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Roster of
Soldiers - Sailors
and Marines
Who Served in the War of the
Rebellion, Spanish-American War
and World War
Names Gathered By County
And Precinct Assessors
Compiled And Issued By
Charles W. Pool, Secretary of State
Lincoln, Nebraska
Name and Address Unit From State of  
Allen, D.S. - Tilden Co. E, 7th Illinois Illinois  
Askivith, John D. - Tilden Co. K, 15th P.A.C. Pennsylvania  
Braun, L. - Battle Creek   Nebraska  
Byerly, C.P. - Norfolk Co. A, 37th Illinois  
Craig, J.S. - Battle Creek   Iowa  
Cunningham, A.M. - Madison Co. F, 16th Pennsylvania  
Deuel, Wilbert - Meadow Grove Co. F, 17th Cavalry Illinois  
Emery, E.E. - Madison Co. D, 14th Maine  
Gerecke, Herman - Norfolk 7th Infantry Wisconsin  
Grant, J.L. - Norfolk 39th Illinois Cavalry Illinois  
Grant, S.H. - Norfolk Co. M, 8th Illinois Cavalry Illinois  
Higbee, Tyler - Meadow Grove Co. D, 32nd Iowa  
Jones, Stephen - Madison Co. D, 22nd Cavalary Maine  
Little, John W. - Madison Co. K, 106th Illinois  
Lowe, Wm. - Battle Creek Co. D, 9th New York Artillery New York  
Lucas, D.C. - Norfolk Co. G, 24th Iowa  
Mankin, A.D. - Meadow Grove Co. A, 19th Michigan Infantry Michigan  
McGinnes, A.W. - Norfolk Co. B, 174th, B 161st Ohio  
Mielenz, Frank - Norfolk Co. 6, 16th Infantry Nebraska  
Mossman, Henry Sr. - Battle Creek   Nebraska  
Musselman, L.B. - Norfolk Co. B, 108th Infantry Illinois  
Nickolas, Joe - Madison Co. H, 76th  Illinois  
Nowell, T.V. - Norfolk 32nd Indiana Indiana  
Oleson, Oley - Lindsay Co. G  Illinois  
Owitt, J.J. - Madison Co. G, 35th Iowa  
Rhine, I.G. - Madison Co. I, 34th Indiana  
Richardson, F.W. -Madison Co. G, 21st Iowa  
Rouse, J.R. - Norfolk Co. K, 153rd Illinois Infantry Illinois  
Shippie, O.W. - Tilden Co. B, 7th C Nebraska  
Thompsen, Laren - Madison Co. D, 26th Illinois  
Wells, J.F. - Madison Co. G, 15th Iowa  
Worth, J.C. - Norfolk E 3 C. R. Iowa  
Worthington, Geo. - Battle Creek Co. 4, National Guard New York  
Name and Address Unit From State of  
Davenport, Carl - Norfolk Co. L, 2nd Nebraska Nebraska  
Fisher, Edwin F. - Madison Co. K, 2nd Nebraska Nebraska  
Gainger, Perry - Norfolk 7th Field Signal Battalion Nebraska  
Gee, John H. - Meadow Grove Co. M, 2nd Nebraska Nebraska  
Gleam, Guy - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Goodell, R.G. - Norfolk Co. F, 3rd Nebraska  
Henderson, Jacob - Madison Co. F, 1st Nebraska Nebraska  
Jackson, R.D. - Madison Co. F, 1st Nebraska Nebraska  
Kelley, M.F. - Norfolk Co. C, 49th Iowa  
Light, V.W. - Norfolk Co. L, 2nd Nebraska Infantry Nebraska  
Maassen, D.D. - Tilden 315th Motor Vet. Nebraska  
Miller, C. - Battle Creek Co. F, 1st Nebraska Nebraska  
Penney, W.H. - Madison Co. F, 8th Cavalry Nebraska  
Penny, C.A. - Madison Co. F, 1st Nebraska Nebraska  
Pilger, Carl H. - Norfolk Co. L, 2nd Nebraska Nebraska  
Purdy, H.M. - Madison Co. F, 1st  Nebraska  
Samorson, S.J. - Newman Grove Co. K, 1st Nebr. Volunteers Nebraska  
Tharburn, J.L. - Norfolk 39th Infantry Michigan  
Wetzler, Harry - Madison Co. F, 1st Nebraska Nebraska  
Name and Address Unit From State of  
Ackerman, L.H. - Norfolk 109th Field Nebraska  
Adams, Albert - Meadow Grove Co. B Colorado  
Adams, Chas. F. - Tilden Co. D, C, 6th Nebraska Nebraska  
Adamson, Archibald - Norfolk Co. C  Colorado  
Adamson, Geo. - Norfolk Co. B Nebraska  
Ahlman, W.H. - Norfolk   Wyoming  
Albertson, E.J. - Norfolk Co. E, 313 Infantry Wyoming  
Alden Ross - Norfolk Co. C, 127th Engineers Nebraska  
Alfson, W.J. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Allen, Sheridan - Norfolk Medical Corps, 214th Base Hosp Nebraska  
Allen, Wm. F. - Madison Co. G, 32nd Iowa Vol. Infantry Iowa  
Amen, Henry Jr. - Norfolk Medical Department Nebraska  
Anderson, Chas. - Norfolk Coast Artillery Nebraska  
Anderson, D.E. - Norfolk Battleship Nebraska  
Anderson, Fred - Meadow Grove Navy Nebraska  
Anderson, W.H. - Norfolk 115th Nebraska  
Andrews, A.R. - Norfolk Co. B, 34th Machine Gun So. Dakota  
