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NSGS Ancestree

Nebraska State Genealogical Society Journals
Volume Seven, no. 1
Summer 1984


NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 15 - Summer 1984

From: Logan County Star, Gandy, NE. Thursday, June 16, 1892

WALSH, P.J., agent K&BHRR.                    SPROUL, B.A., officer I.O.F. 
WILLIAMS, J.B., officer I.O.F.                McSAY, J.W., officer Masonic Lodge #190 
DOUGLAS, S.E., officer Masonic Lodge #190     CORRELL, Rev. L.J., pastor Christian Church 
DER BERRY, J.H., pastor M.E. Church           BANKS, Clinton, prop. meat market 
DOUGLASS, Fred H., confectionery              PETTY, G.F., sewing machines 
STEEL, George, photographer                   HILL, Perry, prop. Brick Livery Barn, North Platte 
HEINTZ Bros., clothing, Callaway              INGRAHM, John F., prop. tonsorial parlor 
WORKMAN, A.F., blacksmith                     DOURTE, Mrs., bakery 
BURKE'S Store                                 MONEY'S for wall paper 
BANKS, W.T., grocery                          HONAKER, J.C. 
HOSKINS, Mr. Geo.                             HONEY, J.E., harness 
HOAGLAND, Mrs., wife of our Co. Judge visiting relatives in the Platte.
TARBOX, A.P. to Omaha for Masonic meeting     PALMER, F.H. 
POOLE, J.J., sharpens shears & razors         POTTER, Uncle Sid. 
BAYLOR, Mrs. organizing a music class
HANSEN, A.R., delivered a discourse in the Christian Church in Arnold.
RHODES, A.J., of Pawnee City, owns a opera house block in Gandy & the Opera House in Pawnee.
FULLERTON, Mr., of the Fullerton Bros. Lumber dealers, of Pawnee City in Gandy to locate a
  lumber & coal yard here soon.
GRAHAM, W.L., clothing                        PAYEN, Mart. to east to have his eyes treated 
GANDY, J.P., has harvest machinery. Just returned from tour of eastern part of the state
Tuesday's storm damaged property of: Frank WILCOX, John BURKE, John TORTEL.
CONLEY, C.C. lives West Valley                A son b. to Pres. LEVEL on the 6th inst. 
LONGLEY, Dr. F.H. of North Platte to see Mrs. Mno. DOURTE again. Mrs. DOURTE is improving.
HANSEN, A.R., teacher 2 mi. W. of Gandy       MOYER, Bill 
GUNTER, Garrett, of Arnold, proud father of a boy born Tues.
WICKS, Al.                                    SCHRAMLING, D.C., photographer 
Notice to Delinquents (on interest & rental lands): C.W. JOHNSON, D.J. KIRKLE, A.M. TARBOX,
W. A. COPPENBARGER, Anton B. CHAPEK. A.R. HUMPHREY, Com. Public Lands. Willard GINN, Co. Treas.
NULL, W.H, 1 mi, W. of Myrtle Postoffice 
VESEY, William, horses                        PETERSON, Laura, Co. Supt. 
VonGOETZ, V., seed                            MORRISON, James E., attorney 
SAWYER, Albert A., attorney                   CH--H, Alonzo H., Lawyer, North Platte 
TARBOX, A. Pinzon, attorney                   DAY, John H., clothing, North Platte 
EINSTEIN, M., clothing, North Platte          CHAPPELL, S.R., Prop. Commercial Hotel 
VESEY, W.L., auctioneer                       BENGER & SOHNERINGER, props. livery barn Callaway 
     County Directory: 
Clerk.........I.N. FROMAN                     Supt......Laura PETERSON 
Treasurer.....Willard GINN                    Coroner...Dr. J. LEE 
Judge Richard HOAGLAND                           Commissioners: 
Sheriff J.H...CRAWFORD                        B.F. HARTZELL 
Attorney......J.E. MORRISON                   O.N. CALLENDER 
Surveyor......F.R. HOGEBOOM                   Jas. BAKEWELL 
JULIAN, Mrs. Lola of Kearney was the sole female delegate to the 40th annual convention of
   International typographical union on June 13 in Philadelphia, PA.
Sheriff Sale: William H. CARNAHAN, plaintiff, against Delphine E. KELLEY. James W. McKAY,
   admin. James H. CRAWFORD, Sheriff.
Sheriff Sale: Joseph C. HILLIARD Co. defendant; Charles S. WELLS, Sr., admin. Defendants:
   Thomas J. LIVING, Joseph TIDAY, Elizabeth KIRCHGESTNER (widow of Valentine KIRCHGESTNER,
   deceased), C.D. SHRADER, guardian of the minor heirs of Valentine KIRCHGESTNER.
Sheriff sale: Charles F. IDDINGS, plaintiff against P.R. RYERSON.
Final Proofs: Land Office, Broken Bow, June 4, 1892: Susan HOAGLAND, T.C.#6179. Her witnesses:
   George WALDON, Hamer JOHNSON & Jesse SMEE of Logan, and Richard HOAGLAND of Gandy. John
   REESE, Register.
Land Office, North Platte, May 18, 1892: Albert P. MAIN# H.E,#13348. Witnesses: Silas E.
   CLOTHIER, Milton HILL, John F. MAIN & John W. BROTHERS, all of Dorp, NE, A.S. BALDWIN, Reg.
Land Office, North Platte, May 18, 1892: John W. BROTHERS, H.E.#12399. Witnesses: Albert P.
MAIN, Milton HILL, John F. MAIN a Silas CLOTHIER, all of Dorp, NE.
BRITTAN, C.M., prop. The Britten House, Callaway.
MORAN, Jno., gen'l merchandise, Callaway      LEE, Dr. J., prop. Pioneer Drug Store, Gandy 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 16 - Summer 1984

Logan County Star continued:

BIRD, Edwin, implements, Callaway
PALMER & LLOYD, Gandy & North Platte, U.S. Mail, hack & express line
IDDINGS, Chas. F., lumber, coal, North Platte
GILCREST, F.H., Lumber, Callaway              WELCH, Roy, hardware, Callaway 
PEALE, M.S., dry goods, Callaway              BRADY Sisters, millinery, Callaway 
STURDEVANT, C.F., prop. Grand Pacific Hotel, Callaway
COURTE, John, commander; KUNKEL, J.A., adj. Alfred DEAN Post G.A.R. #226

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 16 - Summer 1984
Submitted by: Diane Hatfield Korten, Omaha, NE

These names who were listed in the Busy Bee Postcard Exchange;
abstracted from the Omaha Bee, Morning Edition, December 12, 1909

