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John Kirby, who was shot by Sam Liday email:


McLaughlin Between the 1900 and 1910 census several McLaughlin’s left Cedar Smith Kansas and came into Logan County.
Wilson McLaughlin is listed with his daughter Mary in the 1910 census. Next door to him is his stepson Newton Parker. Newton’s mother was Alice ?? Parker whose husband had died and Wilson married her.
Wilson lived in Cedar Smith Kansas from 1879 when his parents brought their family from Waterford Clinton Iowa. Wilson’s mother Louisa Dunlap McLaughlin died in childbirth in Dec 1879 and the child was a girl that was named Dasie L McLaughlin. This child is found living with Wilson and Alice in the 1900 census.
The balance of the McLaughlin children that came to Kansas in 1879 are scattered throughout Kansas and Nebraska. One of these children that came in 1879 was named Martin McLaughlin who married Eva Frazier in the early 1900 in Smith Kansas. This same Martin and Eva gave up both of their children for adoption in Logan County Nebraska. Their daughter Lenora McLaughlin was adopted by a family named Moore and the son, Clarence Brother McLaughlin, was adopted by his uncle Wilson and his new wife Mary Milligan. The year being abt 1906. Mary Milligan McLaughlin died before the adoption was actually complete due to a heart condition and the adoption was contested by her family. This information can be found in the Logan County court records. It is not known what happened to Eva Frazier McLaughlin, but the husband Martin McLaughlin died in the Broken Bow jail in 1918 as a derelict and his buried in the Broken Bow Cemetery. This information is listed as an obit for Custer County for that year.
The adopted son Clarence Brother McLaughlin was looked after by Doctor Carr that resided in the county at that time. Also from court records. Wilson McLaughlin and his first wife Alice had several children, Louisa Belle, Ardelia, George, Mary, all born in Cedar Smith Kansas.
It is believed that Alice died in Cedar Smith Kansas and Wilson moved into Logan County. Martin, brother to Wilson came into Nebraska, and it is believed that John McLaughlin, brother to Wilson and Martin, is living in Wood River Custer Nebraska with his family. It believed that the son of John McLaughlin, Harry, married his 1st cousin, Louisa Belle McLaughlin, daughter of Wilson and Alice McLaughlin. In the 1910 census two of the daughters of Wilson are living in Wood River Custer with Harry McLaughlin, son of John McLaughlin of same county.
I just want someone from this family to find me and share missing information. Another brother to Wilson, Martin and John was Leonard, my great grandfather. Leonard went into the Oklahoma Territory some time after his wife and daughter died in childbirth and the year was 1888. My name is Sharon McLaughlin and my address is 6461 Crestview Athens, TX 75752 and my email is Sharon McLaughlin

October 14, 2005

I am seeking parentage and church affiliation information for William Richard BROWN and Mary Emma (BAIRD) BROWN. They lived as husband and wife in Antelope County, Nebraska between the years of 1880 and 1889, after moving from Bremer County, Iowa, and prior to moving on to Logan County in 1889 where they lived the rest of their life. They're both buried in McCain Cemetery. William Richard BROWN (born February 29th, 1848; died October 27th, 1902) was a Civil War veteran, enlisting in the 18th Iowa Infantry, Company D, a private, in 1862 (enlisted August 23rd, 1862 and discharged April 28th, 1864). His wife was Mary Emma BAIRD (born May 4th, 1842; died September 26th, 1924). Three children were born in Bremer County, IA: Izora Delnora BROWN born 1 Jun 1871 and died 24 Sep 1961, Laura Lucile BROWN born 14 Sep 1874/5 and died 2 Feb 1947, and Charles "Charlie" Wesley BROWN born 1 Sep 1878 and died 14 Nov 1952. Then three children were born while living in Antelope County: Lavina "Violet" L. BROWN born 19 Nov 1880, Mary Viola "Ole" BROWN born 9 Aug 1882 and died 9 Jul 1963, and George William BROWN born 19 May 1884 and died 18 Nov 1961. One child was adopted after their move to Logan County: Ernest "Ernie" BROWN born 19 Nov 1895 and died 29 Nov 1954. I have the obituary and death certificate for Mary Emma (BAIRD) BROWN, but neither list her parents' names or siblings. I have neither an obituary or death record for William Richard Brown. Any information would be helpful.
Thank you. Terri Brown or this email Terri Brown

