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WWI Honor Roll
Lancaster Co., Nebraska

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Kathie Harrison
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53a - Captain George RODMELL

Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE., 1893. Son of Florence & John Rodmell. Entered the service 1914. Kitchener's Army, Royal Flying Corps. Served in Egypt and France. Wounded in France, 1916.

53b - Captain Joseph A. SARGENT
Lincoln, NE. Born Michigan, Sept. 29, 1872. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Sargent. Married. Entered the service Sept. 1917. Civil Engineer work in France and England. Enlisted in France.

53c - Captain Walter C. SCHAUS
Lincoln, NE. Born Milwaukee, WI., Dec.12, 1893. Son of Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. Schaus. Entered the service June 14, 1914. Commanding 5th Co. Coast Artillery Corps, Fort Scott, CO. Awarded Certificate of Merit by Congress.


54a - Captain George W. STROUGH

Hickman, NE. Born Craig, MO., March 13, 1870. Son of Sarah & John Strough. Married. Entered the service April 1, 1918. Medical Reserve Corps. 413th Telegraph Battalion. Service in France. With Army of Occupation.

54b - Captain Fred F. STURDEVANT
Lincoln, NE. Born Atkinson, NE. Son of Rev. Frank Sturdevant. Married. Entered the service 1915. Artillery. On Mexican Border in 1916. Went to Deming, NM, in August 1917. Commanding Battery F, 127th Field Artillery, American Expeditionary Forces in September. Died of pneumonia in hospital at Belfast, Ireland. (pg.54b)

54c - Captain Frank B. TIPTON, Jr.
Lincoln, NE. Born Seward, NE., Sept.6, 1890. Son of Harriet & Frank B. Tipton Sr. Graduate of the University of Nebraska. Field Artillery Corps. Active service in St. Mithiel and Meuse Argonne drives.


55a - Captain Roland J. WACHTER

Lincoln, NE. Born Pender, NE., Jan.17, 1894. Son of Emma & John Wachter. Entered the service July 1, 1917. Field Artillery Corps. Received commission at Fort Snelling. Discharged Feb.1, 1918.

55b - Captain Leroy D. WILLIAMS
Lincoln, NE - Born Henrietta, TX, July 6, 1891. Son of Mary & William Williams. Married. Entered the service July 5, 1917. Inspector General's Department, Washington, D.C.

55c - Captain Frank A. WILMOT
Lincoln, NE. Born Ray, IL, 1877. Son of Anne & Morris M. Wilmot. Married. Entered the service Nov., 1917. Medical Department. Received commission as 1st Lieutenant when enlisted. Instructor at Camp Greenleaf, GA., where he received commission as Captain. Stationed at Army Hospital No.1, Bronx, NY.


56a - Captain E. T. F. WOHLENBERG

Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE., Sept.9, 1889. Son of Mr. & Mrs. P. J. Wohlenberg. Entered the service July 12, 1917. Engineers. Graduate of the University of Nebraska (1912). Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, July 12, 1917. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant, August 1917. Captain Oct., 1918. American Expeditionary Forces in France Sept. 1917.

56b - Captain James M. WOODWARD
Lincoln, NE. Born Villisca, Iowa, July 23, 1890. Son of Mary & William A. Woodward. Married. Entered the service June 1917. Medical Department, 346th Infantry, 87th Division. Received commission June 1917. Stationed at Camp Pike and Camp Dix for three months. Went to France, Aug., 1918. Promoted to Captain April 1, 1919.

56c - Captain James H. HARPHAM
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE., April 12, 1889. Son of Clara & Julius C. Harpham. Graduate of University of Nebraska. Volunteered July 1, 1917. Ordinance Department. Commissioned 1st Lieutenant, July 31, 1917. Captain Jan., 1918. Purchasing Officer in Equipment Division.


57a - Lieutenant Wendell R. ALABASTER

Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE April 3, 1900. Son of Blanche and Francis Alabaster. Entered the service Aug.16, 1918. Infantry Co.2 Commissioned Officers Training School, Fort Sheridan, Ill. Nebraska Wesleyan University. Students Army Training Corps, Camp Grant, Ill.

57b - Lieutenant Edward G. ALBRECHT
Lincoln, NE. Born Crete, NE Dec.20, 1896. Son of William J. Albrecht. Married. Entered the service May 4, 1917. Heavy Artillery. Served 10 months in Honolulu. Sent to school at Fort Monroe, VA. Commissioned Dec. 6, 1918.