DELONG, Jean---Ainsworth, NE                  PETERSEN, Lena--2211 Locust St., E., Omaha, NE 
McCOY, Irene --- Branston, NE                 CARNEY, Ina--Sutton, Clay Co., NE 
MERWIN, Lillian --- Beaver City, HE           MILLER, Clara--Utica, NE 
WITT, Mabel --- Bennington, NE                JONES, Mildred F.--North Loup, NE 
GOTTSCH, Anna --- Bennington, NE              WILKEN, Alta--Waco, NE 
GOTTSCH, Minnie --- Bennington, NE            BECKORD, Leo--Waco, NE 
DAMNKE, Agnes --- Benson, NE                  CRAWFORD, Harvey--Nebraska City, NE 
GALLAGHER, Marie --- Benkelman, NE            HAZEN, Lucile--Norfolk, NE 
MAY, Ida --- Central City, NE                 REYNOLDS, Helen--Norfolk, NE 
CHENEY, Vera --- Creighton, NE                LARKIN, Letha-- S. 6th St., Norfolk, NE 
HAHN, Louis --- David City, NE                MARQUARDT, Ema--5th St & Madison Ave., 
FREIDELL, R-ea --- Dorchester, NE                Norfolk, NE 
BENNETT, Aleda--Elgin, HE                     JONES, Genevieve M., North Loup, NE 
BODE, Eunice --- Falls City, NE               DAVIS, William--221 West 3rd St North Platte, 
REED, Ethel --- Fremont, NE                   RAABE, Louise--2609 N. 19 Ave, Omaha, NE 
LUNDBURG, Hulda --- Fremont, NE               JOHNSON, Frances--933 N. 25 Ave., Omaha, NE 
CAPPS, Marion --- Gibson, NE                  JOHNSON, Marguerite--933 N. 25 Ave., Omaha, NE 
BARTHOLOMEW, Marguerite--Gothenburg, NE       BROWN, Emile--2322 Boulevard, Omaha. NE 
ROTH, Lydia--605 West Koenig St. Grand        GOODRICH, Helen--4010 Nicholas St., Omaha, NE 
   Island, NE                                 BROWN, Mary--2322 Boulevard, Omaha, NE 
VOSS, Ella --- 407 West Charles St., Grand    HENDEE, Eva--4402 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 
   Island, NE                                 WIRT, Lillian--4158 Cass St., Omaha, NE 
COSTELLO, Irene --- 114 West 8th St., Grand   RUF, Bassett--1814 Binney St., Omaha, NE 
   Island, NE                                 COAD, Jack--3718 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 
CRAWFORD, Jessie --- 406 West Charles St.,    INNES, Juanita--2769 Fort St., Omaha, NE 
   Grand Island, NE                           COHN, Meyer--846 Georgia Ave., Omaha, NE 
SCHU-TE, Pauline --- 412 West 4th St.,        MORRIS, Ada--3424 Franklin St., Omaha, NE 
   Grand Island, HE                           JENSEN, Myrtle--2909 Izard St., Omaha, NE 
MURPHY, Martha --- 923 East 9th St., Grand    FISHER, Orrin--1210 S. 11 St., Omaha, NE 
 Island, NE                                   ERICKSON, Mildred--2709 Howard St., Omaha, NE 
PUTT, Hugh --- Leshara, NE                    ERICKSON, Oscar--2709 Howard St., Omaha, NE 
RUTT, Hester E.---Leshara, NE                 HOWARD, Gail--4722 Capitol Ave., Omaha, HE 
TEMPLE, Alice --- Lexington, NE               HOUCK, Helen--1625 Lothrop St., Omaha, NE 
TEMPLE, Ruth --- Lexington, NE                GOODRICH, Emerson--4010 Nicholas, Omaha, NE 
NEILSON, Anna --- Lexington, NE               JOHNSON, Maurice--1027 Locust St., Omaha, NE 
KREITZ, Edythe--Lexington, NE                 CARSON, Leon--1124 N. 40 St., Omaha, NE 
TEMPLE, Marjorie --- Lexington, NE            COAD, Pauline--3718 Farnam St., Omaha, NE 
GRASSMEYER, Alice --- 1545 C St., Lincoln, NE HOWARD, Wilma--4723 Capitol Ave., Omaha, NE 
HAMILTON, Marian--2029 L St., Lincoln, NE     FISHER, Hilah--1210 S. 11th St., Omaha, NE 
HAMILTON, Elsie--2029 L St., Lincoln, NE      JENSEN, Mildred--2707 Leavenworth, Omaha, NE 
DISHER, Irene--2030 L St., Lincoln, NE        HEDEN, Edna--2789 Chicago St., Omaha, NE 
DISHER, Hughie--2030 L St., Lincoln, NE       SHEIFELT, Mabel--4914 N. 25th St., Omaha, NE 
BOGGS, Charlotte--227 S. 15 St., Lincoln, NE  JOHNSON, Walter--2405 N. 20th St., Omaha, NE 
JOHNSTON, Helen--334 N. 16 St., Lincoln, NE   CARRUTHERS, Emma--3211 N. 25 St., Omaha, NE 
MYERS, Althea--224 N. 16 St., Lincoln, NE     EASTMAN, Gretchen--136 S. 28 St., Omaha, NE 
STILES, Louise--Lyons, NE                     DENISON, Leonora--The Albion, 10th & Pacific St 
McDONALD, Estelle--Lyons, NE                     Omaha, 
SEIZER, Milton--Nebraska City, NE             HAMMOND, Mae--O'Neill, HE 
CRAWFORD, Harry--Nebraska City, Ne            DANIELS, Madge L.--Ord, NE 
ENIS, Edna--Stanton, NE                       BEDDED, Zola--Orleans, NE 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 17 - Summer 1984

Busy Bee Postcard Exchange continued:

RICHMOND, Agnes--Orleans, NE                  GRUNKE, Mae--West Point, HE 
FLEMING, Marie--Osceola, Ne                   STASTNY, Elsie--Wilber, NE 
WOODS, Lotta--Pawnee City, NE                 WARE, Frederick--Winside, NE 
CRAWFORD, Harvey--Nebraska City, NE           PARKS, Pauline--York, NE 
PERKINS, Earl--Reddington, NE                 BEHLING, Edna--York, NE 
                                              FREDERICK, Mary--York, NE 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 17 - Summer 1984
Submitted by: Mrs. Dorothy R. Kain, Lexington, NE

