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©Copyright 2000 -2016 by Peggy Struwe

Thank you to Tracy Johnson Summerville for submitting this booklet and to her cousin Marjorie Weinman and the Busy Country Home Makers Extension Club for allowing us to make it available on the web.

Garfield Stories
Compiled by
Busy Country Home Makers Extension Club

Printed by Creative Press
Stapleton, Nebraska


Chapter I
The Original Homesteaders
The James Auble; Cyrus Fox; Jake Miller; James Hughes;
Thomas Gill; Fee Campbell; A.J. Smith; and Thomas
Johnson families.

Chapter II
History of the Garfield Church and School
The past and the present.

Chapter III Facilities and Modern Conveniences
Wells; The first well agreement; Electricity; Telephone; and Irrigation.

Chapter IV
Garfield's Earliest
Blacksmith; Law enforcement; Mail Routes; Banking; Markets;
Legion Halls; Doctor; Cemetery; Grocery Store; Homesteads;
Pre-Emptions;   Free-Claims; The First Frame House

Chapter V
Transportation Wagon; Horse & Buggy; Automobile; Roads, and nearest

Chapter VI
Reminiscent of the Early Pioneers: Epidemics; Prairie Fires,
Tornadoes; and Blizzards.

Chapter VII
Letters Written by Former Residents.

Chapter VIII
Letters Written by Present Day Residents.

Chapter IX
Clubs and Organizations.

Chapter X
War Veterans; The Lincoln County Canteen: Rationing.

Chapter XI
Homes on Garfield
Farm Section

Chapter XII
Weddings and Anniversaries

Pictures and Poems



This book is dedicated to all the early pioneers that settled
on Garfield Table.  It is especially for them because they
made it possible.  It is for their children and grandchildren,
that they may know something of their heritage.  Those
settling as early as 1884 were:

Mr. and Mrs. James Auble
Mr. and Mrs. James Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Fox,
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Miller,
Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. T.C. Gill
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Johnson           

Busy Home Makers Extension Club               
Installation of Officers 1967
There is a picture and they are listed left to right: Mrs. Ben
Fox, Mrs. Woodrow Dunker, Mrs. Walter Rockwell, Mrs. Paul
Weinman, Mrs. Leon Weinman, Mrs. Floyd Linn, Mrs. Byron
Blevens, Mrs. Marvin Beatty, Mrs. Beryl Frosh, Mrs. Victor
Auble, Mrs. Harvey Brown, Mrs. Loyd Sheets.  Sitting: Mrs.
Myron Auble, and Mrs. Levi Patterson.    

In preparation of this book, the members of the Busy
Home Makers Extension Club gratefully acknowledge their
indebtedness to each person who kindly contributed facts,
stories, and pictures to make this publication possible.
Through the efforts and memories of these people, the
history of Garfield Table is passed down through the years,
1884- 1970.
We have endeavored to preserve facts of our Pioneers
that could have been lost.  The facts and stories are told by
pioneers who strived hard to make a home and community
despite all the hardships.
If you feel we have missed something, please forgive us.  We
realize everything cannot be covered in a book this size.
We hope you will enjoy this book.  

Busy Home Makers Extension Club

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