Andrews, J.C. - Norfolk   Iowa  
Angel, R.E. - Norfolk Co. I, 62nd Washington  
Anstine, Reed K. - Meadow Grove C.A.C. Nebraska  
Ashebrook, R.E. - Norfolk Co. C, 55th Infantry Missouri  
Austin, Kellie - Madison   Nebraska  
Axcrigg, Edw. W. - Norfolk 12th Division Connecticut  
Baer, S.R. - Norfolk Co. 35, Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Bals, Fred - Madison Co. B, 28th Infantry Nebraska  
Banta, Geo. W. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Barry, August - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Bates, G.W. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Beach, Harry A. - Norfolk 800th Co. Nebraska  
Becker, C.C. - Norfolk Co. H, 53rd Infantry Minnesota  
Beeler, B. M. - Norfolk Co. 20, Sec. B, Infantry Nebraska  
Beeler, Warren - Norfolk M. T. C. Nebraska  
Bell, E.F. - Norfolk Supply Train, 109th Engineers Nebraska  
Belling, Ludwig - Madison Co. M, 355th Nebraska  
Benedict, Rome - Norfolk V. D. Nebraska  
Bennett, Will E. - Battle Creek 390th B Nebraska  
Bentley, B.W. - Norfolk Dept. Headquarters Nebraska  
Berner, Geo. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Bernhardt, Raymon - Norfolk 109th Engineers Nebraska  
Berry, T. D. - Norfolk 408th T. B. Nebraska  
Best, Frank - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Bishop, Fayette - Norfolk Co. 1, Vet. School Nebraska  
Blain, H. P. - Norfolk   Iowa  
Blank, Herman - Norfolk  Co. C, 4th T. P. Nebraska  
Boehnke, Fred - Norfolk 103rd Engineers Nebraska  
Boggs, Rev. - Norfolk   Iowa  
Bonnett, W.A. - Madison 514th M. T. C. Iowa  
Bonton, L.H. - Norfolk Navy Nebraska  
Borthing, F.H. - Madison 314th F. M. B. So. Dakota  
Bowman, Walter - Norfolk  Co. K Nebraska  
Boyer, A.B. - Battle Creek Co. C, 24th Machine Gun Nebraska  
Boyer, Glenn - Madison Co 2, 21st Battery Nebraska  
Braberg, A.J. - Madison 164th Hospital Nebraska  
Braberg, Al - Lindsey O. T. Nebraska  
Bradley, Fay - Norfolk M. Cavalry Nebraska  
Braeker, A.G. - Battle Creek Co. A, 37th Battalion Nebraska  
Brainard, E.H. - Norfolk 32nd Engineers Nebraska  
Breman, W.J. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Brickendorf, L.H. - Norfolk 260th Field Hospital Nebraska  
Briggs, G.A. - Norfolk Co. D Nebraska  
Brittain, C.L. - Norfolk 477th Nebraska  
Brogan, John J. - Tilden Co. D Nebraska  
Brown, Archie - Madison Medical Corps  Nebraska  
Brown, J.B. - Madison 109th Nebraska  
Brown, L.C. - Norfolk  Co. 23 Wisconsin  
Brown, Ray - Madison 34th Balloon Service Nebraska  
Bukhermar, B.A. - Norfolk Battery A Ohio  
Burch, Ralph R. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Burns, A. L. - Norfolk Co. 22 Nebraska  
Busteed, Wm. - Madison Co. B, Battery 38, Artillery Nebraska  
Buterfield, Gordon Co. F, 103rd Engineers, Train. Nebraska  
Buttler, Ralph - Meadow Grove 831st Air Service Nebraska  
Campbell, R.M. - Norfolk G. L. T. S. Nebraska  
Carlisle, C.E. - Tilden Co. D Nebraska  
Carlisle, F.W. - Tilden   Nebraska  
Carlson, C.W. - Norfolk Navy Nebraska  
Carmody, Irving - Newman Grove Co. A, 10th Division Nebraska  
Carrico, Steven - Madison Air Service Nebraska  
Carson, Elmer - Madison Co. F, 47th Nebraska  
Carson, Frank B. - Norfolk Co. L, 147th Infantry So. Dakota  
Carson, Oliver V. - Madison Co. F, 4th Nebraska  
Carson, R.B. - Madison Co. D, B. C. A. Nebraska  
Carson, Ray - Madison Navy Nebraska  
Cassel, Allen - Battle Creek Co. M, 62nd Infantry Nebraska  
Chapman, J.C. - Norfolk Hdq., 62nd Artillery Nebraska  
Chavl, Paul - Norfolk 14th Co., A. I. M. Nebraska  
Chrisman, Robt. - Meadow Grove Co. B, 1st Engineers Oklahoma  
Christian, E.- Madison Co. F, 47th Nebraska  
Christians, Otto - Norfolk 43rd Co. Nebraska  
Chrneler, John L. - Norfolk 31st Infantry Nebraska  
Claboyton, Ralph H. - Norfolk S. A. T. C. Nebraska  
Clause, Walter E. - Humphrey Co. D, 10th Division Nebraska  
Cloyd, William - Meadow Grove Co. F, 314th Am. Train. Nebraska  
Cochran, C.F. - Norfolk Ambulance Co. Nebraska  
Collins, C.C. - Battle Creek Co. H, 134th Infantry Nebraska  