NORTH PLATTE, NE, 1 July--l Aug. 1897
Chicago --- Rev. J.F. BERRY Cozad--Mr. & Mrs. Robert DAVIES
North Platte--Mrs. B.L. ROBINSON, Mrs, Daisy HINMAN, Mrs. Eunice BABBITT, Chas. C. SNAVELY, Frank L. MOONEY, J.C. ORR, F.D. WRIGHT, N.C. LANGDON, Ernest McGREW, Mrs. Grace LANGDON
Holdrege--Rev. Ben S. HAYWOOD, Miss Harriet L. BARBER, Mrs. E.R. KIPLINGER, George EKLUND
Stockville--N.H. JONES, Rev. Frank T. HOON
Ord--J.L. CAFLIN, Rev. W.R. HARDAWAY Sidney--Miss Minnie CHASE
Arapahoe--Rev. Ernest B. CRIPPEN Broken Bow--Mr. LOMAX
Orleans--Rev. C.A. HALE, A. Roy ISRAEL, Claude WILSON
Shelton--Rev. Chas, C. WILSON, Miss Ida STOCKWELL
Kearney--Will BOUCHER, Miss Millie GILLIS, S.A.D. HENLINE
Benkelman--Miss Gertrude BARR, C.C. BARR McCook--Edgar CANN
Callaway--Miss Bessie GRIMES, Mrs. W.H. COLE, Mrs. CHANDLER
Loup City--John W. LONG Wallace--Mrs. P.O. HARPER, Mrs. E.H. BRYANT
Curtis--Miss Bess W. TWIFORD, Mary B. SCOTT Indianola--John BECK
Arnold--Rev. W.E. MATHEWS, Mrs. HOFFMAN Gothenburg--Mrs. KAUFMAN, Rev. A.R. CHAPIN
Ravenna--Rev. Joseph BUCKLEY Grant--Mrs. Joseph PERKINS
Lexington--Miss Minnie HORNER, Mrs. Nellie E. CRANE, A. E. GRANTHAM, Mrs, Kate AUBEL, John M. NEFF, Frank L. FOX
Lodge Pole--Rev. R. RANDOLPH Haven's Chapel--Miss Leilla SHAFTO
Elm Creek-Rev. J.S. MEDLIN Minden--Rev. O.R. BEEBE
Lincoln--Rev. W.R. HALSTEAD Whittier--S.R. DERRYBERRY
Chancellor, Nebraska Wesleyan University, C.M. ELLINWOOD
Presiding Elders--James LEONARD, E. SMITH. Bishop W.X. NINDE, President of the Epworth League of the World

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 17 - Summer 1984
Submitted by Jeanne Allison, Norfolk, NE

From: Atlas of Dixon & Dakota Co's. NE and the World, 1925

Farmers's Directory of New Castle Township, Dixon County, Ne 1925

Abbreviations: Wf.: wife; ch.; children; O.: owner; R. renter, () years in county

ALEXANDER, Ed. P.O. New Castle, R. 2. O. (50)
ANDERSEN, L.C. Wf. Ruth; ch. Elmer and Francis. P.O. New Castle, R 2. R. O. Mary FENTON.
BASEEL, S.S. P.O. New Castle, R. 4. Ch. Joe, Emily, Matilda, John, Steven and Edmund. O. (15)
BELDEN, Fred E. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Pearl; ch, Ardine, Lucile, Dale and Ralph- O. (40)
BELLER, Warren. P.O. New Castle, R. 2. Wf. Lillian; ch. Harry, Etta, Joe and Alice. R.0. Myra C. HILL (50)
BIGGERSTAFF, Willis. P.O. New Castle. Ch. Joe, Albert, Daisy, Herman, William and Marvin. R.0. V.C. WICKSTROM. (50)
BIRD, N.B. information refused
BOARDMAN, F.H. P.O. New Castle, R. 3. Wf. Susan; ch. Albert and Marjorie. R. 0. Geo. I. PARKER and W.J. ROSS. (2)
CALVERT, Ed. P.O. New Castle. R. 2. Wf. Minnie; ch. Leone and Wayne. (30)
CARMAN, C.E. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Bessie A; ch. Lloyd, Lois, Lawrence, D.A. R. (12) O. J.P. DOWNEY
CHURCH, W.S. P.O. Ponca, R. 4. Wf. Maude; ch. Lyle, Lowell, Francis, Edwin and Opal. R. (2) O. F. KEUP.
CONRAD, E. L. P.O. New Castle, R.2. Wf. Edna; Ch. Bert, Leora, Jack and Gayle, R. (51) O. Farmers State Bank of New Castle
CONWAY, John. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Mary; ch. Mary, Veronica, Max, James, Charlie,
Vivian, Emmett, Rose Mary and Helen Frances. R. (46) O. Wm. H. O'TOOLE
CURRY, Bert. P.O. New Castle. Wf. Lizzie. ch. Ethel, Orval, Eugene and Edity. O. (49)
CURRY, A.W. P.O. Ponca, R. 4. Ch. Fred & wife, Mildred, Maude & Lee O. (67)

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 18 - Summer 1984

Farmers' Directory of New Castle Township, Dixon County, NE continued:

DOWNEY, John P. P.O. New Castle. Ch. John D. O. (53)
EHLE, Jerome. P.O. New Castle, Rt. 2. Wf. Mary; ch. Irwin L. O. (50)
ELLYSON, WM. D. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Grace; ch. Lewis and Lawrence. O. (32)
FINNEGANN, John. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Celestine; ch, Lawrence, Lorena, Emmet, Raymond and William. O. (45)
FITZGERALD, Thos. P.O. Ponca, R. 1. Wf. Kate; ch. Kate, Caroline and Margaret. (35)
FOLEY, Pat. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Jennie; ch. Patrick E. and Thos. F. O. (23)
GIBBS, Clifford H. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Lena; ch. Cecil, Alma, Catherine, Genevieve,Amie and Gladys. O (40)
GIBBS, F.R. P.O. New Castle. Wf. Gayle G., ch. Doris C., A. Fern, Ellyson R., Ralph L., and Allan R. 0. (36)
GOULD, A.D. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Bertha; ch. Rose, Mildred, Ralph, Howard and Glen.0. (44)
GOULD, F.L. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Cathryn, ch. Viola, Hazel and Donald. O. (40)
GRIFFITH, F.G. P.O. New Castle, R. 2. Wf. Arah S.; ch. Evelyn and Berdella. O. (50)
HARDING, Fred. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Edna; ch. Thelma, Ida, Galen, Donald, Ronald and Wanda. R. Owners, H. ADDISON, at al.
HEIDY, Fred, P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Josie; ch. Frances. O. (46)
HOGAN, Thos. W. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Della 1. O. (39)
KNEIFL, Jacob. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Bardina; ch. Victor, Vincent and Francis. O. (53)
KNEIFL, John P. P.O. New Castle, R, 1. Wf. Mary; ch. Nicholas, Monica, Clarence, Regina, John Jr. and Anita. O. (51)
KNEIFL, Joseph. P.O. New Castle* R, 1, Wf. Agnes M., ch, Leo M., Lawrence, Hildgard, Peter J. and Elsie A. O. (50)
KNEIFL, J.T. P.O. New Castle, R. 4. Wf. Elizabeth; ch. Phillip, William, Elizabeth, Richard, Florence, Harold, Esther, Celia and Mike. O.
KOLLBAUM, Augusta. P.O. New Castle, R.l. Ch. Anna and Henry. Owner, Jurgen KOLLBAUM, Est.
LARSON, C.A. P.O. New Castle, R, 2, Wf. Mintie, ch, Lawrence and Bertram. R. O, J.A. MILLER
LEE, Ole. P.O. Ponca, R.4. Wf. Lena, ch, Lilly, Grace, Raymond, Ruth, Opal, Mabel and Geraldine, R. (25) Owner, Henry HART.
LEMBEKE, Ernest. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Hannah; ch. Reinhold, Fredrick, Lillian, John, Doris and Donald. O. (22)
LOFGREN, Alfred A. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Augusta; ch. Clarence, Gladys, Clara, Walter and Lawrence. O. (22)
LUEBBEN, A.M. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Rose; ch. Bertha, Cleone, Alden, Orville and Rodney. O. (45)
LUND, Maurice. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Mabel; ch. Doris. R. (8) Owner, Matt KNEIFL.
McCLARY, D.F. P.O. New Castle, R. 2. Wf. Minnie; ch. Marguerite, Frances and Delbert. O. (40)
MCCOLLIGAN, James, P.O. New Castle. Wf. Anna. O. (54)
McGONNAGLE, J.W. P.O. New Castle, Box 162. Wf. Ethel I.; ch. Warren J. O. (25)
McKINLEY, R.C. P.O. New Castle, R. 4. Wf. Nellie; ch. Derwin and Warren. O. (47)
MANNION, Joe, P.O. New Castle, R. 4. Wf. Mary A.; ch. Eletha, Marguerite, James, Lucile, Louis, Joana and Mary Helen. R. (40) Owner, Wm. MANNION.
MERCHANT, E.W. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf, Dollie; ch. Otto, Mabel, Hazel, Lorene, Nina and Ova Case. O. (a)
MILLE, G.J. P.O. New Castle, R. 4. Wf. Rosa M.; ch. Melba I., Myrtle R. and Ollis G. O. (27)
MILLE, H.B. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Martha A,; ch. William A. and Doloth M. O, (22)
O'CONNER, Timothy. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. O. (52) Felix O'CONNER.
RAHN, G.D. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Alice. O. (53)
RAHN, Harvey. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Lena D.; ch. Marilyn, G.D. and Alice. O. (25)
RAHN, Louis J. P.O. Ponca, R. 4. Wf. Helen R.; ch. Shirley J., Henry Mabie. O. (23)
RAHN, Walter. P.O. Ponca, R. 4. Wf. Kathrine; ch. Roy L. O. (26)
RAHN, Will A. P.O. New Castle, R. 2. Wf. Elvira, ch, Bernice, Max, Leslie, Lawrence, Francis, Noma and Paul E. O. (40)
RIFFEY, H.E. P.O. Ponca, R. 4. Wf. Lottie; ch. Henry, Frank, Ralph, Earl, Sam and Wess, R. (6) Owner, E.E. HALSTAD.
ROACH, Sarch. P.O. New Castle. Wf. Kathleen; ch, Edward, Mary and Patricia. O. (38)
ROOST, Ed. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. O. (35)
RYAN, T.J. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Carrie; ch. John F. O. (43)
SCHRAM, A.E. P.O. New Castle. R. 4. Wf. Edith A. O. (41)
SORENSEN, Louis. P.O. New Castle, R. 2. Wf. Estella; ch. La Verle, Ed. R. (25) O. C.W. SORENSEN
STORK, Carl. P.O. Ponca, R. 4, Wf. Martha; ch, Ethel, Orville, Lawrence, Ralph, Eunice, Marie, and Raymond. O. (38)

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 19 - Summer 1984

Farmers' Directory of New Castle Township, Dixon County, NE continued:

SWICK, John. P.O. New Castle. Wf. Bertha H.; ch. Milton J., Melvin C., Iola and Roy. O. (12)
TOBIN, John. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Mary; ch. Michael, Edward, Mary and Margaret. O. (51)
VERZANI, W.A. P.O. New Castle. Wf. Clara; ch. Lawrence, Clara, William, Cleats and Alfonz. O. (21)
WHITFORD, Ray. P.O. Ponca. Wf. Alma; ch. Dorothy, Louis, Ardis, Ruth and Donald. O. (16)
YEOMAN, R.W. P. O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Ida P. ch. Wm. Stewart and Fay. R. (1). Owner, Wm. STEWART.
YOUNG, Elmer. P.O. New Castle, R. 1. Wf. Mary; ch. Louise. (13). R. Owner, Geo. 1. PARKER.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 19 - Summer 1984

