. Graham Elma Milliken

General Work

F. N. Wildish, Sub-Chairman

Henry Currier

C. A. Thompson

Commemoration Committee

Ross Bates

W. V. Kenner

Lora McCoid

E. B. Drake

Beulah Hildreth

Myrtle Hudson

Rosmond MacDonald

Social Committee

G. W. Peters

Vera Fink

Ruth Castor

R. L. Harrison

Sheldon B. Coon

Marguerite Burke

George Hummel

F. M. Weller

Fancheon Hooper

Amos Thomas

Camille Evans

Convocation Committee

H. C. Robertson

Edith Kruckenberg

Lilah David

S. S. Davis

Edith Grimm

Sidney Evans

Invitation Committee

Yale Holland

Gertrude Neilson

Kathrine Doyle

Clara Hermansen

Guy Matteson

Cap and Gown Committee

J. L. Thomas

Augusta Harnsberger

Roy Greenfelt

Lucy Woods

Isabel Wolfe

Class Yell

Stuart P. Dobbs

Sam Carney

Graham Fletcher

Ivy Planting

H. O. Bell

C. R. Tillotson

F. A. Burnham

Class Flower Committee

Mattie Woodworth

Bessie Fry

Eva Arnold

Auditing Committee

Ivan F. Baker

Mary Williams

Lorrine Hempel

C. B. Toof

W. A. Robertson

D. D. Bell

Vern Gittings

Anna M. Rathke

Lillian Chambers

A. M. Candy

R. B. Murphey

Lucy Hewitt

Marion Hart

Marion Horton

Earl Wilson

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