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University of Nebraska - Lincoln
1909 Class [cont.]

Submitted by Suzanna Davenport


1911 Yearbook 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln 
Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Nebraska Ancestree
Volume One, no 2, pages 94-97
Fall 1978
Vol. 1. No. 2. Page 94A
Submitted by Judi Prieb Bonham, Omaha Ne

Regents of the U of N 1911: Charles Sumner ALLEN was born in Mi and came to Ne about 30 years ago. He took his bachelor's degree from U of N in 1886 & his master's degree in 1907. He studied law and has practiced in Lincoln since the early 1890's. Elected Regent in 1904 and 1910.

Frank Louis HALLER is manager of the Lininger Implement Co of Omaha. He was elected in 1901 to fill the unexpired term of Regent ABBOTT, term expires 1912. A graduate of the U of Iowa.

George COUPLAND was born and educated in England, came to Ne about 30 years ago, now a prominent farmer of Elgin, Ne; elected Regent in 1908.

Charles Barney ANDERSON is a native of NY but for 20 years has been in Ne, is a prominent banker of Crete; has been a member of the Legislature several times, at present is one of the trustees of Doan College, elected Regent 1908.

Victor G. LYFORD of Falls City, attended U of Ill, admitted to the Bar, and practiced law for a short time; came to Ne about 25 years ago; elected Regent in 1906, expiring in 1912.

William G. WHITMORE in Ne for 30 years, prominent stockman, president of the Valley and Grand Island Stock Yards Co.'s a graduate of Brown U.

1911 UNL Graduates

ADAMS, Chas. G., Lincoln   BISCHOF, Geo. H., Nebr. City 
ADAMSON, Esther, Lincoln   BOCKEN, Herman, Iowa 
ALLEN, Florence, Texas   BOLIBAUGH, Chas. G., Holbrook 
AMBERSON, A. Boyd, Superior   BOLINGER, Hugh J., Lincoln 
ANDERBERRY, Matilda C., Minden   BRAIN, John Bell, Omaha 
BADGER, Mary Belle, Fairmont  BRATTON, Lester G., Omaha 
BALD, Amo Albert, Aurora  BRIGGS, Arch Lee, Broken Bow
BARGER, Vera Viola, Lincoln   BROWN, Beni. Alonzo, Lynch
BARKER, Blance L., Kansas   BROWN, Mary Ellen, Fremont 
BARNES, Ruby, Lincoln  BURKE, Joseph P, Unknown 
BARRETT, Ella May, Hastings  BURKE, Frank C., Lincoln 
BARTON, Beth Pearl, Lincoln   BURNHAM, Frank A., Pawnee City
BATES, Merton O. Cedar Rapids    BURRITT, Esther M., Lincoln 
BECKFORD, Henry G., Waco  BUSK, Myrtle E., Omaha 
BEECHER, Mittie M., Kearney   CAIN, Harry Neal, Falls City 
BEELER, Fenna C., North Platte   CALHOUN, Irma I., Ashland 
BEGTHOL, Jessie G., Lincoln   CAMERON, Janet G., Lincoln 
BEHLE, Lillie I., Osceola  CATTLE, Robert T., Seward 
BELL, Dwight D., Lincoln   CHERRINGTON, Ben. M., Omaha 
BENNETT, Charles A., Lincoln   CLEARMAN, Mona L., Minden 
BENSON, Charles E., Lincoln   COAD, Ralph, Omaha 
BERG, Howard G. Omaha  COLLIER, Nelson M., Fairbury 
BERGER, Edmond, Lexington   COLLINS, Sidney M., Lincoln 
BIERMAN, T. H., Hastings  COON, Gertrude L., Red Cloud 
BILES, Jessie, Pender   CUSACK, Harry C., North Bend 
BILLS, Breta, Lincoln    CULLEY, Jessie M., Loup City 
BIRGE, Alice M., North Platte   DALTON, Laura I., Lincoln 
BIRKBY, Maud, Nebraska City   DANLY, Ernest E., Axtell 


B-Submitted by Judi Prieb Bonham, Omaha Ne
(continued-1911 Cornhusker Yearbook)