Farmers' Directory of Emerson Township, Dixon County, NE 1925
ANDREWS, Edwin. Wf. Helen; ch. Herbert E., Mabel L., Walter B. and Mary. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. O. (39)
BANNAN Bros. P.O. Emerson, R. 1. O. (44). owners, Patrick J. BANNAN, et al.
BARGE, Charles. P.O. Emerson, R. 1. R. (15). Owner, Henry BARGE, Sr.
BARGE, Henry Jr. Wf. Martha; ch, Eveline. P.O. Emerson, R. 1. R. (15). Owner, Henry BARGE, Sr.
BELT, Fred. Wf. Lydia, P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. Owner, Alex WEINANDT
BELT, Grover, Wf. Clara C.; ch. Erwin W. and Harley W. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (12) Owner, Carl SCHWARTEN.
BROWN, Grover. Wf. Hilda; ch. James and Thomas. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. O. (36)
COUGHTRY, Geo. H. Wf. Mary; ch. Ella, Herbert and Flora May. P.O. Emerson, R. 3. R. (25) Owner, Nels TOLSTROP.
CROWE, Winifred. Ch. Andrew, Dennis R., Kate, Margaret and Anna. P.O. Waterbury, R. 1. O. (40)
DEMERS, Octave J. Wf. Olga; ch. Winnie Bell, Mayme J., Cora L., John J., Clarence W., and Violet M. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. O. (37)
DEMME, Edward J. P.O. Emerson. O. (53)
DENKER, Jacob. Wf. Mary; ch. Laura, Harry, Elmer, William, Mabel, Leonard, Raymond, Joseph and Eileen. P.O. Emerson, R. 1. O. (16)
DITTMANN, Fred H. Wf. Martha; ch. Anna, Christ, Emil and Helen. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. O. (31)
DIXON, H.S. Wf. Anna; ch. Thelma, Elizabeth and Mildred. P.O. Emerson, R.2. (40)
GERLING, Robert. Wf. Matilda; ch. Herman G., Richard E., Arthur E., Lawrence E., Gerhard A., and Robert. P.O. Emerson, R.2. O. (2)
GIESE, August. Wf. Louise; ch. William, Olga, Mats, Herman and Mayme. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. O. (20)
GIESE, Wm. Wf. Mary; ch. Evelyn, Francis and William. P.O. Emerson, R.2. O. (21)
GOTTSCH, John, Wf. Maggie; ch. Harry, Frank, Verna, Roy and Mabel. P.O. Waterbury, R.1. O. (23)
HAASE, Paul A. Wf. Dora; ch. Earl, Edna, Ella, Frieda and Esther. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (6) Owner, Geo. H. DEMME.
HARRIS, Joseph H. Wf. Nettie P,; ch, Charles W., Margaret M., Fredwin N., G. Edgar, Arel F., Minnie D., Joseph D., D. Leo, Nettie L., Milan K. and Hazel L. P.O. Emerson, Box 152. O. (24)
HECKENS, John J. Wf. Emma A.; ch. H. Raplee, James J., Joseph H., Arthur W., Louise M., Alice, John Jr,, Edward C., Emma L.M., and Henry R. P.O. Emerson, O. & R. (33)
HINGST, Albert J. Wf. Edna L. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (31) Owner, August A. HINGST.
HINGST, August. Wf. Lena; ch. Albert, Edward, Raymond, Hazel and Marion. P.O. Emerson, Box 127. O. (39)
HINGST, Edward W. Wf. Emma; ch. Harvey. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (28) Owner, August HINGST.
HINS, Charles. Wf. Emma; ch. Wilber. P.O. Waterbury, R. 1. R. (20) Owner, Wm. DOUGHERTY.
HOECK, Christ E. Wf. Lorena; ch. Francis, Albert. P.O. Emerson, R.2 R. (31). Owner, Christ HOECK, Sr.
HOPP, Albert. Wf. Mayme; ch. Fancilla L. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (31) Owner, Henry HOPP.
JACOBSON, Nick, Wf. Ida; ch. Ida and Ethel. P.O. Emerson. R.3. O. (15)
JENSEN, August A. Wf. Lena; ch. Earl H., Elwin A., Fern H. and Marvel M. P.O. Emerson, R.3 O. (25)
JENSEN, H.H. Wf. Anna; ch. Arnold, Walter and Raymond. P.O. Emerson. O. (25)
KERWIN, John E. P.O. Emerson, R.2. O. (38)
KERWIN, Thomas. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. & O. (33). Owner, Catherine KERWIN.
KONAGEL, Gust. Wf. Sophie, ch. Charles, Harry and Frank. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. Owner, Alex WEINANDT. (4)
KRUGER, George. Wf. Mary; ch. Evelyn. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (32) Owner, Geo. H. KRUGER
LANGMACK, Frank. Wf. Birdie A.; ch. Ivy, Mae, Honore and Franklin. P.O. Emerson, R.2. O, (15)
LANGMACK, Theodore, Wf. Mary; ch, Harry, Selma, Charles, William and Raymond. P.O. Emerson, R.2. O. (35)
LIEWER, Nicholas K. Wf. Mary E.; ch. Joseph F., Alice M., Leo V., William B., and Henry N.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 20 - Summer 1984

Farmers' Directory of Emerson Township, Dixon County, NE continued:

