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Merrick County, Nebraska

Merrick County Lookups

Merrick County Reference Books and Lookup Volunteers

If you own or know of any Merrick County reference resources or books, whether listed or not, and will do look-ups, please let us know. As you can see, volunteers are needed.

Feel free to request a look-up from the following reference resources. Please limit your request to one name per request. Please put MERRICK COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to ensure the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted. In the first line of the message please put the title of the resource in which you are requesting the lookup.

If you request a lookup, don't forget to thank your volunteer for his or her time.


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Merrick County Lookup Volunteers



Lookup Volunteer

History of Merrick County Nebraska,
Vol I or Vol II
Links to indexes to help you find your family

Merrick County Historical Museum
211 "E" St., Central City, NE 68826

LOOKUPS in either volume of the above history will be done by members of the

Historical Museum Society.
(Please send donation and SASE)
To purchase either volume, please see the
announcements page.

"I would be willing to do wagon train lookup info for NE pioneers who came to Oregon -- since I live at the "End of the Oregon Trail" and have access to a lot of wagon train info locally!"

Contact & make arrangements.
Michelle Measelle
< >
NEW - Central City High School Annuals -
     "Bison" for 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962
Karla Archuleta
< >

Books I have for MERRICK CO. -
     Merrick County Volumes I and II
     Merrick County Pictoral History

     Silver Creek Centennial 1866-1966

     Heritage of Clarks, Nebraska

     The Skrace - 1934 Clarks Nebraska High School Yearbook
     Pictorial Atlas - Merrick County Nebraska

Other Counties -

Early Days in Polk County
Polk County Heritage
Polk Memoirs
Osceola 1871-1971
History of Stromsburg 1872-1972

      And 1872 -1997
Pictorial Atlas - Polk County Nebraska

Gothenburg History (Dawson Co)
History of Hall County

Purple and Gold - 1929 Grand Island High School, Nebraska

History of Seward and Lancaster County Nebraska 1888
In the World War 1917, 1918, 1919 - Otoe Co.

Saunders County Pictorial History 1866-1992

Laughter and Tears of Arcadia (Valley Co)

View of the Valley - Ord, Nebraska 1873-1973
Who's Who in Ord 1881-1956 Diamond Jubilee
Old Settlers' History of York County 1913
History of York County
Cradle Days in York County
Illustrated History of York County 1903

Greater York Area Centennial 1870 - 1970

Please contact:

Camy Cremeen-Rea


Please offer your help to others -
Title of resource material will go here.
Your name & email address go here

Central City Public Library has offered to do obituary lookups as time permits.
The address: 1604 15th Ave, Central City, NE  68826-1806.
Please enclose a donation to the library (for time & copies), provide a SASE.
The following newspapers are available there.

Central City Republican

29 Feb 1896 - 29 Jan 1953

Central City Nonpareil

24 Aug 1882 - 29 Jan 1953

Central City Republican-Nonpareil

29 Jan 1953 - present

Central City Courier

4 Jun 1874 - 27 Mar 1890

Central City Record

15 Aug 1895 - 18 Jun 1908

Clarks Enterprise

25 Nov 1892 - 29 Apr 1949

Clarks News

7 Sep 1950 - 31 Dec 1964

Palmer Journal

4 Jun 1914 - present

Twin City Post (Palmer)

2 Mar 1972 - 20 Nov 1986

Silver Creek Sand

10 Jan 1908 - 31 Dec 1964

Silver Creek Times

6 Nov 1891 - 17 Oct 1902


 Yearbooks for Central City High School are available at CC Library for 1920-1935, and 1944.
The title is either "Old Rose & Green" or "Bison".
It appears that after 1932, "Bison" became the permanent title on annuals.
Write to the Library if you would like them to look up a Senior picture, etc. Enclose donation & SASE.

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Volume I of Merrick County History (1981) Reprinted.
Vol. II of Merrick County History (1887) Reprinted - 2001
Surname index to family histories is available.



Court House Button (right)
This momento was reportedly handed out to all who attended the dedication ceremony 24 April 1913. The reverse reads
Rec'd 1 Sep 2001 - from Pam Rietsch.
Donated to Merrick Co. Historical Museum.



Court house

Trade token

A. Fouts

Staple & Fancy Groceries

Central City, Neb.

Reverse (below right)

Good for 25

in trade

(Note: It is about the size of a quarter)

Trade token received from Pam Rietsch Oct 2007

Donated to Merrick County Historical Museum.


Search Engine on USGenWeb

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Local Records & Resource Facilities

Central City - City Hall
1609 16th Ave
Central City, NE 68826-1817
Phone: (308) 946-3806


Merrick Co Courthouse
PO Box 27, 401 G St
Central City, NE 68826-1755
Phone: (308) 946-3861


Merrick County Clerk
Court House
Central City, NE 68826-1755
Phone: (308) 946-2881


Clerk Of District Court
Merrick Co Court House
Central City, NE 68826
Phone: (308) 946-2461


Central City Public Library
1604 15th Ave, Central City, NE
Phone: (308) 946-2512
Library website:

(new url - Sep 2007)
Please send donation and SASE for lookups requested.

Central City Cemetery
RR 2
Central City, NE
Phone: (308) 946-2651

Mr. Roy Johnson, mgr.


Palmer Public Library
PO Box 248, Palmer, NE 68864-0248
Phone: (308) 894-5305


Silver Creek Library
Silver Creek, NE 68663
Phone: (308) 773-2594


Merrick County Historical Museum
211 "E" St.,
Central City, NE 68826
(308) 946-2867

Please send donation and SASE for lookups requested.

Central City Republican Nonpareil
802 "C" Avenue
Central City, NE 68826
(308) 946-3081



2004 - New Merrick County Historical Museum is Planned

Property has been purchased at 28th Street & 15th Road. 

Plans for the building include climate-controlled archival storage, a research area, meeting rooms, display ...

Please make donations to the building and/or endowment fund. 


Other places you may want to write in Nebraska
 Nebraska State Genealogical Society
P.O. Box 5608, Lincoln, NE
(Publishes "Nebraska Ancestree")
Membership info, and link to on-line catalog

Their Library Collection is housed at
Beatrice Public Library
100 North 16th Street, Beatrice, NE 68310


Nebraska State Historical Society
PO Box 82554
1500 R Street, Lincoln, NE 68508

(Publishes "History" quarterly)
NSHS website  
Reference by Mail page
Phone: 402-471-4783


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