Collins, Cloyd - Madison U.S.S. Brucheland Nebraska  
Collins, Ray - Madison Co. E, 40th Nebraska  
Colpitts, E.A. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Comely, E.G. - Norfolk Co. D, 109th Infantry Nebraska  
Con, Clifford E. - Meadow Grove Medical Nebraska  
Conley, F.D. - Madison Adj. Department Nebraska  
Cornett, Cone - Battle Creek   Nebraska  
Courley, L.J. - Norfolk 103rd Engineers Nebraska  
Cox, C.R. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Cox, J.H. - Madison 15th M. T. B. Nebraska  
Cox, Willie - Meadow Grove Co. I, 47th Infantry Virginia  
Craig, R.A. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Crane, M.E. - Norfolk 109th Engineers Nebraska  
Criss, J.F. - Madison 311th T. S. Batt. Nebraska  
Critchfield, C.C. - Norfolk Medical Corps Nebraska  
Cronk, C.A. - Norfolk Co. B, 9th R. M. Vermont  
Cunningham, D.A. - Meadow Grove Co. B, 102nd Infantry Nebraska  
Dahlsten, R.E. - Newman Grove Co. E, 10th Motor Supply Nebraska  
Damels, Roy - Norfolk Co. I, 27th Infantry Nebraska  
Davis, H.A. - Madison Co. K, 355th Nebraska  
Davis, Roy - Lindsay   Nebraska  
Davison, A. - Meadow Grove Co. D, Motor Supply Nebraska  
Day, Clint E. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Degaillez, C.E. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Delact, P.C. - Battle Creek Co. I, 16th Infantry Ohio  
Densmore, J.J. - Norfolk 109th Engineers Nebraska  
Derrick, Victor - Battle Creek Co. C, 51st Nebraska  
Deutsch, F.M. - Norfolk Great Lakes Nebraska  
Dillow, C.C. - Norfolk 342nd  B. P. T. Nebraska  
Doering, Elmer - Battle Creek Co. H, 137th Infantry Nebraska  
Doering, Harry - Battle Creek S. A. T. C. Nebraska  
Dogan, Johnson Lee - Meadow Grove 126th Amg. Co. Nebraska  
Dohner, Joe - Humphrey Field Hospital 240th Nebraska  
Dolly, John - Norfolk Air Service Nebraska  
Dopon, Floyd - Madison Co. F, 47th Nebraska  
Dover, John - Madison Co. 4, 4th Infantry Nebraska  
Dover, Ralph - Madison Co. E, 314th Nebraska  
Doyle, J.C. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Drake, R.F. - Norfolk Co. B, 10th Tran Batt. So. Dakota  
Duffield, C.A. - Madison O. T. S. Nebraska  
Duhahek, J.C. - Meadow Grove Co. A Nebraska  
Dunkel, N.N. - Norfolk Co. D, 132nd Division Wisconsin  
Dunn, G.W. - Battle Creek Co. E, 104th Engineers Nebraska  
Duranske, J.G. - Tilden   Nebraska  
Eberle, W.H. - Newman Grove 63rd Battery Nebraska  
Eckenberg, L.T.E. - Norfolk   Canada  
Edwards, C.M. - Meadow Grove 45th Co Nebraska  
Elloitt, Gale O. - Norfolk   Kansas  
Enstrom, L.V. - Norfolk Co. 42, 127th Field Artillery Nebraska  
Fender, J.C. - Meadow Grove Co. F West Virginia  
Field, W.A. - Norfolk Oversea Department Illinois  
Finkral, Frank - Battle Creek Co. B, 19th Train. Nebraska  
Finley, M.O. - Norfolk Co. A, 120 Engineers Nebraska  
Fish, Arthur - Tilden 477th Air Service Nebraska  
Flesker, Frank - Norfolk Supply Co., 54th Infantry No. Dakota  
Fletcher, G.L. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Foss, Ray W. - Tilden 461st Air Service Nebraska  
Fowlkes, W.P. - Lindsay Co. B, 322nd North Carolina  
Fredericks, Herbert - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Fritzinger, R.M. - Norfolk Co. K, 57th Nebraska  
Froseth, D. P. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Fuchs, Ricahrd - Madison Navy Nebraska  
Fuerst, Go. A. - Battle Creek Signal Corps Nebraska  
Fundell, Clarence L. - Norfolk Transport Co., C. A. P. Nebraska  
Funk, Henry - Madison Co. F, 135th Nebraska  
Gardels, A.H. - Battle Creek 604th Nebraska  
Gest, O.E. - Norfolk 13th Marines Nebraska  
Gifford, L.B. - Battle Creek U.S.S. Maryland Nebraska  
Grathe, Herman W. - Norfolk 304th Nebraska  
Grave, G.E. - Norfolk   Iowa  
Graves, B.J. - Madison 297th Air Service Nebraska  
Guhart, H.L. - Newman Grove Unassigned Nebraska  
Habbs, Harry - Madison 127th Heavy Artillery Nebraska  
Hackler, Garnold - Newman Grove 7th Nebraska  
Hale, L.C. - Newman Grove   Nebraska  
Hansen, A.L. - Norfolk Great Lakes Nebraska  