DARROW, Ralph A., Iowa            GUTBERLET, Alrert H., Hardy 
DAVIS, Florence, Lincoln          GUTHRIE, Margaret, Omaha 
DAVIS, Helen, Lincoln             HAHNE, Ernest H., Beatrice 
DICKINSON, Frank, Lincoln         HAMILTON, Jean, Cedar Rapids 
DINSMORE, Francis E., Lincoln     HANNA, Edith E., Lincoln 
DITTERLINE, Ezra, Oklahoma        HARDY, Estella F., Lincoln 
DIXON, Howard E., Blair           HARE, Arthur M., Albin 
DOBBS, Stuart P., Lincoln         HARPHAM, James H., Lincoln 
DOBSON, Arthur, Omaha             HEACOCK, Ruth, Falls City 
DOHNER, Florence L., Lincoln      HEATON, William D., Wahoo 
DRAKE, Nellie B., Broken Bow      HENDRICKS, Bernard C., Nelson 
DREBERT, Eleanor, Lincoln         HENDRICKS, Ina H., Ashland 
DUFUR, Jessie F., Lincoln         HERRINGTON, Sarah, Wakefield 
DUGDALE, Allison H., Lincoln      HESSELTINE, Carrie E., Peru 
DUTTON, Florence, Hastings        HILTON, Ethel J., Blue Hill 
EDGECOMBE, Tyler M., Geneva       HODGKIN, W. K., Lincoln 
EGEN, Thehla W., Omaha            HOLLAND, Yale C., Lincoln 
ERICKSON, Clara A., Oakland       HORNUNG, Frank W., College View 
ERICKSON, David L., Lincoln       HOUSKA, Marie J., Omaha 
ERICKSON, Leonard W., Stromburg   HRUBESKY, Lucile, Geneva 
EVANS, Clark B., Wisner           HUMPE, Alice A., Lincoln 
EWING, Halle L., Lincoln          HUNTER, Esther A., Fremont 
FARLEY, Fayse F., Lincoln         HUSE, Harry G., Fullerton 
FEHLMAN, C. Earl, Beemer          HUTCHINSON, Ethel F., Lincoln 
FIELD, Kate, Lincoln              HUTCHINSON, W. C., Lincoln 
FORD, Herbert, Humboldt           HYDE, Ray B., Norfolk 
FORMAN, William O., New York      JEAN, F. C., Plattsmouth 
FOSTER, George N., Sterling       JONES, John W. Jr., Lincoln 
FRANCIS, John A., Unknown         JONES, olive M., Hastings 
FRANK, Lorenz W., Arapahoe        JUHL, Andrew P., Lincoln 
FRY, Annie C., Omaha              KEECH, Mary L., Lincoln 
FUNKE, Minnie M., Blue Hill       KEEGAN, Jay* Alliance 
GAECKLER, Maude H., Lincoln       KEIFER, Joseph W., Bostwick 
GAIL, Floyd W., Unknown           KELSEY, Thomas C., Lincoln 
GALLOWAY, George D., Holdrege     KIMBALL, Katherine, Lincoln 
GEORGE, Clarence W., Cumro        KIPLINGER, Lloyd A., Lincoln 
GILMORE, Oden S., York            KOCH, Lillian, West Point 
GIVEN, Elsa, Lincoln              KORSTIAN, Clarence F., Crete 
GOODEN, Alta M., Lincoln          KUONY, John H., Omaha 
GOODFELLOW, Marie I., Jackson     KRAUSE, Victor, Unknown 
GRAHAM, Clyde T., Avoca           RENNER, Walter, Omaha 
GRAHAM, George H., Omaha          LAMMERS, Anna I., Lincoln 
GRAMLICH, Howard J., Omaha        LAMMERS, Sophia J., Lincoln 
GREEN, Barton L., Unknown         LANE, Aletha V., Doniphan 
GREEN, Lucy, Oklahoma             LANGER, Irvin J., Unknown 
GREENE, Jessie G., Lincoln        (continued) 

