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The Merrick County Genealogy Society - Contact. Reta L. Kleve <>

7 July 1999 - I am willing to do simple research for people. At this time I do not charge a fee. I will charge the cost of any copies I have to make. - Reta

Send an email to Reta and settle the details of the desired research, please.
These arrangements are your responsibility, and are in no way connected to this website, NEGenWeb Project or RootsWeb. - Thanks, Ted & Carole Miller

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14 May 1998: Message from Larry Coates

Today's edition of the Central City Republican-Nonpareil announced they are seeking pictures to be included in a pictorial history of Merrick County which will be ready during February, 1999. It will contain "more than 275 pictures in 96 pages." Photos submitted will be returned after publication. They note that not all photos submitted will be selected for the book.

The first 500 prepublication orders can get the book for $19.95 + 1.20 tax. Another $5.00 is needed for books that have to be shipped. A $10.00 deposit is required to reserve a copy.

There will also be a limited edition (no more than 100 copies) which will be bound in leather. Those will cost $75.00 + 4.50 tax. They want a $25.00 deposit to reserve one of those.

Aug 1999:  To order a copy contact
The Central City Republican-Nonpareil
802 'C' Avenue
Central City, NE 68826
(308) 946-3081

8 May 2002 - NEW - INDEX to Merrick County Pictorial History (prepared by the Robert Bee, thank you!)

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24 June 1998 - From Larry, our thanks to him for the following
and for the updates since then!

History of Merrick County, Nebraska - Volume I

The Merrick County Historical Museum, Inc. is proud to announce the reprinting of the History of Merrick County, Nebraska - Volume I (1858-1981). This history book is chock full of historical and genealogical information about the county, its people, and the events of the period between 1858 - 1980.

Genealogical data abounds in the 417 pages which include:
- County History
- Township Histories
- School Histories
- Church Histories
- Club/Association Histories
- Family Histories

Check this old index for your surnames

Note: Topical Index for the book is now available.

Pictures abound in this volume which will be printed on acid free paper and library bound in burgundy buckram stamped in gold.

29 Mar 2001 - The price of Volume I is $55.00 plus $7.70 postage = Total $62.70

To order, mail your check or money order to:
Merrick County Historical Museum
211 "E" Street
Central City, NE 68826
Include your name and complete address for shipping.

The Merrick County Historical Museum has no paid staff except for contractors hired for major projects. Volunteers accomplish most of the work. Members accept the responsibility to safeguard items which will help future generations understand the story of Merrick County and the surrounding area. They believe history is not just the big events, but also the small day-to-day events and changes that a family and community goes through over the years.

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History of Merrick County, Nebraska - Volume II

Mar 2001 - Postage increased.
First edition of Vol II sold out.
NEW - Aug 2001 - Reprint edition of Vol II sells for $50.00.
Please add $7.70 for postage (Don't know exact amount, really needed!  II weighs a little less, but takes the same size box.)
(Note: We are in California, so are not always aware of current prices & postage on the history books - T&C)

Topical Index for Vol. II
Every Name Index for Vol. II (A-Lec)
Every Name Index for Vol. II (Lee-Z)

NOTE: Lookups in the two volumes of the Merrick County History are done by the Merrick County Historical Museum,
211 "E" St.,
Central City, NE 68826
(308) 946-2867

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August 2007  ... Reprint

Heritage of Clarks, Nebraska 1865-1976

Available at Central City Library

Price: $17.50

Surname Index

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