Hansen, Fred E. - Norfolk Co. I, 355th Nebraska  
Hansen, G.O. - Norfolk 5th Division Iowa  
Hansen, W.H. - Newman Grove 260th Air Service Nebraska  
Hanson, A. - Norfolk Co. C Nebraska  
Hany, John - Meadow Grove 88th Infantry Nebraska  
Harmas, O.T. - Meadow Grove 102nd Nebraska  
Harns, R. - Madison 2nd M. C. Nebraska  
Harris, Herman - Madison Co. 3, 60th Artillery Nebraska  
Harry, A.P. - Meadow Grove Co. C, 4th Engineers Nebraska  
Harsch, John E. - Norfolk Co. 37 Nebraska  
Hass, W.F. - Norfolk 452nd Nebraska  
Haush, C. R. - Norfolk Base Hospital 49th Nebraska  
Hawthorne, Hugh - Norfolk 168th Iowa  
Hayes, J.R. - Norfolk A.A.F. Nebraska  
Heckenlively, C. E. - Norfolk Navy Texas  
Henderson, Ora - Norfolk 1318 Engineers Nebraska  
Hendricks, R.M. - Madison 243rd Nebraska  
Henkel, Herbert - Norfolk 3rd Battery, Machine Gun Co. Nebraska  
Henning, Harry - Norfolk 302nd Engineers Iowa  
Hepperly, Asa - Norfolk 4th Battalion Nebraska  
Hepperly, Ira - Norfolk 32nd Infantry Nebraska  
Herman, Edward - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Herrington, B.B. - Newman Grove   Nebraska  
Herrington, J.E. - Newman Grove Machine Gun Co., 30th Inf. Nebraska  
Herrington, Roy - Norfolk Co. H, 306th Infantry Nebraska  
Heskett, C. - Norfolk 305th Nebraska  
Hess, Charles C. - Douglas Battery B, 338th Field Artillery Nebraska  
Hess, H.C. - Norfolk 72nd Artillery Illinois  
Hibben, Marion J. - Norfolk Co. C, 24th Machine Gun Batt. Nebraska  
Hickman, I.W. - Norfolk 141st Nebraska  
Hines, Turman J. - Norfolk Co. T, 109th Engineers Nebraska  
Hinsman, Theo. - Battle Creek   So. Dakota  
Hirsch, Rufus - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Hoep, Emil - Norfolk Co. C, Signal Corps Nebraska  
Hoep, Herbert - Norfolk 388th H. T. Nebraska  
Hoffman, P. - Battle Creek 393rd Motor Transport Nebraska  
Hofmann, C.W. - Battle Creek 109th Nebraska  
Hogrefe, K.F. - Battle Creek Vet. Detachment Nebraska  
Hoight, Wm. E. - Battle Creek Co. B, 355th Infantry Nebraska  
Hojsett, Jess - Meadow Grove Navy Nebraska  
Honeyman, C. S. - Norfolk Co. 1, S. S. C. Texas  
Horn, Edward E. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Hostick, Robert - Norfolk Co. 12, Wash. Reg. Nebraska  
Howett, F.G. - Norfolk 31st Engineers Nebraska  
Huebner, J. - Norfolk U. S. S. Mercy Nebraska  
Huebner, Paul - Norfolk Co. D, 10th Infantry Nebraska  
Hughs, Frank - Meadow Grove Co. B, Machine Gun Nebraska  
Hutt, Earl - Newman Grove 23rd Engineers Nebraska  
Jackson, Hayden - Madison Co. H, 113th Am. Train. Nebraska  
Jacobs, Frank - Madison 341st Machine Gun Co. Nebraska  
Jacobs, Ray - Norfolk Hospital Corps Nebraska  
Jacobson, F. - Norfolk Co. A, 345th Kansas  
Jansen, Max - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Jevett, M.C. - Norfolk 127th F. A. T. Nebraska  
Joerger, Joe - Lindsay Co. 9, 27th Nebraska  
Johnson, C.F. - Madison Air Service Iowa  
Johnson, C.J.G. - Newman Grove 125 Infantry Nebraska  
Johnson, Edwin - Newman Grove S. D. Medical Nebraska  
Johnson, L.A. - Madison Base Hospital 49th Nebraska  
Johnson, Noble - Newman Grove Co. B, 22nd Engineers Nebraska  
Johnson, Oscar - Newman Grove   Nebraska  
Johnson, S.S. - Newman Grove Co. H, 41st Infantry Nebraska  
Johnson, Stanley - Meadow Grove Navy Nebraska  
Johnson, Victor E. - Newman Grove 356th Infantry Nebraska  
Johnson, W.R. - Madison M. T. C. Iowa  
Johnson, Wm. - Meadow Grove Machine Gun Co., 138th Nebraska  
Johnston, J.R. - Norfolk Supply Co., 127th Infantry Montana  
Jones, A.W. - Madison Casual Nebraska  
Jones, Ralph - Tilden   Nebraska  
Jorden, Richard L. - Norfolk   New York  
Josiassen, W.E. - Norfolk 4th Cavalry Nebraska  
Kalk, Frank E. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Kalzon, Geo. F. - Madison 127th Field Artillery Nebraska  
Keeley, George - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Keeley, R.B. - Norfolk Co. 20 Wisconsin  
Keilty, T.F. - Madison Co. M, 168th Iowa  
Keister, B.V. - Norfolk Co. 3 Iowa  