August 4, 2005

I am looking for information on Truman Sherman. I found Truman in Logan, Logan Co, Ne in the 1930 census. Truman's father was Darius Sherman his mother is unknown. Truman was born in Illinois in 1876/1877. He moved with his father and stepmother to Dixon Co. Ne. in1880 along with siblings Pheobe , William and Charles. His half sister Lena Sherman Lindell lived in Custer Co. Ne and his half sister Isabel Sherman Green lived in Chambers Holt Co. Ne. If anyone has any information on Truman I would very much like to have it . Thanks so much. Bill Gibson


I am doing a history for the museum in Big Piney, Wyoming on the Halfway Post Office. Electa Kirby Lloyd was one of the postmistresses. Electa Lloyd was buried at the McCain Cemetery as Flecta K. Lloyd and her husband is Sherman Lloyd. I see there are a lot of Kirbys buried in the cemetery. I would really like to get the family history of the Kirby's and find out if there are any living relatives. I would like very much to get a photo of Electa. I know Electa had a brother John F. Kirby of Gandy in 1947 and a sister Ellen Kirby of Omaha in 1947. Thank you for any help you can give me. Jonita Sommers


Edward Grant Adams, (went by Grant), born November 2, 1868 Indiana, died
October 6, 1935 Gandy, NE. Married in Indiana Anna Schecust, born 1868, Penn.,
died 1926, Gandy, NE. Both are buried in McCain cemetary.
Allen O. Adams, civil war vet, COE reg 58 Indiana Vols. Born October 28, 1842, Algers Indiana, died December 10, 1917, Indiana, buried in McCain cemetary. Married Elvira D. Chappell June 24, 1864, Algers, Indiana. Born September 18, 1843, Pike County, Indiana. Died April 12, 1915, Gandy, NE. Also buried in McCain Cemetary. Note: in 1871 moved to Logan County, settled on farm 4 miles south of Gandy. They sold farm to Oscar Wells and moved to Gandy. Have other info on Harvey and Higbee. Contact

Thelma (Adams) Tyler


I know my great uncle Levi Naud and his wife Melisa lived in Gandy, Logan Co. in 1930, they're in the census. I don't know where they went after that.
Barbara Naud Bush


Hi my name is James Shimmin. I am researching my wife's dad's side of family. Would like any info on Art Borron 1923-1939 buried in McCain Cem. 89-2. I have dfound out he died in an accident but that's all. The family that was left at that time has passed on but would not talk about it. Just found out he worked on a ranch and was killed by rustlers. This was in 1939. He was 16 when he died. Any info would help.
Thanks, James Shimmin


I am looking for a listing of the burials in Lamb Cemetery near Stapleton, NE, presumably in Logan County. Records state Frona Thompson, d. 1917, & her son Arthur Thompson, d. 1905, are buried there. Am also looking for the burial site of a g-g-grandfather, James Albert Thompson, who was with this family at the time of his death in 1908. As I just learned of the above burials, he is apt to be with them in the same cemetery. Thank you for any assistance.
Pat Thompson Welch


My grandfather, Don Edward Vetter, was a resident of Logan Co., specifically, Stapleton, from the early 1930's until his death in 1980. He and my grandmother owned a farm on the southeast edge of the town. Myself and four sisters were born on that farm. My grandmother still resides in Stapleton. Don Edward Vetter was born June 10, 1909, at Buffalo in Dawson County Nebraska. He departed this life on February 18, 1980 and is intered at St. John's Cemetary in Logan County. Please contact me for any other information you may need. I look forward to seeing my Grandfather's name added to your list of Logan County Surnames.
Donlinna Vetter Ellis