P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (39) Owners, Kate LIEWER, et al.
LINDSTEDT, Andrew 0. Wf. Tills; ch. Mabe and Victor. P.O. Emerson, R.2, (13). R. Owners, Kate LIEWER, et al.
LOETSCHER, Arnold R. Wf. Hedwig; ch. Nora. P.O. Allen. R. 1. 0. (17)
LOETSCHER, Edmund. Wf. Hilda. P.O. Allen. R.l. 0. (17)
LOETSCHER, F,J, Wf. Cora; ch. Clara and Eldon. P.O. Emerson, R.2. 0. (17)
LOETSCHER, Valentine. Ch. Ferdinand J., Matilda, Cora, Arnold and Edmund. P.O. Emerson, R. 2 0. (17)
LUTH, Charles. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (26) Owner, Andreas LUTH
LUTH, Henry. Wf. Martha; ch. Lucile, Elmer, Margaret and Robert. P.O. Emerson. R. (35) Owner, Andreas LUTH
McLAUGHLIN, Randal. Wf. Addis; ch. Erma L. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. 0. (39)
MACKLING, Louis. Wf. Clara; ch. Jennilou, Lloyd and Ivan. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. 0. (12)
MARRON, Wm. P. Wf. Mary M.D.; ch. James E. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (33) Owner, Jas. J. SHERLOC
NOONEN, James C. Wf. Mary; ch. Madonna R., Patricia M., Claire M. and Elizabeth A., P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (2) Owner, Alexander WEINANDT.
OLSON, Fred L. Wf. Anne; ch. Leon D. and Lorimer F. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (3) Owner, Ema JENSEN.
O'NEILL, Wm. Wf. Maryj ch. John, William J., Pearl, Leonard, Raymond, Joseph, Ignatius and Sherlock. P.O. Emerson, R.2 0. (50).
PETERS, John. Wf. Hattie; ch. Leona C. and Marion R. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (1) Owner, Andrew RAHFELDT.
RUBBER, Wm. H. Wf. Frieda; ch. Earl and Marion. P.O. Emerson, Box 118. 0. (39)
RYAN, Philip. Wf. Anna; ch. John W., Mary, Dennis R., Thomas, Margaret W., and Philip J. P.O. Waterbury, R.l. 0. (40)
RYAN, Wm. C. Wf. Anna; ch. Nicholas R., Mary A., John W., William, Joseph L., Nellie, Vermica, Frances and Clifford T6 P.O. Emerson, R.2. 0. (40)
SCHMUNCKER, Anton. Wf. Emma; ch. Emil and Melvin. P.O. Allen, R. 1. 0. (5)
SCHOENING, Bros. P.O. Emerson, R. 1. R. (32 and 30) Owner, Henry SCHOENING.
SCHOPKE, Otto R. Wf. Mary; ch. Noma. P.O. Emerson. 0. (26)
SCHWARTEN, August. Wf. Nora; ch. Helen M. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (30) Owner, Edward SCHWARTEN Sr.
SCHWARTEN, Edward Jr. Wf. Sadie. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (20) Owner, Edward SCHWA.RTEN.
SCHWEER, Edward. Wf. Lillie, P.O, Nacora, Box 36. R. (7) Owner, Margaret SWEENEY.
SHERLOCK, James J. Ch. Mary. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. 0. (48)
SHERLOCK, Joseph M. Wf. Margaret; ch. Joseph V., Frances and William. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. 0. (47)
SHERLOCK, Leonard. Wf. Florence; ch. Thomas M. L. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. 0. (47)
SHERLOCK, Rhode P. Wf. Sarah; ch. Loretta, Joseph P., Mary E., Charles F. and Sarah S. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. 0. (48)
SMITH, Charles J. Wf. Retta; ch. Harold F., Berton D. and C. Roscoe. P.O. Allen, R. 1. 0. (10)
STALLBAUM, Wm. Ch. Verna, Malvin, William and Erna. P.O. Emerson, R. 1. 0. (38)
STARK, Arthur E. Wf. Amanda; ch. Chester, Harland, Paul and Dale. P.O. Waterbury, R. 1. R. (13) Owner, Wm. WOODS.
STARK, Herman A. Wf. Tillie; ch. Evelyn, Mae and Ruby. P.O. Emerson. BOX 96. R. (30), Owner, Herman G. STARK.
STARZL, Henry. Wf. Frances. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (10) owner, Henrich KRUSE.
STEECKER, Ernest A. Wf. Anna; ch. Harvey J. and Carolyn D. P.O. Emerson, R.2. 0. (30)
STEINMANN, William. Wf. Caroline; ch. William A. and Gertrude L. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (7) Owner, Clara KRUSEMARK.
SURBER, Lloyd M. Wf. Myrtle, ch. Harold. P.O. Emerson, R.3. R. (2) Owner, E.W. ROSSITER.
SWANBERG, Harry J. Wf. Helen; ch. Delos. P.O. Emerson, R.2. 0. (6)
TREVETT, L. E. Wf. Marie; ch. Opal and Billy. P.O. Emerson, R.2. R. (32) Owner. O.M. TREVETT
VOSS, Christian, Wf. Maggie; ch. Fred. Louie, John, Mary, Herman, Emma and jenry. P.O. Emerson, R.2, 0, (35)
WASMUTH, Adolph. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (22) Owner, Carl WASMUTH.
WILLIAMS, Allen J. Ch. Marion E. P.O. Allen, R. 1, 0. (13)
WOLF, Fred. Ch. Albert, Mabel and Lillian. P.O. Emerson, R. 2. R. (26) Owner, Clara MOORE.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 21 - Summer 1984
Submitted by: Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bentley, Brock, NE


Located in Glenrock Precinct, Section 26, Township 6, Range 14. An unkept cemetery overgrown with weeds and grass. Cemetery was read and recorded by Ed and Helen Bentley in Nov. 1982.

BUSH, Walter D.                                        Oct. 16, 1903 Aged 76 yr. 
BUSH, Eliza, wf of Walter D.                           Jan. 18, 1899 Aged 69 yr. 
COLE, Ralph Harrison, son of Mo-- V. & Ellie M.         Feb. 2, 1889 Aged 9 mo 20 da 
COLLINS, Levi                                            Jun 6, 1840      Jun 16, 1919 
COLLINS, Rebecca C. Wf of Levi                         Apr. 14, 1843      Nov. 10, 1884 
CONRAD, Anna C., wf of N.                               Dec. 1, 1871 Aged ?2 yr 10 mo 25 da 
CRITZ, Charles N.                                       Feb. 4, 1889 Aged 75 yr 7 da 
EASTMAN, John L.                                        Jul 19, 1881 Aged 77 yr 1 mo 2 da 
EVEREST, Sarah E., wf of B., dau. of John & Mary KENT Sept. 17, 1873 Aged 31 yr 3 mo 7 da 
FARNAM, Hiram G., son of A.K. & Henrietta              Oct. 24, 1875 Aged 13 yr 5 mo 28 da 
FOOTE, Mary SKATES, wf of Rev. Oren                    Nov. 16, 1819 Sept. 2, 1872 in Nebraska 
   Born in New York City
GILLILAND, Margaret L, wf of E.J.                       Mar. 8, 1886 Aged 52 yr 8 mo 7 da 
GILLIAND, Edward                                        Aug. 6, 1899 Aged 68 yr 5 mo 12 da 
GILLILAND, Harison Edward, son of C.C. & N.A.          Oct. 11, 1880 Aged 10 mo 18 da 
GILLILAND, Arlie Ceagle, son of C.C. & N.A.            July 15, 1899 Aged 1 yr 7 mo 18 da 
HANEY, Gertie Florence, dau. of P.B. & M.L.            Mar. 11, 1879 Aged 4 yr 8 mo 16 da 
KENT, Wyman                                              May 5, 1836      Dec. 28, 1879 
KENT, Amy, dau of W. & C.                              Nov. 17, 1888 Aged 4 yr 7 da 
LAKE, Walter D., son of D.R. & R.J.                     May 20, 1872      Sep. 18, 1877 
LAKE, Rev. D.B.                                                 1844      1911 
LAKE, R.J.                                                      1849 (not engraved) 
REIMERS, Joseph C., son of J.                         Sept. 26, 1873 Aged 4 yr 7 mo 11 da 
SROUF, John W., son of W, & M.                          Oct. 1, 1876 Aged 16 yr 4 mo 
SROUF, George W.                                       Apr. 25, 1871 Aged 11 yr 2 mo 
SHOUP, Rosa R.                                          Nov. 1, 1884 Aged 19 mo 24 da 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 21 - Summer 1984


Located in Glenrock Precinct, Section 26, Township 6, Range 14. An unkept cemetery overgrown with weeds, shrubs and trees. Cemetery was read and recorded by Ed and Helen Bentley, Nov. 1982

