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WWI Honor Roll
Lancaster Co., Nebraska

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Kathie Harrison
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72a - Ensign Wesley G. Gish

Lincoln, NE. Born Abilene, KS Jan. 18, 1896. Son of Josephine and Nathan Gish. Entered the service Nov. 16, 1917. Navy. U. S. S. Santa Paula. Received commission at Pelham Bay, Dec. 27, 1918.

72b - Lieutenant Nathan J. Gold 
Lincoln, NE. Born Hampton, Iowa May 28, 1894. Son of Pauline and William Gold. Entered the service April 1917. Quartermaster's Department. Commissioned at Fort Snelling. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant in France. Active service overseas.

72c - Lieutenant Charles C. Gramling
Lincoln, NE. Born Iowa City, Iowa Sept. 24, 1896. Son of Katherine and Charles Gramling. Entered the service May 7, 1917. Field Artillery. Sailed for France 1917. Received commission at Saumur, France.

72d - Lieutenant Robert L. Green
Lincoln, NE. Born Culpepper, VA Feb. 25, 1890. Son of Callie and R. E. Green. Entered the service April 13, 1917. Navy. U. S. S. Maumee. Transport duty. Crossed eighteen times.

72e - Lieutenant Samuel A. Greenstone
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE March 11, 1894. Son of Sarah and Joseph Greenstone. Entered the service June 2, 1917. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant June 1917. Overseas Dec. 1917. Promoted Sept. 9, 1918. Chemical Warfare, 30th Engineers, Gas and Flame Regiment.


73a - Lieutenant James E. Grimson
Lincoln, NE. Born Schuyler, NE Dec. 17, 1891. Son of Anna and Judge J. A. Grimson. Entered the service Aug. 28, 1917. Field Artillery. Trained at Fort Sheridan and Saumur, France. In Chateau, Thierry and Argonne Forces drives. Remained at front until armistice was signed.

73b - Chaplain Willard L. Hadsell
Lincoln, NE. Born Saunders County, NE May 30, 1880. Wife Erla. Graduate of Wesleyan University, Drew Theological Seminary, Columbia University. Entered the service Oct. 4, 1918. With American Expeditionary Forces in France. Stationed at Lyons, France.

73c- Lieutenant Paul Halbersleben 
Lincoln, NE. Born Lindwood, NE Oct. 31, 1893. Son of Anna and Henry Halbersleben. Entered the service April 1917. 1st Officers Training Camp at Fort Snelling. 103rd Infantry in France.

73d - Lieutenant Henry F. Hall
Lincoln, NE. Born Friend, NE July 18, 1894. Son of Cora and Marion Hall. Entered the service May 12, 1917. 166th Infantry, 42nd Division. Trained at Fort Snelling. Received commission Aug. 1918. Sailed for France Oct. 16, 1918.

73e - Lieutenant Lloyd G. Hall 
Lincoln, NE. Born Blue Springs, NE Oct. 25, 1889. Son of Alice and Therom R. Hall. Entered the service Sept. 1, 1917. Coast Artillery Corps. Fort Winfield Scott, Fortress Monroe.


74a - * Harry H. Melick
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE June 18, 1885. Son of Kittie and S. M. Melick. Entered the service Feb. 5, 1918. Red Cross Service. Arrived in France Feb. 23, 1918. Stationed at Paris. In action at Chateau Thierry, Compeigne, Soissons. Died of pneumonia in Milwaukee Feb. 4, 1919.

74b - Lieutenant Paul O. Harding
Lincoln, NE. Born Missouri Oct. 5, 1893. Son of Jessie and Orpheus Harding. Entered the service Dec. 1917. Artillery. Received commission at Camp Funston. Served at Camp Jackson and Camp McClellan.

74c - Lieutenant Earnest L. Harrison  
(misspelled Ernest in original book) see description on WW1 page 1.

74d - Ensign Charles C. Hartman
Lincoln, NE. Born DeWitt, NE July 23, 1898. Son of Clementine and John W. Hartman. Entered the service Jan. 1915. U. S. Naval Academy at Annapolis. In training three and one-half years.

74e - Ensign Leonard C. Hartman
Lincoln, NE. Born DeWitt, NE May 13, 1894. Son of Clementine and John W. Hartman. Entered the service July 1, 1918. U. S. Naval Aviation. Finished ground school work at Seattle, WA.


75a - Lieutenant Henry C. Harper 
Lincoln, NE. Born Thedford, NE July 6, 1893. Son of Genevieve and John W. Harper. Married. Entered the service May 11, 1917. Infantry. Commissioned at Fort Snelling. 1st Officers Training Camp. Instructor in Divisional School. Co. M., 351st Infantry, 88th Division.

75b - Lieutenant Lee W. Hawkins
Lincoln, NE. Entered the service June 1917. Received commission at Fort Snelling. 2nd Officers Training Camp. 42nd Infantry. U. S. Regular Army.