Nebraska Genealogical Society Vol. 1, No, 2, Page 96
C-Submitted by Judi Prieb Bonham, Omaha Ne
(continued-1911 Cornhusker Yearbook)
LAUGHLIN, Joseph W., Callaway     NISLEY, Isaac J., Lexington 
LAWRENCE, James E., Beatrice      NOBLE, Harold M., Lincoln 
LEE, Earl J., Fremont             NOYES, Bessie, Lincoln 
LEMPKE, Walter J., Pender         NYE, Florence E., Pawnee City 
LORD, Carl J., Randolph           OBERFELTER, Arthur M., Sidney 
LLOYD, Lynn, Omaha                OGDEN, Hattie R., Genoa 
MANNING, Ruth J., Colorado        OSBORNE, Florence L., Iowa 
MARCELLUS. Byrne C., Lincoln      OUTHOUSE, Emma G., Loup City 
MARCONNIT, Fred C., Lincoln       OUTHOUSE, Meroe J., Loup City 
MARTIN, Roy D., Fairfield         PATTERSON, Edward J., Central City 
MARTIN, Wade R., Lincoln          PAULSON, Maurial F., Minden 
MATTHEWS, H. S., Auburn           PEITERSON, Arne K., Iowa 
MAXFIELD, Beth, Lincoln           PERRIN, Edna, Lincoln 
MAY, Pearl F., Lincoln            PICKEL, Catherine, Lincoln 
MAZUR, Rose, Wisconsin            PIERCE, Clarence A., Albion 
McCULLOUGH, Alice, Unknown        PLASTERS, Warren F., Stella 
McCAIG, Ella I., Omaha            POMEROY, Alice R., Iowa 
McCLURE, Leah M., Lincoln         POOL, Albert, Weeping Water 
McGOWAN, Claude A., Scottsbluff   POSKA, Rebecca, Lincoln 
McINTOSH, Nelle, Lincoln          POWELL, Ward H., Overton 
McKELLIP, Ivan, Albion            PRICKETT, Bernice M., Fairfield 
MEAD, Adelia M., York             PROUDFIT, Frank S., Lincoln 
MEESE, Charles A., Lincoln        PROUTY, Harry M., Lincoln 
MEIER, George E., Lincoln         RAGAN, Will E., Utica 
METCALF, Mabel C., Broken Bow     RANDALL, Margaret E., Lincoln 
MUNGER, Unknown, Lincoln          RANSOM, Alice, Bancroft 
MILEK, William A., S. Dakota      RATCLIFFE, Josiah, Stratton 
MILLER, Dorothy T., Lincoln       RATHBONE, Samuel H. Jr., Colo.  
MILLER, Millie L., Lincoln        RAYMOND, Anan R., Norfolk 
MISKELL, Berna A., Lincoln        REDDISH, Robert O., Alliance 
MITCHELL, Helen, Unknown          REED, Guy E., Lincoln 
MONBECK, Roy R., Kansas           REED, Isa D., Lincoln 
MONTGOMERY, Ora C., Scribner      REEDER, Catherine, S. Dakota 
MOREHEAD, Dorothy L., Falls City  REID, Erle H., Mitchell 
MOREHOUSE, Nye F., Fremont        REYNOLDS, W. O. W., Univ. Place 
MORLEY, Frances G., Lincoln       RICE, Ray E., Kansas 
MOYER, Torrence E., Lincoln       RICHARDS, Grace, South Bend 
MULLEN, J. C., O'Neill            RICHARDS, Willamina, Iowa 
MUNDAY, Frank J., Edison          RING, Penelope P., Lincoln 
MUNSON, E. S., Aurora             ROBERTSON, Guy A., Omaha 
MUNSON, Earle W., Aurora          ROGERS, Virginia N., Minden 
MUNSON, Grace E., Orleans         ROHDE, Frank E., Lincoln 
MUTZ, Sterling F., Lincoln        ROHMAN, Carl P., Lincoln 
NAGL, Julia P., Omaha             ROLLINGS, Hattie E., Lincoln 
NELSON, Albert C., Lincoln        ROSECRANTS, Fay H., Cozad 
NEWMAN, Cora A., Lincoln          ROST, Clayton O., Page 
NEUMAN, J. W., York               (continued)