My name is Mick Hendrix, and I am working on my maternal side. My Great Grandfather is John B. Kremer, my Grandmother is Marie Marie Kremer born in Gandy NE. 29Jan1889. Believe there are still Kremer's ranching in the area. Looking for surname "KREMER." Thank you for your time and service, great site.
Mick E. Hendrix, USN Ret


My parents live in Logan County and would like to register the surname Harvey for this project. Samuel P. Harvey died March 16, 1964 and his wife Corabelle Faubion Harvey died June 21, 1961 and they are both buried in the McCain Cemetery in Logan County. Another surname is Baskin for this project. Wallace Marshall Baskin died 1953 and Josephine Buchanan Baskin died 1924 are buried in Lincoln County Nebraska at the North Platte Cemetery. Julie Jones Tunnell JJT Education Technologies LLC


I am searching for information on William N. Trent, b. 12/13/1878 in LaPlatte, NE. Son of John Trent and Rosa Bell Deranzy Lee. As time permits, please let me know if there are any Trent, Deranzy or Lee families that may fit with this time frame. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. Peg Raburn


I would appreciate being added to the query page for the names of Malhin S. McMullen, my great grandfather, and his wife Hattie Sudduth McMullen. Their children were Henry Lee McMullen (my grandfather) and his brothers, Roy McMullen , Vernon McMullen and one sister Mamie McMullen. I beleve that all of Malhin's children were born in Gandy NE If anyone is interested I have two family photo's taken in about 1895 and another about 1905. I could scan these and email these to anyone interested. (editor's note: both pictures are now on the photo page) Thanks again David L. Emmons.


I am looking for information on the Town of Nesbit in Logan County. I'd appreciate any help in locating information or website that would tell about Nesbit and whether there was a school there at one time. I've been told my Aunt might have been a teacher in Nesbit around l900. Thanks so much. Nancee(McMurtrey)Seifert..


Hello, I am researching the following surnames is several counties in NE. Logan, Custer, Lincoln, Dawson, Garfield and Mcphereson. Surnames are as follows: Johnson. Hoffa, Campbell, Bay, Long, McMurtrey, Claudson, Kelly, Wood, Gibb, Laughlin, Bakewell, Catterman, Fowler, Fablinger, Brooks, Brothers, Siver, Price. Thanks! Hope we make a connection! Tracy Summerville..


I am searching for information on the Kahoe family.  Thomas Kahoe Sr., William James Kahoe, etc. were relations in Logan County.   Anything I can get on the Kahoe family would be greatly appreciated.   Thank you,   Wendy Hargrave.


I would like to make contact with the decendents of John Baptist BECKIUS B-Mar 17, 1833 and his daughter Margaret Theresia BECKIUS B-Mar 5, 1880 Dodgeville, Wisc who married Johann Nicolas BECKER Jul 30, 1902 in Gandy, NE and their daughter Regina Elizabeth BECKER B-Feb 12, 1913 Who Maried Carl WALZ Nov 25, 1935. They both passed away in Stapleton, Logan County, NE. I am compiling a family history of the BECKIUS families in America and would like to include those in NE who are related to the Minn, Wisc, Iowa families. My Name is Eugene Beckius.


Re: Logan surname: Chappell, McCain
My greatgrandmother and greatgrandfather lived near Logan County and are buried in the McCain Cemetary. Milton Simpson Chappell and Susan McCain Chappell. Looking for any and all information on them and other family members. My mother is the daughter of the late Edgar Winfield Chappell (the eldest son of Milton and Susan Chappell). Thank you,Pat
Patricia Romano Surridge Neiger
Researching: Chappell, McCain, Welliver, Freeland,


I would like to make contact with any BECKIUS families in Logan County as well as other counties in NE. I am compiling a family history of these families in America and the NE BECKIUS families are related to the MN, IA, WISC families. Specifically any decendents of: John Baptist BECKIUS, Peter BECKIUS, Emma BECKIUS/ Peter KARN family, Katherine BECKIUS/John HUEN family, Nicolas BECKIUS/Eva SCHRADER family, Mary BECKIUS/John BROSIUS family, Elizabeth BECKIUS/Nick BROSIUS family, Maragaret BECKIUS/JoHann BECKER family. My name is Eugene Beckius.