Keleker, M.R. - Norfolk Engineers Nebraska  
Kell, August - Norfolk 89th Division Nebraska  
Kernick, Everett - Madison Hdq., 109th Nebraska  
Kiechel, D.F. - Norfolk Co. C, Sec. A Nebraska  
Kimmel, W.D. - Norfolk Coast Artillery Nebraska  
Kinder, J.R. - Madison 103, 8th M. C. Nebraska  
Kirby, Mike - Meadow Grove Co. E, 23rd Engineers Texas  
Klepphale, Otto C. - Norfolk 234th M. P. C. Nebraska  
Klug, Ervin - Norfolk 88th Division Nebraska  
Knoetzel, Ed - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Koeningstein, C.F. - Norfolk 16th Engineers Nebraska  
Kohl, C.E. - Madison 354th Heavy Artillery Nebraska  
Kohl, Oscar - Meadow Grove  Co. C Nebraska  
Konber, John - Lindsay S. P. 16th Nebraska  
Krahn, Oscar - Norfolk 338th Field Nebraska  
Kramer, Joe - Madison Co. D, 24th Nebraska  
Kratka, John - Norfolk 84th Nebraska  
Kreger, E.S. - Meadow Grove Co. B, 102nd   Nebraska  
Krumn, Giles - Tilden Battery D, 34th C. A. C. Nebraska  
Kuntz, Adolph - Norfolk Co. B, Regular Nebraska  
Kurtzman, A.C. - Madison 355th Nebraska  
Laprath, Fred A. - Norfolk 3rd Co. R. P. C. Nebraska  
Larkin, C.J. - Norfolk Battery C, 347th Nebraska  
Larson, Art - Newman Grove Co. B, 72nd Nebraska  
Laubsch, Otto - Norfolk 109th Engineers Nebraska  
Leach, A.B. - Norfolk 461st Air Service So. Dakota  
Lee, Valley Fred - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Lew, Wm. T. - Norfolk 42nd Field Artillery Nebraska  
Lockmiller, O.W. - Norfolk Co. A Nebraska  
Lombard, W.W. - Norfolk Co. L, 9th Infantry Iowa  
Long, Harlow C. - Norfolk Army Corps Missouri  
Long, Lloyd - Norfolk Co. E, 9th R. E. Nebraska  
Lovelace, E.V. - Norfolk Co. E, 11th N. S. M. Ohio  
Lovelace, Frank - Newman Grove Co. 4, 164th Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Lovell, L. Roy - Madison Co. F, 75th Nebraska  
Maas, Ernest - Norfolk M. O. T. C. Nebraska  
Maas, Herman Jr. - Norfolk Co. D, 314th Nebraska  
Machmiller, E.G. - Norfolk Co. N, Hdq. Co. Nebraska  
Macksen, Donald - Norfolk Co. I Nebraska  
Madson, H.E. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Maier, A.L. - Norfolk Navy Aviation Wisconsin  
Malm, J.C. - Norfolk   Colorado  
Manuel, E.C. - Norfolk 2nd Machine Gun Missouri  
Manzer, E.E. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Manzer, George - Norfolk Co. C, 219th Engineers Nebraska  
Marguards, C.R. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Marris, W.B. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Marshall, L.W. - Battle Creek Co. 316 Nebraska  
Martin, W.J. - Meadow Grove Co. D, 5th Corps Illinois  
Marton, H.L. - Norfolk Co. B Nebraska  
Mather, Leonard - Norfolk Co. H Nebraska  
Matheson, E.A. - Madison Field Artillery Nebraska  
Mathews, E.H. - Madison 828th M. T. O. Nebraska  
Mawe, J.P. Norfolk   Nebraska  
Mayes, Geo. - Tilden   Nebraska  
McCarron, R.C. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
McCarty, Frank - Norfolk   Nebraska  
McCarty, James A. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
McCoy, R.B. - Norfolk Baker Kansas  
McCune, E.L. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
McDaniels, J.C. - Norfolk   So. Dakota  
McFayden, Grant - Norfolk Base Hospital No. 49 Nebraska  
McFayden, Joseph - Norfolk Naval Air Service Nebraska  
McGinty, W.J. - Norfolk Co. 217, 17th Division Nebraska  
McGram, O.L. - Norfolk   Iowa  
McGuire, T.J. - Norfolk Co. C, 126th Machine Gun Co. Iowa  
McKinney, Earl - Madison Co. 42, 363rd Nebraska  
McNeeley, Frank - Norfolk Tank Detachment Illinois  
McWharter, C.F. - Norfolk Co. F Iowa  
Meyer, Henry - Tilden Co. D Nebraska  
Miller, Andrew - Madison 1st Co., Infantry, Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Miller, Arthur - Norfolk Co. G, 63rd Infantry California  
Miller, Harry - Norfolk Co. M, 130th Infantry Illinois  
Miller, Henry - Norfolk Co. B, 87th Nebraska  
Miller, O.B. - Norfolk Co. 18 Illinois  
Miller, O.B. - Norfolk 329th Infantry Illinois  
Miller, V.L. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Miller, Walter - Norfolk 250th Nebraska  
