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UNL 1879
Catalog of Students


Submitted by Suzanna Davenport. 

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts

Reprinted with the permission of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 107 Winter 1978


Abbreviations: Cl = Classical Course; Sc = Scientific; LS = Latin Scientific; L = Literary; Eng = Civil Engineering. Name, Degree, Residence.


Charles N. LITTLE, AB, Lewis, Ia;
Fred O. MORTON, B. L, Mainland;
James O. STURDEVANT, BL, Wahoo;
  Ada J. IRWIN, BL, Lincoln;
Cora B. THOMAS, AB, Lincoln.

Senior Class:

Howard W. CALDWELL, LS, Lincoln;
Samuel D. COX, Cl, Humboldt;
Warren LOREE, Sc, Lincoln;
David H. MERCER, L, Brownville;
  Charles E. STRATTON, Cl, Ashland;
Harry K. WOLFE, Cl, Lincoln;
Emma PARKS, Sc, Lincoln.

Junior Class:

Owen Q. ADAMS, Cl, Juniata;
Benj. C. ARNOLD, Cl, Brownville;
John S. BRIDENBAUGH, LS, Dakota City;
Lawrence FOSSLER, Sc, Lincoln;
Albert R. KEIM, Cl, Falls City;
Frank PARKS, Sc, Lincoln;
  Edwin P. UNANGST, Cl, Lincoln;
Cora A. BANTA, __, Lincoln;
May B. FAIRFIELD, Cl, Lincoln;
Bertha C. HEBARD, L, Lincoln;
Matie A. TREEMAN, L, Lincoln;
Minnie WILLIAMS, Cl, Kenesaw.

Sophomore Class:

Byron B. DAVIS, Cl, Salem;
Edmund M. FAIRFIELD, Cl, Lincoln;
Frank B. HALL, LS, Salem;
H. Walter HARRINGTON, L, Falls City;
Charles C. HATHAWAY, Sc,, Lincoln;
  Wm. N. HAWLEY, Eng, Lincoln;
George G. HITCHCOCK, Cl, Lincoln;
Heber W. OLMSTEAD, Cl, Lincoln;
Charles A. PIERCE, Eng, Waverly;
Jessie F. PARKER, Sc, Lincoln.

Freshman Class:

Lawrence BRUNER, Sc, West Point;
Bradley L. BURR, Eng, Fairmont;
C. Clem. CHASE, Cl, Omaha;
Herbert A. ENSIGN, Sc, Lincoln;
Jesse H. HOLMES, Sc, Lincoln;
Michael T. KEAN, Sc, Lincoln;
Benj. F. LORANCE, LS, Brownville;
Edmund F. PARMELEE, Sc, Reading, Mi;
Novia Z. SNELL, LS, Ashland;
Wm. P. SULLIVAN, Sc, Pleasant Hill;
  Daniel H. WHEELER, Jr. L, Plattsmouth;
Alvin L. WHITE, Cl, Lincoln;
Alice R. CARTER, Sc, Lincoln;
Minnie E. CODDING, Sc, York;
Flora FROST, LS, Lincoln;
Katie G. HALL, LS, Salem;
Cora HAWLEY, Cl, Lincoln;
Helen M. HOLMES, Sc, Lincoln;
Carrie V. PALMER, LS, Lincoln;
Lillian M. WHITE, Cl, Lincoln.

U Students:

Irwin L. BURCH, Peru;
Peter M. HANNIBAL, Dannebrog;
Joseph M. H. HARTLEY, Lincoln;
John C.F. MCKESSON, Lincoln;
Solomon W. MILES, Corydon, Ia;
Eugene T. MONTGOMERY, Lincoln;
Edward P. RICH, Brownville;
John H. SILVERNAIL, Kearney;
Ralph A. WESTON, Lincoln;
  James H. WORLEY, Kearney;
Martha N. HAWLEY, Lincoln;
Madge HITCHCOCK, Lincoln;
Florence N. JONES, Crete;
Henel R. JUDKINS, Red Oak, Ia;
Clara PARKS, Lincoln;
Winnie P. RICHARDS, Washington, Ia;
Annie R. SHUCKMAN, Lincoln.