57c - Lieutenant Roscoe V. ALDRITT
Lincoln, NE. Born Friend, NE June 4, 1894. Son of Mary and Frank Aldritt. Married. Entered the service April 1917. Dental Corps. Stationed at State University. Discharged Jan. 1919.

57d - Lieutenant Bert R. ANDERSON
Lincoln, NE. Born Plattsmouth May 6, 1889. Son of Lydia and George Anderson. Married. Entered the service April 15, 1917. 105th Machine Gun Co., 27th Division. Sailed for France July 28, 1918. Fought at Verdun. Wounded Sept.3, 1918.

57e - Lieutenant Thomas H. ASHTON
Lincoln, NE. Born Syracuse, NE May 18, 1897. Son of Mary and Dr. T. H. Ashton. Entered the service Oct. 10, 1917. Aviation Section, Signal Corps. Served at Camp John Wise, San Antonio, TX. Personnel Adjutant.


58a - Lieutenant Vern AUSTIN
Lincoln, NE. Born Arizona Feb.26, 1895. Son of Mrs. Maude Austin. Entered the service April 1917. 15th Cavalry. Commissioned at Fort Snelling, MN, Sept. 1917 as 2nd Lieutenant, Douglas, Ariz., as 1st Lieutenant, Dec. 1917. Active service in France. With Army of Occupation.

58b - Lieutenant Donald T. AYRES
Lincoln, NE. Born Central City, NE March 16, 1896. Son of Alice and George W. Ayres. Entered the service May 1917. Infantry. Overseas service.

58c - Lieutenant Axel G. BACKSTROM
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE June 6, 1891. Son of Anton G. Backstrom. Entered the service Sept. 1917. Artillery Corps. Arrived overseas June 1918. Active service in St. Mithiel and Argonne Forest. With Army of Occupation. Received commission at Fort Snelling.

58d - Lieutenant John E. BAIRD, Jr.
Lincoln, NE. Born Wymore, NE Oct.5, 1892. Son of Manel and John E. Baird. Entered the service 1917. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant June 14, 1918. Active service to France. Also with Army of Occupation.

58e - Lieutenant Earl E. BAKER
Havelock, NE. Born Bennett, NE Nov. 28, 1890. Son of Jennie and Albert Baker. Entered the service July 8, 1918. Medical Corps. Served at Camp Jackson, SC. Also at Base Hospital.


59a - Lieutenant Ray C. BARNES

Lincoln, NE. Born Barnesville, Ohio Feb. 23, 1901. Son of Anna and Car B. Barnes. Entered the service 1916. Infantry. Commissioned at Camp Cody, 4th Officers Training School, July 1918. 114th Infantry.

59b - Lieutenant Adrian F. BARSTOW
Lincoln, NE. Born Ord, NE March 6, 1890. Son of Frances and William T. Barstow. Entered the service Jan.5, 1918. 37th Field Artillery.

59c - Lieutenant Ernest W. BENNISON
Lincoln, NE. Born Kewanee, Ill. May 12, 1886. Son of Isabella and Samuel C. Bennison. Married. Entered the service Sept. 1917. Co. F 32nd Engineers. Sailed for France June 1918.

59d - Lieutenant Alfred N. BERGMAN
Lincoln, NE. Born Sidney, NE Nov.12, 1898. Son of Rosa and Dan Bergman. Graduate of West Point. Entered the service June 15, 1915. Appointed Instructor in School of Fire at Fort Sill, Okla.

59e - Bandmaster Don G. BERRY
Lincoln, NE. Born Pullman, Ill. April 6, 1894. Son of Nellie and Fred Berry. Entered the service May 1917. 315th Field Artillery Band. Overseas service.


60a - Lieutenant Max C. HEUST

Born Kentucky, Sept.9, 1891. Son of Dora & Max Heust. Married. Entered the service Oct.1, 1917. 72nd Engineers. Arrived overseas Nov. 1918. Commissioned Supply Officer at St. Natalie, France.

60b - Lieutenant Lloyd C. BLACKBURN
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE., Nov.14, 1894. Son of Jennie & Hubert Blackburn. Entered the service Sept.12, 1915. Aviation. Commissioned at Kelly Field, TX. Instructor Scalridge (?) First Mark.

60c - Lieutenant Harold R. BOHLMAN
Lincoln, NE. Born Gage County, NE., July 9, 1891. Son of Mary & Henry Bohlman. Entered the service Jan. 1918. Artillery. Received commission at Southerfield, West Point, M(?).