Miner, W.H. - Norfolk Dental Corps Nebraska  
Mockler, R.P. - Norfolk Adg. Detachment Wisconsin  
Monahan, Neal - Norfolk Co. 5 Nebraska  
Moolich, Harry E. - Norfolk Baker Iowa  
Moolick, T.E. - Norfolk U. S. S. Santa Olivia Nebraska  
Moore, Neal - Norfolk Base Hospital   Nebraska  
Moore, Parl - Battle Creek Co. B, 355th Infantry Nebraska  
Moors, L.H. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Morley, William - Norfolk 192nd Engineers Nebraska  
Morris, W.A. - Norfolk Co. 24, Machine Gun O. T. S. Nebraska  
Mossman, P.B. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Moyer, E.J. - Madison 311th O. M. C. Nebraska  
Mueller, W.L. - Norfolk 15th Signal Corps Nebraska  
Muffley, P.B. - Norfolk Co. 74, 164th Nebraska  
Murata, Jos. S. - Norfolk C. R. T., Brigade Nebraska  
Murray, James E. - Norfolk Co. E, 34th Iowa  
Musselman, Ray - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Nelson, Frank - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Nelson, John S. - Newman Grove Co. E, Field Hospital Nebraska  
Nelson, L.L. - Norfolk Base Hospital Nebraska  
Nelson, Phil A. - Madison Headquarters, 355th Nebraska  
Newman, Wm. - Battle Creek Co. E, 109th Motor Nebraska  
Niemeyer, Mike - Lindsay Co. E, 158th Nebraska  
Ninhoun, Anos - Norfolk Headquarters Nebraska  
Nitz, Max - Norfolk 8th M. C. Nebraska  
Novatny, John - Madison Co. C, 119th Nebraska  
Novotny, Joe - Meadow Grove 102nd Nebraska  
O'Connell, F.A. - Norfolk Dental Corps Nebraska  
Odiorne, Thomas D. M. C. Nebraska  
Ofe, Frank D. - Norfolk Training School Nebraska  
Ohm, Valser - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Olson, Edward - Newman Grove Co. B, 5th Engineers Nebraska  
Olson, H.C. - Newman Grove Co. C, 109th Engineers Nebraska  
O'Shea, Paul - Madison 710th Transport Corps Nebraska  
Oss, Geo. - Newman Grove Co. 323 Nebraska  
Parish, C.B. - Norfolk 122nd Engineers Nebraska  
Parish, Guy - Norfolk Co. C, 2nd Infantry Nebraska  
Parr, Ben - Norfolk Co. C, 24th Oral Nebraska  
Paulson, Andrew - Tilden Co. 4, Machine Gun Battalion Nebraska  
Pearce, L.E. - Norfolk 121st Infantry Illinois  
Peterson, Carl - Madison Co. C, 43rd Nebraska  
Peterson, Carl H. - Norfolk Co. D, 35th Infantry Nebraska  
Peterson, Chris - Norfolk Co. M, 3rd Nebraska  
Peterson, H.A. - Madison Co. A, Casual Bat. Nebraska  
Peterson, W.E. - Newman Grove   Nebraska  
Pfund, W.B. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Pirtle, F.B. - Norfolk 30th Division Tennessee  
Potest, F.H. - Norfolk 69th Infantry Nebraska  
Potts, C.M. - Norfolk Co. I Nebraska  
Powers, A.J. - Norfolk Headquarters, 88th Infantry Iowa  
Powers, C. - Norfolk 4th R. T. C. Iowa  
Preece, Gerald - Battle Creek Co. 8, Officers Training Nebraska  
Preuner, Geo. - Battle Creek Co. B, 353rd Nebraska  
Prostok, Joseph - Norfolk Co. C, Department B So. Dakota  
Purtzer, W.G. - Madison Co. F, 103rd   Nebraska  
Raasch, Adolf - Norfolk 1st Vet. Reg. Nebraska  
Raguse, Richard - Norfolk Co. G, 8th Am. Train. Nebraska  
Ramey, Chas. E. - Norfolk 1st Vet. Reg. Nebraska  
Raymond, J.B.- Norfolk Co. D, 42nd Infantry Nebraska  
Real, Geo. W. - Meadow Grove Co. E, 335th Nebraska  
Reckopski, W.F. - Tilden Machine Gun Co., 355th Nebraska  
Reckut, Wm. - Norfolk 3rd Co., N. B. C. A. C. Nebraska  
Reed, Clyde - Norfolk 144th Squadron Iowa  
Reed, H.C. - Norfolk Headquarters, 348th Nevada  
Reeker, Ernest L. - Norfolk Supply Co. Nebraska  
Reeves, Ed. L. - Madison Co. 35, 163rd Nebraska  
Reeves, R.B. - Madison   Idaho  
Reinieke, L.F. - Norfolk Base Hospital Nebraska  
Rellecke, Willie - Newman Grove Co. F, 20th Infantry Nebraska  
Reynolds, M.T. - Norfolk 109th Engineers Train. Nebraska  
Rice, Robt. W. - Norfolk Co. K Nebraska  
Richardson, Kenneth - Norfolk Co. 31, Camp Dodge Nebraska  
Risor, E.W. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Risse, Clement - Meadow Grove Headquarters, 63rd Reg. Nebraska  
Risse, Edward - Meadow Grove Battery A, 62nd Artillery Nebraska  