Latin School
Second year:

Bion J. ARNOLD, Ashland;
William C. ATWOOD, Humboldt;
Clyde H. BARNARD, Table Rock;
David A. BAUM, Lincoln;
Frank J. BENEDICT, Lincoln;
George W. BOTTSFORD, Palmyra;
Benjamin N. BRIDENBAUGH, Dakota City;
Abram J. CALVERT, Spring Valley;
John B. CHAMPAM, Lincoln;
Frederick R. CLARK, Fort Calhoun;
Carson V. COLE, Lincoln;
George DAMROW, Lincoln;
E. Scipio DUNDY, Falls City;
Horace H. EASTERDAY, Tecumseh;
James R. EDWARDS, Syracuse;
  Nathan ENGLISH, Roca;
Daniel W. FISHER, York;
James R. FORE, Monroe City, Mo;
A. Lincoln FROST, Lincoln;
William S. GARBER, Red Cloud;
William C. GREGG, Oxford;
Milton P. GUY, Lincoln;
William A. HACKNEY, Ulysses;
Guy HENSLEY, Lincoln;
Leroy A. HOLLENBECK, East Hebron, Pa;
Michael T. KEAN, Lincoln;
Theodore P. LIVINGSTONE, Plattsmouth;
Samuel V. MALLORY, Jewell Center, Ks;
Paul H. MARLAY, Lincoln;
Robert L. MARSH, Gibbon;

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 108 Winter 1978
B Submitted by Becky Whedon, 666 N 63 St. Omaha Ne 68132
(continued U of N Catalogue of Students Jun 1879)

Latin School, Second year: (continued)

Ira P. MILLS, Roca;
James F. MULLON, Lincoln;
Alexander A. MUNRO, Lincoln;
B. Willis REYNOLDS, Fremont;
Clarence E. REED, Syracuse;
John REED, Lincoln;
Edward J. ROBINSON, Lincoln;
George H. ROGERS, Lincoln;
William RUNDBERG, Nebraska City;
Irving M. SNELL, Lincoln;
J. Emory SNYDER, Saunders;
George T. SPRECHER, Schuyler;
Peter VAN FLEET, Lincoln;
Geron F. VAUGHN, Lincoln;
Amos G. WARNER, Roca;
Frank S.C. WILSON, Lincoln;
Thomas M. WIMBERLY, Ulysses;
Anna D. ALDRICH, Lincoln;
  H. Effa CHASE, Lincoln;
Mary DONALDSON, Lincoln;
Florence B. EMERSON, Lincoln;
Jennie E. GRISWOLD, Palmyra;
Laura GUY, Lincoln;
Mary A. HAWLEY, Lincoln;
Jennie A. HODDINOTT, Nebraska City;
Fannie HOTCHKISS, Hastings, Mi;
Kate D. JONES, Salem;
Aria A. LASHLEY, Beaver City;
Maud MULLON, Lincoln;
Myrta M. OSBORN, Lincoln;
Annie L. PECKHAM, Lincoln;
Hattie L. PECKHAM, Lincoln;
Emma A. SMITH, Saunders;
Mary A. SMITH, Lincoln;
Eudora M. STONE, Syracuse;
Lillie L. TEBBETTS, Lincoln.

First year:

Joseph F. ALBIN, Lincoln;
Benjamin F. BEATTY, York;
Cornelius C. BILLINGS, Lincoln;
Aldretus C. BROWN, Lincoln;
George O. CADMAN, Lincoln;
Charles N. CARPENTER, Syracuse;
Julius S. COOLEY, Louisville;
Roy G. CODDING, York;
Edmund F. COLLIER, Lincoln;
W. Addison COLWELL, Glenwood Ia;
Isaac F. DALE, Elizabeth Tx;
Forest W. ENSIGN, Lincoln;
George D. FAIRFIELD, Lincoln;
Charles T. FAIRFIELD, Lincoln;
George B. FRANKFORTER, Roca;
Wabern R. HEWES, Lincoln;
George M. HOLLENBECK, Fairbury;
Paul W. HORBACH, Omaha;
Woodson K. HUTCHISON, Ashland;
Thomas W. JACOBS, Lincoln;
George W. KAUFFMAN, Lincoln;
Thomas M. KIMBALL, Omaha;
Arthur G. KELLUM, Lincoln;
Samuel D. KILLEN, Adams;
Samuel E. LATTA, Lincoln;
William H. LETT, Brownville;
William H. LIGHTY, Falls City;
B. Frank MARSHALL, Fort Worth Tx;
Joseph H. MATTHEWS, Fowler, In;
Ralph O. MCBRIDE, Lincoln;
Omar M. MCCONNELL, Lincoln;
Ira P. MILLS, Roca;
Clarence E. MORSE, Lincoln;
George A. NELLY, Sandwich Il;
Herbert W. OLMSTED, Lincoln;
Charles J. PLATT, Red Cloud;
Bertram J. RICE, Glenwood Ia;
Orville W. SEELEY, Austinburg Oh;
Zachariah SHED, Fremont;
Curtis A. SMITH, Geneva;
George B. SMITH, Columbus;
Charles E. STOUT, Nebraska City;
Lewis J. THOMPSON, Lincoln;
Paul A. VOGT, Lincoln;
George T. WILLIAMS, Hastings;
  Thomas M. WINBERG, Ulysses;
William M. WOOLLEY, Lincoln;
Thomas D. WORRALL, Valparaiso;
Lizzie M. ALLEN,
Carrie W. BAIRD, Lincoln;
Mary F. BEATTY, York;
Mattie T. BRIGHAM, Palmyra;
Florence V. BRISCOE, Lincoln;
Carrie E. BUTTS, Lincoln;
Ella M. BUTTS, Lincoln;
Mary R. CAMPBELL, Fremont;
Rosetta N. CASTOR, Lincoln;
Miriam G. COOLEY, Louisville;
Myra B. COLE, Ashland;
Mettie I. DECOU, Palmyra;
Genie L. FIELD, Lincoln;
Mattie GREENLEE, Toledo Ia;
Leola I. GRAY, Lincoln;
Ida S. HANCOCK, Lincoln;
Mary HITCHCOCK, Lincoln;
Ada B. HUFF, Lincoln;
Belle HUNT, Lincoln;
Lu HUNT, Lincoln;
Alice M. JACOBS, Lincoln;
Cora E. KENNEDY, Fairbury;
Arabell M. KIMBALL, Omaha,
Clara E. LIEDTKE, Lincoln;
Mary E. MAGEE, Ashland;
Ella J. MOREHOUSE, Grand Island;
Maggie MULLON, Lincoln;
Susie NORTHAM, Laporte In;
Minnie H. PARKER, Lincoln;
Ada H. SEAMAN, Kearney;
Gertrude E. SMITH, Saunders;
Dora J. SWISHER, Lincoln;
Orissa A. SWISHER, Lincoln;
Ida E. WEBSTER, Lincoln;
Nellie WEST, Lincoln;
Cora E. WHITE, Lincoln;
Eva T. WHITE, Lincoln;
Lou A. WILSON, Lincoln;
Flora M. WIMBERLY, Ulysses,
Mary E. WOLCOTT, Elkhorn City;
Nellie B. WOLFE, Lincoln.

Special Students:

Lucius B. CHURCH, Brownville;
Wm. J. DENNIS, Ashland;
  Clement A. HARDY, Lincoln;
John F. HARRIS, Lincoln;

NE Ancestree, Volume One, no 3, page 109 Winter 1978
C Submitted by Becky Whedon, 666 N 63 St, Omaha Ne 68132
(continued U of N Catalogue of Students Jun 1879)

Special Students: (continued)

Orlando W. JOHNSTON, Marion, Oh;
Henry B. NEWMAN, Lincoln;
James T. NICHOLS, Earlville, Ill;
Wm. M. RULIFFSON, Lincoln;
Adin F. TERRILL, Clear Creek;
William A. TRIS, Lincoln;
Egbert C. WICKES, EarIville, Il;
F. Belle BABCOCK, Lincoln;
Florence B. BRISCOE, Lincoln;
Josie E. CHAPMAN, Lincoln;
  Ida A. CORNELL, Salem;
Mary A. CULBERTSON, Morefield, In;
Henrietta DOBBINS, Lincoln;
Anna HOLBROOK, Ashland;
Fannie LOREE, Lincoln ,
Emily B. MCDUFF, Atchison, Ks;
Mary A. MCDUFF, Atchison, Ks;
E. Mary SLATER, Beatrice;
Annie E. SMITH, Salem;
Laura C. WALTERS, Lincoln.

Department of Agriculture, Sophomores:

Amos W. FOOTE, Elmwood;
Joseph L. HARTMAN, Kearney;
  Jacob F. LEANER, Dakota City;

Department of Agriculture, Freshmen:

Alexander P. FAIR, Dakota;
Ira P. MILLS, Roca;
William P. RUNDBERG, Nebraska City;
  Ceron F. VAUGHN, Lincoln;
Amos G. WARNER, Roca.

Department of Agriculture, Preparatory:

Ira D. MELTSER, Galesburg, Il.  

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