D-Submitted by Judi Prieb Bonham, Omaha Ne
(continued-1911 Cornhusker Yearbook)
ROWLAND, Hazel E., Holdrege       THURLOW, George H., Lincoln 
RUSSELL, Harriet, DeWitt          TINKHAM, Florence, Iowa 
SCHMIDT, Nilda A., Lincoln        TODD, Florence S., Nehawka 
SCHULTE, May A., Lincoln          TOLLEFSEN, A. B., Kearney 
SCHULTE, Regina B., Lincoln       TRUMP, Earle D., Blue Springs 
SCHWAKE, Frnak W., Unknown        TUCKER, Mary W., Lincoln 
SCOVILLE, Myrtle, Hartington      VAN DUSEN, Harold A., S. Omaha 
SEATON, Laurence F., Bancroft     VOTAVA, Joseph T., Edholm 
SEIBERT, Edward F., Friend        WALCOTT, Oliver M., Valentine 
SELZER, A. L., Nebraska City      WALLACE, H. F., University Place 
SHEARER, Clarice, Colorado        WALTER, Otto F., Unknown 
SHERMAN, James G., Lincoln        WARD, Archie W., Unknown 
SHIKE, Jasper R., Lincoln         WARREN, Allen E., Lincoln 
SHOWALTER, John M., Univ. Place   WARTON, Alfa F., Superior 
SIMPSON, Anna R., California      WASHBURN, Orilla F., Lakeside 
SMITH, Anna C., Corosco           WEAVERLING, Ralph E., Beatrice 
SMITH, Carlos O., Univ. Place     WEISS, Walter C., Hebron 
SMITH, Victor B., Fremont         WELLS, Ella M., Lincoln 
SNAPP, Cecile M., Lincoln         VESTERFIELD, Samuel Z. C.,  
SOMMER, Heler L., Omaha                Lincoln 
SPAULDING, Thankful E., Wahoo     WHITE, David G., Plattsmouth 
SPENCER, Lauretta, Barnston       WHITE, Harry L., Omaha 
SPRAGUE, A. Maxon, Lincoln        WHITMORE, Marion E., Valley 
SQUIRES David H., Ord             WHITMORE, Nell P., Valley 
STARR, Hazel E., Lincoln          WHITNEY, Lloyd E., Lincoln 
STASENKA, Charles R., Wilber      WHITTIER, Florence, Iowa 
STEVENSON, Marguerite B. Mitchel  WICKLAND, Arthur J., Lincoln 
STOCKER, T. R. P., Lincoln        WILDISH, Reginald M., Aurora 
STONER, Samuel C., Lincoln        WILES, Frank S., Syracuse 
STOUT, Mecia, Lincoln             WILLIAMS, Lena M., Crawford 
STROM, Russell R., Minnesota      WILLIS, Kathryn, Dalton 
STRUVE, M. Louie, Blair           WILSON, Florence S., Lincoln 
STURMER, Charles, Unknown         WILSON, Henry L., Crawford 
SUTTER, Howard F., Liberty        WILSON, Ralph P., Lincoln 
SWARD, Martin P., Omaha           WINDHAM, Kathryn L., Plattsmouth 
SWENSON, O. F., Holdrege          WITTMANN. Elizabeth, Lincoln 
TAYLOR, Jettie A., Colorado       WOLCOTT, Mabel, Central City 
TAYLOR, Loren G., Clay Center     WOLVINGTON, William T., Chadron 
TAYLOR, Willis H., Iowa           WOOD, Wilber S., Lincoln 
TEWELL, James L., Holdrege        WRIGHT, Elizabeth, Fairmont 
THOMAS, George J., Univ. Place    YOUNG, Charles E., Tecumseh 
THOMAS, Nova E., Nelson           ZACEK, Thomas Z., West Point 
THOMAS, Rita, Nebraska City       ZESFING, Irmal E., S. Dakota 
THORPE, Florence, Broken Bow      HATHAWAY, Harry C.  

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