Roberts, Aras - Norfolk Supply Co., 134th Nebraska  
Roberts, Byron - Norfolk Co. G, 104th C. K. M.  Nebraska  
Rounds, George - Norfolk Co. H, 6th Nebraska Nebraska  
Rowlitt, Archie - Norfolk Co. E, 28th Nebraska  
Ryan, James H. - Norfolk Supply Co. Illinois  
Saeger, W.H. - Norfolk Medical Corps, 163rd Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Salamon, E.H. - Madison S. A. T. C. Nebraska  
Sanden, Carl - Norfolk Co. L, C. R. F. Nebraska  
Sanderson, E.J. - Newman Grove 30th Field Artillery Nebraska  
Sandin, Joseph - Newman Grove Co. C, 210th Nebraska  
Schacker, Charles - Battle Creek Co. M, 355th Nebraska  
Schiele, Chas. - Norfolk 164th Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Schlake, J. - Battle Creek Division No. 1 Nebraska  
Schlavitz, Fred - Norfolk Supply Co. Nebraska  
Schmedeberg, F.W. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Schmidt, A.C. - Madison Q. M. C. Nebraska  
Schmiedberg, Dan - Norfolk Co. H Nebraska  
Schoen, R.L. - Norfolk Co. A. F. R. P. Nebraska  
Schott, Paul - Battle Creek Co. D, 101st Infantry Nebraska  
Schram, John W. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Schuckhard, Frank - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Schultz, Wm. F. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Schulz, Albert - Norfolk Wagon Train Nebraska  
Schulz, H.G. - Norfolk 109th Engineer Train. Nebraska  
Schulz, R.A. - Norfolk U. S. A. Chas. Nebraska  
Schutt, A.H. - Madison  Co. D, 109th M. P. Nebraska  
Scott, J.B. - Norfolk Co. I, Field Artillery Missouri  
Scott, R.P. - Meadow Grove Co. C, 161st Infantry Virginia  
Seastedt, Paul E. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Seeman, W.J. - Norfolk 83th, 1st Ohio  
Sellitto, H.A. - Madison Battery D, 126th Field Artillery Iowa  
Seney, Noel - Meadow Grove Medical Dept., 57th Field Art. Nebraska  
Serine, H.F. - Norfolk Co. F So. Dakota  
Shade, F.A. - Norfolk 214th Field Signal Battalion Nebraska  
Sherlock, Guy - Spencer U. S. S. Reginson Nebraska  
Sherman, H.B. - Norfolk H. A. C., 69th Nebraska  
Shields, W.E. - Norfolk Co. G, Officers Training Nebraska  
Sigworth, D.C. - Norfolk Medical Corps Illinois  
Sivart, R.B. - Norfolk Co. 36, Battery 9, 163rd Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Slafer, Conrad - Norfolk 119th Engineers Nebraska  
Slegelman, Ernie - Norfolk 211th Engineers Nebraska  
Smich, J.M. - Norfolk Co. A, Battery C So. Dakota  
Smith, D.E. - Battle Creek 6th F. A. R. D. Nebraska  
Smith, Fred A. - Madison Co. F, 4th, 47th Nebraska  
Smith, H.S. - Madison Co. 8, T. M. Battery Washington  
Smode, Geo. - Meadow Grove 3rd Co., 3rd Battery Nebraska  
Smode, H.A. - Norfolk Co. B, 53rd Infantry Nebraska  
Sonmerfeld, Albert - Noroflk 338th Artillery Nebraska  
Sonneland, A.M. - Norfolk M. C., 312th Am. Train. Nebraska  
Sonth, Frank E. - Norfolk 16th R. C., J. B. Nebraska  
Sonth, Gerald D. - Nofolk   Nebraska  
Sonvigmir, S.L. - Battle Creek Co. G, 355th Infantry Nebraska  
South, C.M. - Norfolk 346th Engineers Nebraska  
Spence, J.E. - Meadow Grove Co. 27, 160th Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Spicer, H.C. - Norfolk 2nd D Minnesota  
Squares, A.C. - Madison Co. A, 5th Field Artillery Minnesota  
Stanek, Steve - Lindsay Co. H, Q. M. C. Nebraska  
Stans, Arthur C. - Madison Co. D, 355th Nebraska  
Stanton, P. Jr. - Tilden Kenn. Nebraska  
Steffen, S.W. - Battle Creek Co. C, 339th Machine Gun Nebraska  
Steffen, Walter A. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Sterner, Alfred - Madison Co. B, 313th Am. Train. Nebraska  
Stevens, E.A. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Stevens, Madison 131st Machine Gun Co. Montana  
Stoffer, Claus - Norfolk   Iowa  
Strahn, J. M. - Madison Air Service Nebraska  
Strathee, Robert J. - Norfolk Co. B, 1st Infantry Washington  
Strather, K.N. - Madison Navy  Nebraska  
Studts, Fred - Madison Medical B Nebraska  
Studts, Wm. - Madison 336th Nebraska  
Suddn, H.C.M. - Norfolk Co. B, 1st Infantry California  