75c - Lieutenant Geo. Luther Hedges
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE. Son of Emma and Charles W. Hedges. Married. Graduate of the University of Nebraska. Entered the service Oct. 1917. Ordnance. Stationed at Bridgeport, Conn. Supervisor of stores.

75d - Lieutenant Fred N. Hellner
Lincoln, NE. Born Oxford, NE May 29, 1898. Son of Mrs. Meta Hellner. Entered the service July 18, 1918. Infantry. Fort Sheridan Officers Training Camp.

75e - Lieutenant C. C. Hickman 
Lincoln, NE. Born Lancaster Co., NE Dec. 27, 1883. Son of Emily and Henry Hickman. Married. Entered the service Oct. 1918. Medical Department. Stationed at Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Tex., in Base Hospital.


76a - Lieutenant Russell C. Hunt
Lincoln, NE. Born Bennett, NE. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey M. Hunt. Married. Entered the service Feb. 1, 1918. Aviation. Instructor at Aviation Field, Park Field, Memphis, Tenn.

76b - Lieutenant Edward L. Hyde 
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE July 13, 1890. Son of Ida and E. B. Hyde. Entered the service July 2, 1917. Infantry. Commissioned 1st Lieutenant at Fort Snelling, Dec. 1917. Trained at Camp Dodge. Sailed for overseas Aug. 1918.

76c - Lieutenant Horace Jenkins
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE May 19, 1893. Son of Minnie and Everett Jenkins. Married. Entered the service July 6, 1916. Infantry. Enlisted in Co. M., 4th Nebraska National Guard. Went to 1st Reserve Officers Training Camp at Fort Snelling. Received commission as 2nd Lieutenant Aug. 15, 1917. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant at Camp Pike where he had been stationed as Instructor. Discharged Dec. 30, 1917.

76d - Lieutenant Fred H. Johnson
Lincoln, NE. Born Holstein, NE Dec. 16, 1896. Son of Anna and H. P. Johnson. Entered the service May 12, 1917. Infantry. Commissioned Aug. 15, 1917. In command of Company at Camp Pike.

76e - Lieutenant Raymond B. Kepner 
Havelock, NE. Born Ottumwa, IA, May 5, 1891. Son of Lucia May and Howard B. Kepner. Wife, Hazel. Entered the service July 29, 1917. Medical Corps. Ambulance Co. 132, 108th Sanitary Train, 33rd Division. Sailed for France June 2, 1918. In St. Mithiel and Argonne Forest drives.


77a - Lieutenant Carroll R. Jones
Lincoln, NE. Born Omaha, NE. July 28, 1887. Son of Flora and L. Orville Jones. Married. Entered the service Aug. 27, 1917. Infantry. Co. L, 10th Infantry, 14th Division. Fort Benjamin Harrison. Commissioned at Fort Snelling. 2nd Officers Training Camp.

77b - Lieutenant Carl L. Junge
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE Nov. 1, 1899. Son of Anna and Oscar Junge. Entered the service June 19, 1918. In command of Students Army Training Corps at Missouri University. Commissioned at Fort Sheridan, IL Sept. 15, 1918. Discharged Dec. 24, 1918.

77c - Lieutenant John W. Keech
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE Sept. 17, 1893. Son of Ellen and C. F. Keech. Entered the service May 1917. Engineers. Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

77d - Lieutenant Alton Keester
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE March 13, 1890. Son of Mary and Andrew Keester. Married. Entered the service April 1917. Infantry. Received commission at Camp Cody, N. M. With 136th Infantry, 34th Division. Discharged Jan. 5, 1919.

77e - Lieutenant Dixie Kiefer
Lincoln, NE. Born Blackfoot, Idaho April 5, 1896. Son of Mrs. H. G. Kiefer. Entered Naval Academy 1916. Received commission June 1918. Assigned to Destroyer Corona in European waters.


78a - Lieutenant Samuel M. Kier
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE Sept. 19, 1895. Son of Minerva and S. K. Kier. Entered the service Nov. 14, 1917. Aviation. Commissioned at Carlstrom Field, Arcadia, FLA. Advanced Course at Payne Field, West Point, Miss.

78b - Lieutenant Thomas I. Kizer 
Lincoln, NE. Born Louisiana, MO. March 7, 1895. Son of Belka and J. L. Kizer. Entered the service May 4, 1918. Machine Gun Battalion. Camp Fremont, CA. Transferred to Camp Hancock, GA where he received commission.

78c - Lieutenant Edward H. Koster
Firth, NE. Born Grand Rapids, Mich. June 22, 1893. Son of Jeanette and Rev. Samuel Koster. Married. Entered the service Sept. 1917. Field Artillery. Completed School of Fire at Fort Sill, OK.