ADAMS, F.M.                                                     1852      1920 
        William E.                                      May 13, 1827      Apr. 17, 1872 
        Sarah, wife of William                         Dec. 25, 1831      Dec. 12, 1911 
ARMSTRONG, Mary A., wife of M.J.                        Feb. 1, 1847      March 25, 1884 
BISHOP, Ivy G.                                           May 6, 1895      Sep. 3, 1895 
        Susan B.                                        Aug. 8, 1879      Sep. 23, 1897 
        Lucy J., dau. of S.E.                          July 13, 1873      Dec. 1, 1897 
BRIDGE, William H.                                      Aug. 4, 1892 Aged 81 yr 10 mo 9 da 
        Alice A., dau. of Wm. & R.G.                    Mar. 8, 1878 Aged 6 yr 2 mo ? da 
BRISTOL, Sally                                          Apr. 1, 1877 Aged 84 yr 6 mo 18 da 
        Lovina May                                      Jun 28, 1878 Aged 18 yr 5 mo 15 da 
        Anna, wife of T.I.                             Jan. 24, 1876      Jun. 18, 1893 
        Bertie, son of Irvin & Caroline                 Sep. 1, 1882      Nov. 3, 1882 
        Eddie, son of Irvin & Caroline                 Nov. 28, 1876 Aged 3 yr 4 mo 24 da 
CAMP, Chester R.                                        Mar. 4, 1828      Jun 1, 1907 
        Sally M.                                         Jun 9, 1832      Jan. 16, 1919 
        Milton, son of C.R. & S.M.                     Mar. 16, 1876 Aged 17 yr 5 mo 20 da 
CAMPBELL, James                                        Nov. 30, 1872 Aged 69 yr 11 mo 14 da 
CONRAD, Alice H., wife of A.E.                         Oct. 21, 1882 Aged 23 yr 8 mo 5 da 
        Gusoy G., son of A.E. & A.H.                   Jan. 23, 1882 Aged 3 mo 26 da 
CORNWELL, Clarence, son of O.M. & C.A.                 Apr. 24, 1897      Sep. 15, 1900 
CULP, Andrew S.                                        Feb. 16, 1902 Aged 59 yr 9 mo 13 da 
        Sarah Ann                                     Sep. 14, 1840  Mar. 26, 1914 Aged 73 yr 5 mo 12 da 
DYE, Aaron                                             Dec. 25, 1872 Aged 58 yr 
DYE, Vintson, son of A. & L.                           Oct. 10, 1880 Aged 39 yr 11 mo 8 da 
ELLIOTT, John M.                                        Apr. 9, 1838      May 27, 1904 
        AMY A.                                         Sep. 26, 1852      Jan. 15, 1924 
        Milton L.                                               1872      1918 
GOIT, Elizabeth A., dau. of Geo. & Jane                Mar. 12, 1883 Aged 11 yr 11 mo 11 da 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 22 - Summer 1984

HIGHLAND BAPTIST CEMETERY, Nemaha County, Ne continued;

HOLROYD, Eliza, wife of William                          May 6, 1878 Aged 51 yr 3 mo 16 da 
JONES, Jeanette                                        Feb. 14, 1879      Mar. 24, 1879 Aged 1 mo 10 da 
        David                                          Feb. 28, 1880      July 28, 1880 Aged 5 mo 
        Harriett, wife of D.N,                         Jan. 20, 1842      Dec. 28, 1880 
        D.N.                                            Oct. 8, 1835      Oct.4, 1909 
McKEE, Hiram, Minister of Wesleyan Methodist, Connection of America, Born Utica, N.Y
        May 28, 1806; Died Glenrock NE, July 12, 1878
McKNIGHT, Mary A., dau of John & Mary                  Dec. 30, 1878 Aged 29 yr 6 mo 
        Mary, wife of John                             Jan. 16, 1895 Aged 65 yr 
        John                                            May 26, 1899 Aged 67 yr 
MEADOR, Almeda M., wife of G.G.                        Apr. 17, 1886 Aged 36 yr 3 mo 22 da 
        Gideon                                          Oct. 1, 1815      Apr. 27, 1868 Father 
        Louisa                                         Sep. 26, 1820      Feb. 25, 1900 Mother 
        Nathan P.                                       Jan. 2, 1843      Aug. 2, 1900 
        Little Maud, dau. of N.P, & Mary                Nov. 7, 1877 Aged 3 mo 8 da 
MILES, Lydia, wife of William                          Sept. 5, 1898 Aged 92 yr 10 mo 27 da 
MOODY, Joseph                                                   1837      1919 
        Lydia J.                                                1838      1897 
        inf. child of Jos. & L.J.                      Feb. 26, 1873  
        Mamie, child of Jos. & L.J.                    Mar. 29, 1885 Aged 4 yr 5 mo 11 da 
        inf. dau. of Jos. & L.J.                        Jun 11, 1894  
MORGENSTERN, Jacob, born in Germany,   May 2, 1826.   Died at Nebr. City  Apr. 26, 1878
        aged 51 yr 11 mo 24 da
MORGENSTERN, Sabina, born Monroe Co., Ohio   Apr. 26, 1831, died Mills Co. Iowa   Apr. 14, 1876
        aged 44 yr 11 mo 19 da
MOSELEY, Thomas                                        Apr. 13, 1904 Aged 79 yr 1 mo 3 da 
PHILLIPS, A.                                           Oct. 15, 1863 Aged 68 yr 6 mo 14 da 
        Lydia, wife of A.                               May 31, 1863 Aged 66 yr 8 mo 1 da. 
        Abel R.                                        Sept. 2, 1805      Nov.27, 1883 
        Harriet R., wife of Dr. A.R.                    Jun 26, 1878 Aged 66 yr 5 mo 24 da 
        son of A.R. & M.B.                             Oct. 19, 1879 Aged 3 mo 17 da 
        Joanna's wife of W.B.                           Oct. 1, 1866 Aged 35 yr 9 mo 21 da 
PHIPPENEY, Orville E.R.                                  Jun 7, 1650      July 31, 1935 
        Jenny                                          Sep. 22, 1855      Oct.12, 1924 
        J.C.                                           Dec. 12, 1877      May 26, 1897 
        G.E.                                           Feb. 15, 1894 Aged 76 yr 11 mo 23 da 
        Mary, wife of G.E.                              May 14, 1898 Aged 65 yr 
RINGWALD, Joseph, born at Jefferson Co., Ind. on Nov. 6, 1849   Jun 29, 1878 Aged 28 yr 7 mo 23 da
ROBBINS, Earl G., son of G.W. & N.K.                   July 11, 1883 Aged 2 yr 11 mo 2 da 
SKATTS, Samuel                                         Jan. 14, 1893 Aged 70 yr 9 mo 17 da 
SKILLIN, Clara, dau of John C. & Lucy                   Nov. 5, 1873 Aged 3 yr 1 mo 3 da 
SOUTH, J.R.                                             Jun 29, 1837      July, 25, 1910 
        Catharine, wife of J.R.                          May 6, 1839      Dec. 3,  1896 
STORM, Rachel M., wife of John D.                      Apr. 12, 1841 Dec. 20, 1882 Aged 41 yr 8 mo 8 da 
        Harry U., son of John D. & Rachel              Apr. 17, 1864 Feb. 9, 1884 Aged 19 yr 9 mo 22 da 
        Gale Halmton, dau of John D. & Rachel M.       July 6, 1877 Feb. 19, 1884 Aged 6 yr 7 mo 13 da 
        Mary D., wife of John D.                       Nov. 22, 1845      July 11, 1889 
        Sally E., dau of G.T. & Phibe                  Jan. 21, 1885 Aged 1 yr 2 mo 5 da 
SWIFT, Mary J.                                         Oct. 31, 1842      May 24, 1907 
WATKINS, Mary E.                                       Jan. 10, 1846      Apr.20, 1873 
       William G.                                      Nov. 25, 1883      Aug. 2, 1901 
WIGHT, John C.                                                  1856      1931 
        Kathryn                                                 1863      1940 
WILLSON, Edgar                                         Oct. 17, 1872 Aged 30 yr 4 mo 2 da 
        John C., son of Edgar & Mary                   Oct. 23, 1872 Aged 11 mo 7 da 