Sukdol, Joe - Battle Creek 127th Field Artillery Nebraska  
Summers, Claude - Norfolk 342nd F. O. T. Nebraska  
Sutherland, B.F. - Madison 322nd Iowa  
Taffert, L.J. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Taylor, F.H. - Enola 1st Cavalry, 4th Nebraska  
Tegeler, Theo. J. - Meadow Grove Co. C, 530th Engineers Nebraska  
Thomburg, A.B. - Humphrey Battery Nebraska  
Thomsen, Elvin - Newman Grove Co. A, S. A. T. C. Nebraska  
Tiedgen, Herbert - Battle Creek   Nebraska  
Todd, F.L. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Torr, A.A. - Norfolk   Kansas  
Tracy, H.H. - Norfolk 23rd Engineers Nebraska  
Trimble, P.E. - Norfolk Co. K Nebraska  
Vaage, L.E. - Newman Grove U. S. S. Olympia Nebraska  
Vacku, A.F. - Norfolk Co. D, 18th Nebraska  
Vader, Jacob - Norfolk Co. I, 39th Nebraska  
Vanberg, John - Newman Grove Co. M, 70th Infantry Nebraska  
Vaughn, S.O. Norfolk 7th Machine Gun Michigan  
Vierson, E.E. - Norfolk 342nd L. B. Nebraska  
Volk, E.F. - Norfolk Co. M, 355th Nebraska  
Volkman, Wm. G. - Norfolk Co. E Pennsylvania  
Vosek, J.G. - Madison Unassigned Nebraska  
Vrinders, Alfred - Norfolk Co. H, 31st Nebraska  
Vrinders, V.W. - Norfolk Co. H, 11th Nebraska  
Vudirberg, Fred - Madison 335th Nebraska  
Wagner, Henry - Norfolk 205th M. P. C. Nebraska  
Wagner, John - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Wagner, Pehr A. - Norfolk Co. H Nebraska  
Wagner, Roy E. - Tilden Co. C, Engineers Nebraska  
Wahlen, Wm. - Norfolk Heavy Artillery Nebraska  
Walkenhorst, Aug. - Madison 244th Air Squadron Nebraska  
Walker, Frank J. - Norfolk Battery D, 197th Field Art. T. Nebraska  
Walker, Jess - Norfolk Supply Train  Nebraska  
Walker, L.W. - Norfolk 338th Field Artillery T. Nebraska  
Walter, A.J. - Norfolk Battery F Nebraska  
Walters, Ben - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Walters, Richard - Norfolk Tank Train. Nebraska  
Walz, Henry - Battle Creek   Nebraska  
Ward, Chas. E. - Norfolk Co. G Nebraska  
Warner, Frank - Norfolk Hdq., 341st Field Artillery Nebraska  
Warnes, W. H. - Norfolk   Iowa  
Warnstedt, A.H. - Norfolk 153rd Depot Brigade Nebraska  
Warren, L.J. - Norfolk Co. B, 31st Nebraska  
Weber, W.A. - Norfolk Co. D Nebraska  
Wegner, E.G. - Meadow Grove Evac. Hospital 31st Oklahoma  
Weidenpied, Go. W. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Welch, Walter - Norfolk Ambulance 240th Nebraska  
Wells, Ed - Madison U. S. S. Mengalia Nebraska  
Wenzel, Ralph - Norfolk Co. 18 Nebraska  
Werdner, V.A. - Norfolk Co. A Nebraska  
Werner, Carl - Battle Creek S. A. T. C. Nebraska  
Werner, Leo - Battle Creek 258th, 15th Division Nebraska  
Weston, C.D. - Norfolk 127th Field Artillery T. Nebraska  
Weston, Harvey - Norfolk Co. 35 Nebraska  
Wetzel, D.F. - Norfolk M. T. C., Co. A Nebraska  
Wheeler, Flloyd - Norfolk 10th T. M. B. Nebraska  
Whitehouse, C.W. - Norfolk 256th Nebraska  
Whittemore, H. - Norfolk   Canada  
Whule, Chas. W. - Madison Co. 2 Nebraska  
Wille, Herbert - Norfolk 127th Field Artillery Nebraska  
Willey, Joe - Norfolk U. S. S. Saturn Nebraska  
Williams, H.E. - Madison Special Duty Nebraska  
Wilson, E.O. - Madison M. C.  Nebraska  
Wilson, H.D. - Norfolk Co. C Iowa  
Wilson, R.R. - Norfolk   So. Dakota  
Winstrom, Adolph - Newman Grove 28th Co. Nebraska  
Wisenstine, E.H. - Battle Creek M. T. C. 310th Nebraska  
Woldenhamer, A.W. - Norfolk Co. 34, 164th Nebraska  
Wolfe, F.A. - Madison Signal Corps Nebraska  
Wolff, R. - Norfolk 127th, Battery A Nebraska  
Wood, J.N. - Norfolk   Nebraska  
Worley, D.E. - Meadow Grove Co. B, 54th Nebraska  
Wovell, Ora - Norfolk Co. B, 338th Field Artillery Nebraska  
Wright, G.G. - Meadow Grove 104th Depot Brigade 3rd Reg. Nebraska  
Wright, Joe A. - Battle Creek Co. A, 355th Infantry Nebraska  
Wudenkeller, A.E. - Norfolk Co. B, 350th Kansas  
Young, G.A. - Norfolk Air Service Nebraska  
Zimmerman, C.C. - Battle Creek Officers Training Camp Nebraska  
Zohner, Sherman - Battle Creek Co. E, 8th Am. Train. Nebraska  
Zorosky, Charley - Newman Grove Casual Nebraska