78d - Lieutenant Marvin C. Kuns
Lincoln, NE. Born Phelps County, NE Nov. 11, 1895. Son of Annie and Francis O. Kuns. Entered the service May 1, 1917. Infantry. Enlisted as private in Coast Artillery Corps. Stationed at Fort Logan, CO. Selected for 3rd Officers Corps. Camp Funston, Jan. 1918. Received commission April 19, 1918. Sent to Camp Gordon. Served there three months. Sailed for France with replacement unit. Joined 30th Infantry. Argonne Forest drive. With Army of Occupation.

78e - Lieutenant Elmer U. La Follette
Bethany, NE. Born Raccoon, IN Nov. 13, 1893. Son of Hattie and George La Follette. Entered the service May 13, 1917. Infantry. On construction work in France.


79a - Lieutenant Orin R. Lamb
Lincoln, NE. Born Wahoo, NE Aug. 28, 1887. Son of Phoebe and Dr. J. E. Lamb. Married. Entered the service June 14, 1917. Dental U. S. Supply Base, Newark, NJ.

79b - Lieutenant George H. Lemon
Lincoln, NE. Born Hartington, NE Aug. 16, 1894. Son of M. M. and J. N. Lemon. Entered the service May 3, 1918. Field Artillery. Co. B, 23rd Machine Gun Battalion. Camp Fremont, CA. Transferred to Camp Taylor where commission was received.

79c -Lieutenant Harold J. Lesh
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE Oct. 1, 1892. Son of Ruth and Edwin B. Lesh. Entered the service Dec. 8, 1917. Infantry. Enlisted in Air Service. Stationed at Kelly Field. Transferred to Aviation Repair Depot No. 3, Montgomery, Alabama. Received commission Nov. 30, 1918. Camp Gordon, Infantry.

79d - Lieutenant Roy P. Lintz
Lincoln, NE. Born Talmage, NE May 21, 1897. Son of Lucille and Louis J. Lintz. Entered the service Nov. 1917. Aviation.

79e - Lieutenant Phillip C. Lippert
Havelock, NE. Born Inland, NE June 12, 1887. Son of Mary and Phillip Lippert. Entered the service March 5, 1918. Medical Department.


80a - Harold E. Litton 
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE May 8, 1897. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Litton. Entered the service Aug. 5, 1917. Field Clerk. Sailed on George Washington Dec. 4, 1917. Service at Tours, France. Chemical warfare.

80b - Lieutenant Terrance A. Lonam
Lincoln, NE. Born Palmyra, NE Aug. 29, 1894. Son of Anna and John Lonam. Entered the service Dec. 15, 1917. Aviation. Trained at Berkley, CA. Passed test for Reserve Military Aviator and recommended for commission in Reserve Dec. 14, 1918.

80c - Lieutenant Harold B. Long
Lincoln, NE. Born York, NE Jan. 1, 1897. Son of Clementine and Rev. B. M. Long. Entered the service June 1, 1918. Infantry. Commissioned at Camp Pike, Nov. 1918.

80d - Ensign Alfred L. Look
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE. Son of Marie and Albert L. Look. Navy. Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Transport service.

80e - Lieutenant John J. Lyons
Lincoln, NE. Born Lafayette, IN June 24, 1894. Son of Mrs. W. A. Campbell. Entered the service May 1917. Aviation. Received commission in France May 1918. Saw active service. Instructor in Ground School.


81a - Lieutenant George E. Mann
Lincoln, NE. Born Ord, NE May 12, 1889. Son of Anna and Matthias Mann. Married. Entered the service May 2, 1918. Artillery. Received commission at Camp Taylor, KY. Assigned to 8th Training Battery.

81b - Lieutenant Walter J. Mann
Lincoln, NE. Born Lincoln, NE Sept. 17, 1889. Son of Hattie and C. H. Mann. Entered the service Nov. 15, 1917. Aviation. Ground School Work at Austin, Texas. Commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant at Mather Field, CA Dec. 12, 1918.

81c - Lieutenant Frank M. McFarland
Lincoln, NE. Born Guthrie Center, IA July 18, 1882. Son of Effie and C. M. McFarland. Married. Entered the service Oct. 18, 1918. Ordnance Department. In training at Raridan Arsenal, Metuchen, NJ. Discharged Dec. 23, 1918.

81d - Lieutenant Harold E. McGlasson
Lincoln, NE. Born Walker, IA, Aug. 9, 1896. Son of Jennie and Charles McGlasson. Entered the service May 14, 1917. 102nd Infantry, 26th Division. Service in France from Aug. 26, 1917.

81e - Lieutenant Ervin R. Means
Lincoln, NE. Born Guide Rock, NE Sept. 26, 1891. Son of Fannie and Edward Means. Entered the service Oct. 6, 1917. Medical Department. Received commission at Fort Riley and stationed with Casual Detachment.