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 23 - Summer 1984
Submitted by: Mrs. Gertrude Winchester, Omaha, Ne.


Obit: Mrs. James (Emma Elizabeth) BURNS d. at the Ben BARTLETT home in Randolph, Wed., 23 June 1920. She was 63 yrs. She was b. 15 July 1856 at Irish Grove, Mo. Resided in the Nemaha area for 40 years. Elder SAPP conducted the fun. at the Christian Church. She was the dau. of Charles V. & Margaret (SKEEN) SNOW. Buried at Nemaha.

Obit: James Miller BURNS, b. 17 Apr. 1848 in Ohio, d. 22 Aug. 1919 at Craig, Nebr., aged 71 yrs. 4 mo. 5 days. Moved to Nebr. at age 9 with his parents & settled near Peru (Nemaha Co.) Nebr. In 1864 he moved to Richardson Co. They also lived a short time in Missouri. He mar. Emma Elizabeth SNOW on 22 Dec. 1872 in Irish Grove, Mo. They had 14 children, 4 preceded him in death. The 10 children & widow were present at the funeral held at the Christian Church. Rev. J.W. SAPP conducted services. Also present were 3 bros., 2 sisters & 22 grandchildren.

Family Record from Bible presented to Mrs. James BURNS, July 15, 1915, on her 59th birthday.

Compliments of Mr. & Mrs. Clarence DINGLE & Gertrude. Bible now (1978) owned by Gertrude WINCHESTER.

Children of James and Emma BURNS:
   Mary Ellen         b. 9 Dec. 1873  
   Fredrick           b. 16 May 1875     d. 27 Sept. 1876 
   Emma Liddy         b. 28 Jan. 1877    d. 28 Aug. 1877 
   Charley William    b. 24 May 1878     d. 1 July 1949 
   Carrie E.          b. 3 May 1880  
   Florence Melesia   b. 30 Dec. 1881  
   Annie P.           b. 1 Sept. 1884    d. 11 Mar. 1901 
   David Robert       b. 29 Apr. 1886    d. 13 May 1951 
   Susie Beatrice     b. 25 Feb. 1888  
   Rose Margaret      b. 10 Feb. 1890  
   Ruth Madie         b. 13 Feb. 1892  
   Ida May            b. 3 Oct. 1894  
   Eva Faye           b. 15 Sept. 1896  
   George Merle       b. 2 Feb. 1899    d. 12 Feb. 1899 

Susie BURNS mar. William PALMER (native of Nemaha Co.) on 10 Dec. 1905, to this union 1 child was born, Gertrude.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 23 - Summer 1984
Submitted by Mrs. Georgene Morris Sones, Omaha, Ne
From: THE BROWNVILLE LETTER, Brownville, Nemaha County, NE, Friday, Jan. 19, 1906

     Mrs. Mary LEWIS, wife of George LEWIS, d. Jan. 15, 1906, aged 66 yrs. 8 mo. 5 days. Services Wed. from Christian Church with Elder T.J. SMITH of Nebr. City officiating. Interment in Walnut Grove Cem. Card of thanks: George LEWIS & children. Mr. & Mrs. ALLEN of Nemaha att'd her mother's funeral. Others who att'd: Mr. & Mrs. KENNEDY; Mr. & Mrs. WILLIAMS & dau.; Mrs. John BATH, Jr.; Mrs. Mary MARSH.
     Mary W. HILL was b. Montgomery Co., Ill., 10 Oct. 1839. As a child she removed with parents to Atchison Co., Mo., where in 1855 she was united in mar. to Clinton STOUT, who d. in 1864. 4 children were born, 3 d. young. Surviving is Elmer STOUT of Quincy, Ill., who was present at funeral on Wed. On 6 Dec. 1866, deceased was mar. to George LEWIS in this city, who with 2 children: J.B. LEWIS of this place & Mrs. SETZER of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, survive her. 2 other children of this mar. died some yrs. ago.

     Died in Brooklin, N.Y. Jan. 11, 1906, Arnold BARBER, father-in-law of R.D. MUIR, formerly of Brownville. Became ill while visiting relatives in Michigan. on doctor's advice he ret'd home,had surgery, pneumonia set in & he died.

     Mrs. Anna DEMAREE, wife of John M. DEMAREE, d. at her home in Auburn Sat. evening. Funeral at M.E. Church on Wed. Remains to Peru for interment in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. She leaves a husband, 1 son, 1 bro. & 1 sister. She was a member of the state ex. bd. of W.C.T.U., state supt. of the fiar & chautauqua work, pres. Of Auburn W.C.T.U. She was 57 yrs of age.

     Word to Brownville relatives--Mr. & Mrs. Thos. W. DEN (or DON) have twins, a son & a dau. who put in an appearance at their home in Hampton, Minn. recently.

NSGS--NEBRASKA ANCESTREE Vol VII, no. 1, page 23 - Summer 1984

NUCKOLLS COUNTY, High School Graduating class 1890

Abstracted from the Omaha Daily Bee. June 6, 1890

The High School graduating class on June 5, 1890 in Superior, Ne:

ADAMS, Ida L.         BLOOM, John S.         BRODSTONE, Evalina
LAWRENCE, Irene	  BOSSERMAN, Nannie A.   GRAVES, Harry H.
GRAVES, Carrie Lou    SPOHN, William C.

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