60d - Lieutenant John S. BOYCE
Lincoln, NE. Born Belfast, Ireland Nov.9, 1894. Son of Sarah & Robert Boyce. Married. Entered the service Dec.30, 1918. Inspector of Aircraft Production Plants.

60e - Lieutenant Herman G. BRADY
Lincoln, NE. Born Harrisburg, July 11, 1889. Son of Mr. & Mrs. E. Gould Brady. Entered the service Aug.14, 1917. Aviation. Active service in France from April 14, 1918.


61a - Lieutenant Miles J. BREUER
Lincoln, NE. Born Chicago, IL., 1889. Son of Barbara & Dr. C. H. Breuer. Married. Entered the service March 1918. 49th Hospital Unit. Overseas service.

61b - Lieutenant Robert L. BREWSTER
Lincoln, NE. Born Hastings, NE., Sept.22, 1883. Son of Kate & John W. Brewster. Married. Entered the service Oct.15, 1918. Ordnance Department. Received commission at Des Moines, Iowa. Discharged Dec.24,1918.

61c - Lieutenant Paul B. BRITT
Bethany, NE. Born Seward, NE., July 29, 1897. Son of J. H. Britt. Entered the service Aug.31,1918. Field Artillery. Commissioned at Camp Taylor, KY., Dec.24, 1918.

61d - Lieutenant Charles N. BROWN
Lincoln, NE. Born Lyons, IA., Jan.26, 1891. Son of Margaret & W. A. Brown. Entered the service May 7, 1917. Field Artillery. Commissioned Fort Snelling, MO.

61e - Lieutenant Edward A. BROWN
Lincoln, NE. Born Beaver City, NE., Dec.5, 1895. Son of Maude & Red O. Brown. Entered the service May 21, 1918. Aviation. Received commission at Lonoka, Arkansas. Stationed at Camp Dix.


62a - Lieutenant Harley F. BROWN
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE., April 23, 1895. Son of Amy & J. S. Brown. Entered the service April 7, 1917. Aviation. Entered as a private. Commissioned Nov. 1917. 14 months in France. 6 months in active service as observer.

62b - Lieutenant Alvin W. BRUST
Lincoln, NE. Born San Jose, IL., Dec.11, 1898. Son of Lydia Brust. Entered the service Oct.1, 1918. Received commission at Fort Monroe, VA., Jan.31, 1919. Discharged Jan.31, 1919.

62c - Silas Franklin BUSH
Born Lincoln, NE., Sept.28, 1888. Son of Mary & George M. Bush. Married. Volunteered July 15, 1918. Army Field Clerk, 7th Army Corps.

62d - Lieutenant Robert F CAMERON
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE., May 29, 1891. Son of Nellie & Robert Cameron. Entered the service Oct.10, 1917. Aviation. Received commission at Fort Omaha. Instructor in Winch Department Balloon School.

62e - Lieutenant Fred C. CAMPBELL
Lincoln, NE. Born Tarkio, Mississippi. March 10, 1899. Son of Lucile & Charles Campbell. Entered the service Oct.17, 1918. Commissioned at Camp Grant. Discharged Feb.14, 1919.


63a - Lieutenant Philip S. CARRELL
Lincoln, NE. Born Overton, July 22, 1896. Son of Mr. & Mrs. James Carrell. Entered the service Feb.21, 1918. Trained at Camp Pike. 95th Depot Brigade.

63b - Lieutenant Walter W. CARVETH
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE., Aug.1891. Entered the service May 1917. First Officers Training Camp, Fort Snelling. Aviation.

63c - Lieutenant L. W. CHAMBERLAIN
Lincoln, NE. Born June 12, 1891. Son of Elizabeth & Jacob L. Chamberlain. Entered the service 1918. Received commission Oct.14, 1918 at Augusta, GA. Sent to Rock Island where he died of influenza Dec.14, 1918.

63d - Lieutenant G. CHAMBERLAIN
Lincoln, NE. Entered the service Dec.1917. Commissioned at Fort Monroe. 61st Coast Artillery Corps. Overseas service.

63e - Lieutenant John L. CHAMPE
Lincoln, NE. Born Elmwood, NE., April 27, 1895. Son of Nina & O. E. Champe. Entered the service April 1917. Infantry. Received commission at Fort Snelling. Promoted at Camp Devens, Mass. Co. I, 36th Infantry.