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Last Updated: Tuesday, October 14, 2003
Levi Naud
Adams, Edward Grant (Grant) born Indiana Nov 2, 1868
died Gandy, NE Oct 6, 1935
Adams, Anna Schecust born Penn 1868
died 1926 Gandy, NE
Adams, Allen O. born Oct 28, 1842, Indiana
died Dec 10 1917 Indiana
Adams, Elvira D. Chappell born June 24, 1864 Indiana
died April 12, 1915 Gandy, NE
Anglemyer, Iva Marie 1925 Mail
Anglemyer, William Harvey abt 1905 Mail
Baskins, Josephine Buchanan died 1924 Julie Jones Tunnell
Baskins, Wallace Marshall died 1953 Julie Jones Tunnell
Beckett, William Henry 1886-1922 Mail
Beckett, Mary Belle Workman 1886-1922 Mail
Beckius   Eugene Beckius
Bertran, Donald Klump 1923-1961 Peggy Struwe
Bertran, Goldie (Huffman) 1926-1966 Peggy Struwe
Bertran, Sophia (Klump) 1923-1952 Peggy Struwe
Borron, Art 1923-1939 James Shimmin
Dean, Charles   R.O. Bishop
Hall, John M   Mail
Hall, John N   Mail
Hall, Lynn   Mail
Hall, Leon G   Mail
Hall, Rose   Mail
Hartman, Charles abt 1870 Mail
Hartman, Katherine abt 1890 Mail
Harvey, Corbelle Faubion died June 21, 1961 Julie Jones Tunnell
Harvey, Samuel P died March 16, 1964 Julie Jones Tunnell
Huffman, George Washington 1910-1913 Peggy Struwe
Huffman, Lucinda (Carter) 1910-1913 Peggy Struwe
Huffman, Tom 1910-1930 Peggy Struwe
Huffman, Leroy 1910-1940 Peggy Struwe
Hutchins, Charles Alexander born 1910 Mail
Hutchins, Louis abt 1890 Mail
John Ingraham abt 1890 Mail
James, Thomas 1813-bef 1860 Mail
James, Dosha 1842-1927 Mail
Joy   Mail
Kremer, John B. Gandy, NE 1889 Mick E. Hendrix, USN Ret.
Kremer, Marie Gandy, NE 1889 Mick E. Hendrix, USN Ret.
Long, Porter and Emma   Joreney
McDonald, Wm H Gandy, NE 1910 Harold McDonald
McGinnis, Mary abt 1870 Mail
McMullen, Henry Lee born in Gandy NE on July 12, 1885 David L. Emmons
McNeill, Allen   R.O. Bishop
Murrah, Miranda Louisa   Wendy Hargrave  
Naud, Levi Gandy until 1930  Bobbi Bush
Reckard, Amos Samuel 1868 Mail
Reckard, Amos Samuel 1868 Dale Elliott
Reckard, Dosha James 1842-1927 Dale Elliott
Sharp, Earl 1892 W.E. Sharp
Sharp, William Hazard 1892 W.E. Sharp
Smith, E.R. Gandy, NE 1910 Harold McDonald
Tenbrink, Theodore Rinehart 1918 Dale Elliott
Tenbrink (Walker), Sarah Alice 1918 Dale Elliott
Trent, William N. 1878 Peg Raburn
Vetter, Don Edward 1909-1980 Donlinna Vetter Ellis
Vickroy, John P 1847 Mary H Palser

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