In the 1890 Farmers Directory, John Ingraham living in Gandy appears. He was a native of WV and his wife and 2 daus returned to Wood Co., WV. One dau was L. Bethel and born in Logan Co. around 1890. Can anyone furnish any info on these people? Jayne Stephens


Looking for information on Logan County pioneers John P Vickroy and wife Ella. We need the wife's maiden name, dates of death and burial locations. Thanks! Mary H Palser

April 2, 1999

Looking for information on William Hazard SHARP from Indiana, married to Harriet TUBBS from New York. My father, Earl SHARP, was born in Logan County, Nebraska in 1892. There are several other brothers and a sister in this family. My father settled in Salem, Or. Would appreciate any information on William HAZARD or Harriet (buried in Salem, OR). Thank you.
W. E. Sharp

December 17, 1998

Theodore Rinehart Tenbrink married (Tolono, ILL about 1880) Sarah Alice Walker. They homesteaded in Logan Conty about 1918 (I am told) "Across the road from Section 26 Township 17 North Range 27 West of the 6th Principle Meridian in Nebraska". Their daughter Ella Joanne Tenbrink married (February 1928) Amos Calvin Reckard, son of Amos Saumuel Reckard and Dosha James (Jaynes?). Any information would be of help. Thanks.
Dale Elliott

December 8, 1998

Would like info on the children of these surnames. My Great-grandparents homesteaded in Logan County. Amos Samuel Reckard and his wife Dosha James Reckard. I have Amos Samuel Reckards line traced back to 1623 in West Hatch, Somersetshire England.
Dale Elliott

November 30, 1998

Searching for:
THOMAS JAMES (Jayne, Jaynes) b. 1813 in VA or TN, d. bef 1860. His wife's first name may have been Jane.
His daughter Dosha Jane was born in 4/2/1842, Bunker Hill, Macoupin Cty, IL, and died in Gandy, Logan Cty, NE on 3/10/1927. May have had a brother named Thomas. Dosha married my GGrandfather Amos Samuel Reckard on 8/27/1868. Any help would be appreciated.
Doug Reckard

November 9, 1998

William Henry Beckett and his wife Mary Belle Workman Beckett moved to Gandy, Logan county, Nebraska in 1886 with 6 children. 4 more children were born in Gandy as well. William Henry Beckett and two of his children are buried in McCain cemetery in Logan County. When William Henry Beckett died in 1922 his widow moved to Lincoln County, Nebraska
Rebecca Bond

November 4, 1998

Need information on hotel in Gandy, Nebraska, Logan County owned by the Hartman family in the later 1800's possibly around 1880+. One memberof the family was a Charles Hartman who was married to Mary McGinnis. There was also a woman refered to by later family members as Aunt Mame who lived at the hotel. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You, Frank Smith

October 29, 1998

I know that my g-grandfather William Harvy Anglemyer lived in either Logan or McPherson county. His daughter (my grandmother) Iva Marie Anglemyer was born in Stapleton, Nebraska on March 5, 1925. Any help I can get to trace this side of the family would be appreciated. Mickey Ludwig

October 1, 1998

I am looking for the family of John N. HALL b. abt. 1870 and his sons John M. HALL b. abt 1889, Leon G. HALL b. abt. 1900, Lynn Hall b. ? and Rose HALL b. ?.
I am not sure whether Rose was his wife or his daughter. Possibly there were two of them, both a wife and a daughter.
In the 1910 census John N was in McPherson county. In 1920 no census record could be found.
A relative remembers the boys being in Logan county where she was raised, but has no informaiton about them.
I am looking for relatives or descendants of this family.
I am willing to share information that I have on the rest of the Hall family.
Dorothy J. Schendel

Hi Peggy,

I sent you the wrong name for Logan Co.  I am looking for an obituary
for Guy Harold Ruby who died July 1975, res, Stapleton NE (SSDI)

Thanks. Shirley York Anderson 

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